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The Religious Affiliation of Nobel Prize-winning physicist
William Henry Bragg
received the Nobel Prize for his work in X-ray diffraction

William Henry Bragg received the Nobel Prize for his work in X-ray diffraction. He was an Anglican or Anglo-Catholic.

Bragg's daughter Gwendolen Mary Caroe wrote about her father's religious faith [source: Gwendolen M. Caroe, William Henry Bragg (1862 - 1942): Man and Scientist, Cambridge University Press (1979), pages 161-163]:
Religious faith to W. H. Bragg was the willingness to stake his all on the hypothesis that Christ was right, and test it by a lifetime's experiment in charity. ....Bible reading was obligatory. W. H. Bragg used to say: 'If I have any style in writing it is from having been brought up on the Authorised Version [of the Bible].' He knew his Bible; and could usually give 'chapter and verse'. ....The young Professor W. H. Bragg became churchwarden of St John's Church Adelaide; he also obtained a licence to preach."

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