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Jay Carper's
Science Fiction Writers of Christianity

When I first thought up the contest and this review page I had only heard of two scifi/fantasy writers whose writings included Christian themes. I've discovered a few others since then, but still far too few. I'm certain there must be others, and I would be overwhelmingly pleased if you would email me with their names and works.

I think the two most significant are C.S. Lewis and Stephen Lawhead. They are both unquestionably superior writers and storytellers, but I would like you to tell me just how good (or how bad, if you feel that way), they really are. I'd like to post your reviews of the works of these and other Christian science fiction and fantasy writers. Send your original reviews to me, and I might post them here.

Just for reference, here is a brief bibliography of a few of the science fiction and fantasy works of some great storytellers. Click on the titles to see the reviews.

Authors Works
C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia-Fantasy (for children), including...
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Magician's Nephew
The Horse and His Boy and more...
The Space Trilogy-SF (for adults), including...
Out of the Silent Planet
That Hideous Strength
The Dark Tower, and other stories-Fantasy/SF anthology (for adults)
Stephen Lawhead The Pendragon Cycle-Fantasy, including...
Arthur and more...
The Return of King Arthur-SF? Fantasy? novel
Dream Thief-SF novel
James Blish A Case of Conscience-SF novel
James BeauSeigneur The Christ Clone Trilogy-SF/Apacolyptic, including...
In His Name
Birth of an Age
The Acts of God
Victoria Wise & Dloyd Hedrick Global One: The New World Government-near future end-times novel
John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress-17th century fantasy novel
M. F. Edwards Article One-SF novel
J. Brandon Barnes "Doppleganger"-SF short story
Golgotha-SF Novel in progress
Jefferson Scott Virtually Eliminated-SF Novel
Fatal Defect-SF Novel
Terminal Logic-SF Novel
Stephen W. Wise Chambers-spiritual warfare novel
Frank Peretti This Present Darkness-spiritual warfare novel, first in a series
Susan MacGregor, et al Divine Realms-SF/Fantasy anthology
Tim F. LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Left Behind-SF (near future), first in a series
Arthur Miriello Tales of King Dunen-Fantasy
Kathy Tyers Firebird-SF/Romance novel
Fusion Fire-? Scheduled to be published in January of 2000
Crow of Fire-? Not yet completed
Steve Poling "Adventures of the Holy Hermits" and others...-SF short stories
Everett Ankner "Heredity Eternal"-SF short story
David R. Beaucage The Shiloh Project-SF novel
Joe Schembrie The Space Pioneers - SF anthology
Greg Slade "The Foundlings"-SF short story
Steve Stanton Superlight-SF cyberpunk novella
In the Den of the Dragon-SF novella

Last updated September 20, 2000

Between Jan. 2000 and 20 Sept. 2000, Carper added one author to list: Jefferson Scott.