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The Religious Affiliation of
Marion Zimmer Bradley
popular science fiction author

Marion Zimmer Bradley Bradley was a devout Episcopalian who strongly identified with neo-paganism for a time. Her novel The Mists of Avalon remains an important neo-pagan text. From Bradley's obituary in the New York Times (written by Myrna Oliver):
Bradley believed in exploration of her own mind, as well, particularly in the area of religious thought. She professed a lifelong interest in the occult and in the early 1980s described herself as "neopagan," explaining her faith as one that "rejects the Christian belief in man's dominion over the earth." She said she also believed in clairvoyance, extrasensory perception and reincarnation, and helped set up the nonprofit Centre for Nontraditional Religion in a carriage house on her Berkeley property. The center hosted meetings of such alternate groups as Wiccans. But by 1997, Bradley told an interviewer: "I just go regularly to the Episcopalian church. . . . That pagan thing, I don't object to it, but I feel that I've gotten past it. I would like people to explore the possibilities."
On the Acknowledgements page at the beginning of Priestess of Avalon (co-written by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson; New York: Viking, 2001), Paxson wrote:
Marion Zimmer Bradley and I began this work together, as we have worked together before, but it was left to me to complete it. At the end of her life Marion attended a Christian church, and yet she was my first high priestess in the ancient mysteries. In telling the story of Helena, who also walked between the Christian and Pagan worlds, I have tried to remain faithful to Marion's teachings.

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