50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God

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Tihomir Dimitrov's online book of quotations 50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God (2007) is mostly about scientists, although it also features sections about non-scientist Nobel Prize winners. The book can be found at http://nobelists.net/

The author's website describes the book: "This book is an anthology of well-documented quotations. It is a free e-book."

It should be noted that 50 Nobel Laureates is written primarily for inspirational purposes and is not intended to be a source of detailed or balanced biographical data. Nevertheless, the book is a treasure trove of interesting information. Also note that the author's criteria for including Nobel Laureates who "believe in God" does not imply a specific type of belief or adherence to any specific religious group or denomination. The individuals included in the book represent a wide range of religious beliefs, religious affiliation, and religious practice.

50 Nobel Laureates includes chapters on the following individuals:

PART I. Nobel Scientists (20-21 Century)
Albert EinsteinNobel Laureate in PhysicsJewish
Max PlanckNobel Laureate in PhysicsProtestant
Erwin SchrodingerNobel Laureate in PhysicsCatholic
Werner HeisenbergNobel Laureate in PhysicsLutheran
Robert MillikanNobel Laureate in Physicsprobably Congregationalist
Charles Hard TownesNobel Laureate in PhysicsUnited Church of Christ (raised Baptist)
Arthur SchawlowNobel Laureate in PhysicsMethodist
William D. PhillipsNobel Laureate in PhysicsMethodist
William H. BraggNobel Laureate in PhysicsAnglican
Guglielmo MarconiNobel Laureate in PhysicsCatholic and Anglican
Arthur ComptonNobel Laureate in PhysicsPresbyterian
Arno PenziasNobel Laureate in PhysicsJewish
Nevill MottNobel Laureate in PhysicsAnglican
Isidor Isaac RabiNobel Laureate in PhysicsJewish
Abdus SalamNobel Laureate in PhysicsMuslim
Antony HewishNobel Laureate in PhysicsChristian (denomination?)
Joseph H. Taylor, Jr.Nobel Laureate in PhysicsQuaker
Alexis CarrelNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyCatholic
John EcclesNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyCatholic
Joseph MurrayNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyCatholic
Ernst ChainNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyJewish
George WaldNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyJewish
Ronald RossNobel Laureate in Medicine and PhysiologyChristian (denomination?)
Derek BartonNobel Laureate in ChemistryChristian (denomination?)
Christian AnfinsenNobel Laureate in ChemistryJewish
Walter KohnNobel Laureate in ChemistryJewish
Richard SmalleyNobel Laureate in ChemistryChristian (denomination?)
PART II. Nobel Writers (20-21 Century)
T.S. EliotNobel Laureate in LiteratureAnglo-Catholic (Anglican)
Rudyard KiplingNobel Laureate in LiteratureAnglican
Alexander SolzhenitsynNobel Laureate in LiteratureRussian Orthodox
François MauriacNobel Laureate in LiteratureCatholic
Hermann HesseNobel Laureate in LiteratureChristian; Buddhist?
Winston ChurchillNobel Laureate in Literature Anglican
Jean-Paul SartreNobel Laureate in LiteratureLutheran; Freudian; Marxist; atheist; Messianic Jew
Sigrid UndsetNobel Laureate in LiteratureCatholic (previously Lutheran)
Rabindranath TagoreNobel Laureate in LiteratureHindu
Rudolf EuckenNobel Laureate in LiteratureChristian (denomination?)
Isaac SingerNobel Laureate in LiteratureJewish
PART III. Nobel Peace Laureates (20-21 Century)
Albert SchweitzerNobel Peace Prize LaureateLutheran
Jimmy CarterNobel Peace Prize LaureateBaptist (former Southern Baptist)
Theodore RooseveltNobel Peace Prize LaureateDutch Reformed; Episcopalian
Woodrow WilsonNobel Peace Prize LaureatePresbyterian
Frederik de KlerkNobel Peace Prize LaureateDutch Reformed
Nelson MandelaNobel Peace Prize LaureateChristian (denomination?)
Kim Dae-JungNobel Peace Prize LaureateCatholic
Dag HammarskjoldNobel Peace Prize LaureateChristian (denomination?)
Martin Luther King, Jr.Nobel Peace Prize LaureateBaptist
Adolfo Perez EsquivelNobel Peace Prize LaureateCatholic
Desmond TutuNobel Peace Prize LaureateAnglican
John R. MottNobel Peace Prize Laureate Methodist
Part IV. Founders of Modern Science (16-21 Century)
Isaac NewtonFounder of Classical Physics and Infinitesimal CalculusAnglican (rejected Trinitarianism, i.e., Athanasianism;
believed in the Arianism of the Primitive Church)
Galileo GalileiFounder of Experimental PhysicsCatholic
Nicolaus CopernicusFounder of Heliocentric CosmologyCatholic (priest)
Johannes KeplerFounder of Physical Astronomy and Modern OpticsLutheran
Francis BaconFounder of the Scientific Inductive MethodAnglican
René DescartesFounder of Analytical Geometry and Modern PhilosophyCatholic
Blaise PascalFounder of Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics,
and the Theory of Probabilities
Michael FaradayFounder of Electronics and Electro-MagneticsSandemanian
James Clerk MaxwellFounder of Statistical ThermodynamicsPresbyterian; Anglican; Baptist
Lord KelvinFounder of Thermodynamics and EnergeticsAnglican
Robert BoyleFounder of Modern ChemistryAnglican
William HarveyFounder of Modern MedicineAnglican (nominal)
John RayFounder of Modern Biology and Natural HistoryCalvinist (denomination?)
Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizGerman Mathematician and Philosopher,
Founder of Infinitesimal Calculus
Charles DarwinFounder of the Theory of EvolutionAnglican (nominal); Unitarian
Ernst HaeckelGerman Biologist,
the Most Influential Evolutionist in Continental Europe
Thomas H. HuxleyEnglish Biologist and Evolutionist,
Famous As "Darwin's Bulldog"
Joseph J. ThomsonNobel Laureate in Physics, Discoverer of the Electron,
Founder of Atomic Physics
Louis PasteurFounder of Microbiology and ImmunologyCatholic
Part V. Great Philosophers (17-21 Century)
Immanuel KantOne of the Greatest Philosophers
in the History of Western Philosophy
Jean-Jacques RousseauFounder of Modern Deismborn Protestant;
converted as a teen to Catholic
VoltaireFrench Philosopher and Historian,
One of the Most Influential Thinkers of the Enlightenment
raised in Jansenism
David HumeScottish Empiricist Philosopher, Historian, and Economist,
Founder of Modern Skepticism
Church of Scotland (Presbyterian)
SpinozaDutch-Jewish Philosopher,
the Chief Exponent of Modern Rationalism
Judaism; later pantheism/deism
Giordano BrunoItalian Philosopher, Astronomer, and Mathematician,
Founder of the Theory of the Infinite Universe
George BerkeleyIrish Philosopher and Mathematician, Founder of Modern Idealism,
Famous as "The Precursor of Mach and Einstein"
John Stuart MillEnglish Philosopher and Economist,
the Major Exponent of Utilitarianism
agnostic; Utilitarian
Richard SwinburneOxford Professor of Philosophy,
One of the Most Influential Theistic Philosophers
PART VI. Other Religious Nobelists
60 more Nobel Prize winners are listed
(32 scientists, 17 writers, 11 Nobel Nobel Peace Laureates)
PART VII. Nobelists, Philosophers, and Scientists on Jesus
Quotes by 16 individuals about their beliefs about Jesus
- Alexis Carrel
- Albert Einstein
- Arthur Compton
- Robert Millikan
- Francois Mauriac
- Sigrid Undset
- T.S. Eliot
- Mother Theresa
- Albert Schweitzer
- Theodore Roosevelt
- Frederik de Klerk
- John R. Mott
- Kim Dae-Jung
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Jimmy Carter
- Blaise Pascal

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