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The Religious Affiliation of
Jimmy Stewart
great American actor

James Stewart (usually known as Jimmy Stewart) was a devoted family man and a devout Presbyterian.

From the web page noting his passing on the website for The Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, Pennsylvania (URL: http://www.jimmy.org/memories/passing.html; viewed 5 May 2005):

James Maitland Stewart, the oldest child of Alexander (Alex) M. Stewart and Elizabeth Jackson Stewart, was born on May 20, 1908, in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Two sisters followed, Mary Wilson and Virginia Kelly. His father, a Princeton graduate of the Class of 1898, owned the local hardware store... The Stewart family [Jimmy's family as a boy] were members of the First Presbyterian Church of Indiana, where Mrs. Stewart was the church organist...

The Stewarts [Jimmy's family as an adult] lived in Beverly Hills where many other celebrities resided. Yet their son Michael says they "were raised with that small-town Christian Presbyterian ethic that nobody owes you a living..."

...When [Jimmy's] friend Ronald Reagan [a fellow Presbyterian] announced his bid for the Presidency in 1976, Stewart helped by campaigning extensively for him in California. He also served as an Elder at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church...

From "Hometown Boy" chapter in "Biography" section of website for The Jimmy Stewart Museum (URL: http://www.jimmy.org/bio/, v. 5 May 2005):
James M. Stewart was born on May 20, 1908 in his parents' home on Philadelphia Street, Indiana, the only son of Alexander and Elizabeth Stewart. After Jimmy's arrival the family expanded to include daughters Virginia and Mary... The Stewarts were pillars of Calvary Presbyterian Church, which Jim's grandfather, James, joined in protest when neighboring Graystone Presbyterian Church resisted his suggestion the congregation include organ music in worship services.
From "The Radio Career of Jimmy Stewart" chapter in "Biography" section of website for The Jimmy Stewart Museum (URL: http://www.jimmy.org/bio/radio.html):
Another philanthropic appearance [by Stewart] was A Christmas Program which first aired on Christmas Eve 1948 from the Presbyterian Church of Brentwood. This program became an annual event, and was a fundraiser for the church.
From "Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelor" chapter in "Biography" section of website for The Jimmy Stewart Museum (URL: http://www.jimmy.org/bio/most_eligible.html):
Following the war, Jimmy purchased a home in Hollywood. In 1949, tinsel town's most eligible bachelor met Gloria Hatrick McLean. She was ten years his junior, and they were seated next to each other at a party at Gary Cooper's house. Soon they were dating, playing golf together, and making interesting copy for Hollywood newspapers. A wedding in Brentwood Presbyterian Church followed the next year. Jim was a member there and served on the fund-raising committee for the new building. He later joshed about his dad tapping the shoulders of some of the wedding guests to help to pay for pews...

Jimmy and Gloria were one of Hollywood's most enduring couples for nearly 45 years. In February 1994, Jimmy lost his beloved wife.

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