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Why Little Loans Are Your Best Friend

Each and every year, millions of small loans are made by local lenders to those in need of some temporary cash to cover expenses. Whether a family illness, car repair or job loss is to blame, many find salvation in the lines of credit that little loans can provide. There’s arguably no other group that benefits more from access to these loans than moms.

Now comprising more than 40 percent of household breadwinners, women are increasingly at the forefront of both earning income and taking care of the home. To most, it’s not a shock to know that moms, in particular, have to juggle financial, familial, and personal responsibilities on a daily basis. As such, it’s understandable why small loan providers are such a valuable option in the unpredictable day-to-day life of mothers everywhere.

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By submitting my information, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Use. I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender.

Some even say that small loans are a mom’s best friend. When there’s nowhere else to turn, these loans can be absolutely essential in maintaining a sense of normalcy for families. Let’s examine just why small loans are truly a mom’s best friend.

Little Loans Don’t Always Require a Credit Check

Working moms have to juggle a plethora of responsibilities. Between taking care of the kids, keeping home life in good shape, working, and everything else that comes with each passing day, life can be difficult.

It’s not a surprise that many single moms and working moms in particular have had difficult financial episodes in the past that may have harmed their credit scores and reports. Everything from medical and college debt to unexpected expenses deferred to credit cards can quickly damage your credit if left unpaid.

Fortunately for these moms, many small loan providers do not require a credit check when assessing loan viability. While this doesn’t mean that literally anybody can secure a short-term or $500 loan, it is a refreshing reminder that these loans are designed for people who are struggling and who have struggled. Who understands that better than moms?

Depending on the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the term of the loan, you may be asked to consent to a credit check. However, many payday and secured lenders do not inspect credit scores. In most cases, what you’ll need is proof of identity and proof of income to be approved for a small loan.

Cash Arrives Quickly

When moms face a cash emergency, the last thing they need messing up the process is a bunch of slow and grinding bureaucracy. Whether it’s securing transportation or paying off late bills, time is of the essence.

That’s why small loans are so beneficial to moms everywhere. In most situations, same-day loan approval is the norm. Once your loan is approved, the funds are deposited into your checking account the following business day. This means that in most situations, next-day or same-day cash is a guarantee.

Rather than waiting for days or even weeks, small loan providers make it easier to handle financial crises in the most expedient way possible.

Qualifications for Small Loans Are Flexible

If one thing is true, it’s that each and every mom has different life experiences and responsibilities. Some may be the sole breadwinners in their households, while others are taking care of children while going to college. Some may be in between jobs, while others work overtime to make ends meet. Whatever the situation, short term loans direct offer a variety of flexible options and qualifications depending on your exact needs.

The most common types of small loans offered revolve around paychecks. In other words, you provide proof of your employment income and you are approved for an amount commiserate to what you earn. However, this is not the only way to qualify for a small loan.
Other forms of income, such as Social Security, disability, unemployment and welfare payments can also be used to assess eligibility. Given that there are mothers who have income generated from non-traditional sources, it’s no surprise that small-scale loans are such an ally.

Last but not least, some lenders may offer specific types of loans based on collateral. These secured loans are similar to the types of loans you might expect from local pawn shops, though they usually have better terms and payouts relative to the collateral offered.

There are a few standard qualifications regardless of loan type or situation:

  • You must be an adult citizen
  • You must provide one or more forms of identification
  • You must have an active checking account, phone number and/or email address

Multiple Types of Small Loans Exist

Just as important as the flexibility in how moms can qualify for small loans, the variation of small loans available also make a huge difference. Given that moms have a variety of different financial needs, obtaining small-scale loans with shorter payment periods ensures that every mother receives the best lending option possible.

What types of loans exist? Let’s look a bit at each:

  • Installment loans are one prime example. When a simple short-term loan isn’t enough, installment loans may be chosen as an option. These loans generally offer better interest rates and allow moms to borrow larger sums of money than most other types of small-scale loans. Some lenders provide these loans to first-time borrowers on a case-by-case basis, while others do not extend this option unless the borrower has a history of paying back smaller loans (such as payday loans). Installment loans usually provide longer payment periods than other types of smaller loans.
  • Payday loans are the types of loans that most moms will instantly recognize and think of when considering short-term, small-scale loan options. This type of loan is generally very easy to secure as long as you have a job or proof of income. Payday loans are usually offered in situations where moms need to borrow anywhere from a few hundred dollars to two thousand dollars. Most payday loans offer short payment periods, ranging from a couple of weeks to three months.
  • Secured loans are yet another option for moms who have assets or valuables but who find themselves without liquid cash. Secured loans are generally offered to people with less than stellar credit and who may need to borrow a larger amount than most payday loans will cover. Secured loans function by offering collateral up-front to cover most or all of the loan itself, with a payment period generally ranging from a few months to one year. Secured loans also offer moms lower interest rates than most payday loans.

Ultimately, the type of loan procured will depend on each mom’s required amount, the desired period of repayment, their personal financial situation, and the ideal interest rate.

Borrowed Amounts Are Variable

Every mom has financial ups and downs: that’s just the reality of life. To navigate those difficult financial periods, small loans can bridge the gap and ensure late payments, repossessions, evictions, and other disasters are avoided. However, each specific instance presents different challenges – and different amounts of assistance needed.

Another great reason why small loans are a mom’s best friend is that borrowing amounts are flexible. Whether you need to cover a minor car repair or major medical bills, there are borrowing options available that make it possible. With moms able to borrow anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars, most can breathe sighs of relief in knowing that many of life’s unexpected financial obstacles can be covered with a small loan of one type or another.

Furthermore, many small loan providers are more than happy to work with recurring borrowers, allowing them larger lines of de facto credit once they’ve repaid prior loans. This can create even greater flexibility in the borrowing process.

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Loan Terms Can Be Flexible

Given all the strains of daily life – and the fact that sudden cash flow problems can create even more strain – moms surely appreciate flexibility wherever possible. That’s why small-scale, short-term loans are so helpful to moms everywhere. The terms, in many situations, are very flexible.

In most traditional borrowing situations, you are offered a set amount at a set interest rate and for a set period of time. This amount usually must be defined ahead of time and be allocated for a specific purchase (such as a car or home loan). Since small loans are usually not based on payment of a specific bill or purchase of a specific item, the terms can be more flexible.

When procuring a small loan, a variety of interest rates are available depending on which loan type you select. These can be anywhere from higher than the industry average for truly short-term loans (though the total amount in interest repaid is often quite small given the loan size) to compete with more traditional loan agreements (as is the case with secured loans and installment loans).

The time period for repayment is also flexible and largely depends on the amount borrowed. However, if you borrow from a lender who assesses income and credit, negotiation over the repayment period may be possible (with longer terms offered to those who carry minimal risk of defaulting). Furthermore, repayment is often based on the amount borrowed to ensure each mom has a reasonable level of ease with repaying the loan.


Smaller loans are a mom’s best friend for multiple reasons. Whether it be providing flexible terms, offering quick access to cash, helping them avoid credit checks or simply providing a variety of different loan types, there are options available to every mother regardless of income or status. For quick money with short-term payment periods, these loan offerings provide a variety of benefits and flexibility that more traditional lenders simply cannot provide.