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Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths - more

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Various Authors

Authors listed here under "various" are those who write from various religious perspectives and/or write about religious themes, but their religious or denominational affiliation is unknown. Many authors listed here are Christian, but of unknown denomination. Except possibly for authors listed under "Christian Market", the writing of most of the authors in this section is usually enjoyed by both spiritual/religious and non-religious readers, whether Christian or otherwise.

Sherwood Smith
aka Christine I. Smith
aka Robyn Tallis
aka Jesse Maguire
aka Nicholas Adams
Author of over 30 young adult contemporary and young adult science fiction novels, including Exordium series, Planet Builders series, Wren series and Solar Queen series novels (with Andre Norton). Crown and Court Duel was nominated for the ALA/YASLA Best Book for Young Adults. Short stories include "And Now Abideth These Three" (1999 Nebula nominee)
Susan R. Matthews [Susan lives in Seattle, Washington with her partner Maggie Nowakowska. Self-described "non-denominational Protestant heathen", i.e., raised as non-denominational Protestant and "heathen because I am not 'Christ'-centered and live in an animistic universe." Was at one time a candidate for Presbyterian ministry.] Matthews is known for writing military s.f. with strong presence of religious, moral, philosophical themes. "Jurisdiction" series (Under Jurisdiction Universe, most featuring Andrej Koscuisko): An Exchange of Hostages; Prisoner of Conscience; Hour of Judgment; Angel of Destruction; Warring States; The Devil and Deep Space; The Inquisitor's Cup; Safehaven; Crimes Against Humanity. (About her Andrej Koscuisko novels the author said: "The religion in which my protagonist was raised is strongly Confucian with elements of ceremonial Eastern Orthodox Catholicism, and which contains both survivals of a basic Eastern European-style paganism and a very strong vein of Franciscan flavor.") Other novels: Avalanche Soldier; Colony Fleet
Ann Tonsor Zeddies
a.k.a. Toni Anzetti
[From Idaho] Typhon: Typhon's Children; Riders of Leviathon; Steel Helix; Singer: Deathgift; Sky Road
James D. MacDonald Mostly YA sf/f, incl: Stars Asunder; Ecydsis; Jenny Nettles; The High King's Daughter; Pep Rally; Bad Blood; Holly and Ivy; A Service for the Dead; Nobody Has to Know; The Secret of the Tower; Spiderman Super-Thriller: Global War; Mortal Kombat; The Last Real New Yorker in the World; The Wizard's Statue; Prince Valient; Remailer; Timecrime, Inc.; Crossover; Tiger Cruise; Aquatech Warriors; The Apocalypse Door; Judgment Night; Now And In The Hour Of Our Death; Danger in the Palace; Night of Ghosts and Lightning; A Silence in the Heavens; Requiem for Boone; Souvenirs; The Gathering Flame; Uncle Joshua and the Grooglemen; The Wizard's Castle; Zero-Sum Games; Murder by Magic; Knight's Wyrd; Why They Call It That; Truth and Shadows; School of Wizardry; Spiderman Superthriller: Midnight Justice
Debra Doyle
a.k.a. Robyn Tallis
a.k.a. Nicholas Adams
series: Planet Builders, Circle of Magic, Horror High, Tom Swift, Nightmares, MageWorlds, Bad Blood; also: Mortal Kombat; Santa Claws; Knight's Wyrd; Hunter's Moon; Vampire's Kiss; Groogleman; Prince Valiant; A Working of Stars
Jeffrey A. Carver "Eternity's End" (Nebula nominee); series: Star Rigger, Starstream, Chaos Chronicles; also: The Infinity Link; The Rapture Effect; Eternity's End; "What Gods Are These?", "Alien Persuasion", etc.
David Trowbridge Exordium series, co-written w/Sherwood Smith: The Phoenix in Flight; Ruler of Naught; Prison Unsought; Rifter's Covenant; Throne of Kronos
Michael R. Joens Twilight of the Gods, etc.
Christopher A. Lane Appearance of Evil, etc.
Paul L. Maier A Skeleton in God's Closet, etc.
Katherine Paterson Parzival: The Quest of the Grail Knight, etc.
Cheryl A. Smith The Falcon and the Serpent, etc.
Paul J. Willis No Clock in the Forest; The Stolen River, etc.
Joseph Bentz Cradle of Dreams, etc.
Randall Scott Ingermanson Double Vision; Transgression; etc.
Jan Lars Jensen sf/f: The Unfinished Winter; Goliath of Gath; Shiva 3000; memoir: Nervous System: Or, Losing my Mind in Literature
John B. Olson Adrenaline; Oxygen; The Fifth Man
M. Scott Peck In Heaven As On Earth: A Vision of the Afterlife; A Bed By the Window: A Novel of Mystery and Redemption; etc.
William Proctor The Last Star; Moongate; etc.
Timothy Zahn [1 B-a-M review] various Star Wars novels including Heir To the Empire and Dark Force Rising [Ranked 91st in the Internet Top 100 Survey, Cooke, as of Oct. 1999.]; The Cobra Series; The Blackcollar Series; A Coming of Age; Spinneret; Triplet; Deadman Switch; "Cascade Point" (1984); The Icarus Hunt. [Ranked 19th by SF Vote]
Walter Jon Williams Williams has a fourth-degree black belt from the American Kenpo Karate Academy. Born in Minnesota, he moved to New Mexico at age 13, lived in Boston for a time, and now lives near Albuquerque, New Mexico. City on Fire (1997 Hugo and Nebula nominee. A New York Times Notable Book); Knight Moves (Philip K. Dick Award Nominee); Days of Atonement (Told entirely from the perspective of a devout member of the fictitious Church of the Apostles of Elohim and the Nazarene. Set in a small New Mexican town settled at various times by Catholic, Latter-day Saint, Apache and Apostle immigrations. One of the few SF novels we've found with a prominent Sikh character); The Rift; Metropolitan (1995 Nebula nomination); "Surfacing" (Hugo and Nebula nominee); "Dinosaurs" [appeared in Future on Ice, edited by Orson Scott Card]; various stories in Wild Cards series ("Witness" in volume I, "Unto the Sixth Generation" and "Mr. Koyama's Comet" in volume II, "Mortality" in volume V, "Jack Braun" in volume VI, "While Night's Black Agents to Their Preys Do Rouse" in volume IX, "Modular Man" in volume XI, "Feeding Frenzy" in volume XIV); "Lethe" (1998 Nebula Nominee); "Prayers on the Wind" (1992 Nebula Nominee); many more novels and stories not listed here.
Charles de Lint[Author's FAQ: My own beliefs probably run more closely to an idiosyncratic form of animism, which isnt to say that I actually believe that trees, stones, wells, what-have-you actually have souls, but at the same time everything certainly seems to have a spirit of some sort, something that goes beyond what we see when we simply look at it. Ive connected with it - in urban settings as well as the countryside - too often to deny its existence.] Author of over 40 books, including Forests of the Heart; Someplace to Be Flying; The Ivory and the Horn
Charles Sheffield[Married to Nancy Kress.] Brother to Dragons (Campbell Award); Borderlands of Science; Starfire; Putting Up Roots; Tomorrow And Tomorrow; The Judas Cross; Godspeed; Transcendence; The Nimrod Hunt; My Brother's Keeper; many other novels and stories
M. Joseph Young[Identifies himself as non-denominational Protestant; currently attends a Baptist church; degrees in Biblical Studies from a Lutheran college and an interdenominational Evangelical college; five years of radio broadcast ministry; currently chaplain of the Christian Gamers Guild] S.F. novels: Verse Three, Chapter One (Valdron Inc., 2002); Old Verses New; webmaster of Christian Game Designers, Writers, and Publishers
Paula E. Downing
aka Paula King
aka P. K. McAllister
Her "Orion" series deals with gypsies in space, although Downing heself is not believed to be a gypsy/Roma. Much of her writing deals with religious and cultural identity and values. Works include: A Whisper of Time; Fallway; The Cloudship of Orion series (Maia's Veil; Orion's Dagger; Siduri's Net); Mad Roy's Light; Rinn's Star; Flare Star. Downing has published in the religious publications Hi-Call and Discoveries. She wrote a monthly column for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop Newsletter, Salt Lake City, 1987-1992.

Downing is a former Assistant State Attorney General for Oregon who turned to writing science fiction and fantasy while in law school. A native of Portland who grew up along the Columbia River, Paula earned a B.A. in History from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, and a J.D. law degree from the University of Oregon. She worked as a personal injury attorney and municipal judge in Medford, Oregon, 1988-1996. Paula now lives in Whiteriver, Arizona. She enjoys computers, reading, guitar, crosstitch, and pretending to garden. [Source: Ultimate SF Web Guide, Magic Dragon Multimedia, 1998.]

Kara DalkeyEuryale (fantasy set in Roman times); Goa; Bijapur; Bhagavati (fantasy trilogy in 1500s India); Little Sister; The Heavenward Path (young-adult historical fantasy novels drawing on Japanese myth); The Nightingale (fantasy novel based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and set in medieval Japan); Steel Rose; The Sword of Sagamore
James CowanDaybreak: A Romance of an Old World (1896. Christianity develops differently on Mars.)
Ulisse Di CorpoSyntropy
Grigor FedanBio from author's official website states that his "main focus in life has always been in the metaphysical arena, seeking the answers to those perennial questions 'who am I?' and 'why am I here?' Following a personal crisis he sought a quiet life of meditation and contemplation on a farm in Hawaii. Certain that he had been helped out of his crisis through a dream, he decided to tap the hidden memories through creative writing. The result is his novel" Dream Maker: A Mystical Tale. Major themes include kahuna, Arthurian legend, meditation, spirituality and discovering God.
Eric James FulliloveThe Stranger; Circle of One
Edwin A. Abbot1839 - 1926. "Shakespearian scholar and theologist with an interest in mathematics. Hardly a sf writer, but remembered primarily for Flatland."; Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
Susan MacGregor[MacGregor was born in Saskatoon and now lives in Edmonton.] Stories for On Spec magazine: "About Face"; "Mr. Moonlight"; "No Tricks"; "The Vivaldi Connection" (received an Honorable Mention in 1998 Year's Best Fantasy and Science Fiction, editor Gardner Dozois). Also: "Oyster Love", "Drying Out in Purgatory", "Esper". Editor of Divine Realms : Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy (This anthology "explores faith, God, and the universe in a speculative vein, with a multiplicity of voices and views.")
Jean Thesman[Jean Thesman lives in Washington State.] Cattail Moon (Houghton Mifflin, 1994. Young adult novel. Fifteen-year-old Julia leaves Seattle to live with her father and grandmother near the Cascade Mountains, where she encounters a ghost who helps her make important decisions about her future. Nominated for the Utah Young Adult's Book Award in 1998); The Other Ones (Young adult novel about a young telepath); Non-sf: The Storyteller's Daughter; The Rain Catchers; The Elliot Cousins; The Elliot Cousins
Landon Cary Dalton[Born on August 7, 1963, in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he still resides. He graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1986 with a bachelor's degree in religious studies. He is extensively involved in local church work and is an avid comic book collector.] "A Private Anecdote" in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Ben Jeapes[British. Christian.] His Majesty's Starship; Winged Chariot; many stories
James P. BlaylockAll the Bells on Earth; The Last Coin
Carol ChaseHawk's Flight (Baen, 1991)
J. Michael HilemanTen Mortal Gods
Manly Wade WellmanWho Fears the Devil?; The Beyonders; Cahena; Silver John novels (After Dark; The Hanging Stones; John the Balladeer; The Lost and the Lurking; The Old Gods Waken); The School of Darkness; Twice in Time; The Valley So Low: Southern Mountain Stories; The Voice of the Mountain; many short stories as well as an incredibly large body of work in other genres
Robert SiegelAlpha Centauri; The Kingdom of Wundle (Children's fantasy); Whalesong
Robert StoneDamascus Gate
Joe Clifford Faust[Grew up in Wyoming. Now lives in Ohio.] The Mushroom Shift; The Company Man; The Essence of Evil; Ferman's Devils; more
Sterling LanierThe Curious Quest of Brigadier Ffellowes; Hiero Desteen; Hiero's Journey; The Unforsaken Hiero; some other stories
Faber and FaberBlack Easter; They Shall Have Stars; The Day After Judgment; Doctor Mirabilis (not sf - about Roger Bacon)
John MorressyThe Juggler; The Mansions of Space
Lynn A. Marzulli
a.k.a. L.A. Marzulli
["Lynn A. Marzulli is a musician and composer who has recorded a number of albums. Possessing in-depth knowledge on the topic of UFO cults, he lives in Malibu, California."] Nephilim: The Truth Is Here


Frank PerettiThis Present Darkness; Piercing the Darkness; Prophet; The Oath; The Visitation
Kathryn MackelChristian chillers: The Surrogate; The Departed
Hal Lindsey[Famous for writing religious books about prophecies.] Blood Moon: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
Jefferson ScottVirtually Eliminated; Terminal Logic; Fatal Defect
Thomas LockeThe Delta Factor; Spectrum Chronicle series, etc.
Linda HallThe Josiah Files
Michael R. PhillipsThe Garden at the Edge of Beyond; George MacDonald (non-fiction book about the Presbyterian fantasy novelist)
Steve Stanton[Protestant, denomination unknown] Superlight; In the Den of the Dragon; "On the Edge of Eternity" in Divine Realms

Other published Utah/Latter-day Saint science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors (overflow)


Rebecca WintersA Man for All Time (Harlequin, 1995)
Michael O. TunnellBeauty and the Beastly Children (AML Award 1993); School Spirits (New York: Holiday House, 1997); also non-fiction books, articles about Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles
David Doering[Co-founder of BYU's Science Fiction and Fantasy Symposium; co-founder of The Leading Edge; co-founder of Xenobia. LDS convert from New York.] "Next Year"; "Dan Venture and the Gurad Marauders"; "Snooze"
Russell Asplund"An Astronaut Discusses a Black Hole Binary System"; "Balkan Seige"; "Getting By"; "No Green Hills"; "A Pocket Full of Sky"; "The Rabbi and the Sorcerer"; "Relevations of the Binary Astronaut"; "Der Ring des Nibelungen"; "The Unhappy Golem of Rabbi Leitch"; "You're Old Father William"; "The Dybbuk in the Bottle" (in Silver Birch, Blood Moon edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Avon Eos, 1999)
M. Brook West"The Peachwood Flute" (Ghosts, greed, and Taoist magic in old Japan); "Weeds"; "A Portion for Foxes" (Writers of the Future Vol. XI, June 1995); "Conservation of Probability"; "Warm-up Exercise" (in Two-fisted Writers Tales, edited by John Betancourt and John Ordover, Wildside Press)
James Rada, Jr.[Canadian] Logan's Fire (about the Three Nephites); Beast; The Forever Man; "Johnnycake Road"; "Beauty's Kiss: A Fairy Tale"; "Confessions; "Dragon Path; "A Letter from a Dead Man"; "The Man Who Hated His Name"; "Transfusion"
Greg Vose[Born in 1968 in Torrance California.] "The Luckiest Man"; "World Series"; "Nuts and Bolts"; Vose's work has appeared in Galaxy Magazine, and Galaxy Audio Project. Editor for the SF radio show "Searcher and Stallion."
Lois Thompson
The White Dove (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2000)
Robert Lee JosephEverywhere and Beyond; From Here to Everywhere; Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy
David Bastian"Dan Venture and the Gurad Marauders"
Andrew DabbUtahn; relig. affil. unknown. "One Night Sashaying Through My Mind" (in Talus and Skree, 1997). Comics: Modern Grimm (1996); Happydale: Devils in the Desert (DC/Vertigo, 1999)
Kevin Christensen"Bellerophon" (reprinted in The Endless Frontier, vol. 2, ed. Jerry Pournelle, New York: Ace Books, 1981); "A Dragon in the Man" (reprinted in Dragons of Darkness, ed. Orson Scott Card, New York: Ace Books, 1982); "What Was Bought with a Stab of Fire", Leading Edge, no. 4.
H. H. VickTag against Time; Walker's Journey Home; Walker of Time [American Library Association Award YA, 1994]
Tony MarkhamThe Jaxon Files (1996) ** [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!] **
Richard ComelyComic book artist, writer. Creator of the "Captain Canuck" and "Star Rider and the Peace Machine" comic book series.
Ron LeishmanComic book artist. Co-creator of the "Captain Canuck" and "Jonn" comic book series.
Robert Kirby[Kirby is best known as the Utah-based humor columnist, now with the Salt Lake Tribune] S.F. story: "Saguaro"; Fiction (not s.f.): Dark Angel; Brigham's Bees; Humor books: Sunday of the Living Dead; Wake Me for the Resurrection; Pat & Kirby Go to Hell
Stephanie QueenFragmented Recollection (2000); Libra, Angel Or Vampire (1997)
Lily Toy HongHow the Ox Star Fell from Heaven (1991)
Jeff WheelerThe Wishing Lantern (Amberlin Books, 1999); The Ogre Tyrant; Landmoor; Silverkin; Tears of Minya; Wrath of Aster
D. D. ShadeMain author of LostBooks.org, which reviews "lost" science fiction classics. Professor in the Department of Individual and Family Studies at the University of Delaware. Author of numerous non-fiction books and articles, including Information Technology in Childhood Education Annual
Joseph R. YoungLegend of the Lost Josephine Mine (Bonneville Books, 2001)
Andrew McQuinn"Joseph the Knight" (1st Place--Speculative Fiction/League of Utah Writers 1995 Competition; Utah Broadcasters Association Gold Award); Theater of the Mind
Edward CooperTriumph of the Third Reich (alternate history)
Gregg Keizer[Has lived in Utah. Bio. doesn't mention rel. affiliation. Was a student in OSC's writing class at University of Utah.] "What Seen but the Wolf"; Omni: "Chimera Dreams"; "Edges"; "I Am the Burning Bush" (also in Future on Fire); "The Gulag on the Rue des Grandes Augustins"; F&SF: "Days of Miracles and Wonder"; "Unlike Cortez"; Non-fiction includes "Spaced-out scenarios: Doom, Descent, and Star Trek ... oh my!"; extensive computer-related writing and editing
JaelRenowned illustrator and cover artist. Received the Chesley Award for her work in Francis Hodgson Burnett's The Little Princess. She is included in Spectrum III and Spectrum IV, a semi-annual publication featuring the best in contemporary fantastic art.
Pat Bezzant[Real name Pat Birkendahl] "Finale" (sf); Angie (young adult novel, nominated for the Utah Young Adult's Book Award in 1998)
Chris BigelowOrbiting Amanda (as yet unpublished); assistant editor at Ensign; has published a variety of non-sf work (including unpublished missionary novella/memoirs) and is co-founder and editor of Irreantum, a Latter-day Saint literary journal
Colleen Anderson[Canadian] "Water Babies" (Leading Edge); stories and poetry in publications such as Talebones; On Spec; Amazing Stories; Star*Line: "Angels Call"; "Calliope's Song; "Consuming Fear"; "Phoenix Sunset"; "Reluctant Offering"; "All My Family" (in North of Infinity: Futurity Visions); many more
Doris CharriereBeyond the Forbidden Sea; Cataclysm; historical fiction: Tamar, The Tender Twig; The Sacred Cargo of Joseph of Arimathea; Non-fiction: Hidden Treasures of the Word of Wisdom
Penny Hussey[Also writes as PhyllisAnn Welsh.] The Binding (Silvan War Saga). "The Debt" (in Eveningstar Anthology) Also: articles for various newspapers and magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens.
Jay A. ParryCo-author (with Orson Scott Card) of "In the Doghouse" (also called "Dogwalker"), which has appeared in Analog (Dec. 1978), Maps in a Mirror (Tor, 1990); Maps in a Mirror: Volume One (Legend, 1992) and Flux (Tor, 1992); "Gods in the Fire, Gods in the Rain" (Chrysalis 5, ed. Roy Torgeson, Zebra, 1979); "Moulder Moulder" (Chrysalis 10, ed. Roy Torgeson, Doubleday, 1983); "Roboroots" (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr '78 and Asimov's Choice: Comets and Computers, ed. George H. Scithers, Davis, 1978); nonfiction: Soldiers, Statesmen and Heroes; The Real George Washington; Best-Loved Stories of the LDS People (editor).
Derryl Murphy[Rel. pref. unspecified. Lives in Utah and Edmonton, Alberta.] Editor: Senary - The Journal of Fantastic Literature. Author of many stories, including: Cold Ground; Father Time; Body Solar; The History of Photography; Day's Hunt; Canadaland; Frail Orbits; What Goes Around
Curtis TaylorWritten with Todd Hester: CyberDeth; Megablast; The Midas Machine; The Not-So-Private-Eye; Treasure Hunt; LDS market: The Invisible Saint; Inspirational: Co-author with Betty J. Eadie of the best-seller Embraced by the Light; The Burning Within (w/ RaNelle Wallace); Editor of Christmas for the World: A Gift to the Children and Speaker's SourceBook for Latter-Day Saints: Three Thousand Quotes by LDS Church Leaders; Screenwriter: "American Grace"
Todd HesterMark Heroic series (Cyberdeath--or Cyber Deth; Flashpoint; Megablast); Treasure Hunt; "Lord of Fire and Air"; "A Translation of Ancient Quartz-Imbedded Hieroglyphics Found on Io, the Fourth Moon of the Planet Jupiter"
David R. LuskA Man of War
Carolyn Nicita"Eye Hath Not Seen"; "Mechanical Assistance"; "Recycling"; "Solitude"; other works
B. J. Fogg"Outside the Tabernacle" (Washed by a Wave of Wind). Also author of many non-fiction academic articles about computer interface design, such as "Can computer personalities be human personalities?" (International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 43, 1995)
James Cummings"Space People" (Washed by a Wave of Wind)
Diana E.
"Other Time" (Washed by a Wave of Wind); "Achilo" in Writers of the Future Volume X
Cara O'Sullivan"Return to Coole" (Tomorrow Aug '94); "Home from the Stars"; "The Laura Symphony"; "Fantasy Mist"; non-fiction: "The Longing for Eressea: A Theme in Elvish Poetry", "Clinton Larson on Science Poetry"
Maurene Jensen"Silent Justice" (Writers of the Future Volume XIV, 1998)
Charlene C. HarmonStory: "Pueblo de Sión" in Washed by a Wave of Wind; also many poems in publications such as Amazing Stories; Leading Edge; Sunstone; The Poet's Choice; Midnight's Edge, including "Evanscence"; "Moonspider"; etc.
M. W. Worthen"You Can't Go Back" (Washed by a Wave of Wind)
Melva Gifford"Scrap Pile"; "Take Out the Trash"; other stories, poetry and non-fiction. As Mandy L. Nakommen: "Homestead"; "The Token"
Grant Avery
"Oh, Jungleland" (W.O.T.F. award winner); "Wings"
Richard R. HopkinsAuthor of a screenplay adaptation of A.E. vanVogt's The Weapon Shops of Isher; Editor of Kemp's award-winning I Hated Heaven; s.f. novelist. NON-FICTION: Biblical Mormonism and How Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God
Donald R. Marshall"As Ye Sow So Shall Ye..." (AHMM mid-Dec '92); "The Devil to Pay" (AHMM Oct '96); Enchantress of Crumbledown; Zinnie Stokes Zinnie Stokes; other non-sf novels and anthologies
Eric Lowe"Crisis Line" (co-written with Kathy Lowe); "Lenin as a Young Man"; "Pepsi Bravo Alpha"; "The Tao of Rain and Water"; "Through Shadow Alley"
Brandon GillespieCONduit Committee member; The Bad Guide to Star Wars; En Requiem
Elijah GrantTribal Gate
Barbara R. Hume"A Hearth on Terra"; "Chef's Choice"; other stories; "Prologue: Strange Bedfellows: A History of Science Fiction in the Corridor" in Washed by a Wave of Wind: Science Fiction from the Corridor
Richard Cracrofts.f: story: "Oh Yes, You Can!"; Cracroft one of the leading scholars of Mormon literature, a subject he teaches at BYU. Most of his writing is non-fiction literary criticism. Books include A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints; numerous articles.
David E. RichardsonThe Enchanted Palace (Cedar Fort: 2000)
Neil K. Newell[playwriting instructor at BYU] "A Place in Time"; The Reluctant Wizard; non-fiction: "Fast Offerings: Blessings We Give, Blessings We Receive" in Ensign (Oct. 1998); musicals: Anne... with an 'e': The Green Gables Musical; Pinocchio; Turn the Gas Back On
Angella Taylor Lofthouse3rd place in SFWoE Contest in both 1998 and 1999 for "The Blessing Stone" and Casualties of War"
James Gladu Jordan"Storm Jumper" [First prize 1994 Writers of the Future contest]
Kirk Holland Vestal"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2017 A.D." In LDSF (1982); Also non-fiction: The Firm Foundation of Mormonism, co-written with Arthur Wallace (L.A., Ca.: LL Company, 1981).
Merle H. Graffam"Stowaway" In LDSF2 (1982); Also non-fiction: Paleo-faunas: Ptychodids from the Tropic Shale; editor of Salt Lake School of Prophets Minute Book 1883 (Palm Desert, CA: ULC Press, 1981)
Gary Gillum[Ancient Studies and Philosophy Librarian at BYU.] "Journey" In LDSF; "Mozart and the Light of Music" in LDSF 3; Also non-fiction: Essays in Glimpses of Eternity (Horizon; ed. by Arvin S. Gibson); editor of Hugh Nibley's "Old Testament and Related Studies"; book reviews (example)
Elizabeth Petty Bentley"Sybil"; non-fiction: County Courthouse Book (guide to American county courthouses, for genealogical researchers); The Genealogist's Address Book; Directory of family associations (1991)
Rayda Reed[Co-founder of The Leading Edge] "Rocksong"; "Star-Rigger"
Dan Leroy Burk[Has taught at Seton Hall University. Professor of Law and Vance K. Opperman Research Scholar at the University of Minnesota Law School, teaching courses in the areas of intellectual property and cyberlaw.] "Wizard's Wine"; "Phantom Wind"; "Wall Street Wizardry"; Non-fiction: chapters in Virtual Exit in the Global Information Economy; Trademark Doctrines for Global Electronic Commerce; Muddy Rules for Cyberspace; numerous articles, such as this one on cyberlaw; etc.
David BurnettWas editor of The Leading Edge; Editorials: "A Few Months in the Life..."; "What Makes Good Fiction?"; Short story: "Final Wish"
Eugene WoodburyBlood Cross (YA fantasy); Angel Falling Softly (vampires); Pascal's Ghosts (juvenile); non-sf: Tokyo South (biographical fiction about his mission); many short stories, including some published in New Era: Heart of Stone; Taking License; Balanced Equations; The Pride of Lions
Jeanne Burnett[Now works as a journalist.] "Final Wish"; Published interviews with Kevin J. Anderson, Terry Brooks
Doug Campbell"The Book of God"; Possibly same Doug Campbell who is author of "Mary Roberts Rinehart's The Bat" (horror comic book), director of "UFO Diaries - V. 1" (1995), and other work; Article
Dennis E. Clayson[Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Northern Iowa] "In the Room of the Third Reflection"; Non-fiction: Dr. Clayson has published in marketing, management, psychological, sociological and medical journals including the Lancet. He has published articles in the Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Midwest Marketing, Marketing News, and Marketing Educator.
Craig L. Dalley"It Happened Like This..."
John Richard DeRose"The Monitor" (published finalist, Writers of the Future contest, 1993, vol. 9)
Gladys Clark Farmer"Moon" (s.f. poem); Non-fiction: Karen's Test (about Karen Backman: Documents the life of a Mormon girl in Utah who developed neurofibromatosis at the age of fifteen, and in the six years until her death exhibited great courage, determination, and faith.); Article in Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Chastening
Robert GrahamCo-writer and original director of "Raising Emma," a comedic musical about a young woman and her deceased father-turned-angel (first produced in Las Vegas, Nevada by FocusOnChrist).
Chris Halladay[Active Star Trek fan, goes by "Kahless". Lives in Fresno, CA.] "The Iron Door"
Laura Curtis Hickman[Wife of best-selling fantasy author Tracy Hickman.] The Bronze Canticles, co-authored w/Tracy Hickman (Time Warner, 2003); "Heart of Goldmoon" in DragonLance Tales, vol. 3; Co-author of TSR / Role Playing Game Products, including Dragons of War; Rahasia; Ravenloft; Pharaoh; The House on Griffon Hill
Nancy Lynn Hayes[Writing Interests: (professional) technical writer, editor, and trainer for a government contractor; (hobbies) science fiction, fantasy, horror (mostly vampires)] "Loyalty"; "Split Personality"; "Shadow Walker"; Star Trek story in Abode of Strife #11; Non-fiction: "Incremental Repetition within J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth: Shadow, Light, and Silmaril within Mortal-Immortal Marriages" (Master's thesis); "The Price of Knowledge in Patricia McKillip's Riddle-Master Trilogy"; "Where the Shadows Lie"; "Mooting of the Minds: Why Fans Enjoy Tolkien"; "Lead Us Not into Redemption"
Sharon J. Huntington"Ears to Hear"; Non-fiction: dozens of articles in Christian Science Monitor's "Home Forum", such as "Kid scientists take a closer look at fall"
Douglas M. Jole"Old Man River, He Just Keeps Rolling Along"; "The Witchin' Man" (Writers of the Future 2nd Place, 1993); Also poems in Leading Edge
Jonathan D. Langfordstory: "The Garden"; s.f. poetry: "Home 2180 a.d."; "Elegy for a Childhood Friend"; once editor of The Leading Edge; Editorial in Irreantum (Summer 2000): "A Community of Mormon Fiction"; AML-List Highlights editor for Irreantum
Kristy Merrill"The White Flash"; Reluctant Jedi (zine); Bharat in The Rose and Thorn (Spring 2000)
Chad R. Milliner"Fire and Brimstone"; professional genealogist specializing in British records; non-fiction article: The Other Millenium Bug: Changes in Census Procedures and Its Impact on Genealogists
David Summers[Not the same as David Lee Summers, editor and founder of Hadrosaur Tales] "The Ghost Squadron"
Don L. TiggreY2K: The Millennium Bug
David-Glenn AndersonProfessional s.f. author from Utah; Reading for the Future activist; former newspaper editor, poet.
Gene DavisUtah author and editor of his own magazine, Of Space Stations and Unicorns
Rex GoodeDark Shadows - cybernovel (Dark Redemption) and website
Kathleen Dougherty"When Your Breath Freezes"; Moth to the Flame (NY: Diamond, 1991); Double Vision
Taylor Lindsay[Lives in SLC.] The Last Eden; Watcher of the Fifth Sun; The Madness of Maura Magee
Nancy Owens"Tammi's Garden"; "Blue Ink"; Non-fiction: "Silken Strands"
Helge Moulding[Born in Germany. Lives in SLC.] "A Season of Heat"; "Another Day, Another Body"
Sebastian CainTide of Darkness
Dave UrbanekAs-yet unpublished stories, including "Quicky Burger and Cosmic Connection"; "The Song of the Spirit Keeper" and "Angel's Consort
Ronald W. Blankenship"Hard Knocks"; Non-fiction: "Saturn & SF"; "What Was the Red Star Frodo Saw from Rivendell?"; more
Jeniveve WahlquistEnglish professor at Utah Valley State College; teaches a course on science fiction. Published poem: "Naked in Church: To a Young Poet"
Krista Perryonline Anime fanfiction including "Chrysalis", "The Snow Raven", "Dream Eater", many more.
David Ricky "Rick" Soulier[English professor at Utah Valley State College.] A City on a Hill (thesis; s.f.). Non-fiction from Hazelden Publishing, Center City, Minnesota: Amphetamines: facts, figures and information; Cocaine and Crack; Marijuana. In progress: Out of the Black (s.f.); Reduced to an Hourglass (non-s.f.)
John David Payne"Desert Shield, Prairie Storm"; "All Good Things part II"; "The Spirit Loaf, and the Life Price"; "Open the Window, Close the Door"; "Green Eyed Monster"
Kristina Roggio"Sight"
David CarrollStories: Brain Tap; Day of the Knights; The Great Kinnevy; Dragon of Tranquility; My Friend Samantha
Nathan Goodrich"Touching the Darkness"
Ethan Ernst Skarstedt"Kitten"; "At Grandview"; "Gladiator"
Mark Skarstedt"Inclusion"
Jessica J. Frasca"Sonnet MCMLIX--First Contact"
Sapphire Hodges"How to Make a Dragon"
Rebecca Carlson"Rumpelstiltskin Does Cold Fusion"
Daniel A. Wells"The Amazing Adventures of George"
Ryan Flake"Timothy, the Unprepared Wandered"; "Harbinger of Chaos"
Lareena Smith KelloggStories: Shadow Walker; Hard Knocks; Eternity on Hold; The Fractured Boy; Sunfinder. Short films: The Room Of Dreams; The Magical Bookstore
Timothy Frantz"Gateway's"; "Random Thoughts"
Howard V. TaylerAuthor, creator, and artist for "Schlock Mercenary", the online comic strip. Author of unpublished prose science fiction.
Terri ReidUnproduced fantasy screenplay: "Quest of the Heart"; has published articles and fiction in national and Church magazines
Pamela Webb-Smith[Bio. doesn't mention rel. affil., but lives in SLC.] Currently working on an SF/fantasy novel. Has published horse-related non-fiction in horse periodicals.
Shane M. LesterClan of Cain. President of BrainShovel.com
Carol Paton
Kathy Lowe
Karalee Pugmire
Fred Roth
Ed Liebing
Virginia Patrick Smith

Latter-day Saint MARKET:

Nephi AndersonAdded Upon (first published 1898, and has never gone out of print). Also, many non-SF classics, such as John St. John; Marcus King, Mormon; The Castle Builder; Dorian
Linda Paulson AdamsProdigal Journey; Reunion. Linda Paulson Adams has published non-sf poetry in Limestone Circle and Irreantum
Alice Morrey
Joseph E. Belnap"Shadows of the Last Days" series: The Coin's Edge; The Shadow Walkers
Pam BlackwellMillennial Series (Ephraim's Seed (AML Best Novel nominee); Jacob's Cauldron; Enoch's Compass; Michael's Fire)
J. Scott BronsonAuthor of Darkness at the Edge of Light, a collection of short stories by (with a foreword by New York Times best-selling author Dave Wolverton). Has written, produced, and published some plays.

As an actor, Bronson has had roles in many TV movies and miniseries, including Stephen King's "The Stand" (1994); "Anya's Bell" (1999); "A Town Has Turned to Dust" (1998); "Dead by Midnight" (1997); "Not In This Town" (1997); "Double Jeopardy (1992); and "The President's Child" (1992). He played the carpenter in "Brigham City" (2001). He has also played a variety of roles on the TV show "Touched by an Angel"

Cheri J. CraneKate's Turn (Covenant, 1994)
Jeff DownsHeaven's Shadow (Covenant, 2001)
Thom DuncanModerator of LDS-F, internet mailing list discussing Latter-day Saint SF/F. Webmaster of Zion's Fiction. Novels: Moroni Smith: In the Land of Zarahemla; Moroni Smith: In Search of the Gold Plates and Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban. Short stories: "The Highest Flying Kite in the Whole Wide World"; "The Glowing"; "Heritage"; "As We Remembered Zion" [Also, playwright of non-SF musicals and plays such as "Prophet"; "Matters of the Heart"; "A Sceptre, A Sword, A Scented Rose" and many others]
Wendie L. EdwardsHidden Light: Millennial Glory Volume 1 (2001)
Thomas D. EnoMy Name is John: A New Testament Novel for Our Time; The Awakening; Deep Waters
Chad DaybellEmma Trilogy (time travel): An Errand for Emma; Doug's Dilemma; Escape to Zion
Joe FasbinderLacewing
Warren FastLords of Perdition (Bonneville Books, 2002)
Bruce T. Forbes
Willard Boyd GardnerRace Against Time (Covenant, 2001)
Arvin S. GibsonLove's Eternal Legacy; Also non-fiction: Echoes From Eternity; Glimpses of Eternity; Journeys Beyond Life
Matt HyerThe Warrior Within (Bonneville Books, 1999)
Robert MarcumDominions of the Gadiantons; Angel of Armageddon; Sting of the Scorpion
D. Michael MartindaleVarious s.f. writing projects. Also writes non-sf plays/musicals such as "General Prophet Joseph Smith."
John McRaeA Place Near Kolob; A Place Called Eden; plus many Christian/Latter-day Saint historical novels, including Blood of the Lion
Larry NalderThe Gift of Urr (Cedar Fort, 2000)
Marsha NewmanFire and Glory: The Millennial Story; The Lightning and the Storm; A Love beyond Time
Marc OttePray for Justice; Hide and Seek ("On the Trail with Orrin Porter Rockwell" series)
Mark C. PetersonHouse Upon the Sand
John M. PontiusSpirit of Fire ("Millennial Quest" series); non-fiction: Following the Light of Christ into His Presence
Parley P. PrattThe Angel of the Prairies: A Dream of the Future (1880); "A Dialogue between Joseph Smith and the Devil"
Vickie Mason RandallsRed Moon Rising ("Out of Barren Ground" series)
Michael RitcheyDisoriented
Peggy Ann Shumway"By Small and Simple Things"; In the Midst of Them; Absit Omen
Roland SmithSasquatch; Jaguar; The Last Lobo; Thunder Cave
Kenneth R. Tarr"Last Days" series: The Gathering Storm; Zion's Trail
Linda Higham ThomsonStar Child; Saturday's Warrior (novelization of the popular musical)
Daryn TuftsMy, Myself and E.F.Y.; screeplay: "The R.M."
Benjamin Urrutia"The Western Plain of the Free State of Dorimare" (Pellennorath); Editor (and author of some stories) of LDSF 2: Latter-Day Science Fiction; LDSF 3; translator of The Logia of Yeshua; also non-fiction and poetry
G. G. VandagriffOf Deadly Descent; Cankered Roots (primarily mystery novels, but with fantastic elements). Vandagriff has also written non-fiction books, including Voices in Your Blood: Discovering Identity Through Family History and has been the narrator of Bible tapes. Article: A Face Beyond the Veil
Amy Maida WadsworthUnpublished book with s.f. themes. Non-SF: Shadow of Doubt (Covenant, 2003). Amy Maida Young Wadsworth also wrote the lyrics to two songs featured on the "Spirit of the Sabbath" CD by film composer Thomas C. Baggaley.
J. Todd WalkerThrice in Time
Dan YatesAn Angel in the Family; Angels Don't Knock! and other sequels
Blaine M. YorgasonThe Shadow Taker (co-written with Carl J. Eaton). Yorgason is very popular for his many non-sf books, including books which were the basis for the feature film "Windwalker" (1980) and the TV movie "The Thanksgiving Promise" (1986)

In addition to the Latter-day Saint authors already listed here and on the main SF/F Authors of Various Faiths page, the following additional authors have work mentioned on Parkin's Bibliography of Mormon Speculative Fiction (6 April 2000). See that site for bibliographical information. These names include authors who have published in the mainstream or Latter-day Saint markets:

Ernest Abbott
Martha Shumate Absher
C. C. Alarcon
April Allgaier
Wendy Suzanne Anderson
Stephanie Rummler Asplund
Cathleen Barney
Steve K. Barton
Rebecca Lynne Bernard
Jeannette Colonna
Sue Cutler
Dezra Despain
Jim B. Ellis
Nancy Evenson
Bo Griffin
Yusuf Haddad
Christophilos Hagios
Gene Hurst
Frederick Albert Israelsen
Cassandra M. Johns
Jamie Jonas
Teresa Keenan
Walter Kellar
Todd Lakey
R. K. Lankin
Michael Cheng Lo
Lois Lower
Neil J. McMichaels
Erudil Menashy
Danielle E. Dabbs Monson
Wayne Mykals
Ty Ngok
Beverly Nokes
Norman L. Quincy
Richard M. Reeve
Willard Reuben
Carrie Ann Rhodes
Connie Rugh Rush
Will Salmon
Romann Schreiber
Halig Scippend
Stephen Scott
Lee Ann Layton Setzer
Scott S. Smith
Vickie Smith
Douglas Stay
Dale J. Stephenson
Sandra Ballif
Kitty Carr Tilton
P. Karen Todd
James Tucker
Karen Walch
Byron Walley
James Watson
Bruce Young

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