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"Peter's Working List
of Christian and Potentially Christian Writers
of Speculative Fiction"

as of 20 April 1999:


  1. The list is primarily of writers who are members of SFWA and/or have been published by mainstream English-speaking publishers; writers who are published exclusively within the Christian market are listed separately where they are mentioned at all.
  2. No assertion is made here as to the quality of the fictions or the orthodoxy of belief of the writers. These are writers who to the best of my knowledge are self-identified as Christians or are writing primarily from a Christian background or worldview.
  3. This is not academically rigorous research; mistakes happen.
  4. I am always looking to expand and refine this list. Corrections, comments, and additions are most welcome;


Grateful acknowledgement is hereby made to the members of the ChristSF list and the Christian Fandom list.

  1. Pretty definitely Christian with known affiliation
    • Brenda W. Clough (Anglican)
    • Robertson Davies (Anglican)
    • Madeleine L'Engle (Anglican)
    • C. S. Lewis (Anglican)
    • George MacDonald (Anglican, ordained Congregational)
    • William Morris (Anglican)
    • Cordwainer Smith (Anglican)
    • Charles Williams (Anglican)
    • Donna Farley (Eastern Orthodox)
    • Robert Hugh Benson (Roman Catholic, ordained; former Anglican)
    • Anthony Boucher (Roman Catholic)
    • G. K. Chesterton (Roman Catholic)
    • Andrew Greely (Roman Catholic, ordained)
    • Russell Kirk (Roman Catholic)
    • R.A. Lafferty (Roman Catholic)
    • Murray Leinster (Roman Catholic)
    • Louise Marley (Roman Catholic)
    • Sandra Meisel (Roman Catholic)
    • Walter M. Miller, Jr. (Roman Catholic)
    • Walker Percy (Roman Catholic)
    • Jerry Pournelle (Roman Catholic)
    • Tim Powers (Roman Catholic)
    • Mark Rogers (Roman Catholic)
    • Christopher Stasheff (Roman Catholic)
    • J.R.R. Tolkien (Roman Catholic)
    • Jules Verne (Roman Catholic)
    • James White (Roman Catholic)
    • Gene Wolfe (Roman Catholic)
    • Patricia C. Wrede (Roman Catholic)
    • Randall Garrett (Old Catholic; ordained)
    • Katherine Kurtz (Celtic Christian Church, ordained; Old Catholic connections)
    • Walter Wangerin, Jr. (Lutheran; ordained)
    • Connie Willis (Lutheran/Congregational)
    • Frederick Buechner (Presbyterian, ordained)
    • Robert Don Hughes (Baptist, ordained)
    • Calvin Miller (Baptist but dissatisfied; ordained)
    • David R. Beaucage (evangelical)
    • Stephen R. Lawhead (evangelical )
    • Rand and Robyn Miller (evangelical)
    • Kathy Tyers (evangelical)

  2. Pretty definitely Christian with uncertain affiliation
    • Edwin A. Abbot
    • Lloyd Alexander
    • Jeffrey A. Carver
    • Joy Chant
    • Diane Duane (Roman Catholic background, now?)
    • Zenna Henderson (Methodist?)
    • Tracy Hickman (Methodist?)
    • Robert Siegel
    • Timothy Zahn (Presbyterian?)

  3. A few who seem possible Christians
    (but of whom I'm not sure)
    • C. Dale Brittain
    • Carol Chase
    • David Feintuch
    • Diana Gabaldon
    • Diana Wynne Jones
    • R. A. McAvoy
    • Larry Niven
    • Nick O'Donohoe
    • Mervyn Peake
    • Eric Frank Russell
    • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
    • Manly Wade Wellman

  4. CBA published authors
    • Lelia Rose Foreman (Pentecostal)
    • Frank Peretti
    • Andrew Seddon (Baptist with pull toward Celtic spirituality)

  5. Non-Christian writers with significant Christian influence or backgrounds
    • Poul Anderson (agnostic)
    • James Blish (atheist during his writing career; buried Anglican in Oxford)
    • Lois McMaster Bujold
    • Stephen R. Donaldson (father a Protestant missionary; perhaps nominal himself)
    • Michael P. Kube-McDowell (lapsed Lutheran)
    • Sean Stewart (fundamentalist upbringing, apparently nominal to atheist himself)

  6. Non-Christian writers who deal extensively with religion
    • Sherri S. Tepper

  7. Others with known active faith commitments
    • Maya Kaathryn Bonhoff (Baha'i)
    • Orson Scott Card ([Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints])

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