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The Religious Affiliation of Author
William Faulkner

From: John B. Padgett, "William Faulkner" article on "The Mississippi Writers Page" website, on the University of Mississippi website (http://www.olemiss.edu/mwp/dir/faulkner_william/index.html; viewed 21 October 2005):
After The Sound and the Fury was published in October 1929, Faulkner had to turn his attention to making money. Earlier that year, he had written Sanctuary, a novel which Faulkner later claimed in an introduction he conceived "deliberately to make money." Because of its sordid subject the novel was immediately turned down by the publisher. Faulkner's need for income stemmed largely from his growing family. In April, Estelle Oldham had divorced Cornell Franklin, and in June she and Faulkner were married at or near College Hill Presbyterian Church, just north of Oxford. Estelle brought to the marriage two children, Malcolm and Victoria, and after a honeymoon in Pascagoula, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, they lived at Miss Elma Meek's house in Oxford. Faulkner, now working nights at a power plant, wrote As I Lay Dying, later claiming it was a "tour de force" and that he had written it "in six weeks, without changing a word."

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