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The Religious Affiliation of
Rock Musician, Humanitarian Activist
(Paul David Hewson of U2)

Bono is the lead singer of the popular Irish rock band U2. Bono is also a highly respected and effective humanitarian activist.

Bono had a Catholic father and an Anglican mother. He was raised as an Anglican. According to some reports, Bono is a "born again Christian," although what this means is (as usual) entirely unclear, and may or may not be accurate.

Despite the obvious religous nature (in the pure, charitable sense of the word "religion" from James 1:27) of Bono's highly visible and sincerely-conducted humanitarian work, Bono is not usually regarded as a particularly devout individual in the church-going sense.

From: "Bono" biography page on Biography.ms website (http://bono.biography.ms/; viewed 4 December 2005):

Paul David Hewson (born May 10, 1960, Dublin, Ireland), nicknamed Bono, is the lead singer of the Irish rock band, U2. He is married to Alison 'Ali' Stewart and has four children...

In 2002, Bono, who had a Roman Catholic father and a Protestant mother and was raised in his mother's faith, wrote the introduction to the "Book of Psalms", one of nine books of the Bible published individually in Canongate Book's "Pocket Canons" series.

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