Where To Find Christian Lenders

Christian lenders are often difficult to find unless you know somebody who has used a one or by doing extensive searches online. There are many types of loans and various options available through different lenders. They even help those with less than perfect credit. Whether you’ve had a period of unemployment, a family emergency, or other loss that has put you behind in your bills, Christian lending can help with low interest loan rates and initial payments that are easy.

All Christian lenders operate their businesses using Christian based morals and values as the basis of their company and dealings. In return, they expect borrowers to be honest and work hard to pay them back. Whether you receive a mortgage loan, student loan, car loan, or debt consolidation, you are required to pay the loan back as soon as possible.

Here are three of the best companies found online, though certainly not the only ones. Each lender listed has a solid history behind it, their sites are easy to navigate, are informative, and directions on who to contact for a loan are clearly provided.

Christian Community Mortgage Resource Network: Everything you need in one place! Whether you’re looking for a home loan, commercial loan, mortgage service, credit repair programs, or short sale options, you can find it here. They offer access to licensed professionals who hold Christian beliefs. Their promise is, if they can’t find a loan officer in your state, they’ll refer banks that are offering the best rates.

Lifeline Mortgage: This institution has over 23 years in the real estate industry and a several million dollar portfolio. They assist individuals in making informed decisions after they help to evaluate their personal needs. There are so many loan programs, hundreds, and with Lifeline’s professional lenders, they can help individuals choose the one that’s right for their particular situation or goal.

America’s Christian Credit Union: This institution has been in business since 1958 and they are nationwide. They offer savings and checking accounts, loans, ministry and business accounts, and Visa cards. Credit union members must be in alignment with the Wesleyan Christian doctrine.\

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