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The Religious Affiliation of Singer, Actress, Composer
Carina Ricco

From: "Carina Ricco" page in "Scientology Successes" section of "What is Scientology?" official church website (http://www.whatisscientology.org/html/part05/chp19/pg0315-a.html; viewed 9 November 2005):
For many years I was looking for a spiritual path and answers. After studying many other methods and philosophies I found Dianetics and Scientology. It was different than other things I had studied because it didn't make some other part of existence responsible for the state of one's life. In the works of L. Ron Hubbard, you find that you are responsible for and the total cause of your own life. In other words you are the one who has it in your hands to make the decisions that determine what direction your life will go. With Dianetics I have come to believe in myself and in the strength of my own decisions.

I would like people to know that this technology is simple. Anyone can apply it in life and see the changes. It works in any part of life where it is used.

Carina Ricco
Singer, Actress, Composer

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