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Are Weekend Payday Loans the Right Choice for Me?

If you need money urgently and it is the weekend then you will not have many different options. You might decide to wait until the banks open on Monday and try to get a loan but that will mean a wait and then time to organise it and that could mean that you might have to wait too long. This is where a weekend payday loan might help you.

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By submitting my information, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Use. I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender.

What Are Weekend Payday Loans?

Many companies such as Adherents offer bad credit loans. These are simply payday loans that are available at the weekends. This means that you will be able to borrow a small sum of money, perhaps a few hundred dollars and you will not have to wait to get it.

A payday loan has this name because the money that you are loaned is only available to you until you are next paid. You are expected to repay the money in a lump sum on the day that you receive your pay check. There are some lenders that will allow an option of payments in instalments which can be useful for those borrowing larger sums of money as well as those that do not have that much income so will find repaying too much at once will be difficult.

Payday lenders that offer weekend payday loans will have staff in their offices over the weekends. This means that if you need money when banks are normally not open, you will be able to look at your options from the weekend payday lenders. It could be the difference between paying for that emergency or being able to buy food for your children.

Can I Afford Weekend Payday Loans?

It is a wise idea to think about whether the weekend payday loans are something that you will be able to afford. This is something everyone should do when they are considering whether to borrow money. It is always easy to focus on how good it will be when you get the money that you need but it is just as important to focus on whether you think the loan is worth the cost.

All loans have charges, usually in the form of interest but they may also have additional fees as well. It is wise to find out how much any loan that you are considering might cost. This will allow you to be able to think about whether you think it will offer you good value for money. You will also be able to compare different lenders and see how they differ in how much they charge.

It is not always easy to find out how much they are charging though. You may have a look at the interest rates to see how those compare. However, you may find that these may not really give a true picture of cost. This is because the lenders may not only charge interest but they may charge other fees as well. This is because they may add on things like administration charges. Therefore, it is best to calculate how many dollars the loan will cost you in total and you can compare that figure between loans and that should help you to work it out.

It is also worth noting that if you do not repay the loan as required you will get charged extra fees. It can be worth finding out how much these will be as they may vary between lenders and it could be something that will be a factor when you are choosing between different lenders.

Can I Repay Weekend Payday Loans?

It is also really sensible to make sure that you check to see whether you are able to repay the loan. You will find that because loans differ they will have different terms with regards to repayment and you should find one that will suit you.

It is wise to take a look at your finances and see how much you think that you will be able to afford to repay. This might impact how much you borrow as well as how you repay. You will find that some payday lenders will allow you to repay in small instalments, although a majority of them will want one lump sum payment. If you feel that a large lump sum payment will be too difficult for you to cope with then it could be wise to have a look for $100 loans where you can repay smaller amounts over a longer time period. This will enable you to manage much better.

It is worth making sure that when you are working out how much you can afford to repay, that you are considering that you will still have to pay for all the things you normally have to pay for in a month as well as finding the money to repay the loan. The loan might be repaid on the day that you are paid so you can almost guarantee you will have the money to pay it, but you will still need to pay your rent, utilities, food, transport, taxes and other necessities and so you need to make sure that you think about whether you can afford to do this as well.

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Do I have any Alternatives?

It can be worth making sure that you have no other alternatives to getting the loan. It is always wise to think about this whenever you are taking out any type of loan. This is because a loan costs money and there might be a cheaper alternative and there is a risk that you will not be able to repay the loan and you get charged extra money. Therefore, you need to think hard about whether this is the best option for you.

You may have some alternative options which you may not have considered. Firstly, you might have some savings that you can use. For some people checking in their savings account is the first thing they will do when short of money but this is not the case for everyone. Some people might be saving up for something specific or find saving hard and so not consider using savings for this sort of purchase. However, using savings can be a lot cheaper than borrowing money, so it is worth checking if you have any and if you do, considering using them instead of borrowing.

Sometimes we might have things that we can sell to make money. This can be anything from clothes than no longer fit us or cushions we do not like to collections of books or artwork. Many of us do have things in our homes that we could sell to make money. Selling family heirlooms or precious items is not something most of us would ever be keen to do, but we may have items that we no longer use or want that we could sell to make some money. It is so easy to sell things these days with the ability to advertise for free online, particularly on social media pages. It can be good to put a few items up for sale and see if you can generate some money as even if it is not enough, it could mean that you will not need to borrow so much.

It is sometimes possible to negotiate an advance on your salary. If it is the weekend and you are not working then this can be tricky but otherwise it could be something to consider as an alternative to borrowing. It will mean that you will get some money early but you will not have to pay fees like you will with a loan. It is not something that all employers will do though, it may just be larger companies that will be happy to do this for you. It will also only be possible for those with permanent employment to be able to do this not for the self-employed or those on contracts.

So, working out whether these online loans will be right for you will very much depend on your circumstances. You need to think about whether you have alternatives, if you are prepared to pay the cost and if you can repay the loan. It is also really wise to spend some time looking at different payday lenders to see who offers the weekend loans and then comparing their prices and features so that you can pick the loan that will offer you the best value for money. It will take you a while to do this but it will be worth it as you could save a significant amount of money and you will be able to know that you are getting the best that you can for the money that you are paying out. You do not want to have any regrets, which you may do, if you see a loan advertised which looks cheaper and better than what you have already signed up to. So make sure that you do not put yourself in this position.