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The Religious Affiliation of R&B Singer, Actress
(Brandy Norwood)

"Brandy" is the stage name of singer and actress Brandy Norwood. After becoming an immensely popular and successful R&B singer, Brandy launched a second career as an actress. She has appeared in number of TV series, TV movies, and feature films. Her best known role is probably as the title character in the long-running sitcom "Moesha."

Brandy is the daughter of a minister in the Stone-Campbell denomination known as the "Churches of Christ" (or "church of Christ"). Brandy attended Pepperdine University, which is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

From: Tom Olbricht, "RE: Brandy Norwood", posted 16 January 1997 on the "Stone-Campbell Archives" website (http://www.bible.acu.edu/s-c/?Bookmark=14099; viewed 19 October 2005):

I mentioned previously that the rhythm and blues star, 18 year old Brandy Norwood has enrolled at Pepperdine this semester.

It seems that no one on this list is up with pop culture so I had do my own sleuthing. Brandy has CD's and videos. Erika, my daughter who teaches a pop culture course at the University of New Hampshire and knows about these things was awed when she heard that Brandy is at Pepperdine and from a Churches of Christ background. Her father has done some preaching around LA.

When I got a new muffler on Dorothy's car I looked at the June PEOPLE MAGAZINE. There along with several major stars was two pages on Brandy with various hairdos and dresses.

Then Sunday I preached at a black congregation just south of Watts on the east side of Compton. The aggressive minister is Thamar Williams. The congregation is called Mona Boulevard. I will include observations about it in my next travelog which will include six or eight congregations, 4 in California, one in Texas and probably two on the way to Maine.

The Mono Boulevard people know much about Brandy. When they had a major media event the Sunday before, Brandy was there.

One final item. Brandy is the star of a sitcom "Moesha" which in LA is on channel 13 at 8 P.M. on Tuesday. If you can get it in your area it will be on Tuesday night. It is on the UPN network. I am not sure what UPN stands for.

So who says the RM has not contributed aesthetically to US culture!

I may also be permitted to mention, though I think I posted this previously, that Kim Fields, who was in the program "Facts of Life" is a Pepperdine graduate, and was a religion minor. I had her in an Old Testament Theology class. She at least was quite religious in some sort of an evangelical Baptist church. She occasionally spoke to church groups and probably still does so. She is also in some sitcom, the name of which I have forgotten. As I recall it centers about 4 African-American young women.


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