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Religious Affiliation of Other Film Directors:

Aside from film directors named on other lists on this website (on such lists as "The Film 100: The 100 Most Influential People in the History of Film"), below are other directors. This page is in no way comprehensive. We have not yet made any effort to collect information about film directors generally. We have focused on specific lists of directors. Nearly all of the individuals below were extracted to this page from the online famous people database NNDB.com under by searching the occupation of "director," along with the information from the "Religion" field of their entry. These religious affiliations should be read cautiously, and may only be preliminary and perfunctory, as much of the data in NNDB.com is compiled through automated and academically non-stringent methods. The database is a useful resource, but is known to have errors.

Darren AronofskyJewish
Hal AshbyLatter-day Saint
Bob BalabanJewish
Peter BogdanovichJewish; Vegan
Mel BrooksJewish
Abel FerraraCatholic
Amy HeckerlingJewish; Scientology
Arthur HillerJewish
Lloyd KaufmanJewish
Henry KosterJewish
Neil LaButeLatter-day Saint
John LandisJewish
Robert Z. LeonardJewish
Mike LeighJewish
Anatole LitvakJewish
Garry MarshallCatholic
Paul MazurskyJewish
Bill MelendezCatholic
Jonathan MillerJewish
Michael MooreCatholic
Irvin KershnerBuddhist
Emeric PressburgerJewish
Jeremy LevenJewish
Otto PremingerJewish
Martin RittJewish
Stuart RosenbergJewish
Ken RussellCatholic
Joel SchumacherJewish
Bryan SingerJewish
Kevin SmithCatholic
Barry SonnenfeldJewish
Guillermo del Toroother
Jon TurteltaubJewish
Wayne WangChristian
Jerry ZuckerJewish
Tim Burtonnominal Protestant background
Rob CohenBuddhist

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