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T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot identified himself as an "Anglo-Catholic" (i.e., an Anglican that emphasizes continuity with Catholic tradition).

From "Eliot, T.S." Britannica Student Encyclopedia. 2005. Encyclopedia Britannica Premium Service (URL: http://www.britannica.com/ebi/article?tocId=9274157; viewed 25 June 2005):

"I am an Anglo-Catholic in religion, a classicist in literature, and a royalist in politics." T.S. Eliot so defined, and even exaggerated, his own conservatism. The ideas of this stimulating writer were perhaps traditional, but the way in which he expressed them was extremely modern. Eliot was one of the first to reject conventional verse forms and language.

For further reference, read about T.S. Eliot's belief in God in Part II: Chapter 28 of Tihomir Dimitrov's book 50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God (2007), (http://nobelists.net/; viewed 19 April 2007).

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