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The Religious Affiliation of 5-term Mayor of Houston, Texas
Louie Welch

From: Don Haymes, "RE: cultural history--our novelists, poets, artists and actors?", written 9 January 1998, post in "Stone-Campbell Archives" section on the Abilene Christian University website (http://www.bible.acu.edu/s-c/Default.asp?Bookmark=18131; viewed 16 March 2005):
...you will probably want to look into Dale A Jorgenson, Theological and Aesthetic Roots in the Stone-Campbell Movement (Kirksville MO: Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1989)...

...As for "Christian" politicians [i.e., politicians who were members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)] we need look no farther than James Abram Garfield, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Gus Howard, and Louie Welch.

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