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Comic Book Superheroes
whose religious affiliation is as currently unknown to us

This page accompanies the "Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters" page. Taken on its own, out of context, this page has no real meaning or useful information. This is essentially a page about notable comic book superheroes who we have, as yet, been unable to include on the main list because we have insufficient information about their religious affiliation.

We would like to know the religious affiliation of these characters. Obviously, this will never happen for all of them. Some characters had relatively short-lived publishing histories and there simply was never enough material published about them for anything to be ascertained textually. Some of these characters may not have a well-developed back-story when they were portrayed, meaning that the writers who created them did not think enough about the character to determine religious belief/background/affiliation, as basic as that may seem.

Characters are listed on this page only because we don't know what they are. If you know, we hope you will take a moment to tell us. (Write to: webmaster@adherents.com.) We will not use anything you write without your express permission. We will give you credit for your information or writing, if you prefer, or you can remain anonymous.

Also note that many of the characters below are available for adoption by your church, religious denomination, faith group, philosophical system, etc. What is meant by this is that if a comic book character was introduced whose religious affiliation, beliefs, etc., were never clearly identified or implied, then it may be possible to build a case that this character belongs to a specific group. More details about super-hero adoption are here.

Further discussion about this page is below.

Known as Real Name Major Team
UltrapatoCarlos Bay [Edgar Delgado]
Black Cherry XSam Wallis 2000 A.D.
Invisible Scarlet O'NeilScarlet O'Neil Chicago Times, etc.
 Brandy CarterLiberty MeadowsThe Diamondback (University of Maryland, College Park); Image
Barbarella  V-Magazine
Cat ClawCarol Connor YU Strip (Yugoslavia); Malibu
TarzanJohn Clayton[Tarzan & the Super 7]A. C. McClurg; Filmation/CBS; etc.
ColtValencia KirkFemforceA.C.
DragonflyNancy AzzarelloFemforceA.C.
Firebeam FemforceA.C.
GargantaCarol HeislerFemforceA.C.
Miss Victory / Ms. VictoryJoan WayneFemforceA.C.
Ms. Victory IIJennifer Wayne BurkeFemforceA.C.
NightveilLaura WrightFemforceA.C.
RaydaDyna MorisiFemforceA.C.
Rio RitaRita FarrarFemforceA.C.
She CatJessica HuntFemforceA.C.
StardustDr. MaraFemforceA.C.
SynnSilva SynnFemforceA.C.
TaraTara FremontFemforceA.C.
Yankee GirlLauren MasonFemforceA.C.
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl  ABC
The Greatest American HeroRalph Hinkley ABC
Six Million Dollar ManSteve AustinOSIABC; Charlton
The Bionic WomanJaime Sommers (Jamie Sommers)OSIABC; NBC; Charlton
KrystalaTala ABS-CBN
SuperionThomas (Tom) Ramey Alpha-Omega
 Allan QuatermainLeague of Extraordinary GentlemenAmerica's Best/DC
 Captain NemoLeague of Extraordinary GentlemenAmerica's Best/DC
 Mina MurrayLeague of Extraordinary GentlemenAmerica's Best/DC
Henry Hyde ("Mr. Hyde")Dr. Edward JekyllLeague of Extraordinary GentlemenAmerica's Best/DC
The Invisible ManHawley GriffinLeague of Extraordinary GentlemenAmerica's Best/DC
 Tom StrongAmerica's BestAmerica's Best
CheetahBritanny Diggers[Gold Digger]Antarctic Press
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSabrina Spellman Archie
Black Hood Mighty CrusadersArchie
Black Hood II Mighty CrusadersArchie
Darkling Mighty CrusadersArchie
FlygirlKim BrandMighty CrusadersArchie
The Comet Mighty CrusadersArchie
The FlyThomas "Tommy" TroyMighty CrusadersArchie
The ShieldJoe HigginsMighty CrusadersArchie
The Shield IILancelot StrongMighty CrusadersArchie
The Shield IIIBill HigginsMighty CrusadersArchie
The Web Mighty CrusadersArchie
Steel StirlingJohn SterlingTerrific ThreeArchie
 Aspen MatthewsCannon Hawke and the BlueAspen MLT; Top Cow
ThunderbirdEric Siegel Atlantis Studios
Atomic Betty  Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids
ThermomanGeorge Sunday[My Hero]BBC One
Johnny Canuck  Bell
Fallout BoyRod Runtledge Bongo
Radio Man  Bongo
Radioactive GirlGloria Grand Bongo
Black PartridgeShirley PartridgeSuperior SquadBongo
Bleeding HeartMiles MandoSuperior SquadBongo
Bug BoyBix BentleySuperior SquadBongo
Captain Squid Superior SquadBongo
Lure Lass Superior SquadBongo
Plasmo the Mystic Superior SquadBongo
Purple Haze Superior SquadBongo
RadioactiveClaude Kane IIISuperior SquadBongo
Weasel Woman Superior SquadBongo
Tank GirlRebecca Buck Brett Ewins/Tam Astor: Deadline
Shock GibsonRobert Gibson Brookwood Publications (Harvey)
Captain KremmenElvis Brandenburg KremmenStar CorpsCapital Radio; Transworld/Corgi; Cosgrove Hall Films; etc.
Juniper LeeJuniper Kim Lee[The Life and Times of Juniper Lee]Cartoon Network
Mister TerrificStanley Beamish CBS
ArrowRalph Payne Centaur Publications
Captain AtomAllen Adam Charlton
Rocket RedDimitri PushkinJustice LeagueCharlton; DC
The ClockBrian O'Brien Comic Magazine Company; Ultem; Quality; Centaur; DC; Malibu
MonolithTommy CzuchraElementalsComico
MorningstarJeanette CraneElementalsComico
VortexJeff MurphyElementalsComico
Maiden JusticeMonica Richter / Monica ColeCity of HeroesCryptic Studios/NCsoft; Image
 Liz ShermanBureau for Paranormal Research and DefenseDark Horse
 BethanyNext MenDark Horse
 DannyNext MenDark Horse
 JackNext MenDark Horse
 JasmineNext MenDark Horse
 NathanNext MenDark Horse
GhostElisa CameronX; The FuriesDark Horse
Captain AmazingLance Hunt[in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Mr. FuriousRoyMysterymen; Mystery MenRenegade Press; Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Invisible BoyJamesMystery MenDark Horse; Universal Studios
Sphinx Mystery MenDark Horse; Universal Studios
Jackpot MysterymenRenegade Press
Screwball MysterymenRenegade Press; Men from Unknown Worlds
Captaion Attack MysterymenRenegade Press
Bondo Man MysterymenRenegade Press
Jumpin' Jehosaphat MysterymenRenegade Press
Red Rover MysterymenRenegade Press
The Metro Marauder MysterymenDark Horse
The Hummer MysterymenDark Horse
Disc Man MysterymenDark Horse
Jumo The Magnificent MysterymenRenegade Press?
The Whisperer MysterymenRenegade Press?
The Strangler MysterymenDark Horse
Doc HellerDr. HellerMystery Men (ally)Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Powerwoman I & II [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Supervacman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Reverse Psychologist [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Mr. Pups [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The Waffler [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Ballerinaman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Mailman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Pencilhead and Son of Pencilhead [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Little Miss Vengeance [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Squeegeeman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The Maintainer [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The Artiste [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Big Billy Hill Billy [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The PMS Avenger [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Radio Man [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Globalman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The Gardener [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
The Bullfighter [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Stiltman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Fisherman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Thirstyman [in Mystery Men]Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Madame .44Jeanne Walker Tane DC
Air WaveHelen Jordan DC
Ambush BugIrwin Schwab DC
Billy the KidBilly Jo __ DC
CinnamonKate Manser DC
Don Caballero  DC
El CastigoDon Fernando Suarez DC
El DiabloLazarus Lane DC
El Diablo IIRafael Sandoval DC
El Diablo IIRafael Sandoval DC
El Diablo IIRafael Sandoval DC
El Papagayo  DC
Rodeo RickRick __ DC
Roving RangerJeff Graham DC
Spy Smasher IIKatarina ArmstrongCheckmate, etc.DC
SuperwomanKristin Wells DC
The AtomRyan Choi DC
Trail BossMatt Savage DC
Trigger TwinsWalter Trigger & Wayne Trigger DC
VigilanteAlan Welles DC
Vigilante IIDave Winston DC
Wyoming KidBill Polk DC
 SivAlliance of HavenDC
 ValadinAlliance of HavenDC
 NiaAlliance of HavenDC
 KataliaAlliance of HavenDC
 Hank VelveedaAlliance of HavenDC
 MelikAlliance of HavenDC
 Lawrence JordanAll-Star SquadronDC
Air WaveLawrence "Larry" JordanAll-Star SquadronDC
Amazing ManWill EverettAll-Star SquadronDC
Avatar / TigerTiger TanakaAll-Star SquadronDC
Captain TriumphLance GallantAll-Star SquadronDC
FirebrandDanette ReillyAll-Star SquadronDC
GuardianJim HarperAll-Star SquadronDC
Johnny QuickJohnny ChambersAll-Star SquadronDC
Liberty BelleLibby Lawrence-ChambersAll-Star SquadronDC
ManhunterPaul KirkAll-Star SquadronDC
Mister America/AmericommandoTex ThompsonAll-Star SquadronDC
RobotmanRobert Crane/Paul DennisAll-Star SquadronDC
Sandy the Golden BoySanderson HawkinsAll-Star SquadronDC
TarantulaJohn LawAll-Star SquadronDC
TNTThomas N. ThomasAll-Star SquadronDC
Whip IIIRodney GaynorAll-Star SquadronDC
Mr. America / Americommando / The CoordinatorHarry "Tex" ThomsonAll-Star Squadron; Hero HotlineDC
SandmanSanderson "Sandy" HawkinsAll-Star Squadron; JSADC
Doctor Occult / Dr. MysticRichard OccultAll-Star Squadron; Sentinels of Magic; The Trenchcoat Brigade; JSADC
Commander Steel / SteelHenry "Hank" HeywoodAll-Star Squadron; Shadow FightersDC
Iron MunroArnold "Arn" MunroAll-Star Squadron; Young All-Stars; Freedom FightersDC
AngelAngel O'DayAngel and the ApeDC
Spoiler; Robin IVStephanie BrownBatman FamilyDC
CreoteAleksandr CreoteBirds of PreyDC
Judomaster III Birds of PreyDC
Manhunter VIKatherine "Kate" SpencerBirds of PreyDC
Batgirl V / MisfitCharlotte Gage-Radcliffe ("Charlie")Birds of PreyDC
SavantBrian DurlinBirds of PreyDC
Lady BlackhawkZinda BlakeBlackhawks; Birds of PreyDC
CrackpotAmos MonroeBlastersDC
FragFritz KleinBlastersDC
JoltCarlotta RiveraBlastersDC
Looking GlassDexter FairfaxBlastersDC
ChannelmanChester ChannelBlood PackDC
GunfireAndrew Van HornBlood PackDC
Loria Blood PackDC
MongrelJosh XanBlood PackDC
NightbladeNik MayakBlood PackDC
RazorsharpRae SharpBlood PackDC
BallisticKelvin MaoBlood Pack; Forgotten HeroesDC
Loose CannonEddie WalkerBlood Pack; Metropolis Special Crimes UnitDC
 Boleslaw UminskiBlue TrinityDC
 Gregor GregorvichBlue TrinityDC
 ChristinaBlue TrinityDC
Lady Shiva / Jade / Jade CanarySandra Woosan/Sandra Wu-SanBrotherhood of the Fist; League of Assassins; Birds of PreyDC
 Richard DragonC.B.I. (Central Bureau of Intelligence)DC
 John Chase; Cherie Chase; Danny ChaseC.B.I. (Central Bureau of Intelligence)DC
King Faraday C.B.I. (Central Bureau of Intelligence)DC
Air Wave III / MaserHarold "Hal" JordanCaptains of IndustryDC
Catalyst Captains of IndustryDC
FirehawkLorraine ReillyCaptains of IndustryDC
Silver SwanValerie BeaudryCaptains of IndustryDC
Air WaveHarold "Hal" Lawrence JordanCaptains of Industry; JSADC
 Dr. June WalkerChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Dr. June RobbinsChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Gaylord Clayburn IIIChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Tino Manarry (nee Martin Ryan)Challengers of the UnknownDC
 Corinna StarkChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Clay BrodyChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Marlon CorbettChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Kenn KawaChallengers of the UnknownDC
 Brenda RuskinChallengers of the UnknownDC
AceKyle MorganChallengers of the UnknownDC
Cosmo Challengers of the UnknownDC
ProfProfessor Walter HaleyChallengers of the UnknownDC
RedMatthew RyanChallengers of the UnknownDC
RockyLes DavisChallengers of the UnknownDC
Blue JayJay AbramsChampions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
Jack B. Quick / Captain SpeedHarry ChristosChampions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
Silver SorceressLaura NeilsenChampions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
T.A. Champions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
The Bowman Champions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
Tin Man Champions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
Wandjina Champions of Angor / Assemblers / JustifiersDC
Valda the Iron MaidenValdaCharlemagne's knights; ShadowpactDC
VixenMari Jiwe McCabeCheckmate; Ultramarine Corps; Suicide Squad; Birds of Prey; JLADC
Gaucho Club of Heroes / The DomeDC
Musketeer Club of Heroes / The DomeDC
The Legionary Club of Heroes / The DomeDC
The Squire / The KnightPercival Sheldrake, The Earl of WordenshireClub of Heroes / The DomeDC
Wingman Club of Heroes / The DomeDC
Squire II / The Knight IICyril SheldrakeClub of Heroes / The Dome; Ultramarine CorpsDC
Maxi-ManHenry HayesConglomerateDC
PraxisJason PraxisConglomerateDC
Reverb / HardlineArmando RamoneConglomerateDC
TemplarColin BrandywineConglomerateDC
Vapor ConglomerateDC
 Lt. Matthew ShrieveCreature CommandosDC
Aten Creature CommandosDC
Bogman Creature CommandosDC
Dr. MedusaMyrra RhodesCreature CommandosDC
GunnerGunner MacKayCreature CommandosDC
HunterCaptain Lucius HunterCreature CommandosDC
J.A.K.E. Creature CommandosDC
J.A.K.E. 2 Creature CommandosDC
PatchworkPvt. Elliot "Lucky" TaylorCreature CommandosDC
VelcroSgt. Vincent VelcroCreature CommandosDC
WolfpackWarren GriffithCreature CommandosDC
Silk Spectre IILaurel "Laurie" JuspeczykCrimebusters [Watchmen]DC
 Ferrin ColosDarkstarsDC
 John FlintDarkstarsDC
 Mo DouglasDarkstarsDC
 Chaser BronDarkstarsDC
 Carla WhiteDarkstarsDC
 Merayn DethalisDarkstarsDC
Delphi Delta Chi DeltaDC
Nymph Delta Chi DeltaDC
Sensei Delta Chi DeltaDC
UlyssesUlysses AdamsDelta Chi DeltaDC
ChaseCameron ChaseDepartment of Extranormal Operations; Suicide SquadDC
 Dorothy SpinnerDoom PatrolDC
 Scott FischerDoom PatrolDC
CelsiusArani Desai-CaulderDoom PatrolDC
CoagulaKate Godwin / Clark GodwinDoom PatrolDC
Danny the World / Danny the Street Doom PatrolDC
Elasti-GirlRita FarrDoom PatrolDC
FeverShyleen LaoDoom PatrolDC
FreakAvaDoom PatrolDC
GruntCharlie BucherDoom PatrolDC
KarmaWayne HawkinsDoom PatrolDC
Kid SlickVic DargeDoom PatrolDC
Lodestone / The PupaRhea JonesDoom PatrolDC
MentoSteve DaytonDoom PatrolDC
Negative ManLarry TrainorDoom PatrolDC
Negative Man II / Fast ForwardTed BruderDoom PatrolDC
Negative WomanValentina VostokDoom PatrolDC
NudgeMi-Sun KwanDoom PatrolDC
RebisLarry Trainor/Dr. Eleanor PooleDoom PatrolDC
RobotmanCliff SteeleDoom PatrolDC
TempestJoshua ClayDoom PatrolDC
The Bandage PeopleGeorge and MarionDoom PatrolDC
The ChiefDr. Niles CaulderDoom PatrolDC
Vortex Doom PatrolDC
Changeling / Beast BoyGarfield LoganDoom Patrol; Teen TitansDC
GnomeGrant ArdenElementalsDC
SalamanderGinger O'SheaElementalsDC
SylphJeanie GaleElementalsDC
UndineCrystal MarrElementalsDC
AmericommandoDavidFirst Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Barracuda First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Chief Justice First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Embargo First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Propaganda First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Railgun First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Spin Doctor First Strike (S.H.A.D.E.)DC
Mayflower Force of JulyDC
Sparkler Force of JulyDC
Major VictoryWilliam "Bill" VickersForce of July; Captains of Industry; Suicide Squad; Shadow FightersDC
Silent Majority Force of July; Freedom's RingDC
Lady Liberty Force of July; Freedom's Ring; S.H.A.D.E.DC
 Mark MoonriderForever PeopleDC
Beautiful Dreamer Forever PeopleDC
Big Bear Forever PeopleDC
Infinity-ManAstorr / DraxForever PeopleDC
Serifan Forever PeopleDC
Vykin Forever PeopleDC
Congo Bill / Congorilla Forgotten HeroesDC
DolphinDolphinForgotten HeroesDC
FetishThulaForgotten HeroesDC
Immortal Man Forgotten HeroesDC
Resurrection ManMitchell "Mitch" ShelleyForgotten HeroesDC
Vigilante IIIPat TrayceForgotten HeroesDC
Hunter / Time MasterRipley "Rip" HunterForgotten Heroes; Linear MenDC
Cave CarsonCalvin CarsonForgotten Heroes; Shadow FightersDC
Rick Flag Jr.Richard Rogers FlagForgotten Heroes; Suicide SquadDC
Captain Swift Freedom BrigadeDC
Lady Liberty Freedom BrigadeDC
Mr. Might Freedom BrigadeDC
Patriot Freedom BrigadeDC
Princess Power Freedom BrigadeDC
The Bowman Freedom BrigadeDC
The Mermaid Freedom BrigadeDC
Black CondorRichard Grey, Jr.Freedom FightersDC
Black CondorThomas WrightFreedom FightersDC
Doll ManLester ColtFreedom FightersDC
FirebrandAndre TwistFreedom FightersDC
FirebrandRod ReillyFreedom FightersDC
Human BombAndrew "Andy" FranklinFreedom FightersDC
Human BombRoy LincolnFreedom FightersDC
Invisible Hood / Invisible JusticeKent ThurstonFreedom FightersDC
JesterChuck LaneFreedom FightersDC
MagnoTom DaltonFreedom FightersDC
ManhunterDonald "Dan" RichardsFreedom FightersDC
MidnightDave ClarkFreedom FightersDC
Neon the UnknownTom CorbetFreedom FightersDC
Phantom LadyDelilah "Dee" TylerFreedom FightersDC
Phantom LadySandra KnightFreedom FightersDC
Phantom LadyStormy KnightFreedom FightersDC
RayLanford "Happy" TerrillFreedom FightersDC
Red BeeJenna RaleighFreedom FightersDC
Red BeeRichard "Rick" RaleighFreedom FightersDC
Red TorpedoJim LockhartFreedom FightersDC
The RayRay TerrillFreedom FightersDC
The Ray IIIStan SilverFreedom Fighters; Freedom's Ring; S.H.A.D.E.DC
Black CondorRyan KendallFreedom Fighters; Primal Force (The Leymen)DC
Bigfoot Freedom's RingDC
Destroyer Freedom's RingDC
Gonzo / The Astronaut Fetus Freedom's RingDC
Major ForceClifford ZmeckFreedom's RingDC
The Face Freedom's RingDC
Belphegor Global GuardiansDC
BushmasterBernal RojasGlobal GuardiansDC
Chrysalis Global GuardiansDC
Crimson Fox III Global GuardiansDC
Fleur-de-LisNoelle AvrilGlobal GuardiansDC
Freedom BeastDominic MndaweGlobal GuardiansDC
GodivaDorcas LeighGlobal GuardiansDC
Manticore Global GuardiansDC
Templar Knight Global GuardiansDC
TuataraJeremy WakefieldGlobal GuardiansDC
Tundra Global GuardiansDC
Wild HuntsmanAlbrecht von MannheimGlobal GuardiansDC
Tasmanian DevilHugh DawkinsGlobal Guardians; Justice League Europe; Ultramarine CorpsDC
GlossXiang PoGlobal Guardians; New GuardiansDC
JetCelia WindwardGlobal Guardians; New GuardiansDC
Accomplished Perfect PhysicianYao FeiGreat TenDC
August General in Iron Great TenDC
Celestial Archer Great TenDC
Chang Tzu Great TenDC
Ghost Fox Killer Great TenDC
Immortal Man in Darkness Great TenDC
Mother of Champions Great TenDC
Seven Deadly Brothers Great TenDC
Socialist Red Guardsman Great TenDC
The YetiHu WeiGreat TenDC
G'nortG'nort Esplanade GneesmacherGreen Lantern Corps; Darkstars; Justice League Antarctica; Super Buddies; Super Buddies AntarcticaDC
DiamondetteDiana "Di" TheotocopoulosHero HotlineDC
HotshotBilly LeffertsHero HotlineDC
Lightning Eyes Hero HotlineDC
MicrowavebelleBelle JacksonHero HotlineDC
Mr. Muscle / Flex / Mr. Mighty / Brother BicepSturgis ButterfieldHero HotlineDC
Private EyesLester LeeHero HotlineDC
StretchThomas "Tom" LongacreHero HotlineDC
Voice-OverAndrew "Andy" P. GreenwaldHero HotlineDC
Batmyte Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Card Queen Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Chlorino Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Herald Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Marie the Psychic Turtle Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Ms. Terrific Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Thunderhead Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Zeep the Living Sponge Hero Hotline (Night Shift)DC
Beast BoyIlshu NorHeroes of LallorDC
Duplicate BoyOrd Quelu / Quelu OrdHeroes of LallorDC
Gas GirlTal NahiiHeroes of LallorDC
Life LassSomi GanHeroes of LallorDC
Evolvo Lad / EvolvoSev TcheruHeroes of Lallor; WorkforceDC
Amethyst, Princess of Gem World / Lord OrderAmethyst / Amy WinstonHouse of Amethyst; Lords of Order and ChaosDC
 Jin SiHypothetical ArmyDC
Dybbuk Hypothetical ArmyDC
Ghost LionDuluHypothetical ArmyDC
Marieke Hypothetical ArmyDC
SoldatErich CrossHypothetical ArmyDC
Velocista Hypothetical ArmyDC
Black King / Lord HavokMaxwell LordIlluminati; Justice League; Extremists; Super Buddies; CheckmateDC
Awkward ManLeander BrentInferior FiveDC
Dumb BunnyAthena TremorInferior FiveDC
Merry ManMyron VictorInferior FiveDC
The BlimpHerman CramerInferior FiveDC
White FeatherWilliam KingInferior FiveDC
Brainwave Jr. / BrainwaveHenry King, Jr.Infinity Inc.DC
HuntressHelena WayneInfinity Inc.DC
Power GirlKaren StarrInfinity Inc.DC
Silver ScarabHector HallInfinity Inc.DC
Solomon GrundyCyrus GoldInfinity Inc.DC
EverymanHannibal BatesInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
FuryErik StornInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
JadeNicki JonesInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
MatrixSierraInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
NuklonGerome McKennaInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
SkymanJacob ColbyInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
TrajectoryEliza HarmonInfinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DC
Mister Bones Infinity Inc.; HelixDC
Hourman IIRick TylerInfinity Inc.; JSADC
Wildcat IITed GrantInfinity Inc.; JSADC
BrainwaveHenry King Jr.Infinity Inc.; Legion of DoomDC
Doctor Mid-NiteBeth ChapelInfinity Inc.; Shadow FightersDC
WildcatYolanda MontezInfinity Inc.; Shadow FightersDC
Plant-Master / Floronic ManJason WoodrueInjustice Gang; New Guardians; Secret Society of Super VillainsDC
 Captain Beta TosInterC.E.P.T.DC
Ephyra InterC.E.P.T.DC
Shaar Q InterC.E.P.T.DC
The DarkstarKindred Grim / "Jack Nebula"InterC.E.P.T.DC
Twelfth Night InterC.E.P.T.DC
Elongated ManRalph DibneyJLADC
SteelHenry "Hank" Heywood IIIJLADC
TriumphWill McIntyreJLADC
VibePaco RamoneJLADC
Faith JLA; Black Ops; Doom PatrolDC
 Lucas "Snapper" CarrJLA; Blasters; Young JusticeDC
GypsyCindy ReynoldsJLA; Conglomerate; Birds of PreyDC
TriumphWilliam MacIntyreJLA; Justice League Task ForceDC
FirestormRonald RaymondJLA; Power CompanyDC
The CreeperJack RyderJLA; Shadow FightersDC
StarmanJack KnightJSADC
Citizen SteelNathan HeywoodJSADC
Crimson AvengerJill CarlyleJSADC
CycloneMaxine HunkelJSADC
Red TornadoAbigail Mathilda "Ma" HunkelJSADC
Wildcat IIITom BronsonJSADC
Hourman IIIMatthew TylerJSA; JLADC
Silver Scarab / Sandman III / Doctor Fate IVHector HallJSA; Sentinels of Magic; Infinity Inc.DC
NemesisSoseh MykrosJSA; The CouncilDC
Acro-BatWalter ChaseJustice ExperienceDC
Major Flashback Justice ExperienceDC
Mister Action Justice ExperienceDC
Song Bird Justice ExperienceDC
The Manx Justice ExperienceDC
Crimson FoxVivian and Constance d'AramisJustice LeagueDC
General GloryJoseph JonesJustice LeagueDC
Major DisasterPaul Booker / Bennett BrodskyJustice League Elite; Justice League; SKULL; Injustice League; Suicide SquadDC
MetamorphoRex MasonJustice League Europe; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Doom Patrol; OutsidersDC
MystekJennifer BarclayJustice League Task ForceDC
GeistDwayne GeyerJustice League Task Force; Blood PackDC
IcemaidenSigrid NansenJustice League; Global GuardiansDC
Doctor LightKimiyo HoshiJustice League; Outsiders; Doom PatrolDC
AtomAl PrattJustice Society of AmericaDC
Dr. FateKent NelsonJustice Society of AmericaDC
HourmanRex TylerJustice Society of AmericaDC
Red TornadoJohn Smith (alias)Justice Society of America; JLA; Primal Force (The Leymen): Young JusticeDC
Black CanaryDinah LanceJustice Society of America; Justice League; Birds of PreyDC
PeacemakerMitchell BlackL.A.W.DC
Sarge Steel L.A.W.; CheckmateDC
 Amon HakkL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Bertron DiibL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Borb BorbbL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Davroth CattoL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Garryn BekL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Lydea MallorL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Lyrissa MallorL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Lyrl DoxL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Marij'n BekL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
 Zena MoonstruckL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Captain CometAdam BlakeL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Gigantus L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Lady QuarkTashanaL.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Stealth L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Telepath L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
The Durlan L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Antenna LadKhfeurb Chee BezLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Chlorophyll KidRal BenemLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Color KidUlu VakkLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Double-HeaderDyvud & Frenk RetzunLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Fire LadStag MavlenLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Infectious LassDrura SephtLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Porcupine PetePeter DursinLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
Stone BoyDag WentimLegion of Substitute HeroesDC
 Celeste Rockfish-McCauleyLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Bloodclaw Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Bouncing BoyChuck TaineLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Brainiac 5Querl DoxLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Chameleon BoyReep DaggleLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Chemical KingCondo ArlikLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Cosmic BoyRokk KrinnLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Ferro LadAndrew NolanLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Firefist Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Flederweb Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Invisible KidLyle NorgLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Kono Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Magnetic KidPol KrinnLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Matter-Eater LadTenzil KemLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Quislet Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Shrinking VioletSalu DigbyLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Spider-Girl Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Sun BoyDirk MorgnaLegion of Super-HeroesDC
TellusGangliosLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Timber WolfBrin LondoLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Triplicate GirlLuornu DurgoLegion of Super-HeroesDC
TyrocTroy StewartLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Ultra-ManGary ConcordLegion of Super-HeroesDC
Veilmist Legion of Super-HeroesDC
Mon-El / ValorLar GandLegion of Super-Heroes; L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Phantom Girl / PhaseTinya WazzoLegion of Super-Heroes; L.E.G.I.O.N.DC
Polar BoyBrek BanninLegion of Super-Heroes; Legion of Substitute Heroes; The WanderersDC
Dream GirlNura NalLegion of Super-Heroes; Uncanny AmazersDC
XSJenni OgnatsLegion of Super-Heroes; Uncanny AmazersDC
StarmanThom KallorLegion of Super-Heroes; Uncanny Amazers; JSADC
Wildfire / Atom'x / Erg-1 / Blast-OffRandall Burroughs / Drake Burroughs / Jahr-Drake NingleLegion of Super-Heroes; Uncanny Amazers; WorkforceDC
White WitchMysa NalLegion of Super-Heroes; WanderersDC
Karate KidVal ArmorrLegion of Super-Heroes; WorkforceDC
Lt. Fat MarvelFat Billy BatsonLieutenant MarvelsDC
Lt. Hill MarvelHill Billy BatsonLieutenant MarvelsDC
Lt. Tall MarvelTall Billy BatsonLieutenant MarvelsDC
 Travis O'ConnellLinear MenDC
 Liri LeeLinear MenDC
Rayak the Ravager Linear MenDC
WaveriderMatthew RyderLinear MenDC
Mister Tawky Tawny Marvel FamilyDC
Uncle MarvelDudley H. DudleyMarvel FamilyDC
ThunderCeCe BeckMarvel Family; Legion of SuperheroesDC
Robot MaximumsDC
GoldMike MagnusMetal MenDC
IronRandy PressmanMetal MenDC
LeadJackMetal MenDC
MercuryRedmond WildeMetal MenDC
PlatinumSharon Magnus / "Tina"Metal MenDC
TinThomas TinkhamMetal MenDC
Doc Magnus / VeridiumDr. William MagnusMetal Men; Doom PatrolDC
Captain MetropolisNelson GardnerMinutemen [Watchmen]DC
Dollar BillByron LewisMinutemen [Watchmen]DC
Hooded Justice Minutemen [Watchmen]DC
MothmanByron LewisMinutemen [Watchmen]DC
Nite Owl IHollis MasonMinutemen [Watchmen]DC
Silk Spectre ISally JuspeczykMinutemen [Watchmen]DC
 Rodney JamesNew BloodsDC
HitmanTommy MonaghanNew BloodsDC
AnimaCourtney MasonNew BloodsDC
ArgusNick KelleyNew BloodsDC
ChimeraSanjeet BhatiaNew BloodsDC
EdgeTom O'BrienNew BloodsDC
HackratReginald HackmanNew BloodsDC
Jamm New BloodsDC
Joe Public New BloodsDC
KragPete CranickNew BloodsDC
Layla New BloodsDC
LionheartRichard PlanteNew BloodsDC
MyriadSasha GreenNew BloodsDC
Pax New BloodsDC
PrismLinus PowellNew BloodsDC
RagnarokGunther Van HornNew BloodsDC
Samaritan New BloodsDC
Shadowstryke New BloodsDC
Slingshot New BloodsDC
TerrorsmithJack MobleyNew BloodsDC
The HookKieron MastersonNew BloodsDC
 Betty ClawmanNew GuardiansDC
Extraño [Extrano]Gregorio De La VegaNew GuardiansDC
HarbingerLyla MichaelsNew GuardiansDC
RAMTakeo YakataNew GuardiansDC
Ali-Ka-Zoom Newsboy ArmyDC
Baby BrainsEd StargardNewsboy ArmyDC
Captain 7 Newsboy ArmyDC
Chop Suzi Newsboy ArmyDC
Kid Scarface / Godfather Vincenzo, the Undying DonVincenzoNewsboy ArmyDC
Li'l Hollywood Newsboy ArmyDC
 Baron WinterNight ForceDC
 Vanessa Van HelsingNight ForceDC
 Jack GoldNight ForceDC
 Donovan CaineNight ForceDC
 Doiby DicklesOld JusticeDC
Gimmick Girl / Merry, Girl of 1000 GimmicksMerry PembertonOld JusticeDC
Sweep SecondThorndyke TompkinsOld JusticeDC
The Cyclone KidsAmelia "Sisty" Hunkel-Jibbet & Mortimer "Dinky" JibbetOld JusticeDC
 Shlagen (of Slagg)Omega MenDC
 Artin (of the Psion Wombworld)Omega MenDC
 CeciliaOmega MenDC
 ChantaleOmega MenDC
 Kalista (of Euphorix)Omega MenDC
 Rynoc (of Okaara)Omega MenDC
 Uhlan (of Karna)Omega MenDC
 Zirral (of Tamaran)Omega MenDC
 Oho-Besh (of Changralyn)Omega MenDC
 Lianna (of Oa)Omega MenDC
AuronLambien of OkaaraOmega MenDC
BrootCharis-Nar of ChangralynOmega MenDC
Dark Flea Omega MenDC
DarkfireRyand'r of TamaranOmega MenDC
Demonia(of Aello)Omega MenDC
Doc I(of Aello)Omega MenDC
Doc II Omega MenDC
EluLonocelu Ospho of RogueOmega MenDC
Felicity(of Karna)Omega MenDC
Green Man(of Uxor)Omega MenDC
HarpisA'Haarp of AelloOmega MenDC
Nimbus(of Emana Branx)Omega MenDC
PrimusPren of EuphorixOmega MenDC
Seer Omega MenDC
Silica Omega MenDC
TigorrTaghurrhu of KarnaOmega MenDC
VandalYndamaati of EuphorixOmega MenDC
Ynda Omega MenDC
Dervish OutsidersDC
Dr. Light IVKimiyo HoshiOutsidersDC
EradicatorDavid ConnorOutsidersDC
GraceGrace ChoiOutsidersDC
HaloGabrielle DoeOutsidersDC
IndigoBrainiac 8OutsidersDC
LookerEmily BriggsOutsidersDC
Technocrat OutsidersDC
WindfallWendy JonesOutsidersDC
Wylde OutsidersDC
Atomic Knight / Shining KnightGardner GrayleOutsiders; Forgotten HeroesDC
FaustSebastian FaustOutsiders; Sentinels of MagicDC
Black OrchidFlora BlackParliament of TreesDC
Black OrchidSuzyParliament of TreesDC
HammerBorisPeople's HeroesDC
Pravda People's HeroesDC
SickleTashaPeople's HeroesDC
Bolshoi People's Heroes; Red ShadowsDC
Molotov People's Heroes; Red ShadowsDC
Blank Slate Point MenDC
Blockade Point MenDC
Gray LadyWendyPoint MenDC
Short Cut Point MenDC
 Josiah PowerPower CompanyDC
BorkCarl Andrew BorkPower CompanyDC
Manhunter VIKirk DePaulPower CompanyDC
SapphireCandace Jean GennaroPower CompanyDC
SkyrocketCecilia "Celia" ForrestalPower CompanyDC
Striker ZDaniel TsangPower CompanyDC
WitchfireRebecca CarstairsPower CompanyDC
Abyss Presidential Oversight WatchDC
Brainstorm Presidential Oversight WatchDC
Computo of RoboticaMr. VengePresidential Oversight WatchDC
Twine Presidential Oversight WatchDC
Claw IIJohn ChanPrimal Force (The Leymen)DC
MeridianMeridian MychaelsPrimal Force (The Leymen)DC
Noir Primal Force (The Leymen)DC
NightmasterJim RookPrimal Force (The Leymen); ShadowpactDC
Jack O'LanternLiam McHughPrimal Force (The Leymen); Ultramarine CorpsDC
Adam StrangeAdam StrangeRann; Forgotten HeroesDC
 Kindred MarxRaversDC
AuraLindsey WahRaversDC
Half-LifeByron StarkRaversDC
Hardrock RaversDC
HeroHero CruzRaversDC
Kaliber RaversDC
Rex, the Wonder Dog RaversDC
SparxDonna Carol "D.C." ForceRavers; Blood PackDC
 Mrs. GradenkoRed ShadowsDC
LamiaNatalia Andreyevna SpirinRed ShadowsDC
Schreck Red ShadowsDC
Yerosha / TroublemakerAnatoli Feodorovitch KalunninRed ShadowsDC
Zastrow Red ShadowsDC
Stalnoivolk / Steel WolfIvan Illyich GortRed Shadows; Suicide SquadDC
Anatole Red Trinity; Kapitalist Kourier Service, Inc.DC
Bebeck Red Trinity; Kapitalist Kourier Service, Inc.DC
Cassiopeia Red Trinity; Kapitalist Kourier Service, Inc.DC
BlindsideTyson GilfordRelative HeroesDC
Cameron BegayOmniRelative HeroesDC
Chloe Relative HeroesDC
Bat LashBartholomew Aloysius LashRough BunchDC
CinnamonKatherine "Kate" ManserRough BunchDC
Jonah HexJonah Woodson HexRough BunchDC
NighthawkHannibal HawkesRough BunchDC
Father Time S.H.A.D.E.DC
The Bride S.H.A.D.E.DC
RampageKaren Lou "Kitty" FaulknerS.T.A.R. LabsDC
 Arnold BurnsteelScare TacticsDC
FangJake KetchumScare TacticsDC
Gross-OutPhilbert HoskinsScare TacticsDC
Scream QueenNina SkorzenyScare TacticsDC
SlitherJames TiltonScare TacticsDC
 Dane DorranceSea Devils; Forgotten HeroesDC
Knockout Secret Six; Suicide Squad; Female FuriesDC
Bueno Excelente Section 8DC
Dog Welder Section 8DC
Friendly Fire Section 8DC
Jean de Baton-Baton Section 8DC
Phlegm-Gem Section 8DC
Shakes Section 8DC
Sixpack Section 8DC
The Defenestrator Section 8DC
Madame Xanadu Sentinels of MagicDC
 Daniel GroveSeven SecondsDC
Crackerjack Seven SecondsDC
DataFreddie MartinSeven SecondsDC
ProxyRobert FurilloSeven SecondsDC
SalvoTony SalvotiniSeven SecondsDC
White SatinJanet ValentineSeven SecondsDC
The ScarabLouis SendakSeven ShadowsDC
(Alias) the SpiderTom Ludlow HallawaySeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Billy GunnSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Boy Blue Seven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Crimson AvengerLee Walter TravisSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Dyno-Mite DanHarris D. LedbetterSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Frankenstein Seven Soldiers of VictoryDC
GimmixJacqueline PembertonSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
I, SpyderThomas Ludlow DaltSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Klarion the Witch Boy Seven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Mister Miracle IIIShilo NormanSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Shining KnightSir Justin ArthurSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
SpeedyRoy HarperSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Stripesy / S.T.R.I.P.E.Pat DuganSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Stuff, the Chinatown KidDaniel LeongSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Stuff, the Chinatown Kid IIVictor LeongSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
The BulleteerAlix HarrowerSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
The Manhattan GuardianJake JordanSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
The Shining KnightJustinaSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
The WhipShelly GaynorSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
WingWing HowSeven Soldiers of VictoryDC
Star-Spangled Kid / SkymanSylvester Pemberton, Jr.Seven Soldiers of Victory; All-Star Squadron; JSA; Infinity Inc.DC
VigilanteGreg Saunders / Greg SandersSeven Soldiers of Victory; Rough BunchDC
Batgirl / OracleBarbara GordonSeven Soldiers of Victory; Suicide Squad; JLA; Birds of PreyDC
 Mona BennetShadow FightersDC
 Doctor BennetShadow FightersDC
ChunkChester P. RunkShadow FightersDC
EclipsoBruce GordonShadow FightersDC
Detective Chimp ShadowpactDC
CascadeRhian DouglasSovereign SevenDC
CruiserNicholas Helicon / Nicholas HellicaonSovereign SevenDC
IndigoConal SavoySovereign SevenDC
NetworkTaryn HaldaneSovereign SevenDC
FirebirdSerafina ArkadinSoyuzDC
MorozkoIgor MedviedenkoSoyuzDC
PerunIlya Trepilov PerunSoyuzDC
RusalkaMashenka MedviedenkoSoyuzDC
VikhorFeodor Piotrovich SorinSoyuzDC
 Dr. Hugh EvansSuicide SquadDC
 Karin GraceSuicide SquadDC
Atom IIIAdam CraySuicide SquadDC
Black OrchidSusan Linden-ThorneSuicide SquadDC
BoltLarry BolatinskySuicide SquadDC
BulldozerHorace Eustace CanfieldSuicide SquadDC
Captain BoomerangGeorge "Digger" HarknessSuicide SquadDC
Count VertigoWerner VertigoSuicide SquadDC
DeadshotFloyd LawtonSuicide SquadDC
Frank Rock Suicide SquadDC
HavanaOdalys Milagro ValdezSuicide SquadDC
Javelin Suicide SquadDC
Killer Frost IILouise LincolnSuicide SquadDC
Koschei the DeathlessJess BrightSuicide SquadDC
Manhunter / Privateer / Star TsarMark ShawSuicide SquadDC
ModemWesley Percival SloanSuicide SquadDC
OutlawJohn Henry MartinSuicide SquadDC
Punch & Jewelee Suicide SquadDC
Shade the Changing ManRac ShadeSuicide SquadDC
SlipknotChristopher WeissSuicide SquadDC
The Thinker IICliff CarmichaelSuicide SquadDC
Bronze TigerBen TurnerSuicide Squad; C.B.I. (Central Bureau of Intelligence)DC
The Wall / White Queen / Black KingAmanda WallerSuicide Squad; Checkmate; Agency; Task Force X; Shadow FightersDC
DuchessLashinaSuicide Squad; Female FuriesDC
Captain BoomerangOwen MercerSuicide Squad; OutsidersDC
NemesisTom TresserSuicide Squad; Shadow Fighters; JihadDC
Rick FlagRichard Montgomery FlagSuicide Squadron (Suicide Squad); Task Force XDC
 Sue DibneySuper BuddiesDC
Cachiru Super MalonDC
Cimarron Super MalonDC
El Bagual Super MalonDC
El Lobizon Super MalonDC
La Salamanca Super MalonDC
Pampero Super MalonDC
Vizacacha Super MalonDC
Yaguarette Super MalonDC
MaximaMaxima of AlmeracSuperman Revenge Squad; Justice LeagueDC
BrahmaCal UsjakSupermen of AmericaDC
LoserTheo StormSupermen of AmericaDC
MaximumMaxwell "Max" WilliamsSupermen of AmericaDC
OutburstMitch AndersonSupermen of AmericaDC
PsilencerTimothy "Tim" Thomas TownsendSupermen of AmericaDC
PyrogenClaudio TielliSupermen of AmericaDC
White LotusNona Lin-BakerSupermen of AmericaDC
Aquagirl IILorena MarquezTeen TitansDC
ArgentToni MonettiTeen TitansDC
Baby Wildebeest Teen TitansDC
Bat-Girl / FlamebirdMary Elizabeth 'Bette' KaneTeen TitansDC
BattalionLyonsTeen TitansDC
Bombshell / Captain Atom IIAmy AllenTeen TitansDC
Dagon / NightriderDavidTeen TitansDC
Dial "H" for HeroChris KingTeen TitansDC
DoveDon HallTeen TitansDC
Dove IIDawn GrangerTeen TitansDC
Fringe Teen TitansDC
GnaarkJohn GnaarkTeen TitansDC
Golden EagleCharley Parker/Ch'al AndarTeen TitansDC
Guardian II / Hornblower / Herald / VoxMalcolm Arnold "Mal" DuncanTeen Titans; Doom PatrolDC
Harlequin II / Joker's DaughterDuela DentTeen TitansDC
Hawk / Monarch / ExtantHank HallTeen TitansDC
Hawk IIIHolly GrangerTeen TitansDC
HeroHero CruzTeen TitansDC
Hotspot / Slagger / JotoIsiah CrockettTeen TitansDC
JerichoJoseph WilsonTeen TitansDC
KillowatCharlie WatkinsTeen TitansDC
KoleKole WeathersTeen TitansDC
Little Barda Teen TitansDC
Mas y Menos Teen TitansDC
MinionJarras MinionTeen TitansDC
MirageMiriam DelgadoTeen TitansDC
Molecule Teen TitansDC
OffspringErnie O'BrianTeen TitansDC
PanthaX-24Teen TitansDC
PhantasmDanny ChaseTeen TitansDC
Power Boy Teen TitansDC
Prestor JonJon LevineTeen TitansDC
PrysmAudrey SpearsTeen TitansDC
RavagerRose Wilson WorthTeen TitansDC
RedwingCarrie LevineTeen TitansDC
Speedy IIMia DeardenTeen TitansDC
Talon / Red Talon Teen TitansDC
Terra IITara MarkovTeen TitansDC
Wildebeest Teen TitansDC
Young Frankenstein Teen TitansDC
Liberty Belle II / Jesse QuickJesse Belle ChambersTeen Titans; Conglomerate; JSADC
BumblebeeKaren Beecher-DuncanTeen Titans; Doom PatrolDC
Captain Marvel Jr. / CM3Freddy FreemanTeen Titans; OutsidersDC
Riddler's Daughter / Enigma Teen Titans; Titans EastDC
RiskCody DriscollTeen Titans; Titans EastDC
HatRampotatekThe EliteDC
Manchester BlackManchester BlackThe EliteDC
ColdcastNathan JonesThe Elite; Justice League EliteDC
MenageriePamela; SonjaThe Elite; Justice League EliteDC
Sister SuperiorVera BlackThe Elite; Justice League EliteDC
InertiaThaddeus ThawneTitans EastDC
Match Titans EastDC
Sun GirlDeborah MorgnaTitans EastDC
Sgt. RockFrank RockU.S. ArmyDC
Downpour UltimenDC
Juice UltimenDC
Shifter UltimenDC
4-DCaptain Lea CorbenUltramarine CorpsDC
Fleur de Lis Ultramarine CorpsDC
Glob / FlowMajor Dan StoneUltramarine CorpsDC
Goraiko Ultramarine CorpsDC
Little Mermaid II Ultramarine CorpsDC
Pulse 8 / The MasterCaptain John WetherUltramarine CorpsDC
Squire IIIBeryl HutchinsonUltramarine CorpsDC
Warmaker OneLieutenant Colonel Scott SawyerUltramarine CorpsDC
AtmosMarak RussenUncanny AmazersDC
Insect QueenLonna LeingUncanny AmazersDC
Jork Uncanny AmazersDC
Kid QuantumJames CullenUncanny AmazersDC
Kid Quantum IIJazmin CullenUncanny AmazersDC
Konk Uncanny AmazersDC
MonstressCandi Pyponte-Le Parc IIIUncanny AmazersDC
Anti-Matterman VanguardDC
Black Nebula VanguardDC
Drone VanguardDC
Scanner VanguardDC
Solaar VanguardDC
White Dwarf VanguardDC
 Jeyra EntinnWanderersDC
Celebrand WanderersDC
Dartlag / Dartalg / Dartalon WanderersDC
Elvo / Elvar WanderersDC
Grav WanderersDC
Immorto / Re-Animage WanderersDC
Kid Quake WanderersDC
Micro Lass WanderersDC
Ornitho / Aviax WanderersDC
Plant Lad WanderersDC
Psyche, the Mistress of Emotions WanderersDC
Quantum Queen WanderersDC
Thoom WanderersDC
Lightning LordMekt RanzzWanderers; Legion of Super-VillainsDC
Nemesis KidHart DruiterWanderers; Legion of Super-VillainsDC
InfernoSandy AndersonWanderers; Workforce; Legion of Super-Heroes; Young JusticeDC
 Amilia CruggWorkforceDC
 Lori MorningWorkforceDC
Amber WorkforceDC
Dune WorkforceDC
Meta WorkforceDC
Particon WorkforceDC
Radion WorkforceDC
Repulse WorkforceDC
Spider GirlSussa PakaWorkforceDC
 Dr. Zecharia LeightXenobroodDC
 Dr. Lorna ComelyXenobroodDC
Astra XenobroodDC
Blip XenobroodDC
Thrasher XenobroodDC
Zapatak XenobroodDC
TigressPaula BrooksYoung All-StarsDC
TsunamiMiya ShimadaYoung All-Stars; All-Star SquadronDC
 Neptune PerkinsYoung All-Stars; Old JusticeDC
Dan the Dyna-MiteDaniel DunbarYoung All-Stars; Old JusticeDC
BonfireAnnie FletcherYoung HeroesDC
Frostbite Young HeroesDC
Hard DriveJeremy HortonYoung HeroesDC
JuniorBenjamin NewtonYoung HeroesDC
MonstergirlRita LopezYoung HeroesDC
Off-RampGeorge SloanYoung HeroesDC
ThunderheadScott TuckerYoung HeroesDC
Zip-KidStacey TagliaYoung HeroesDC
ArrowetteBonnie KingYoung JusticeDC
Lagoon Boy Young JusticeDC
The SecretGreta, "Suzie" HayesYoung JusticeDC
Star-Spangled Kid / StargirlCourtney WhitmoreYoung Justice; Suicide Squad; JSADC
FlamebirdBette KaneYoung Justice; Teen TitansDC
DamageGrant EmersonYoung Justice; Teen Titans; Freedom Fighters; JSADC
Alley-Kat-AbraFelina FurrZoo CrewDC
American Eagle Zoo CrewDC
Captain CarrotRoger Rodney RabbitZoo CrewDC
FastbackTimmy Joe TerrapinZoo CrewDC
Little CheeseChester CheeseZoo CrewDC
Pig-IronPeter PorkchopsZoo CrewDC
RubberduckByrd RentalsZoo CrewDC
Yankee PoodleRova BarkittZoo CrewDC
Fallen AngelLee / Liandra DC; IDW Publishing
Professor Supermind and SonProfessor Warren & Dan Warren Dell
Kim PossibleKimberly Ann Possible Disney
FrozoneLucius Best Disney/Pixar
DashDashiell Robert ParrThe IncrediblesDisney/Pixar
ElastigirlHelen ParrThe IncrediblesDisney/Pixar
Mister IncredibleRobert ParrThe IncrediblesDisney/Pixar
Shrinking VioletViolet ParrThe IncrediblesDisney/Pixar
Captain Video Video RangersDuMont Television Network; Fawcett
CrossfireJay Endicott Eclipse
ZotZachary T. Paleozogt Eclipse
Amber DNAgentsEclipse
Rainbow DNAgentsEclipse
Sham DNAgentsEclipse
Surge DNAgentsEclipse
Tank DNAgentsEclipse
BurnoutBeatrice KeoghThe Liberty ProjectEclipse
CimarronRosalita VasquezThe Liberty ProjectEclipse
CrackshotLee Alexander ClaytonThe Liberty ProjectEclipse
SlickNicholas WalcekThe Liberty ProjectEclipse
Canada Jack  Educational Projects,
The PhantomChristopher "Kit" WalkerJungle PatrolEgmont; Frew; Moonstone
The SpiritDenny ColtEbony WhiteEisner-Iger Studio; DC
Balbo the Boy Magician  Fawcett
Devil's DaggerKen Wyman Fawcett
Diamond JackJack Lansing Fawcett
Dr. VoodooDr. Hal Carey Fawcett
El Karim, Master of Magic  Fawcett
Golden ArrowRoger Parsons Fawcett
Master Man  Fawcett
Radar, the International PolicemanPvt. "Pep" Pepper Fawcett
Red Gaucho  Fawcett
The HunchbackAllan Lanier Fawcett
Warlock the Wizard  Fawcett
White RajahDavid Scott Fawcett
Zoro the Mystery Man  Fawcett
Commando YankChase Yale Fawcett; DC
Ibis the InvinciblePrince Amentap Fawcett; DC
Minute-ManJack Weston Fawcett; DC
Mister ScarletBrian Butler Fawcett; DC
Mr. Scarlet IIPinky Butler Fawcett; DC
Phantom EagleMichael "Mickey" Malone Fawcett; DC
Princess Taia of ThebesTaia Toth Fawcett; DC
Shazam / The WizardJebediah of Canaan Fawcett; DC
Spy SmasherAlan ArmstrongSquadron of JusticeFawcett; DC
WindshearDeanna Barr Fawcett; DC
BulletgirlSusan Kent-BarrShazam's Squadron of Justice; All-Star SquadronFawcett; DC
BulletmanJames "Jim" BarrShazam's Squadron of Justice; All-Star SquadronFawcett; DC
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle  Fiction House, Wags, etc.
Manta [Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
MicrowomanChristy Cross[Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
Moray [Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
SuperstretchChris Cross[Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
Web WomanKelly Webster[Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
Merlin Freedom Force [Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
Jason of Star Command Star Command [Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation/CBS
Astrea Space SentinelsFilmation/NBC
Mercury Space SentinelsFilmation/NBC
Morpheus Space SentinelsFilmation/NBC
Hercules Space Sentinels; Freedom Force [Tarzan & the Super 7]Filmation; CBS; NBC
X5-452Max Guevara[Dark Angel]FOX
Blue BeetleDan Garrett Fox Comics; Holyoke; etc.
Blue BeetleTed KordJustice League; L.A.W.Fox Feature Syndicate; Charlton; DC
XJ-9Jenny Wakeman[My Life as a Teenage Robot]Frederator Studios/Nickelodeon
Magnus, Robot FighterMagnus Gold Key; Valiant; Acclaim
FantometteFrancoise Hachette Editions
Blossom The Powerpuff GirlsHanna-Barbera; Cartoon Network
Bubbles The Powerpuff GirlsHanna-Barbera; Cartoon Network
Buttercup The Powerpuff GirlsHanna-Barbera; Cartoon Network
The Scarlet PimpernelSir Percy Blakeney Hutchinson, etc.
Atlas BrigadeImage
Battlestone BrigadeImage
Coldsnap BrigadeImage
Kayo BrigadeImage
Seahawk BrigadeImage
Thermal BrigadeImage
Barbaric Freak ForceImage
Star Freak ForceImage
Mighty ManAnn StevensFreak Force; The AlliesImage
Ms. LibertyJessica DuncanFreedom Phalanx; Longbow; Vindicators [City of Heroes]Image
Aquarus Guardians of the GlobeImage
Black Samson Guardians of the GlobeImage
Bulletproof Guardians of the GlobeImage
Darkwing Guardians of the GlobeImage
Martian Man Guardians of the GlobeImage
Monster Girl Guardians of the GlobeImage
Shrinking Ray Guardians of the GlobeImage
The Green Ghost Guardians of the GlobeImage
The ImmortalAbraham LincolnGuardians of the GlobeImage
The Red Rush Guardians of the GlobeImage
The ShapesmithRus LivingstonGuardians of the GlobeImage
War Woman Guardians of the GlobeImage
InvincibleMark GraysonGuardians of the Globe; Teen Team; The PactImage
 Christian WalkerHomicide Dept.: Powers divisionImage
 Deena PilgrimHomicide Dept.: Powers divisionImage
SuperpatriotJohn Quincy ArmstrongLiberty League; The Allies; Freak ForceImage
Sensation / She-DragonAmy BelcherNixed MenImage
DartJill AugustSpecial Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S.); Freak ForceImage
HorridusSarah HillSpecial Operations Strikeforce; Freak ForceImage
RaptureSharona JacksonSpecial Operations Strikeforce; Freak ForceImage
Atom EveSamantha Eve WilkinsTeen TeamImage
Dupli-KateKate ChaTeen Team; Guardians of the GlobeImage
Rex Splode Teen Team; Guardians of the GlobeImage
RobotRudy ConnersTeen Team; Guardians of the GlobeImage
Bhrama YoungbloodImage
Big Brother YoungbloodImage
Chapel YoungbloodImage
Combat YoungbloodImage
Cougar YoungbloodImage
Diehard YoungbloodImage
Diehard YoungbloodImage
Diehard II YoungbloodImage
Doc Rocket YoungbloodImage
Dutch YoungbloodImage
Johnny Panic YoungbloodImage
Knightsabre YoungbloodImage
Masada YoungbloodImage
Photon YoungbloodImage
Psi-Fire YoungbloodImage
Riptide YoungbloodImage
Sentinel YoungbloodImage
Shaft YoungbloodImage
Suprema YoungbloodImage
Troll YoungbloodImage
Twilight YoungbloodImage
Vogue YoungbloodImage
BadrockThomas John McCallYoungblood; BrigadeImage
ShadowHawkEdward "Eddie" J. CollinsThe PactImage/Shadowline
Brawl Chasers; WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
StyrianOmar KamadevChasers; WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
 Antonio GiovanniWildcoreImage/Wildstorm
AleaAlea __WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
Azrum WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
Ferrian WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
Geist WildcoreImage/Wildstorm
TabooAmanda ReedWildcoreImage/Wildstorm
BallisticCassandra LaneCyberforceImage; Top Cow
CybladeDominique ThibautCyberforceImage; Top Cow
HeatwaveDylan CruiseCyberforceImage; Top Cow
Impact CyberforceImage; Top Cow
StrykerMorgan StrikerCyberforceImage; Top Cow
VelocityCarin TaylorCyberforceImage; Top Cow
BlackbirdCassandra CallowayFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
BulletDwight ArrowFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
El Diablo Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Iron Ox Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Law and OrderSarah and Officer SamsonFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Liberty LadNick CraftFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Man O' WarHank WatersFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Man-BotTed TaylorFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Mentor Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Microwave Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
MinutemanFrank StilesFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Sea UrchinMerry MasonFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
Supercollider Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
The AntJohn MillerFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic Arts
CybergirlAshley Campbell Jonathan M. Shiff Productions; Network Ten; ABC Kids (Australia)
Mew IchigoIchigo Momomiya / Zoey Hanson[Tokyo Mew Mew]Kodansha
Mew LettuceLettuce Midorikawa / Bridget Verdant[Tokyo Mew Mew]Kodansha
Mew MintMint Aizawa / Corina Bucksworth[Tokyo Mew Mew]Kodansha
Mew PuddingPudding Fong / Kikki Benjamin[Tokyo Mew Mew]Kodansha
Sailor Chibi MoonChibi ChibiSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor JupiterMakoto KinoSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor MercuryAmi MizunoSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor NeptuneMichiru KaiouSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor PlutoSetsuna MeiouSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor SaturnHotaru TomoeSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Sailor UranusHaruka TenouSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei Animation
Marvelman / MiraclemanMicky Moran L. Miller & Son; Eclipse; Quality
DaredevilBart Hill Lev Gleason Publications
ArrowRick Parker Malibu
AJ FreexMalibu
AnythingLewis PhillipsFreexMalibu
BoomboyRay GolicFreexMalibu
CaymanEvan MurayamaFreexMalibu
PlugMichael RafaniFreexMalibu
PressureValerie SharpFreexMalibu
SweetfaceAngela SalazarFreexMalibu
Atom BobBob HardinStrangersMalibu
GrenadeHugh FoxStrangersMalibu
Lady KillerElena La BravaStrangersMalibu
SpectralDave CastigloneStrangersMalibu
Zip-ZapLeon BalfordStrangersMalibu
ChoiceAmy Tran KwitnyThe Choice CorporationMalibu
PrototypeJimmy RuizUltraforceMalibu
HardcaseTom HawkeUltraforce; The SquadMalibu
ShadowHawkPaul JohnstoneBrigadeMalibu Sun; Image
HellbladeJefferson KottoUltraforceMalibu; Marvel
Iron CladSpencer CollinsUltraforceMalibu; Marvel
Lament UltraforceMalibu; Marvel
MaxisDar'u SorrinUltraforceMalibu; Marvel
PixxPenny BurkaUltraforceMalibu; Marvel
PrototypeBob CampbellUltraforceMalibu; Marvel
Ripfire UltraforceMalibu; Marvel
Siren UltraforceMalibu; Marvel
Wreckage UltraforceMalibu; Marvel
En Flame / MoonchildAmber HuntUltraforce; ExilesMalibu; Marvel
GhoulJohnathon MartinUltraforce; ExilesMalibu; Marvel
DarnaNarda Mango
Mister MAbsolom Zebardyn Mercator198Marvel
 Lila Cheney Marvel
 Raphael Suarez Marvel
(the black) Captain AmericaIsaiah Bradley Marvel
AmericopBartholomew "Bart" Gallows Marvel
BluebirdSally Avril Marvel
CardiacDoctor Elias "Eli" Wirtham Marvel
CatShen Kuei Marvel
CatianaTatiana Caban Marvel
ColdbloodEric Savin Marvel
DeathlokLuthor Manning; Michael Collins; Jack Truman Marvel
DigitekJonathan Bryant Marvel
Ka-ZarDavid Rand Marvel
Ka-ZarKevin Plunder Marvel
Le PeregrineAlaine Racine Marvel
Man-ThingTheodore "Ted" Sallis Marvel
Masked MarvelAdam Austin Marvel
Network  Marvel
Paragon / Her / Kismet  Marvel
Rocket RacerRobert Farrell Marvel
SangreJulia Concepcion Marvel
Shadowoman / SepulchreJillian Marie Woods Marvel
Shanna the She-DevilShanna Plunder (nee O'Hara) Marvel
ThingRicardo Jones Marvel
ToxinPatrick Mulligan Marvel
White TigerAngela Del Toro Marvel
WildstreakTamika Bowden Marvel
RandomMarshall Evan Stone IIIAcolytes; Dark DescendantsMarvel
Agent-XNijo / Alex Hayden (alias)Agency XMarvel
OutlawInez TempleAgency X; 198Marvel
Human RobotM-11Agents of AtlasMarvel
Jann of the JungleJane HastingsAgents of AtlasMarvel
Jewel / KnightressJessica JonesAlias Private InvestigationsMarvel
Star-Spangled KidMary Mitchellally of original Human Torch and ToroMarvel
Sun GirlMary Mitchellally of original Human Torch and ToroMarvel
Centennial / Captain Tomorrow / Justice Man / Flying FossilRutherford "Rudy" B. Princeton IIIAlpha FlightMarvel
EarthmoverCharles "Chuck" MossAlpha FlightMarvel
GroundhogSean BenardAlpha FlightMarvel
Major MapleleafLou SadlerAlpha FlightMarvel
MarrinaMarrina SmallwoodAlpha FlightMarvel
NemesisAmelia WeatherlyAlpha FlightMarvel
PuckZuzha YuAlpha FlightMarvel
Smart AlecAlec ThorneAlpha FlightMarvel
StitchJodiAlpha FlightMarvel
Weapon Alpha / Vindicator / GuardianJames MacDonald HudsonAlpha FlightMarvel
SasquatchHeather Hudsonalt. Alpha Flight; ExilesMarvel
MorphKevin Sydneyalt. X-Men; alt. Avengers; alt. New Mutants; ExilesMarvel
BlinkClarice Fergusonalt. X-Men; ExilesMarvel
NocturneTalia Josephine "T.J." Wagneralt. X-Men; Exiles; ExcaliburMarvel
Demolition Man / D-ManDennis DunphyAvengersMarvel
SentryRobert ReynoldsAvengersMarvel
The Cat / TigraGreer GrantAvengersMarvel
WaspJanet van DyneAvengersMarvel
Deathcry AvengersMarvel
Echo / RoninMaya LopezAvengersMarvel
Jocasta AvengersMarvel
MagdaleneMelissa Darrow?AvengersMarvel
MasqueGuilletta NefariaAvengersMarvel
MockingbirdBarbara "Bobbi" Morse-BartonAvengersMarvel
SwordsmanPhillip JarvertAvengersMarvel
ThunderstrikeEric MastersonAvengersMarvel
3-D ManChuck and Hal ChandlerAvengers (1950s)Marvel
Ultra-Vision Avengers, Cosmic AvengersMarvel
Captain Britain / LionheartKelsey Leigh KirklandAvengers; Captain Britain CorpsMarvel
StingrayWalter NewellAvengers; DefendersMarvel
RageElvin Daryl HalidayAvengers; New WarriorsMarvel
Captain Marvel, Pulsar, PhotonMonica RambeauAvengers; Next WaveMarvel
Machine ManX-51; Aaron Stack (alias)Avengers; Next WaveMarvel
FeedbackAlbert LouisBeta FlightMarvel
FlexAdrian CorboBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
Ghost GirlLilliBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
ManbotBernie LechenayBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
ManikinWhitman KnappBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
MurmurArlette TruffautBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
PathwayLaura DeanBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
Purple Girl / PersuasionKara KilgraveBeta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
GoblynGoblyn DeanBeta Flight; Alpha Flight; DerangersMarvel
RadiusJared CorboBeta Flight; Alpha Flight; X-CorpsMarvel
BladeEric BrooksBloodshadows; Nightstalkers; The Nine; Midnight SonsMarvel
 Hannibal KingBorderline Investigations (Nightstalkers); Midnight SonsMarvel
DestinyIrene AdlerBrotherhood of Evil Mutants; Freedom ForceMarvel
Free SpiritCathy WebsterCaptain America HotlineMarvel
Jack FlagJack HarrisonCaptain America Hotline; Stars and StripesMarvel
Bucky / NomadJack MonroeCaptain America's partnerMarvel
Anthem ChampionsMarvel
Supernaut ChampionsMarvel
Veda ChampionsMarvel
Ox, Rat, Snake, Dog, Horse, Monkey, Rabbit China ForceMarvel
 Adam of Ravenscroft / Adam DestineClanDestineMarvel
Cap'n OzWilliam DestineClanDestineMarvel
Crimson CrusaderRory DestineClanDestineMarvel
CuckooKay CeraClanDestineMarvel
HexDominic DestineClanDestineMarvel
ImpPandora DestineClanDestineMarvel
WallopWalter Destine / Sabrina Bentley (nom d' plume)ClanDestineMarvel
Captain ConklinShelly ConklinCode: BlueMarvel
Detective CurazonCurazonCode: BlueMarvel
FireworksDaniel FielsteinCode: BlueMarvel
JockAndrew JacksonCode: BlueMarvel
Lieutenant StoneMarcus StoneCode: BlueMarvel
Mad DogJulius Anthony RassitanoCode: BlueMarvel
MotherSam MajowskiCode: BlueMarvel
RiggerMargarita Allegra RuizCode: BlueMarvel
Vantage / Atlas / Citizen V / the Crimson CowlDallas RiordanCommission on Superhuman Activities; V-Battalion; ThunderboltsMarvel
 Dakota NorthDakota North InvestigationsMarvel
 Colleen WingDaughters of the Dragon; Heroes for HireMarvel
 Misty KnightDaughters of the Dragon; Heroes for HireMarvel
Howard the DuckHowardDefendersMarvel
Red GuardianTania BelinskyDefendersMarvel
HellcatPatsy WalkerDefenders; AvengersMarvel
Jack of HeartsJonathan HartDefenders; AvengersMarvel
Drax the DestroyerArthur DouglasDefenders; Infinity WatchMarvel
Captain UKLinda McQuillanExcalibur, Captain Britain CorpsMarvel
FeronFeronExcalibur; Crazy GangMarvel
KylunColin McKayExcalibur; NetherworldersMarvel
Spider-Man 2099Miguel O'HaraExilesMarvel
 Ulysses BloodstoneExplorers Club; Monster HuntersMarvel
HuntaraTara RichardsFantastic ForceMarvel
Ant-ManScott LangFantastic Four; Heroes for Hire; AvengersMarvel
 FrankFirst LineMarvel
Black FoxRobert PaineFirst LineMarvel
Blackjack First LineMarvel
Doctor Mime First LineMarvel
EffigyVelmaxFirst LineMarvel
Eternal BrainWilliam CarmodyFirst LineMarvel
Firefall First LineMarvel
FlatironRussellFirst LineMarvel
KatyushaAnyaFirst LineMarvel
Kid Justice / Mister JusticeTim CarneyFirst LineMarvel
Knight TemplarIan Fitzwilliam DareFirst LineMarvel
Liberty GirlBeverlyFirst LineMarvel
Morph First LineMarvel
Nightingale First LineMarvel
OxbowSam MatonabbeFirst LineMarvel
PositronVeronicaFirst LineMarvel
Rapunzel First LineMarvel
Rebound First LineMarvel
Reflex First LineMarvel
Vulcan First LineMarvel
Walkabout First LineMarvel
Yankee ClipperPatrick CarneyFirst LineMarvel
Century Force WorksMarvel
CybermancerSuzi EndoForce WorksMarvel
Moonraker Force Works; Immortus' Space PhantomsMarvel
Union JackMontgomery FalsworthFreedom's Five; Invaders (ally)Marvel
BoxRoger BochsGama Flight; Beta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
Box / GeminiMadison JeffriesGamma Flight; Alpha Flight; ZodiacMarvel
AuricZhao TangGamma Flight; Beta FlightMarvel
SilverJhimon TangGamma Flight; Beta FlightMarvel
WitchfireAnanymGamma Flight; Beta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvel
Diamond LilLillian Crawley-JeffriesGamma Flight; Beta Flight; Alpha Flight; Omega FlightMarvel
FlashbackGardner MonroeGamma Flight; Beta Flight; Omega FlightMarvel
Wild ChildKyle GibneyGamma Flight; Weapon X; Alpha Flight; X-Factor; Omega FlightMarvel
PenanceNicole and Claudette St. CroixGeneration XMarvel
SynchEverett ThomasGeneration XMarvel
MMonet St. CroixGeneration X; X-Corporation; X-Corps; X-Factor InvestigationsMarvel
Wicked Genoshan ExcaliburMarvel
Big BerthaAshley CrawfordGreat Lakes Avengers (Great Lakes Initiative)Marvel
DoormanDeMarr DavisGreat Lakes Avengers (Great Lakes Initiative)Marvel
FlatmanVal VenturaGreat Lakes Avengers (Great Lakes Initiative)Marvel
Mr. ImmortalCraig HollisGreat Lakes Avengers (Great Lakes Initiative)Marvel
Squirrel GirlDoreen GreenGreat Lakes Avengers (Great Lakes Initiative)Marvel
Charlie-27 Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel
MartinexMartinex T'NagaGuardians of the GalaxyMarvel
StarhawkAleta OgordGuardians of the GalaxyMarvel
StarhawkStakar VaughnGuardians of the GalaxyMarvel
Vance Astro; Major VictoryVance AstrovikGuardians of the GalaxyMarvel
YonduYondu UdontaGuardians of the GalaxyMarvel
HybridScott WashingtonGuardsmenMarvel
The Captain H.A.T.E.; Next WaveMarvel
SageTessaHellfire Club, X-MenMarvel
NovaFrankie RayeHerald of Galactus; Fanastic FourMarvel
Black CatFelicia HardyHeroes for HireMarvel
PaladinPaul Denning (alias)Heroes for Hire; Wild Pack; OutlawsMarvel
HolocaustNemesisHorsemen of Apocalypse; ExilesMarvel
Vampire by NightNina PriceHowling CommandosMarvel
 Nick FuryHowling Commandos; S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel
GladiatorKallarkImperial GuardMarvel
Armory InitiativeMarvel
Cloud 9Abigail "Abi" B.InitiativeMarvel
HardballRoger BrokeridgeInitiativeMarvel
KomodoMelati __InitiativeMarvel
MVPMichael Van PatrickInitiativeMarvel
The Gauntlet InitiativeMarvel
TraumaTerrance ("Terry") WardShadow InitiativeMarvel
Janus, The Nega-ManJanus __Initiative1Marvel
BengalDuc No TranhShadow InitiativeMarvel
ScarecrowEbenezer LaughtonInitiative1Marvel
Silvercrow Initiative1Marvel
Siren Initiative1Marvel
UnicornMilos MasarykInitiative1Marvel
ZaranMaximillian ZaranInitiative1; Batroc's Brigade; ThunderboltsMarvel
Tiger SharkTodd ArlissInitiative1; Deep Six; Masters of EvilMarvel
Power Man; Smuggler; Goliath; AtlasErik JostenInitiative1; Lethal Legion; Masters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
SlydeJalome BeacherInitiative1; Masters of EvilMarvel
ConstrictorFrank PayneMasters of Evil, Frightful Four, Six-Pack, Sinister Syndicate; Shadow InitiativeMarvel
Batroc the LeaperGeorges BatrocInitiative1; Masters of Evil; Batroc's Brigade; ThunderboltsMarvel
Fixer / TechnoPaul Norbert EbersolInitiative1; Masters of Evil; Redeemers; ThunderboltsMarvel
Scorpion / VenomMac GarganInitiative1; Masters of Evil; Sinister Twelve; ThunderboltsMarvel
Beetle; Mach IVAbner JenkinsInitiative1; Masters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
Human Top; WhirlwindDavid CannonInitiative1; Masters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
Mongoose Initiative1; New Men/Knights of Wundagore, Masters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
ShockwaveLancaster SneedInitiative1; Oriental Expediters, Golden Dagger Sect, S.H.I.E.L.D. Deltities, Masters of EvilMarvel
AsylumHenrique Manuel GallanteInitiative1; PsionexMarvel
MathemanicThomas SorensonInitiative1; Psionex; ThunderboltsMarvel
DiamondbackRachel LeightonInitiative1; Serpent Society; Femizons; S.H.I.E.L.D.; BAD Girls, Inc.Marvel
Puff AdderGordon FraleyInitiative1; Serpent Society; Serpent Squad; Masters of EvilMarvel
King CobraKlaus VoorheesInitiative1; Serpent Society; Serpent Squad; ThunderboltsMarvel
BoomerangFred MyersInitiative1; Sinister Syndicate, Sinister TwelveMarvel
Blacklash Initiative1; ThunderboltsMarvel
BlizzardDonald "Donny" GillInitiative1; ThunderboltsMarvel
SwordsmanAndreas von Strucker / Andreas StruckerInitiative1; ThunderboltsMarvel
Whiplash Initiative1; ThunderboltsMarvel
BloodstrikeEric ConroyInitiative1; Thunderbolts, Folding CircleMarvel
Smiling Tiger__ MackInitiative1; Thunderbolts, Folding CircleMarvel
RattlerGustav KruegerInitiative1; Thunderbolts; Serpent SocietyMarvel
IroncladMichael SteelInitiative1; U-FoesMarvel
VectorSimon UtrechtInitiative1; U-FoesMarvel
X-RayJames "Jimmy" DarnellInitiative1; U-FoesMarvel
ShapeRaleigh LundInstitute of Evil; Squadron SupremeMarvel
Blazing SkullMark Anthony ToddInvadersMarvel
Destroyer / Union JackBrian FalsworthInvaders; All-Winners Squad; V-BattalionMarvel
Union JackJoseph ChapmanInvaders; Knights of PendragonMarvel
SpitfireLady Jacqueline Falsworth-CrichtonInvaders; V-BattalionMarvel
AlbionPeter HunterKnights of Pendragon; Dark GuardMarvel
SwordsmanJacques DuquesneLethal Legion; AvengersMarvel
Miss AmericaMadeline JoyceLiberty Legion; All-Winner's Squad; V-BattalionMarvel
 Rick JonesLonersMarvel
Hollow LonersMarvel
Spider-WomanMattie FranklinLonersMarvel
Green Goblin; Goldin GoblinPhil UrichLoners; New Warriors (MC2)Marvel
YellowjacketRita DeMaraMasters of Evil; Femizons; Guardians of the Galaxy; AvengersMarvel
Baron Zemo / Phoenix / Citizen VHelmut ZemoMasters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
Cardinal / HarrierDonald Joshua ClendenonMasters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
MoonstoneKarla SofenMasters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvel
MicromaxScott WrightMI-16, Excalibur, R.C.X., F.I.6.Marvel
Morbius / The Living VampireMorgan Michaels / Michael MorbiusMidnight Sons; the Nine; Legion of MonstersMarvel
Spider-Kid / Steel SpiderOliver "Ollie" OsnickMisfitsMarvel
Angel Dust / AngelChristineMorlocksMarvel
ThornnLucia CallasantosMorlocks; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; X-CorporationMarvel
Callisto Morlocks; X-Cell; Genoshan Excalibur; Gene NationMarvel
Caliban Morlocks; X-Factor; X-Terminators; X-ForceMarvel
MarrowSarah RushmanMorlocks; X-MenMarvel
Leech Morlocks; X-Terminators; Generation X; DaydreamersMarvel
Circuit BreakerJosie BellerNeo-Knights [Transformers]Marvel
DynamoHector DialonzoNeo-Knights [Transformers]Marvel
RaptureKatrina VesotzkyNeo-Knights [Transformers]Marvel
ThunderpunchLee GruberNeo-Knights [Transformers]Marvel
 Candace "Candy" SouthernNew DefendersMarvel
Manslaughter New DefendersMarvel
BedlamJesse AaronsonNew Hellions; X-ForceMarvel
TaraInvader-1New InvadersMarvel
White TigerWhite TigerNew Men; Heroes for HireMarvel
ProdigyDavid AlleyneNew MutantsMarvel
Time Bomb / Boom-Boom / MeltdownTabitha SmithFallen Angels, New Mutants; X-Force; Next WaveMarvel
BanditDonyell TaylorNew WarriorsMarvel
DebriiDeborah FieldsNew WarriorsMarvel
Decibel New WarriorsMarvel
Ripcord New WarriorsMarvel
Helix New WarriorsMarvel
Hindsight LadCarlton LafroygeNew WarriorsMarvel
MicrobeZachary SmithNew WarriorsMarvel
Night ThrasherDwayne Michael TaylorNew WarriorsMarvel
Renascence New WarriorsMarvel
SlapstickSteve HarmonNew WarriorsMarvel
Tempest New WarriorsMarvel
Skybolt New WarriorsMarvel
TurboMichael "Mike" JeffriesNew WarriorsMarvel
 AjaNew WarriorsMarvel
Chance New Warriors (support)Marvel
Kaz New Warriors (support)Marvel
War Hawk New WarriorsMarvel
BuzzJack JamesonNew Warriors (MC2)Marvel
DarkdevilReilly TyneNew Warriors (MC2)Marvel
LadyhawkRosetta and ReginaNew Warriors (MC2)Marvel
RaptorBrenda DragoNew Warriors (MC2)Marvel
DarkhawkChris PowellNew Warriors; Avengers; LonersMarvel
Bolt / MaverickChristopher "Chris" BradleyNew Warriors; Gene Nation; Cable's UndergroundMarvel
TurboMickey MusashiNew Warriors; LonersMarvel
ElixirJoshua "Josh" FoleyNew X-MenMarvel
HellionJulian KellerNew X-MenMarvel
MercuryCessily KincaidNew X-MenMarvel
SurgeNoriko "Nori" AshidaNew X-MenMarvel
X-23Laura KinneyNew X-MenMarvel
BloodstoneElsa BloodstoneNext WaveMarvel
NovaRichard RiderNova Corps; Defenders; New WarriorsMarvel
The Collective / GuardianMichael PointerOmega FlightMarvel
Blue ShieldJoseph CartelliProject: PEGASUSMarvel
Commando / Cyborg X / Crimson CommandoFrank BohannanProject: Wideawake; Freedom ForceMarvel
Shooting StarVictoria StarRangersMarvel
Harshell / BeetleLeila DavisRedeemers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Sinister SyndicateMarvel
RedstoneMichael RedstoneRedeemers, Squadron SupremeMarvel
BruiserMolly HayesRunawaysMarvel
TalkbackChase SteinRunawaysMarvel
 Daisy JohnsonS.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel
Agent 13Sharon CarterS.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel
The AgentRick MasonS.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel
 Jimmy WooS.H.I.E.L.D.; Agents of AtlasMarvel
Gorilla-ManKenneth HaleS.H.I.E.L.D.; Howling Commandos; Agents of AtlasMarvel
ScorpionThasanee Rappuccini / Carmilla BlackS.H.I.E.L.D.; the WakersMarvel
BlitzkriegerFranz MittelstaedtSchutz-HeiligruppeMarvel
Hauptmann Deustchland ("Captain Germany") / Vormund Schutz-HeiligruppeMarvel
Black Goliath / GoliathBill FosterSecret AvengersMarvel
CadaverCody FleischerSecret DefendersMarvel
ShadowomanJillian Marie WoodsSecret DefendersMarvel
 Alexander LexingtonSentinel Squad O*N*EMarvel
Araña [Arana]Anya Sofia CorazonSHRA Training ProgramMarvel
ProwlerHobie BrownSilver Sable's Wild Pack; OutlawsMarvel
SandmanWilliam Baker (a.k.a. "Flint Marko")Sinister Six; Frightful Four; AvengersMarvel
SoloJames BourneSix Pack; Omega StrikeMarvel
DuskCassie St. CommonsSlingersMarvel
HornetEddie McDonoughSlingersMarvel
ProdigyRitchie GilmoreSlingersMarvel
RicochetJohnny GalloSlingers; LonersMarvel
Madame WebCassandra WebbSpider-Woman team (leader)Marvel
NighthawkKyle RichmondSquadron Sinister; Defenders; Thunderbolts; Secret AvengersMarvel
American Eagle / Cap'n Hawk / Condor / Blue EagleJames Dore, Jr.Squadron SupremeMarvel
Doctor SpectrumJoseph "Joe" LedgerSquadron SupremeMarvel
NighthawkNeil RichmondSquadron SupremeMarvel
NukeAlbert "Al" GainesSquadron SupremeMarvel
SkylarkLinda LewisSquadron SupremeMarvel
WhizzerStanley StewartSquadron SupremeMarvel
Power PrincessZardaSquadron Supreme; Exiles; Golden Agency; Imperial GuardMarvel
Golden Archer / Black ArcherWyatt McDonaldSquadron Supreme; RedeemersMarvel
HaywireHarold DanforthSquadron Supreme; RedeemersMarvel
HyperionMark MiltonSquadron Supreme; Star MastersMarvel
CorsairChristopher SummersStarjammersMarvel
Red Guardian / Steel GuardianJosef PetkusSupreme Soviets; Soviet Super-Soldiers; People's Protectorate; Winter GuardMarvel
TerrorDon Shreck (alias)Terror, Inc.Marvel
Bounty The BacchaeMarvel
JuntaManuel Diego Armand VicenteThe CrewMarvel
StellarisLeah Princess (alias)The GracesMarvel
LynxNancy Rushman (alias)TheyMarvel
BeetleJoaquimThunderbolt Army; The BeetlesMarvel
Blackheath / PlantmanSamuel SmithersThunderboltsMarvel
JoystickJanice Olivia YanizeskiThunderboltsMarvel
PortalCharles Little SkyThunderboltsMarvel
SmugglerConrad JostenThunderbolts; RedeemersMarvel
Texas TwisterDrew DanielsThunderbolts; RangersMarvel
JoltHallie TakahamaThunderbolts; Young AlliesMarvel
She-Thing / Ms. MarvelSharon VenturaUCWF; Fantastic Four; ThunderidersMarvel
Captain Marvel / QuasarPhyla-VellUnited FrontMarvel
 Andrea StermanV-BattalionMarvel
 Guy FontreaxV-BattalionMarvel
 Irene MartinezV-BattalionMarvel
 Isadora MartinezV-BattalionMarvel
 Reb RalstonV-BattalionMarvel
BuckyFred Davis Jr.V-BattalionMarvel
Citizen VDallas RiordanV-BattalionMarvel
Citizen VJohn "JJ" Watkins Jr.V-BattalionMarvel
Citizen VJohn Watkins IIIV-BattalionMarvel
Citizen VJohn Watkins Sr.V-BattalionMarvel
Citizen VPaulette BrazeeV-BattalionMarvel
Golden GirlGwenny Lou SabukiV-BattalionMarvel
GoldfireAmeiko SabukiV-BattalionMarvel
Human TopDavy MitchellV-BattalionMarvel
Iron CrossHelmut GruelerV-BattalionMarvel
NukloRobert Frank Jr.V-BattalionMarvel
Sam SabukiHjiri SabukiV-BattalionMarvel
Silver ScorpionElizabeth BairstowV-BattalionMarvel
TopspinDarren MitchellV-BattalionMarvel
FantomexCharlie-Cluster 7 / Jean-PhillipeWeapon Plus; X-MenMarvel
Weapon XGarrison "Gar" KaneWeapon X; Clan Chosen; Weapon: P.R.I.M.E.; Department K; Six PackMarvel
CopycatVanessa Geraldine CarlysleWeapon X; Six Pack; New Mutants; X-ForceMarvel
Maverick / Agent ZeroChristoph NordWeapon X; Weapon Plus; Team X; Cell SixMarvel
Spider-Woman / ArachneJulia CarpenterWest Coast Avengers; Force Works; Freedom Force; Omega FlightMarvel
Silver SableSilver SablinoviaWild Pack, The Intruders, OutlawsMarvel
BattlestarLemar HoskinsWild Pack; Bold Urban Commandos (Buckies); partner of U.S. Agent; Commission on Superhuman ActivitiesMarvel
Fixx X.S.E.; X.U.E.; X-FactorMarvel
GreystoneDevlin GreystoneX.S.E.; X.U.E.; X-FactorMarvel
ShardShard BishopX.S.E.; X-FactorMarvel
Blindfold Xavier InstituteMarvel
Bling!Roxanne "Roxy" WashingtonXavier InstituteMarvel
MatchBen HammilXavier InstituteMarvel
OnyxxSidney GreenXavier InstituteMarvel
SpecterDallas GibsonXavier InstituteMarvel
Squid-BoySamuel Paré [Sammy Pare]Xavier InstituteMarvel
AnoleVictor BorkowskiXavier Institute: Alpha squadMarvel
QuillMaxwell JordanXavier Institute: Corsairs squadMarvel
WallflowerLaurie CollinsXavier Institute: New Mutants squadMarvel
WitherKevin FordXavier Institute: New Mutants squad, Hellions squadMarvel
PixieMegan Gwynn / Megan GywnnXavier Institute: Paragons squadMarvel
TranceHope AbbottXavier Institute: Paragons squadMarvel
AngelAngel SalvadoreXavier Institute; Brotherhood of MutantsMarvel
Ernst Xavier Institute; Brotherhood of MutantsMarvel
Stepford Cuckoos / Five-in-One / Three-in-OneCeleste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, SophieXavier Institute; X-MenMarvel
Beak / BlackwingBarnell BohuskXavier's Institute for Higher Learning; Exiles; New WarriorsMarvel
RictorJulio Esteban RichterX-Factor; New Mutants; X-Force; X-CorporationMarvel
Battering Ram X-ForceMarvel
BlokeMickey TorkX-ForceMarvel
Coach X-ForceMarvel
FeralMaria CallasantosX-Force; X-CorporationMarvel
Gin GenieRebecca "Beckah" ParkerX-ForceMarvel
La NuitPierre TruffautX-ForceMarvel
Plazm X-ForceMarvel
SlukByron SpencerX-ForceMarvel
U-Go GirlEdith Constance SawyerX-ForceMarvel
ZeitgeistAxel CluneyX-ForceMarvel
AnarchistTike AlicarX-Force; X-StatixMarvel
Dead GirlMoonbeamX-Force; X-StatixMarvel
Doop X-Force; X-StatixMarvel
Orphan / Mister SensitiveGuy SmithX-Force; X-StatixMarvel
PhatWilliam Robert ReillyX-Force; X-StatixMarvel
Spike X-Force; X-StatixMarvel
ArmorHisako IchikiX-MenMarvel
Joseph / Magneto III X-MenMarvel
Kid Vulcan / VulcanGabriel SummersX-MenMarvel
LifeguardHeather CameronX-Men; X-CorporationMarvel
PetraPetra KristensenX-MenMarvel
SlipstreamDavis CameronX-MenMarvel
Stacy XMiranda LeevaldX-MenMarvel
SwaySuzanne ChanX-MenMarvel
The Evolving Boy / DarwinArmondo MunozX-MenMarvel
X-ManNate GreyX-MenMarvel
CerebraShakti HaddadX-Men 2099Marvel
Desert GhostXi'an Chi XanX-Men 2099Marvel
Junkpile X-Men 2099Marvel
La Lunatica X-Men 2099Marvel
MeanstreakHenri HuangX-Men 2099Marvel
MetalheadEdward van Beethoven-OsakoX-Men 2099Marvel
SerpentinaKimberly Kristine PottersX-Men 2099Marvel
ShamDiamanda LaSalleX-Men 2099Marvel
SkullfireTimothy FitzgeraldX-Men 2099Marvel
MimicCalvin RankinX-Men; ExilesMarvel
ChangelingKevin SidneyX-Men; Factor ThreeMarvel
El GuapoRobert RodriguezX-StatixMarvel
Fan BoyArthur "Arnie" K. LundbergX-StatixMarvel
Venus Dee MiloDee MiloX-StatixMarvel
LacunaWoodstockX-Statix (all)Marvel
Wiz KidTakashi "Taki" MatsuyaX-TerminatorsMarvel
 Arthur "Artie" MaddicksX-Terminators; Generation X; DaydreamersMarvel
BuckyRicki BarnesYoung AlliesMarvel
I.Q.Ishmael QuestorYoung AlliesMarvel
ToroBenito SerranoYoung AlliesMarvel
PatriotElijah "Eli" BradleyYoung AvengersMarvel
HawkeyeKate BishopYoung AvengersMarvel
Iron Lad / The WarlordNathaniel RichardsYoung AvengersMarvel
SpeedThomas "Tommy" ShepherdYoung AvengersMarvel
StatureCassandra "Cassie" Eleanor LangYoung AvengersMarvel
GeniiJason KimballYoung GodsMarvel
HighnoteRaoul HernandezYoung GodsMarvel
American DreamShannon CarterA-NextMarvel (MC2)
Argo the Almighty A-NextMarvel (MC2)
BlacklightKandra FreemanA-NextMarvel (MC2)
BluestreakBlue KelsoA-NextMarvel (MC2)
Earth SentryJohn FosterA-NextMarvel (MC2)
FreebooterBrandon CrossA-NextMarvel (MC2)
J2Zane YamaA-NextMarvel (MC2)
Mainframe A-NextMarvel (MC2)
SabreclawHudson LoganA-NextMarvel (MC2)
StingerCassandra LangA-NextMarvel (MC2)
ThunderstrikeKevin MastersonA-NextMarvel (MC2)
Warp A-NextMarvel (MC2)
Crimson CurseAerika HarknessA-Next; Dream TeamMarvel (MC2)
Spider-GirlMay "Mayday" ParkerA-Next; Fantastic Five; New WarriorsMarvel (MC2)
PushNancy LuX-PeopleMarvel (MC2)
Simian X-PeopleMarvel (MC2)
Spanner X-PeopleMarvel (MC2)
Torque X-PeopleMarvel (MC2)
Wild ThingRina LoganX-PeopleMarvel (MC2)
Coojeechiscue (Cubic)NadehzdaCrasniye Solleetsi ("Red Sun")Marvel (NU)
Rodstvow (Kinship) / The People's Hero Crasniye Solleetsi ("Red Sun")Marvel (NU)
Shivowtnoeh (Animal)Irina MityushovaCrasniye Solleetsi ("Red Sun")Marvel (NU)
Sillatochca (Force Point)Leonid VishneveskyCrasniye Solleetsi ("Red Sun")Marvel (NU)
Dehman Doosha (Demon Within)Johnny DoCrasniye Solleetsi; Psi-ForceMarvel (NU)
BlurJeff WaltersDP7Marvel (NU)
FrictionCharlotte "Charly" BeckDP7Marvel (NU)
Spitfire / ChromeJenny SwensenDP7Marvel (NU)
SpongeMiriam SorensonDP7Marvel (NU)
TwilightLenore FenzlDP7Marvel (NU)
Viva/GlitterStephanie HarringtonDP7Marvel (NU)
BuffArlene HicksGeneration XMarvel Productions; Fox TV
MotormouthHarley DavisMys-TechMarvel UK
AmokkGeorge YonedaHyperkindMarvel/Razorline
ArmataLisa MoffittHyperkindMarvel/Razorline
BlissDyan Divine (alias)HyperkindMarvel/Razorline
LogixKenny ZambettiHyperkindMarvel/Razorline
HulklingTeddy AltmanYoung AvengersMarvel
Fleur de Lys  Matrix Graphic Series
She-Ra: Princess of PowerPrincess AdoraThe Crystal CastleMattel; CBS
Queen of SwordsTessa Alvarado Mercury Entertainment Corp., etc.
Bad Betty Shadow CabinetMilestone
Bent Nature Shadow CabinetMilestone
DharmaHarry ChawneyShadow CabinetMilestone
Epiphany Shadow CabinetMilestone
Ether Shadow CabinetMilestone
Iron ButterflyKahina EskandariShadow CabinetMilestone
Mechanic Shadow CabinetMilestone
Munition Shadow CabinetMilestone
Oro Shadow CabinetMilestone
PlusBina & Aputra ChawneyShadow CabinetMilestone
Ramjet Shadow CabinetMilestone
Red Dog Shadow CabinetMilestone
SideshowRamon RandShadow CabinetMilestone
The Magnate Shadow CabinetMilestone
Twilight Shadow CabinetMilestone
Windshear Shadow CabinetMilestone
BlitzenValerie KameyaShadow Cabinet; The HeroesMilestone
DonnerGerri BrauerShadow Cabinet; The HeroesMilestone
IotaIsadora Wellington-SmytheShadow Cabinet; The HeroesMilestone
PaybackKevin FranklinShadow Cabinet; The HeroesMilestone
StarlightStella MaxwellShadow Cabinet; The HeroesMilestone
Ash Star ChamberMilestone
Funyl Star ChamberMilestone
Headmaster Star ChamberMilestone
Rainsaw Star ChamberMilestone
Slag Star ChamberMilestone
Transit Star ChamberMilestone
Wytch Star ChamberMilestone
StaticVirgil HawkinsThe HeroesMilestone
Captain FlagTom TownsendUltra-MenMLJ; Archie
Captain NiceCarter Nash NBC; Gold Key
PositronRaymond KeyesFreedom Phalanx [City of Heroes]NCSoft; Image
SynapseSteven BerryFreedom Phalanx [City of Heroes]NCSoft; Image
Grim ReaperWilliam "Bill" NorrisSMASHNedor
Ms. MasqueDiana AdamsFemforce; SMASHNedor; AC; America's Best
PyromanDick MartinSMASHNedor; AC; America's Best
 Tim RolandSMASHNedor; America's Best
American CrusaderArchibald "Archie" MastersSMASHNedor; America's Best
Black TerrorBob BentonSMASHNedor; America's Best
CavalierRance RaleighSMASHNedor; America's Best
Doc StrangeThomas Hugo Strange (Tom Strange)SMASHNedor; America's Best
Green GhostGeorge ChanceSMASHNedor; America's Best
LiberatorNelson DrewSMASHNedor; America's Best
The Fighting YankBruce Carter IIISMASHNedor; America's Best
The ScarabPeter WardSMASHNedor; America's Best
The Woman in RedPeggy AllenSMASHNedor; America's Best
The Tick  New England
 Samus Aran[Metroid]Nintendo; Valiant
Blazer Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Chain Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Challenger Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Demon Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Diviner Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Talisman Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Titan Justice MachineNoble; Texas; Comico; Innovation; Millennium
Black Crystal The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
It Girl The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
Lava Lass The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
MadmanZane Townsend/Frank EinsteinThe AtomicsCaliber; Oni Press/AAA Pop
Metal Man The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
Mr Gum The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
The Lazer The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
The Slug The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
Zap Man The AtomicsOni Press/AAA Pop
Ms. Mystic Urth 4Pacific; Continuity
Mosaic IIMaggie Nelson POW! Entertainment; Manga Entertainment, Inc.; Starz Media
#711Daniel Dyce / "Jacob Horn" Quality
Bozo the Iron ManHugh Hazzard Quality
Doll GirlMartha Roberts Quality; DC
Kid EternityChristopher "Kit" Freeman Quality; DC
Doll ManDarrell DaneFreedom FightersQuality; DC
Miss AmericaJoan Dale-TrevorFreedom FightersQuality; DC
Uncle Sam / PatriotFreedom FightersQuality; DC
RayRaymond C. "Ray" TerrillJustice League; Young Justice; Justice Society of America; Freedom FightersQuality; DC
Bloom Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
Flora Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
Layla Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
Musa Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
Stella Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
Tecna Winx ClubRainbow S.p.A.
The WeevilTony Sierra Jr.The Specials; The CrusadersRegent Entertainment
Valiant Lass The Specials; The CrusadersRegent Entertainment
Power ChickNancy GlickenstaffThe SpecialsRegent Entertainment
U.S. Bill The SpecialsRegent Entertainment
Eight The SpecialsRegent Entertainment
Mr. SmartGraham Brakhage / SeymoreThe SpecialsRegent Entertainment
Stretchie Boy The SpecialsRegent Entertainment
Zip Boy The SpecialsRegent Entertainment
Verdict The CrusadersRegent Entertainment
Lady LuckBrenda Banks Register and Tribune Syndicate; Quality
UltraVioletViolet Song jat Shariff[2006 film]Screen Gems/Sony Pictures
 LunaJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Bippo the Clown Justice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Blue Fairy / AzureLeonard McKinseyJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Blue WizardJack McKinseyJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
CapemanJoe JamesJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Captain Spaz Justice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Colossal ChunkDick St. DickJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
DonnerJason DonnerJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Drew FangtasticAndrew SmithJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Ivy Justice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
NightflyerWillard Van Der PoofJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
QuasarM'ax Qu'sarJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
The Cosmic WeaselJesse GlaspeyJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
Ultrababy / UltragirlZalika Anne DonnerJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
UltrawomanMona WaturJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
WolfmanThad CoffeyJustice SquadThe Slightly Warped Website
FalconCarl Burgess Timely
Roko the AmazingLon Crag Timely
The AngelThomas HallowayAll-Winners Squad; V-BattalionTimely
Dyna-Mite / DestroyerRoger AubreyCrusaders; All-Winners Squad; V-BattalionTimely/Marvel
Human Torch IJim Hammond (android)All-Winner's Squad; Invaders; West Coast AvengersTimely; Atlas; Marvel
ToroThomas RaymondAll-Winner's Squad; Invaders; Young AlliesTimely; Atlas; Marvel
Blonde PhantomLouise Grant Mason Timely; Marvel
Bucky / Winter SoldierJames Buchanan BarnesLiberty Legion; All-Winner's Squad; Invaders; Young AlliesTimely; Marvel
WhizzerRobert L. Frank Sr. (Bob Frank)Liberty Legion; Invaders; All-Winners Squad; Avengers; V-BattalionTimely; Marvel
FathomAspen Top Cow; Aspen MLT
PoetJohn SimonSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Matthew BrightSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
Flagg / PatriotJason MillerNexusCorp; Specials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Elizabeth ChandraSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
RavenshadowRandy FiskSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
Critical MaasStephanie MaasSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
PyreJerry MontroseSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Paula RamirezSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Willie SmithSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Laurel DarkhavenSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Cathy JeanSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Brody KemplerSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
DreamwalkerClarence MackSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Peter DawsonSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Lee JacksonSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
 Patrick FerrySpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/Image
DynamoLen BrownT.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
MenthorJohn JanusT.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
NoManN.A.T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
Raven T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
Undersea AgentDavy JonesT.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
Vulcan T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
DynamiteDaniel John AdkinsT.H.U.N.D.E.R. SquadTower
EggheadJames AndorT.H.U.N.D.E.R. SquadTower
KittenKathryn KaneT.H.U.N.D.E.R. SquadTower
WeedWilliam WylieT.H.U.N.D.E.R. SquadTower
LightningVirgil GilbertT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Squad; T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AgentsTower
 Kris HathawayHarbingersValiant
 Toyo HaradaHarbingersValiant
FlamingoCharlene DupreHarbingersValiant
LivewireAmanda McKeeHarbingersValiant
TorqueJohn TorkelsonHarbingersValiant
ZephyrFaith "Zepplin" HerbertHarbingersValiant
Eternal WarriorGilad Anni-Padda Valiant; Acclaim
VampirellaVampirella Warren Publishing; Harris Publications
Maximo, the Amazing SupermanMaximo Miller Whitman Publishing Co.
 John Stone[Planetary]Wildstorm
Little Drummer Boy / Drummer [Planetary]Wildstorm
 Jenny FractalCentury BabiesWildstorm
Hark Century BabiesWildstorm
Lord BlackstockKevin SackCentury BabiesWildstorm
 Bret LeatherCentury Babies; [Planetary]Wildstorm
 Jakita WagnerCentury Babies; PlanetaryWildstorm
 Elijah SnowCentury Babies; PlanetaryWildstorm
Doc BrassAxel BrassCentury Babies; PlanetaryWildstorm
 Jenny SparksCentury Babies; Stormwatch; The AuthorityWildstorm
Jenny QuantumJennifer QuantumCentury Babies; The AuthorityWildstorm
 Ivana BaiulDV8Wildstorm
BlissNicole CallahanDV8Wildstorm
CopycatGem AntonelliDV8Wildstorm
EvoMichael HellerDV8Wildstorm
FreestyleJocelyn DavisDV8Wildstorm
FrostbiteLeon CarverDV8Wildstorm
PowerhausHector MoralesDV8Wildstorm
Sideways Bob DV8Wildstorm
ThresholdMatthew CallahanDV8Wildstorm
 Ambrose ChasePlanetaryWildstorm
Amaze StormwatchWildstorm
BattalionJackson KingStormwatchWildstorm
Blademaster StormwatchWildstorm
Blitz StormwatchWildstorm
CannonMitchell SaundersStormwatchWildstorm
Comanche StormwatchWildstorm
Crow Jane StormwatchWildstorm
DivaAlessandra FermiStormwatchWildstorm
FahrenheitLauren PenningtonStormwatchWildstorm
FlashpointFoster McClaneStormwatchWildstorm
FlintVictoria NgengiStormwatchWildstorm
FujiToshiro MisawaStormwatchWildstorm
HellstrikeNigel KeaneStormwatchWildstorm
Impetus StormwatchWildstorm
Ion StormwatchWildstorm
Lamplight StormwatchWildstorm
Lancer StormwatchWildstorm
NautikaMaya RoykoStormwatchWildstorm
Prism StormwatchWildstorm
Stalker StormwatchWildstorm
StrafeMalcolm KingStormwatchWildstorm
SunburstKarl HansenStormwatchWildstorm
SynergyChristine TrelaneStormwatchWildstorm
UndertowRay BaileyStormwatchWildstorm
WinterNikolas Andreyvitch KamarovStormwatchWildstorm
Apollo Stormwatch; The AuthorityWildstorm
Midnighter Stormwatch; The AuthorityWildstorm
Rose TattooRose TattooStormwatch; The AuthorityWildstorm
 __ BerckmannTeam 7Wildstorm
 __ JohnsonTeam 7Wildstorm
ArclightJackson DaneTeam 7Wildstorm
BloodmoonRobert DiazTeam 7Wildstorm
BoloroundRichard MacNamaraTeam 7Wildstorm
BulleteerPhilip ChangTeam 7Wildstorm
CyberjackJack RhodesTeam 7Wildstorm
DeathblowMichael CrayTeam 7Wildstorm
Pirate KingLucius MorganTeam 7Wildstorm
SlaphammerAlex FairchildTeam 7Wildstorm
WraparoundStephen CallahanTeam 7Wildstorm
Dead Eye/GrifterCole CashTeam 7; WildcatsWildstorm
ZealotZannah/Lucy BlazeTeam One; Wildcats; WildcoreWildstorm
BacklashMarc SlaytonTeam Zero; Team One; Team 7; Stormwatch; WildcoreWildstorm
 Jack HawksmoorThe AuthorityWildstorm
EngineerAngela "Angie" SpicaThe AuthorityWildstorm
The DoctorJeroen ThornedikeThe AuthorityWildstorm
BlackbirdNathaniel BlackbirdWetworksWildstorm
ClaymoreClayton H. MaureWetworksWildstorm
CrossbonesNicholas A. JonesWetworksWildstorm
DaneJackson Michael DaneWetworksWildstorm
DozerJoseph H. MendozaWetworksWildstorm
FlattopJason C. PhillipsWetworksWildstorm
GrailSalvador Joel AlondayWetworksWildstorm
JesterCord Dexter LemoyneWetworksWildstorm
Mother-OneRachel L. RhodesWetworksWildstorm
PilgrimMaritza BlackbirdWetworksWildstorm
 C. C. RendozzoWildcatsWildstorm
Agent Orange WildcatsWildstorm
Agent Wax WildcatsWildstorm
Condition RedMax CashWildcatsWildstorm
Grifter IIEdwin DolbyWildcatsWildstorm
Lord EmpJacob MarloweWildcatsWildstorm
MaulJeremy StoneWildcatsWildstorm
Mister MajesticLord MajestrosWildcatsWildstorm
Mythos WildcatsWildstorm
Olimpya WildcatsWildstorm
Savant WildcatsWildstorm
T.A.O. WildcatsWildstorm
VoidAdrianna TereshkovaWildcatsWildstorm
WarbladeReno BryceWildcatsWildstorm
SpartanYohn Kohl/Hadrian/Jack MarloweWildcats; StormwatchWildstorm
Crimson / JetJodi Morinaka SlaytonWildcoreWildstorm
 Splash BranniganAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's Best
CobwebLaurel LakelandAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's Best
GreyshirtFranky LafayetteAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's Best
Jack B. QuickJack B. QuickAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's Best
Johnny Future America's BestWildstorm/America's Best
Jonni FutureJonni RayAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's Best
BurnoutBobby LaneGen13Wildstorm/Image
FairchildCaitlin FairchildGen13Wildstorm/Image
FreefallRoxanne "Roxy" SpauldingGen13Wildstorm/Image
GrungePercival Edmund ChangGen13Wildstorm/Image
TopkickJohn LynchTeam 7; Gen13Wildstorm/Image
The Green HornetBritt Reid WXYZ radio, etc.
The Lone RangerDan Reid WXYZ radio, etc.
KatoKatoGreen Hornet's sidekickWXYZ radio, etc.
 Cassie Hack[Hack/slash]Devil's Due
The Pro League of HonorImage
Saint League of HonorImage
Knight League of HonorImage
Squire League of HonorImage
Lady League of HonorImage
Lime League of HonorImage
Speedo League of HonorImage
ShadowHawkEdward J. CollinsThe PactImage
Zephyr Noble The PactImage
Bomb Queen The Four QueensImage
JettaShianndrea Toshigawa Dateline Memphis
JavaAmanda Paxton Committed
Shark-Man IITom GaskillNew Venice CityAtomeka Press
Fist of JusticeMarc Mason Digital Webbing
Captain CanuckDavid SempleRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceComely
Bluewing Global ChampionsSouth Boston
Johnny Saturn Global ChampionsSouth Boston?
Shadowflame Global ChampionsSouth Boston?
Axiom-man Global ChampionsSouth Boston?
WraithMichael ReeveGlobal ChampionsTrinity
Gullveig Global ChampionsSouth Boston?
SmokeLuke Gabriel Speakeasy
Mr. SmokeSilas Binder Speakeasy
MirrorsZoe Abbott Speakeasy
Miss Mirrors  Speakeasy
Black Flag Canadian LegionArcana Studios; Rich Evans
General Jack Cosmo  Arcana Studios
Black Jack  Arcana Studios; Alex Simmons
Captain Africa  Arcana Studios; Dwayne Ferguson
Witch Hunter  Arcana Studios; Vincent Ferrante
NothingFace  Arcana Studios; Kel Nuttall
Dreadlocks  Urban Style
The CorpseJohn R. Romero Zenescope Entertainment
Doll  Arcana Studios; Bart A. Thompson
Sire  Arcana Studios; Mike Dolce
Carnage  Arcana Studios; Richard Kane Ferguson
Crazy Mary  Arcana Studios; Mike Colbert
Space Girl  Arcana Studios; Val Fritz
Liberty Girl  Heroic Publishing
Drunken Monkey  Arcana Studios
Jim Reaper Lil' HellionsArcana Studios
Boo Lil' HellionsArcana Studios
Louie Lil' HellionsArcana Studios
Lucy Lil' HellionsArcana Studios
Magnitude  Arcana Studios; Greg Waller
Valentine  Arcana Studios; Daniel Cooney
Minx  Arcana Studios; Andrea Grant
Protoplasman  Arcana Studios; Gary Carlson
  Team KaijuArcana Studios; Wilson Ramos Jr.
  GladiatorsArcana Studios; Matthew Haley
  The X-HeroesArcana Studios; Colin Panetta
  Wulf GrilzArcana Studios; Robert J. Sodaro
  Forever HeroesArcana Studios; Richard Pollard
  Jade WarriorsArcana Studios; Dave Campiti
  Honor BrigadeArcana Studios; Tom Stillwell
Ms. Monster  B-Minus Comiks
Sunburst  MFC Studios
BedbugBuddy Sprang Arcana Studios; Scott Rogers
Space Wraith  Arcana Studios; John McDowell
 Maria Lucci[Parts Unknown]Afterburn
 Pendelton Spurr[Parts Unknown]Afterburn
Judo Girl  Blue Water
 Sylvia Mark[100 Girls]Arcana Studios
Talon  Scottie Ray Watson (SWAT)
Crusader [Love and Capes]Maerkle Press
Popbot  Arcana Studios; Ashley Wood
Editor Girl  Arcana Studios; Kris Simon
Buzzboy  Arcana Studios; John Gallagher
Razorjack  Arcana Studios; John Higgins
Orion the Hunter  Blue Water Comics
El Arsenal  Arcana Studios
Pierce  Imperium
The Venger  Arcana Studios; Matt Spatola
 Nick Landime Arcana Studios; Erik Burnham
Johnny Raygun  Arcana Studios; Rich Woodall
Ezra  Arcana Studios
Glittergirl  Arcana Studios; Hakan Tacal and Mahmud A. Asrar
el Valiente  Arcana Studios; Ray Ramos
The Scab  Arcana Studios; Dave Ryan
Atomika  Arcana Studios; Sal Abbinanti
Bat Lady  Arcana Studios; Mort Todd
Bat Lady  Arcana Studios; Mort Todd
Sniper  Arcana Studios; John Metych, III
Rook  Arcana Studios; John Metych, III
Scarab  Arcana Studios; Lorenzo Lizana
Too Much Coffee Man  Adhesive Comics and Press; Dark Horse
King of the Realm  Arcana Studios; Mark Mazz and Ed Traquino
Code Name: Zeus  Arcana Studios; Daniel Vest
Captain Tupelo  Arcana Studios; Matt DeGennaro and Phil Elliott
Sara [Chronicles of Sara]Arcana Studios; James Rodriguez
Divisible Man  Arcana Studios; Mort Todd
Goth Ghost Girl  Arcana Studios; John Schlim
Public Enemy  American Mule Entertainment
Lucy Nocturne  Arcana Studios; Scott Wegener
Johnny Copperhead  Arcana Studios
Eve: Vampire Diva  Arcana Studios
Philly  Arcana Studios
MutationTrent Tyson Speakeasy
BrightEyes  Arcana Studios; Peter Palmiotti
Commander  Arcana Studios; Keith Murphy
Queen Rockadora  Arcana Studios; Evan Quiring
Cabal [Path to Armageddon]Arcana Studios; Pat Loika
Isis  Blue Water
Sampson Bitter SoulsSpeakeasy
JobeGeorge ParkerBitter SoulsSpeakeasy
LonebowDane Walker Speakeasy
Nadja  Arcana Studios; Weshoyot Alvitre
Nina Vargo  Arcana Studios; Olivia Davis
Catalyst  Arcana Studios; Tom Waltz
Crash  Arcana Studios; Joanne Ellen Mutch
Ant  Arcana Studios; Mario Gully
Atlas  Blue Water
Starkweather  Arcana Studios
Superhero G [The Imaginaries]Abacus
Meth [Am I Immortal]Arcana Studios; Shawnti Therrien
Retro-Girl  Arcana Studios; Vanessa Payne
The MaxxDave Image; MTV
GearHead  Arcana Studios
Halloween Man  Arcana Studios; Drew Edwards
Silent Ghost  Arcana Studios; George T. Singley IV
Silent Ghost  Arcana Studios; George T. Singley IV
Doc Creepy  Arcana Studios; Vito Delsante and Jonathan Rector
Scarlett [Scarlett's Curse]Praxis
Aym Geronimo  Arcana Studios; J. Morgan Neal and Todd Fox
The Yellow Jacket  Arcana Studios; Scott McCullar
Emerald MantisXiaowen Scott McCullar
Ripperman  Arcana Studios
Abbey Chase Danger GirlImage/Cliffhanger
Sydney Savage Danger GirlImage/Cliffhanger
Natalia Kassle Danger GirlImage/Cliffhanger
SiliconValerieDanger GirlImage/Cliffhanger
AbraxasDaniel Richmond [Gamut]
Dalek KillerAbslom DaakThe Star TigersMarvel U.K.
Ace of SpaceAce Egan Quality
Odin's Raven Southern TribeCorbeau
Apus Southern TribeCorbeau
Fox Southern TribeCorbeau
The BlueflyerMaxwell SteedGuardians of JusticeCult Fiction
Super IdolEugene Bariso Films
IcestarJohn GraysonLeague of ChampionsHero Games; Eclipse; Hero Comics; Hero Graphics; Heroic Publishing
IcicleChristine GraysonLeague of ChampionsHero Games; Eclipse; Hero Comics; Hero Graphics; Heroic Publishing
Knight-EdgeDaenon Merrick Gary Lau
Crimson WaspMishi Kato Now
Captain ValorMilo StonePlanetary BrigadeBoom! Studios
Mauve Visitor Planetary BrigadeBoom! Studios
Mister Brilliant Planetary BrigadeBoom! Studios
Purring Pussycat Planetary BrigadeBoom! Studios
FantaxLord Horace Neighbour Paris-Monde Illustre
GreyBrian TalbotGamma CorpsMarvel
Griffin Gamma CorpsMarvel
Mess Gamma CorpsMarvel
Mister Gideon Gamma CorpsMarvel
Prodigy Gamma CorpsMarvel
Catwoman IIHolly Robinson DC
ZoomJack ShepardZenith [in Zoom:Academy for Superheroes (2006)]Ballantine; Revolution Studios
ConcussionConnor ShepardZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
RainblowMarsha HollowayZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
Mega BoyTucker WilliamsZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
WonderSummer JonesZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
HoudiniDylan WestZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
PrincessCindy CollinsZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
 Dr. GrantZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
Mr. Pibb ZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
Marksman ZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
Ace ZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
Daravia ZenithBallantine; Revolution Studios
CalamityJames WaThe OrderMarvel
HeavyDennis MurrayThe OrderMarvel
HeraVirginia "Pepper" PottsThe OrderMarvel
MulhollandMulholland BlackThe OrderMarvel
SupernautSgt. Michael "Milo" FieldsThe OrderMarvel
VedaMagdalena MarieThe OrderMarvel
PiercePamThe Order (decommissioned)Marvel
Avona The Order (decommissioned)Marvel
Maul The Order (decommissioned)Marvel
CoronaCarlosThe Order (decommissioned)Marvel
Mutant Zero Shadow InitiativeMarvel
Scarlet Spiders (Red Team) Shadow InitiativeMarvel
Baymax Big Hero 6Marvel
GoGo Tomago Big Hero 6Marvel
 Hiro TakachichoBig Hero 6Marvel
Honey Lemon Big Hero 6Marvel
Fateball B-SidesMarvel
Jughandle B-SidesMarvel
Mize B-SidesMarvel
Feeva B-SidesMarvel
 Charley HuckleB-SidesMarvel
Asp Serpent Society; Femizons; BAD Girls, Inc.; Secret AvengersMarvel
Black MambaTanya Sealy / "Tanya Sweet"Serpent Squad; Femizons; Masters of Evil; Serpent Society; BAD Girls, Inc.; Secret AvengersMarvel
Impala BAD Girls, Inc.Marvel
Mastermind ExcelloAmadeus ChoRenegadesMarvel
VisioneerAbigail DuntonDamage ControlMarvel
MonstroFrankDamage ControlMarvel
CometHarris MooreChampions of XandarMarvel
CrimebusterFrank MooreChampions of XandarMarvel
Nova-PrimeTanak ValtChampions of XandarMarvel
PowerhouseRieg DavanChampions of XandarMarvel
ProtectorThoral RulChampions of XandarMarvel
Captain Wings CrusadersMarvel
Ghost Girl CrusadersMarvel
Thunder Fist CrusadersMarvel
Tommy Lightning CrusadersMarvel
Silver Ghost / AmericommandoRaphael Van ZandtCrusadersDC
GomiAlphonsus LefszycicFallen AngelsMarvel
Ariel Fallen AngelsMarvel
Moon-Boy Fallen AngelsMarvel
Devil Dinosaur Fallen Angels, H.A.T.E.Marvel
GuardsmanKevin O'BrienStark IndustriesMarvel
GuardsmanMichael O'BrienProject: Pegasus; The VaultMarvel
 Clay QuartermainHulkbusters, S.H.I.E.L.D., Howling CommandosMarvel
WarwolfVince "Vic" MarcusHowling CommandosMarvel
Vampire by NightNina PriceHowling CommandosMarvel
Clone of Frankenstein Howling CommandosMarvel
ZombieJohn DoeHowling CommandosMarvel
RedeemerCraig Saunders, Jr.HulkbustersMarvel
RockSamuel J. La RoquetteHulkbustersMarvel
 Carolyn ParmenterHulkbustersMarvel
 Armand MartelHulkbustersMarvel
 Hideko MartelHulkbustersMarvel
Agent Cheesecake S.H.I.E.L.D. HulkbustersMarvel
SentryCurtis ElkinsThe Jury; Vault GuardsmenMarvel
Bomblast__ ParmenterThe Jury; Vault GuardsmenMarvel
Firearm The Jury; Vault GuardsmenMarvel
WysperJennifer StewartThe Jury; Vault GuardsmenMarvel
RamshotSamuel CaulkinThe JuryMarvel
ScreechMaxwell "Max" TaylorThe JuryMarvel
HimAdam WarlockInfinity WatchMarvel
Pip the TrollPip GofernInfinity WatchMarvel
Maxam Infinity WatchMarvel
 Ariann WrightLegion of NightMarvel
 Dr. Chan LiuchowLegion of NightMarvel
 Dr. Katherine ReynoldsLegion of NightMarvel
 Martin GoldLegion of NightMarvel
OmenCharles BlackwaterLegion of NightMarvel
Blue DiamondElton T. MorrowLiberty LegionMarvel
Jack Frost Liberty LegionMarvel
The Patriot / Captain AmericaJeffrey MaceLiberty Legion; All-Winners SquadMarvel
Red Raven Liberty LegionMarvel
The Thin ManBruce DicksonLiberty Legion; Invaders; New InvadersMarvel
Social Butterfly LivewiresMarvel
Cornfed LivewiresMarvel
Hollowpoint Ninja LivewiresMarvel
Stem Cell LivewiresMarvel
Homebrew LivewiresMarvel
 David JenkinsLivewiresMarvel
Space GliderArcturus RannMicronautsMarvel
Acroyear MicronautsMarvel
MarionettePrincess MariMicronautsMarvel
Bug MicronautsMarvel
Huntarr, the Living WeaponIann 27MicronautsMarvel
Biotron MicronautsMarvel
Microtron MicronautsMarvel
Force CommanderPrince ArgonMicronautsMarvel
 Frank DrakeQuincy Harker's vampire hunters; Nightstalkers; Midnight SonsMarvel
 Hannibal KingNightstalkers; Midnight SonsMarvel
AjaxFrancisWeapon X; PantheonMarvel
Agamemnon PantheonMarvel
Andromeda PantheonMarvel
Atalanta PantheonMarvel
Cassiopeia PantheonMarvel
Delphi PantheonMarvel
Hector PantheonMarvel
Jason PantheonMarvel
Jin Saotome PantheonMarvel
Paris PantheonMarvel
Perseus PantheonMarvel
Prometheus PantheonMarvel
Ulysses PantheonMarvel
Phantom Rider RangersMarvel
 Lin SunSons of the TigerMarvel
 Abe BrownSons of the TigerMarvel
 Robert DiamondSons of the TigerMarvel
StencilMariaExiles; Soviet Super-Soldiers; SiberforceMarvel
Sibercat / Siberian TigerIllyich LavrovSoviet Super-SoldiersMarvel
Gremlin__ TopolovSoviet Super-SoldiersMarvel
Fantasia Soviet Super-SoldiersMarvel
Sputnik Soviet Super-SoldiersMarvel
D.J. Blast The SquadMalibu
Forsa The SquadMalibu
Starburst The SquadMalibu
HonchoJames McDonaldTeam America; ThunderidersMarvel
Wolf Team America; ThunderidersMarvel
R.U. ReddyWinthrop Roan, Jr.Team America; ThunderidersMarvel
WrenchLeonard HebbTeam America; ThunderidersMarvel
CowboyLuke MerriweatherTeam America; ThunderidersMarvel
Fantasma Winter GuardMarvel
Vostok Winter GuardMarvel
Powersurge Winter GuardMarvel
Skitz X-CorporationMarvel
Stringfellow X-CorporationMarvel
Fever Pitch Gene Nation, Brotherhood of Mutants, X-Corps, The 198Marvel
BlobFrederick "Fred" J. DukesBrotherhood of Evil Mutants, Factor Three, Freedom Force, X-Corps, X-CellMarvel
MastermindMartinique JasonBrotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-CorpsMarvel
AvalancheDominic Szilard Janos PetrosBrotherhood of Evil Mutants; Project: Wideawake; Freedom Force; X-CorpsMarvel
Lady MastermindRegan WyngardeHellfire Club, X-Men, MaraudersMarvel
DestinyIrene AdlerHYDRA; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Freedom ForceMarvel
Ricochet Rita / SpiralRitaFreedom ForceMarvel
StonewallLouis HamiltonFreedom ForceMarvel
Super SabreMartin FletcherFreedom Force; Brotherhood of MutantsMarvel
CapriceKendra Louise Price Marvel
Mindwave  Marvel

It is important to note what this page is not:
- This is not a listing of non-religious superheroes.
- This is not a listing of atheist or agnostic characters.
- This is not a listing of Episcopalian superheroes.
- This is not a listing of characters whose religious affiliation has never been identified or strongly hinted at in the comics.
- This is not a listing of characters whose writers never had a religious affiliation in mind for them when writing about them.
- This is not a listing of all superheroes who do not appear on our main page.

We have made no attempt to include "all superheroes" on this list. It would be impossible to do so. But we have tried to include major characters and members of major teams who are not listed on the main page.

This is simply a listing of some selected superheroes whose religious affiliation is unknown to the authors of this website.

Statistically speaking, a number of the characters listed on this page may be agnostic, a number may be atheists, and a number may be Episcopalians. A number of these characters may identify themselves as essentially "non-religious." (Of course, what is usually meant by this is that they have distanced themselves from formal participation in and observance of the religion they were brought up and have not formally converted to a different religion. Such characters remain "religious" in the sociological sense (i.e., they exhibit behavior and beliefs which are not based on purely biological causes or mathematically replicable phenomena). Otherwise, there would be little point in writing about them.

Statistically speaking, the majority of these characters are likely to be Christians who belong to denominations other than Episcopalianism. A number of them may also belong to other religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

You do not need to know the precise denomination to which a character belongs. Of course we would prefer to have that information, but simply having evidence that a character is a Christian is enough to move the character off of this page and onto the main page. "Evidence" needs to be more than a character uttering a profanity such as "Oh my God" or using a vaguely religious colloquial expression such as "Heaven help us." If you have evidence that a character is an agnostic or atheist, please let us know. Of course, being an "agnostic" or "atheist" does not preclude the possibility that a character also has a formal denominational affiliation or religious background, but knowing this can be informative about the character and it's certainly better than knowing nothing.

Many organized religious denominations have explicitly atheistic or agnostic theological doctrines. Also, even the most actively religious characters sometimes have moments where they express agnostic or atheistic sentiments. Even the most vocally atheistic and agnostic characters may sometimes participate in formal religious observance or have moments when they express faith (or hope) in overtly "religious" beliefs (such as the afterlife, deity, prophecy, etc.) A single instance of a character saying something or doing something that seems to characterize their religious affiliation or belief is not always a solid indicator of where the character stands all the time. But even brief, passing references are likely to be indicators of a character's basic character, as envisioned by the writer. Even short expressions (such as Wonder Woman exclaiming "By Hera!") are written based on a character's backstory, which includes consideration of religious upbringing and religious beliefs.

Character traits such as "having strong values" or "striving to help people" can be identified as "religious values," but such traits do not constitute a "religious affiliation." Traits such as these can be exhibited by people of essentially all religious affiliations, philosophies, belief systems, etc. (including atheists, agnostics, etc.) Futhermore, such traits are essentially universal among super-heroes. Therefore, simply listing characters with such traits would not be informative.

Ideally, we wish for these pages to be informative and accurate, with information about the religious affiliation which can be supported from published comics and supporting information (such as interviews with writers). We could easily make educated guesses about the religious affiliation and background of all of the characters on this page. But we do not want the listings on this site to be based solely on guesses and speculation.

Early comic book writers and editors, as well as comic book historians, have observed that major superheroes from formative periods in the genre were typically based on a pseudo-Episcopalian template. It has been said that where a major superhero character's religious affiliation is unknown or not explicitly identified, the character is probably an Episcopalian. But on this website we have never identified a character as Episcopalian based solely on these historical observations.

This is not a listing of characters whose religious affiliation has never been identified in comics. Based on our experience, we can be certain that a number of the characters listed here have had their religious affiliations strongly hinted at. A number have probably even explicitly identified themselves as adherents of a particular religion and/or denomination. The authors of this site simply have not read those issues of the comics, have not heard about those issues, or have not been informed of those issues by any of this site's readers.

If your favorite comic book superhero is not listed on the main page, and isn't listed on this page either, but you feel the character is notable or significant, feel free to write to suggest we add him or her to this website, even if you don't know their religious affiliation. It is entirely possible we will be in complete agreement that the character is notable and should be listed here, but we simply had not yet had time to include them or the character slipped our mind. If the character is notable and widely known and is listed here, perhaps somebody else will read this page who knows something about their religious affiliation, and will be inspired to send us a note with some information.

Among the sources consulted in compiling this list are: "List of superhero teams and groups" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_superhero_teams_and_groups), "List of superhero debuts" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_superhero_debuts); Cosmic Teams (http://www.mykey3000.com/cosmicteams/index.html).

1 50 State Initiative: Some Marvel supervillains conscripted as superheroes by SHRA:

These characters were Marvel super-villains who were conscripted into service as superheroes by the United States federal government as a result of the Super-Human Registration Act (SHRA).

These characters were added to this table because they were shown on the cover for The Initiative #1 (2007) (source: http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.947; viewed 27 April 2007). This cover image features 142 indivduals who volunteered or were conscripted to work for the federal government as part of the Initiative headed up by Tony Stark (Iron Man). The individuals on this cover include characters who have always been superheroes, characters who have been supervillains but reformed prior to passage of the SHRA and were already acting as heroes or government agents (including members of the Thunderbolts), as well as characters who were active super-villains up until the time that the SHRA was passed and they were forced into working for the Initiative.

Technically, because these characters have been forced to work for the federally-sponsored super-hero program, they could be classified as "superheroes." Some of these individuals were truly reformed prior to conscription by the SHRI (including a number of long-time Thunderbolts), but many of these individuals have traditionally acted only as super-villains and are likely to do so again.

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