Holy Places of the World

Christianity Bethlehem, Israel: birthplace of Jesus
Nazareth, Israel: where Jesus lived and began ministry
Jerusalem, Israel: where the early Church was started
    Catholic The Vatican: also known as "Vatican City" and "The Holy See" (an independent state within Rome, Italy) [map]
    Eastern Orthodox Constantinople, Turkey: seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople [photo gallery]
Mt. Athos - Mt. Athos is a peninsula in eastern Greece (near Thesaloniki) that is extremely revered by Orthodox believers. It is inhabited exclusively by monastics. There are twenty large monasteries plus countless small sketes, brotherhoods and hermitages. It is a major pilgramage sight for Orthodox males.
    Anglican Canterbury, England: seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury
    Latter-day Saints Salt Lake City, Utah: World headquarters of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; site of Salt Lake Temple, Temple Square, Mormon Tabernacle, etc.
Palmyra, New York: site of First Vision; city where Book of Mormon was first printed [map]
Kirtland, Ohio: site of first Latter-day Saint city; 1st temple
Nauvoo, Illinois: site of second Latter-day Saint city; 2nd temple (1st full-service temple) [map]

Islam Mecca, Saudi Arabia - destination of the hadj (or hajj) [map]
Medina, Saudi Arabia
Jerusalem, Israel

Hinduism Varanasi (Benares), India - on the banks of the River Ganges [photo gallery]

Buddhism Lopburi, Nepal: birthplace of the Buddha
Bodh Gaya: Where the Buddha reached enlightenment
Sarnath: Where the Buddha preached his first sermon

Juche P'yongyang, North Korea - seat of government; headquarters of the Juche Idea

Sikhism Amritsar, Punjab, India - site of the Golden Temple

Judaism Jerusalem, Israel: Holy city, site of the historic temple; Wailing Wall

Baha'i Faith Haifa, Israel: world headquarters; site of holy historic events [photo gallery]

GLBT Stonewall Inn, New York City: birthplace of the modern GLBT-rights movement (1969)

Tenrikyo Tenri-shi, Japan: holy city and headquarters of Tenrikyo

Jainism Palitana, Gujerat, India: where 838 Jain temples are on one mountian


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