The Religious Affiliation of
Mike Weir
leading professional golfer

From: Kelly L. Martinez, "Weir-d . . . and More" in Meridian Magazine, 18 April 2003 (; viewed 26 July 2005):
Prior to Mike Weir's win at the Masters, I had been receiving reaction to Weir's inclusion on our LDS athletes list. It was an error, is basically what people were saying. I decided to not include Weir on the list because of the uncertainty of his "LDS-ness."

A convincing e-mail came from a Meridian reader, Mike Conway, on Monday, April 14. "I have been told by those in his Draper (Utah) ward that Mike Weir is not LDS. His wife apparently is. (I am) still very proud to have Mike as an Utahan." Several e-mails similar to Brother Conway's followed and I was convinced that Weir needed to come off the list.

Then came Tuesday's LDS News e-mail that identified Weir as LDS and linked to two articles that referred to Weir as a "devout Mormon." I decided to put him back on the list.

Then came Wednesday's LDS News e-mail that read, "Correction: In yesterday's LDS News Update (15 April), we incorrectly indicated that golfer Mike Weir is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We apologize for the error."

No explanation was given as to who offered the corrective information, but it was enough for me. You'll notice that Weir is nowhere to be found in this week's listing.


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