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The Religious Affiliation of
Other Notable Minor Comic Book Characters

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Notable Lead Characters in Non-Superhero Comics

Character Title Publisher Religious Affiliation
David QinStrangers in Paradise series, by Terry MooreAbstract Studio (originally Antarctic Press; briefly Homage/Image)"born again" Protestant Christian (convert)
Craig ThompsonBlankets (2003), by Craig ThompsonTop ShelfEvangelical Protestant Christian (lapsing)
Adam ChamberlainAmerican Virgin series, by Steven T. SeagleDC/VertigoSouthern Baptist minister
Church MiceChurch Mice, comic strip by Rev. Karl Zorowski United Methodist Church
Francine Peters-SilverStrangers in Paradise series, by Terry MooreAbstract Studio (originally Antarctic Press; briefly Homage/Image)Methodist (lapsed; LGBT)
Dr. OngCreature Tech (2002), by Doug TenNapelTop ShelfChristian (d.u.); former atheist
 ArmorQuest, graphic novel by Ben AveryCommunityProtestant
Father McHughBlack Cherry by Doug TenNapelImageCatholic (priest)
Archbishop Dolankid's page by Timothy M. DolanCatholic HeraldCatholic (archbishop)
MaryBlack Cherry by Doug TenNapelImageCatholic (conservative)
 Zion by Joan HiltyManic D PressLatter-day Saint and Jewish
 Golden Plates by Mike AllredAAA PopLatter-day Saint and Jewish
The Stars of DavidThe Golem's Mighty Swing (2001), by James SturmDrawn & QuarterlyJewish
KrolikSenne & Sanne, by Marc Verhaegen Jewish
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons, animated TV series and comicsFOX TV/Bongo ComicsBuddhist
Chacha Choudhury  Hindu
Bacchustitle character of Bacchus, which ran from 1987 to 1999, by Eddie CampbellDark Horse; Eddie Campbell; etc.pagan
Sharon SpitzCartoon series Braceface, produced by Alicia SilverstoneABC FamilyVegan/Animal Rights
Jaeger the FinderFinder, by Carla Speed McNeilLightspeed PressFinder/Sin-Eater
Johnny C. / NnyJohnny the Homicidal Maniac series, by Jhonen VasquezSlave Labor Graphicsagnostic / Goth
Squeein Squee and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, by Jhonen VasquezSlave Labor Graphicsreligious
Princess MabelroseThe Courageous Princess (2004), by Rod EspinosaAntarctic Pressreligious

Additional Super-Villains and Other Antagonists

The list below includes numerous additional super-villains, villains and antagonists, including many minor villains. Many of these characters have shown up in only a single issue or story arc. Most minor villains in mainstream comics are atheists, agnostic, or non-religious. The list below focuses on characters who have an identifiable religious affiliation. Frequently these minor characters were the result of a very simple idea on the part of the writer: Having heard about a particular minority religious group (i.e., Vodoun, Santeria, Buddhism, Russian Orthodoxy) or mystical tradition the writer decides to base a villain on that idea.

In other instances, villains have been created to embody a specific social issue or political debate, and have been envisioned as a "priest" or "reverend" with a group of followers. This is done in order to illustrate that the character's philosophy is not simply an idiosyncratic belief or the result of insanity, but is a position that has at least a nominally widespread following. These characters typically do not symbolize an entire denomination (although they are often depicted as Catholic or Protestant clergymen), so much as they stand for a specific idea or trait that can be found within religious groups as well within the general population.

It may seem as though the large number of explicitly religious villain indicates an anti-religious bias in mainstream comic books. Actually, the opposite is true. Since the 1930s (when Superman was created) until the present time, the proportion of Americans who profess identification with a specific organized religion has remained between 85% to 93%, with an additional 5% of the population claiming no specific religious identification, but claiming belief in God or a supreme being. Yet, the overwhelming majority (over 90%) of villains faced by mainstream superheroes have been manifestly non-religious, anti-religious or atheist.

The extreme disproportionate representation of non-religious characters among comic book villains is not mean to imply that lack of religious activity leads inexorably to villainy. It simply means that the types of individuals who become villains are most likely to be non-religious or atheist/agnostic in outlook, and that the religious villain is a relative rarity.

Known as Real Name Major Enemy Notes Publisher Religious Affiliation
 Gideon TurkelHulkIncredible Hulk Annual #9MarvelEpiscopalian (former missionary)
The ReverendBlackburn AddisonBlack Panther MarvelSouthern Baptist; KKK; Dragon Circle
Reverend Skagg Elementalsbased on AoG minister Jimmy SwaggartComicoAssemblies of God televangelist
PeeperPeter QuinnCaptain America, Defenders, New Warriors, Wolverineradical mutant rights activistMarvelLatter-day Saint (lapsed)
 Laurel HedareCatwomanCatwoman (2004 film), comic adaptationWarner Bros. (DC)Latter-day Saint (lapsed)
The ImmortalPrester John (alias)Justice League InternationalJustice League International v.2 #s 63-64DCNestorian Christian
Confessor Maverick/Agent Zero (of Weapon X program)Maverick vol. 2 #s 1-2, 8-10MarvelRussian Orthodox
Silver DaggerIsaiah CurwenDr. Strange, etc.Dr. Strange vol. 2 #s 1-2, 4-5, vol. 3 #s 7, 30, 32; Marvel Team-Up vol. 1 #s 76-77; Marvel Comics Presents #s 54-59; Over the Edge #2; Deadpool vol. 3 #68MarvelCatholic (former Cardinal)
Soul ManFather Jason McCallThe HulkIncredible Hulk vol. 2 #s 345, 399-400MarvelCatholic priest
The HolyFather Hector RedondoThe PunisherPunisher vol. 5 #s 2-7,9-12MarvelCatholic priest
Father Doom Captain Amazing Dark Horse; Universal StudiosCatholic priest
Cardinal SinPerry DennisonBatmanBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #3 (1993); one of the "New Bloods"DCCatholic (former priest)
Mad MonkAelfricWerewolf by Night; Dr. StrangeWerewolf by Night I#3 (3(fb), 3, Dr. Strange III#12/2MarvelCatholic (former monk)
 CalebBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Gang 20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPNformer Catholic priest; follower of First Evil
 Father Jack RileyHellstormHellstorm #s 4-5MarvelCatholic (excommunicated priest); Satanism
Dr ArcaneAnton ArcaneSwamp Thing (arch-enemy) DCCatholic (convert)
 DrusillaBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Gang 20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPNCatholic
Don Moroni Spider-ManSpider-Man Annual 1979MarvelCatholic
CrusaderArthur BlackwoodThorThor vol. 1 #s 330-331; Avengers Spotlight #39; Cage vol. 1 #17; X-Man #48; New Avengers #s 1-4MarvelCatholic
Young StuffKaitlin, Heather, Meadow, Crystal, DarcyThe Specials Regent EntertainmentCatholic
Sister Ursula Spider-WomanSpider-Woman vol. 3 #s 12-13MarvelCatholic
Theodore Ciccone  Mafia boss; employer of Grendel ("Hunter Rose")Comico; Dark HorseCatholic
TricksterGiovanni GiuseppeFlash DCCatholic (lapsed)
Pit BullGaylord PicaroDP7DP7 #s 20-23, 27 (1988); The Draft ;Psi-Force #23, 27, 29; The War #s 1-4; Quasar #56-57; Starblast #4Marvel (NU)Catholic (lapsed)
VesuviusRoberto BarrettiChristian Powers Society; Justice For All; I.D.A.Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1Christian KnightCatholic (nominal)
The Kung-Fu Nun Mr. Canoehead CBC RadioCatholic nun
Sister Eucalypta AvengersAvengers vol. 1 #171: robot agent of Ultron, posed as a nun, beheaded by Ms. MarvelMarvelCatholic nun (fake)
 Henry ClerkDr. Zero, Michael Devlin, MERCHANTS, Order of St. George, Powerline, etc.main Shadowline villainMarvel/ShadowlineCatholic (lapsed); atheist
Witch Queen of New OrleansMarie LaVeauBlade, Brother Voodoo, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, etc.Dracula Lives #2 (1973); Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #10; (Marvel Team-Up vol. 1 #s 76-77; Marvel Fanfare vol. 1 #42; Doctor Strange vol. 3 #s 14-18; Blade: Vampire Hunter vol. 1 #s 4-5, 9; Blade: Crescent City BluesMarvelCatholic (raised); convert to Vodoun
Rogue QueenHannah ConoverX-MenUncanny X-Men #s 232-235; X-Men/Brood: Day of Wrath #s 1-2MarvelProtestant preacher
Sin EaterEthan DomblueGhost Rider MarvelProtestant preacher: First Church of the Mortal Redeemer
 Reverend Leo Barnett[Wild Cards] Bantam, BaenEvangelical Protestant
 Billy RobertsDefenders, AvengersDefenders vol. 1 #s 13-14; Avengers Annual #8; Giant-Size Defenders #4MarvelProtestant revivalist evangelist
DeaconJoey FarrellShroudMarvel Super-Heroes vol. 3 #7MarvelEvangelical preacher (named after Jerry Fallwell)
 Brigham Elisha Dashwood IIIDoctor Whocharismatic evangelical statesman running for Governor; Doctor Who: The Big Finish Audio Adventures #19: Minuet in HellBig FinishEvangelical Protestant
 Reverend Clayton TylerPACT, Northguard, Fleur de Lys, Steel Chameleoninsane leader of ManDesMatrix GraphicsEvangelical Protestant
Mothers' March for DecencyOlivia SelbyMan-ThingMan-Thing vol. 1 #s 17-18 (1975)MarvelProtestant (zealot)
Madcap Captain America, Nomad MarvelProtestant (devout)
 Rev. Joshua CrowHellstormHellstorm #s 7-10 (1993)MarvelProtestant minister; head of Assemblies of Redemption Ministries
Destroyer of DemonsReverend Joshua GrimlyGhost Rider MarvelProtestant minister: Church of Living God; Yoruba
AtheistGerald O'HigginsWolverine, PunisherNorthern Ireland; Wolverine/Punisher vol. 3 #s 1-5Marvelformer Protestant turned atheist
Vesper Ghost Rider, Iron FistMarvel Comics Presents #s 113-118MarvelChristian (d.u., devout)
SylarGabriel Gray[Heroes TV series]NBCChristian (d.u.)
 O'TooleThe RavenRaven Comics #5 Christian (d.u.)
Lord Moses Fantastic ForceFantastic Force #s 4, 10-11MarvelChristian (d.u.)
Miracle Man"Brother Joshua"Fantastic Force, Defenders MarvelChristian (d.u.)
The Leper Queen? PageX-Menleader of the anti-mutant group the Sapien LeagueMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Excaliber"Slapper" StruthersSpider-Woman MarvelChristian (d.u.; lapsed); worships Morgan Le Fey
Reverend Reaper Phantom RiderWestern Gunfighters #6 (1971)MarvelChristian clergyman (fake)
Hate-Monger PunisherPunisher: War Journal #s 6-9 (2007)MarvelChristian Identity
Aryan Brigade Justice League Task Forceteam members: Backlash, Blind Faith, Golden Eagle, Heatmonger, Iron Cross; first appeared in Justice League Task Force #10 (March 1994)DCChristian Identity
Ars Magna Scarlet Witch MarvelArs Magna (Christian, occult)
Jeremiah Dr. Strange, Human Torch, Spider-Man, ValkyrieMarvel Team-Up vol. 1 #s 33-35 (1975)MarvelJudeo-Christian (devout)
Asura Hellstorm MarvelJudeo-Christian angels
BlackstarrRachel BerkowitzSupergirlSupergirl vol. 2 #s 14-15 (1983-4); Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #13; DC Comics Presents #86; Suicide Squad vol. 2 #s 6-8DCJewish
Rabbi GolbaumJoseph Della ReinaDoom PatrolDoom Patrol #s 84-87 (1994-5)DCJewish
PterodonIsrael HarelTeen Titansmember of the HybridDCJewish
CyclotronTerry Curtis (born Terrence Kurtzenberg)All-Star Squadronsource of power and inspiration for both The Atom and Atom Smasher; grandfather of Nuklon/Atom SmasherDCJewish
MysterioFrancis KlumSpider-Man, Black Catfirst appearance: Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do #1 (2006)MarvelJewish
 Moyshe PukesteinCaptain Kremmen Transworld/CorgiJewish
tomb guard Golem Ghost Dark HorseJewish
anti-Nazi Golem Batman DCJewish
Harry Kay's Golem Swamp Thing DCJewish
Konterman's golem Caballistics, Inc. IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Jewish
Blue BulletProf. Jonathon GoldThe InvadersInvaders vol. 1 #s 11, 22; vol. 2 #s 3-4MarvelJewish
 Mr. WagnerSuperboy DC / Alexander SalkindJewish
one of the Furriers Mystery Men Dark Horse Entertainment; Universal StudiosJewish
Wolfman John ConstantineHellblazer #s 164-167DCJewish
The ReaperDr. GruenerBatmanBatman #237 (Dec. 1971)DCJewish
The Hatchet-ManRandall SpectorMoon KnightThe Hulk! Magazine #s 17-18MarvelJewish
Karl Marx and Kabbalah The Pope, Uncle Sam, Mom and apple pieAction Philosophers #4 (Dec. 2005)Evil TwinJewish, Kabbalah
Kaballa Golem, the Thing, the HulkStrange Tales vol. 2 #176-177 (1974); Marvel Two-In-One #11; Rampaging Hulk vol. 1#6, 8; Captain America vol. 1 #358MarvelJewish Kabbalah
Hammer Father Crowe Antarctic PressJewish Kabbalah
 Nyssa RaatkoBatman, Superman DCJewish (half)
MessiahDavid KesslerDefendersDefenders vol. 1 #97 (1981)MarvelJewish; cult of David
SkinheadEddie CrossSpider-Man, Captain MarvelWeb of Spider-Man #s 56-57; Captain Marvel vol. 3 #1MarvelJewish neo-Nazi (son of a rabbi)
neo-Nazi gang Batman DCneo-Nazi
AmeridroidLyle DekkerCaptain America MarvelNazi
Ubermensch The Specials Regent EntertainmentNazi
Agent of 1,000 Faces Howling Commandos, Maulers MarvelNazi
Golden Fuhrer ScorpionScorpion #3AtlasNazi
The BaronessHeike ZemoCaptain America MarvelNazi
 Dr. Frederick OttomanWarrior Nun Areala Antarctic PressNazi occult mystic
 Adolf HitlerAllies, Warrior Nuns, Catholic Corps"The apostate Catholic, self-excomunicate, anti-Christian, and pagan Hitler..."Antarctic PressNazi occult pagan (apostate Catholic)
Commando X Static Milestoneanti-Semite
Fazil BloodstoneBloodstone #3 (2002)MarvelMuslim Fundamentalist
Jaculi Suicide Squadmember of JihadDCSunni Muslim (Bedouin)
Hassan ibn SabbahHassan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja'fr bin Hussain bin Muhammad Al-Sabbah Al-HameeriBlack KnightMarvel Fanfare vol. 1 #s 53-54 (1990)MarvelIsmaili Muslim
General Hafza Spectrebased in Vlatava in Eastern Europe: World's Finest Comics #251 (1978); Spectre 13DCMuslim
Sodom al-Mohammed Captain MiracleCaptain Miracle #1Holy ComicsMuslim
Arabian Wizard Black KnightAvengers Annual #1MarvelMuslim
 AchmedBlack KnightAvengers Annual #1MarvelMuslim
Rustam Suicide Squadmember of Jihad; named for legendary Persian heroDCMuslim
The Djinn Suicide Squadmember of JihadDCMuslim
Abdul & Abdul Howard the DuckHoward the Duck Annual #1MarvelMuslim
Nur-ah-Allah [Wild Cards] Bantam, BaenMuslim
Piscator Suicide Squadmember of Jihad; a JanissaryDCMuslim
Faysal al-Tariq Captain AmericaCaptain America IV#1 (2,3): Iraqi terrorist, blew up World Rrade Centers, plotted to blow up CentervilleMarvelMuslim
El Buff-Ali-Rugg Captain Courageous Ace PeriodicalsMuslim
Red Rajah / Messiah of the Single Spirit DefendersDefenders vol. 1 #s 42-45MarvelMuslim
Ibraha The Lagoon Companyco-leader of the terrorist group "Protectors of the Islamic Front" in "The Black Lagoon" manga and anime; wants to destroy Israel and Western societyShogakukan; MadhouseMuslim
JetstreamHaroun ibn Sallah al-RashidNew Mutantsmember of the HellionsMarvelMuslim
Revolutionary JihadAhmed, YasirPunisher MarvelMuslim
Arabian Werewolf by Night MarvelMuslim
Heaven's Fist StormwatchStormWatch #30-32MarvelMuslim
AchebeReverend Dr. Michael ibn al-Hajj AchebeBlack Panther MarvelMuslim; Satanist
Jihad Fantastic FourThe Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (2001)Marvelunknown
Lady Lotus The InvadersInvaders vol. 1 #s 37-41 (1979); vol. 3 #3MarvelBuddhist (Mahayana)
King Cycle Red WolfRed Wolf #8 (1973)MarvelBuddhist monk
Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi Howard the DuckHoward the Duck vol. 2 #4MarvelBuddhist
 Tina GreerClark KentSmallville: Season 1: Episode 4: X-Ray; Season 1: Episode 11: VisageWarner Bros. (DC)Buddhist
Living Buddha Doctor StrangeMarvel Premiere #9; Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti #s 9-10MarvelBuddhist
evil Japanese Buddhists Captain AmericaCaptain America Comics #35 (February 1944)MarvelBuddhist
Buddhist vampire-monks Buffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer #38: "Remember the End"Dark HorseBuddhist
Fin Fang Foom Iron Man, Thor, Nextwave, etc. MarvelBuddhist (convert)
Prometheus Justice League of America DCShamballa Buddhist (convert)
LotusLotus NewmarkWonder Man, Hawkeye, Beast MarvelBuddhist (lapsed); atheist
Extrano Doctor Muerte ("The Strange Doctor Death")BurnaKaliman  Tibetan Buddhism
CobraLuciphorMandrak the MagicianKing Features Syndicate Tibetan Buddhism
Yak and Yeti BadgerCapital; First Tibetan Buddhism
MefistoSteve DickartTexas Ranger Tex Willerin Tex, Italy's most popular comicSergio Bonelli EditoreTibetan Buddhism
Power Ring JLAmember of Crime Syndicate of America (Earth-3)DCTibetan Buddhism
 VolthoomJLAgave power ring to Crime Syndicate of America (Earth-3) member "Power Ring"DCTibetan Buddhism
Steel SerpentDavosIron Fist MarvelTibetan (K'un L'un) Buddhism
AngkorThommanomWonder ManWonder Man vol. 2 #s 10-12MarvelCambodian Buddhist priest; converted to Hinduism
The Sorcerer Spider-ManMarvel Super Heroes vol. 2 #14 (1968)MarvelBuddhist, Hindu, Vodoun and African primal-indigenous
Rajah of Sari Lois LaneSuperman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #17 (1960)Marvelpseudo-Hindu
Swami Captain Courageous Ace PeriodicalsHindu swanu
Agni Suicide Squadmember of Jihad; named for early Hindu god of fireDCHindu
Sri Anand Hellcat, Son of SatanDefenders I#92DCHindu
Nemisar Captain Canuck, Bluefox ComelyKali worshipper/Thugee
Dansen Macabre Spider-Man MarvelKali worshipper/Thugee
Balinor Shroud MarvelKali worshipper/Thugees
Balinor, Dahar, Jekin, Kali, Amir Khan, Krago, Nekra, Nemah, Raga-Shah, Satma, Shaya, the Shroud, Ushas, Yannroth Iron Fist, Man-Thing, Moon Knight, Henry Pym, Shang-Chi, Shanna, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Shroud, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, etc. MarvelKali worshippers/Thugees
Saduhl Singh, Blade, Fist, Gun Moon KnightMoon Knight vol. 2 #5 (1985)MarvelSikhs
Lord Akuma Warrior Nun Areala Antarctic PressShinto
Captain Nippon Captain Courageous Ace PeriodicalsShinto
Baron ShintoShintoMiss AmericaMiss America #1: Escapes and has his saboteurs attempts to blow up three new bombers. Fights Miss America and falls out a window to his death.MarvelShinto
Agent AxisHiroyuki Kanegawa, Aldo Malvagio, Berthold VolkerInvaders MarvelShinto / Nazi
Shinto Samurai Captain Courageous Ace PeriodicalsShinto / Bushido
The Samurai Zorro Warner Bros.Bushido
Samurai SteelYoshida AsanoIron Man MarvelBushido
Master of the Green Dragon Tong Batman and RobinDetective Comics #39 (May 1940)DCChinese Traditional Religion
Ancestor Force Works; Heroes for Hire MarvelChinese traditional religion; ancestor veneration
Confucius robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelConfucianism
Shenhua The Lagoon Companyone of the Roanapur Gangsters employed by Mr. Chang in "The Black Lagoon" manga and animeShogakukan; MadhouseTaoist
The Gnostic Wizard DefendersNew Defenders vol. 1 #s 134-138 (1984)MarvelGnostic
RagnarokRagnar MagnussonUltramagnis Alpha-OmegaNorse/Teutonic paganism
 Sidwell WilsonPunisher 2099 MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism: Church of Thor
Thor Sandman and Sandy the Golden BoyAdventure Comics #78DCNorse/Teutonic paganism
Thor Youngblood ImageNorse/Teutonic paganism
NebelhexaHelgaWarrior Nun Areala Antarctic PressNorse/Teutonic paganism
 GulnarRobin HoodRobin of Sherwood TV seriesHTV/Goldcrest; ITVNorse/Teutonic paganism
Doctor StratosConstantine StratosSupermanAdventures of Superman #431 (1987)DCGreco-Roman classical religion
Ampharon DefendersDefenders #s 2-4MarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
 AchelousHercules MarvelGreco-Roman Classical Religion
Vulcan the Firelord The Specials Regent EntertainmentGreco-Roman Classical Religion
Attuma Sub-Mariner, Avengers, etc. MarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
Beti-Ma CatwomanCatwoman #s 20-24, etc.DCEgyptian classical religion
Heka-Nut Magik, Mirage, AshakeMystic Arcana: Magik #1 (2007)MarvelEgyptian classical religion
AkhenatenAmenhotep IVAvengers, X-Men, Defenders, etc. MarvelEgyptian classical religion
Living PharaohAkasha MartinezSpider-ManSensational Spider-Man Vol. 1 #s 19-20; Civil War Battle Damage ReportMarvelEgyptian classical religion
 Leila O'TooleHavok, WolverineMarvel Comics Presents #s 24-31MarvelEgyptian classical religion ("cult of the Pharaoh")
High Priest Havok, WolverineMarvel Comics Presents #s 24-30MarvelEgyptian classical religion ("cult of the Pharaoh" leader)
 AhmedHavokMarvel Comics Presents #s 29MarvelEgyptian classical religion ("cult of the Pharaoh" priest)
Anubis the JackalAraamses / Ahmad AzisMoon KnightMoon Knight Vol.2 #1MarvelEgyptian classical religion (priest of Anubis)
 NephrusThe Living Mummyhigh priest of pharaoh Aram-SetMarvelEgyptian classical religion
Master MidnightTemujinMaster Midnight Worldwinz StudiosEgyptian classical religion
Black Priest Chuck Magnon, the Immortal Man Street and SmithEgyptian classical religion
Aram-SetAramemnisuLiving Mummy, Moon Knight MarvelEgyptian classical religion
Ba'alBa'al-HadadWolverine, Blaze MarvelMespotamian god
Dredmund Druid / The DruidDredmund CromwellNick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America MarvelDruidism
Alchemoid Captain America MarvelDruidism
 Yucoya-TzinFantastic FourStrange Tales Vol.1 #88; Fantastic Four Unlimited #7MarvelAztec (elder priest)
Zuma  Aztec comics and Zuma films Aztec
Tezcatcatl Los Hermanos Numeros (The Number Brothers)on Angel in BuffyverseFox for the WB NetworkAztec
Doctor Ketzal Olympio TintinAztec
Aztec Mummy Mil Mascaras (Thousand Masks)  Aztec
 ChechenSupermaya Editorial NovaroMaya
ScalphunterJohn GreycrowX-Menmember of MaraudersMarvelNative American
Birdwoman of the Swamp Superboy DC / Alexander SalkindNative American
 Passing CloudHulk MarvelNative American
Renark the RavagerRenarkThing, Alpha Flight MarvelNative American
Anung-Ite Blaze, She-Hulk, Warpath MarvelNative American
Adversary / Great Trickster Forge; X-MenNative American trickster-godMarvelNative American
Injun Joe Daredevil, Punisher, Captain AmericamobsterMarvelNative American
 RedbladeDoctor Strange, Nick Fury MarvelNative American (Huachaqua Apache)
 Red WolfRawhide Kid MarvelNative American (Apache)
Witch WomanLinda LittletreesGhost Rider (Blaze) MarvelNative American (Apache)
Snake Dance__ LittletreesGhost Rider (Blaze) MarvelNative American (Apache)
 Roaring BearTwo-Gun Kid MarvelNative American (Apache)
 Tom TallwolfBatman; John ProudbirdThe Brave and the Bold #71 (1967)DCNative American (Kijowa)
 Black FeatherKid Colt MarvelNative American (Comanche)
 Towering OakPhantom Rider MarvelNative American (Sioux or Comanche)
Devil RiderWhite BowRed Wolf MarvelNative American (Comanche)
 Grey FoxGunhawks MarvelNative American (Cheyenne)
Ursa, the Man-Bear  Red Wolf MarvelNative American (Cheyenne)
WildrunRed FoxAvengers, Fantastic Four, Force Worksmember of AnachronautsMarvelNative American (Cheyenne)
 James "Jimmy" LittlehawkAmerican Eagle MarvelNavajo traditional religion
ArachneSylvie YacquaWest Coast Avengers, Spider-Woman MarvelPacqui Indian (Native American)
HarpoonKodiak NoatakX-Menmember of MaraudersMarvelInuit
Ice Princess Captain Americamember of FemizonsMarvelInuit
Moon Wolf X-Men MarvelInuit
  Super Green Beretfollowers of Simba, the lion god of the volcano Mokuru, who kidnap Peace Corps workers for human sacrificeLightningAfrican primal-indigenous religion
Man-ApeM'BakuBlack Panther, Avengers, etc. MarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion; White Gorilla cult
El Gato Omega the UnknownOmega the Unknown #s 4-5 (1976)MarvelSanteria
Black Talon IISamuel David BaroneAvengersAvengers vol. 1 #152; West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #s 1-2; Vision and Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #s 1-2; Wonder Man vol. 2 #25; She-Hulk vol. 2 #s 33-35; Captain America 410-414; Deadpool vol. 3 #29MarvelVodoun priest/houngan
Papa Shorty The ZombieTales of the Zombie #s 5 (1974)MarvelVodoun priest/houngan
Black Talon III Howard the DuckHoward the Duck vol. 2 #9 (1981)MarvelVodoun priest/houngan
Mama Limbo Brother VoodooStrange Tales vol. 1 #172-173; Tales of the Zombie #6MarvelVodoun priestess
Black TalonDesmond DrewBrother VoodooStrange Tales vol. 1 #s 172-173 (1974); Tales of the Zombie #6MarvelVodoun
Damballah Brother VoodooStrange Tales vol. 1 #s 169-170 (1973); Dr. Strange vol. 2 #48MarvelVodoun
Voodoo Master Invisible Hood QualityVodoun
Voodoo Child Randi Wallace/She-Wolf of London Finnegan-Pinchuk Company / MTE Inc.Vodoun
Voodoo Child Tommy Dawkins, Big Wolf on Campus YTVVodoun
Mister Six The ZombieTales of the Zombie #s 2, 4-5, 9 (1973)MarvelVodoun
The Apparition"Shocks" MarleyGhost Rider (Blaze) MarvelVodoun
 Antoinelle ArcenauxGambit MarvelVodoun
Ultra-ZombieEmery James ArcenauxGambit MarvelVodoun
Gaia Rites Captain MiracleCaptain Miracle #1Holy ComicsPagan LGBT
Satan Warrior Nuns, Catholic Corps Antarctic PressSatanism
Baron von Staler Solomon Kane MarvelSatanism
Demon Foster Warrior Nuns, Catholic Corps Antarctic PressSatanism
 Julius SalviusWarrior Nun Areala Antarctic PressSatanism
Agathon SatanaHaunt of Horror#5 (January, 1975)MarvelSatanism
Asmodeus Moon Knight MarvelSatanism
Axe of ViolenceLizabeth Andrew "Lizzie" BordenWest Coast Avengers MarvelSatanism
 Schuyler BelialWerewolf by Night MarvelSatanism
  Doctor Strange MarvelSons of Satannish (Satanism)
Donny and Moroni HellstormHellstorm #19MarvelSatanism (Church of Lucifer)
 Anton LupeskiDraculaTomb of Dracula I#45 (46,47 49,50 51 55 59)MarvelSatanism (leader of the Church of Satan, i.e., Church of the Damned, Cult of Satan, the Dark Church)
ApocalypseMr. KazarianMorbius MarvelDemon-Fire sect (leader); Satanism
AsmodeusDr. Charles BentonDoctor Strange, Defenders, Hellstorm Marveloccult; Sons of Satannish (leader); Satanism
evil town Pentecostals  occult Satanists
Asmodeus JonesOzzie PalmerDefenders Marveldemonolatry
Serpent Men Dr. Strange Marveldemonolatry
 Clara Benhardt, DugommierAdele Blanc-Sec Sud-Ouest; Casterman; Dark Horse; NBMdemonolatry
 Roger BarbatosTerror Marveldemonolatry
The Brotherhood Fatale (Desiree Hopewell)Powers that BeBroadwayThe Brotherhood (demonolatry)
Asmodeus Dimensional Man, Dracula MarvelEnclave (demonolatry)
Mordo's MinionsAdria, Demonicus, KaecilliusDoctor Strange Marveloccult
 Abdul AlhazredTarzan, Wolverine Marveloccult
 Carlton BeatriceShe-Hulk Marveloccult
RevenaKimberly BrittaSpirit Alpha-Omegaoccult
 Tabitha ArcanneGhost Rider (Blaze) Marvelwitch
 Ethan RayneBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Gang 20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPNChaos magician (devout)
MessiahAlden MaasFantastic Four MarvelExpanding Earth believer; would-be secular world savior
Fat HeadDr. Klaus MensaSupermanLois & Clark Season 4, Episode 22.Warner Bros. (DC)Dynomonics (Dianetics/Scientology)
Reverend YucJoon Moon YucHoward the Duck; HellstormHoward the Duck #s 6-7, 13-14MarvelYucchies (Unification Church) leader
Prof. Atheos Captain MiracleCaptain Miracle #1Holy ComicsHumanist
High EvolutionaryHerbert Edgar WyndhamThor, Hulk, Avengers, etc. MarvelTranshumanist
Dr. Sugerman Xombi MilestoneTranshumanist
The Holy Man Warrior Nun Areala"An evil atheist, the Holy Man... believes he has no soul and that there is no God... He sees his belief in the non-existence of God as a license for immoral behavior..."Antarctic PressAtheist
Doctor Thirteen / Ghost-BreakerTerrence Thirteen  DCAtheist
 Masahiro TakenakaThe Lagoon Companyco-leader of the terrorist group "Protectors of the Islamic Front" in "The Black Lagoon" manga and anime; self-described atheistShogakukan; Madhouseatheist
Angle ManAngelo BendWonder Woman, Flash, Catwoman DC"non-religious"
 Mitch CarsonAnt-Man (Eric O'Grady)S.H.I.E.L.D. agentMarvel"non-religious"
Darla Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPNanti-religious; Order of Aurelius
Masque X-Menmember of MorlocksMarvelmutant supremacism
Erg X-Menmember of MorlocksMarvelmutant supremacism
Bliss X-Menmember of MorlocksMarvelmutant supremacism
Chrome, Anne Marie Cortez, Fabian Cortez, Marco Delgado, Nance Winters, Exodus, Javitz, Katu, Kleinstock Brothers, Seamus Melloncamp, Milan, Neophyte, Senyaka, Spoor, Carmella Unuscione, Amelia Voght, Scanner, Joanna Cargill, Rakkus, Kamal, Orator, Decay, Gargouille, Projector, Barnacle, Rem-Ram, Static, Vindaloo X-MenAcolytesMarvelmutant supremacist worshippers of Magneto
RouletteVeronica SinclairJSA; Mister Terrific II DCFair Play
 Andrew Graynold, Natasha Haynesworth, Reeve Calder, Pandro Horovitz, Hildreth, Aan TaanuLegion of Night MarvelNew Age (Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship)
 Jonathon WhiteDoctor Strange, Topazagent of DormammuMarvelNew Age
 Philip LoebJetstream Kitchen SinkNew Age
Dr. RuneAnthony RuneMaze Agency ComicoNew Age; Zen
TaurusCornelius van LuntS.H.I.E.L.D., Avengersfounder of Zodiac crime organizationMarvelastrology
 Carmine TangoXcrimelord of ArcadiaDark Horseastrology
ZodiacAquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, VirgoAvengers, Defenders, Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvelastrology
Aquarius / Zodiac / One-Man ZodiacDarren BentleyAvengers, Ghost Rider Marvelastrology
Mr. Zodiac / Mister ZodiacAstroSpider-Man Marvelastrology; Mesopotamian
Astrologer Black Widow Marvelastrology; hippie
Angar the ScreamerDavid Alan AngarDaredevil, Captain America, Nick Fury, Thunderbolts MarvelHippie
Birkenstock The Specials Regent EntertainmentHippie
FirebrandRick DennisonIron Man, Avengersterrorist in Terra Tactics (a violent environmentalist group): Iron Man III#4 (5(fb), 4,5, Avengers III#0Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
FirebrandBroxtelSpider-Man, Cloak and Dagger, New Warriorsmember of eco-terrorist group Force of NatureMarvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
Terraformer New Warriorsmember of eco-terrorist group Force of NatureMarvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
Brother NatureMark DieringCaptain AmericaCaptain America I#336 (December, 1987)Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
SunstreakDr. Jenny BurkeNightwatchNightwatch #5Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
ImpulseDwight HubbardNew Warriorsmember of Psionex; New Warriors I#4 (15,16,[17], 52,[53], 60, 63,64Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
 Tess WalkerSub-MarinerNamor I#26 (27-28, 29d)Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalist
Ecotage (Monkey Wrench, Pick Axis, Paul + Bunyan) Wolverine, Terror Inc.extreme faction of the Nature Defense League; Wolverine vol. 2, #58-59Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalists
Project: Earth Omar Barrenos, Li Muan Ho, Michael Shauneghan, Sasha Yamir, Madeline BaldwinNew Warriors Marvelfundamentalist Environmentalists
"environmental fanatics" Superboy, Hogan Construction DC / Alexander Salkindfundamentalist Environmentalists
SkybreakerAireoFantastic Four; New Warriorsmember of eco-terrorist group Force of NatureMarvelfundamentalist Environmentalist; Inhuman religion (lapsed)
The Manatee The Specials Regent EntertainmentEco-terrorist
Snowbird Gay Guyserial killer and anti-fur trade activist; created by John ByrneThe Emery WealAnimal Rights
Anything ManJeff ColtDefenders MarvelAnimal Rights
Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Spider-ManSextet of youths that freed animals being experimented upon, left an effigy of a scientist stabbed by a scalpel, and were scared off by Spider-Man after encountering him: Web of Spider-Man Annual#2MarvelAnimal Rights
Giraffe-Man, Great Horned Owl-Man, Pig-Man, Rabbit-Woman Great Lakes Avengers; AvengersAni-MenMarvelAnimal Rights
Quack The Specials Regent EntertainmentAnimal Rights
Man-Killer / AmazonKatrina Luisa Van HorneDaredevil, Iron Man, Thunderbolts MarvelRadical Feminist
Andrea Ghost Rider MarvelRadical Feminist
SuperiaDeidre WentworthCaptain America MarvelRadical Feminist
Medulla Super Friends Hanna-BarberaRadical Feminist
Virginia Woolf robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelFeminist
Armless Tiger ManHertzAngel Marvelpseudo-Luddite
Film FreakBurt Weston / EdisonBatwoman, Catwomanapparently 2nd villain to have this nameDCfilm
Tony P.Casanova FrankensteinCaptain Amazing, Mystery Men Dark Horse Entertainment; Universal StudiosDisco
Atlan Bloodstone Marvelmystic dolphin
Sigmund Freud robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelFreudianism
Nicola Machiavelli robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelMachiavellian
Friedrich Nietzsche robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelNietzscheanism
Plato robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelPlatonism
Socrates robot Spider-Man, New Warriors MarvelGreek philosophy
Architect of the Destruction of All WorldsMahapralayaHoward the Duck, Man-Thing MarvelNihilist; Cult of Entropy (leader)
 Casanova FrankensteinCaptain Amazing, Mystery Men Dark Horse Entertainment; Universal StudiosEpicureanism
Gypsy MothSybil DvorakSpider-Woman MarvelHedonism cult (leader)
 RobertsonCanadiana Sandy CarruthersHedonism cult (leader)
Tagon Batman and the OutsidersBatman and the Outsiders #27 (1985)DCAbyssian priest
 Vera GeminiDoctor Strange, Devil-Slayer MarvelAgents of Fortune sect (leader)
The Lion of ShemKing AkhiromAbdashtarth, Mazdak, RufiaSavage Sword of Conan#36 (December, 1978)MarvelAkhirom worship
Nagala Defenders, Radioactive Man, Sub-Mariner MarvelAt'La'Tique
Fathom Five (Bloodtide, Dragonrider, Llyron, Manowar, Sea Leopard) Sub-Mariner, Thunderbolts MarvelAt'La'Tique
LlyronLlyron MackenzieSub-Mariner, Thunderbolts MarvelAt'La'Tique
 AldebronStar Masters MarvelAxi-Tun religion
Baroness Blood__ CromwellUnion Jack, Invaders MarvelBaron Blood vampire Holy Grail cult (leader)
Sonantine The Darkness Top CowBrotherhood of Darkness (leader)
  Judge Dredd 2000 A.D.Brotherhood of Darkness
  Agent X MarvelChupacabra death cult
General Vicar, Prefects, Supreme Pontiff, false pope X-Mensought to bring about false Rapture to topple Catholic Church: [Uncanny X-Men#395], (named) 397, (seen) 399 (400(fb), [395, 396], 397, 399,400, 407(fb), 409, 422, [423], 424MarvelChurch of Humanity
General Blackblood Hammersteinassociated with A.B.C. Warriors2000 A.D.Church of Judas
SpeakeasyWalter SlocumGhost Rider, PunisherDarkhold#5, Marvel Comics Presents#145/3MarvelChurch of the Resurrection
The Reverend / RevSamuel "Sammy" SmithPunisherPunisher Vol.2 #4-5MarvelChurch of the Saved (leader)
Keena PunisherPunisher Vol.2 #4-5MarvelChurch of the Saved
Eda, Yolanda, Rico The Lagoon Companyfeatured in "The Black Lagoon" manga and anime; operatives dress as Catholic nuns and priestsShogakukan; MadhouseChurch of Violence
Tiger Mynn Iron Man III#46 MarvelChurch of Yinsen
  Wolverine MarvelCoven cult
  Batwoman, The Question DCcult of Cain
  Tim Hunterin Books of MagicDC/VertigoCult of the Cold Flame
 Anubia, Caiman, Harrier, PiranisScarlet Spider MarvelCult of the Jackal
Teacher Spider-Man MarvelCult of Love (leader)
 Adva, D'Chel, Perrikus, Slototh, Tokkots, Tserron, ZeliaThor MarvelDark Gods
Morgan Le Fey Avengers, Spider-Woman MarvelDarkholders cult (leader)
Samisdat Shang-ChiThe Dawning Light was a subversive terrorist organization disguised itself as a religious movement. The organization was destroyed by Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu: Master of Kung Fu #93-95MarvelDawning Light (leader)
GorgonTomi ShishidoS.H.I.E.L.D.; Wolverine MarvelDawn of the White Light (leader)
 Matsu'o TsurayabaX-Men, Daredevil, Nomad, Punisher MarvelDeath Touch Cult (leader)
 AkatoraWolverinekidnapped and brainwashed Amiko: Wolverine II#107-109MarvelDeath Touch Cult (leader)
 GhaurEternals, Avengers, Black Panther MarvelDeviants chief priest
Dark MessiahMordecai JonesDaredevil, Black Widow MarvelDisciples of Doom (leader)
Josiah, Macabee, UriahMordecai JonesDaredevil MarvelDisciples of Doom
Encoders S.H.I.E.L.D. MarvelNick Fury worship
Victorious Captain America, Thing, Man-Thing MarvelEntropists (leader)
WildmoonPastor WildmoonShe-Hulk MarvelFirst Church of the Magnetic Anomaly (leader)
Junzo Muto Iron Fist MarvelThe Hand cult
 Ervil AllredHellstorm MarvelJericho Monastery (hid as monk)
Lunatic LegionBron Char, Dylon Cir, Ciry, Galen Kor, Klynn, Kona Lor, Talla Ron, Tallun, Tok, Hunter, Jordann, Rojett, SkreamerAvengers, X-Men, etc. MarvelKree religion
Touan Naga Felina Circus; Pilote; Glenat; DargaudKriss sect (leader)
Jinku Avengers MarvelLava Men; magic
The Astronomer heroic AcesWild Cards novelsBantam, Baen"Masons" sect (leader)
Savior Justice (N.U.) MarvelMillennias (leader)
The Master, Luke, Collin the Anointed One, Thomas, Colin, Jesse McNally, Claw, Andrew Vorba, Zachary, The Three, Absalom, Bob, Jane, Ned, Walt, Tara, etc. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scooby Gang 20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPN; Dark HorseOrder of Aurelius (vampire sect)
 CranusQuicksilverQuicksilver #3MarvelPolemachus religion (priest)
 AnskarAvengers MarvelPolemachus religion (priest)
Varnae Bible John, Blade, John Blaze, Brother Voodoo, Conan, Dr. Strange, Kull, Red Sonja. Thor, etc. Marvelpre-Cataclysm Atlantis religion
Spirit Of VengeanceWileaydus AutolycusWarlock; Guardians of the GalaxySarks are militaristic, fanatically religious; Theocratic monarchy: Strange Tales Vol.1 #179; Guardians Of The Galaxy #12-14, 35, Annual 1MarvelSark religion (former priest)
Mahmud Archer and Armstrong ValiantThe Sect (leader)
Priest Green LanternAction Comics Weekly #s 623-625 (1988), 632-635; Green Lantern Special #2; Green Lantern vol. 3 #s 1-2, 17-19DCSelsian
Serpent-Men Conan MarvelSet worship
Menkara   MarvelSet worship (priest)
LlyraLlyra Morris / Laura MorrisSpider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, etc. MarvelSet worship (priestess)
Baron ZebekZebekMicronauts, Alpha Flight MarvelShadow Priests
 SamedarX-Men MarvelShi'ar religion
Alake Avengers MarvelShi'ar religion
Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Maya, Puishannt, Unthinnk Defenders, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing MarvelSix-Fingered Hand
Zaladane"Zala Dane"X-Men, Ka-Zar, Nick FuryUncanny X-Men 115-116, 249-250, 274-275, Annual 12; Astonishing Tales vol. 1 #s 3-5; Marvel Fanfare vol. 1 #s 3-4; What If? #s 46-47MarvelSun People (Savage Land) chief high priestess
  Jack of Hearts MarvelSurvivalists cult
 Karlis ParHawkmanHawkworld vol. 2 #12 (1991)DCThanagarian High Priest of Aiwar
Magus, Black Knights, Grand Inquisitors, Matriarch Adam Warlock, Thanos, Pip the Troll MarvelUniversal Church of Truth
Agent of Fortune Doctor Strange; Defenders MarvelVera's cult
The Armorer Hellstorm MarvelZahgurim worship
Abbot Thanademos Iron FistMarvel Comics Presents #111Marvelunnamed sect leader
The Goddess everyonefeatured in "Infinity Crusade" cross-over eventMarvelwould-be universal savior
Afterlife Dr. StrangeDr. Strange III#89: angel that became warped after many years on Earth, became evil creature in Afterlife dim, cured by Dr. StrangeMarvelangel
Tzadqiel Hellstorm Marvelangel
 Virginia DentataDV8member of a sect-like group of gen-active teensWildstormreligious
Agent of Heaven, Agent of Hell, Agent of the Realm Between Man-Thingknown collectively as CriticsMarvelreligious
Corpii Trip Munroefeatured in Hoxum & Hex, created by Clive Barker: "interdimensional religious warriors who are ruthless, bloodthirsty, and extremely polite"Marvel/Razorlinereligious
Jaguar Priest The Thing, Skull the Slayer Marvelreligious
Gazer / War X-Menformerly a mutan NASA employee aboard space station; became "War" of the Four Horsement of ApocalypseMarvelreligious
TorchClaude WeaverThe Lagoon Companya mercenary in "The Black Lagoon" manga and anime; claims to be religious; does not drink alcoholShogakukan; Madhousereligious
FoolkillerRoss G. EverbestMan-Thingvigilante, religious fanaticMarvelreligious
Spider-Priestess Tarantula Atlasreligious
Revelation Wolverine, Punisher Marvelreligious
The Deacon Jack-in-the-Box; The ConfessorKurt Busiek's Astro CityHomageunknown
The Sacred One The Angel Timelyunknown
Reverend Reaper Marshall Lincoln Slade, Phantom Rider Marvelunknown
Lucifer X-Men, Iron Man Marvelunknown
Zoroaster Vengeance MarvelN.A. (spider)

Other Notable Minor Characters

Name Notes Publisher Religious Affiliation
Rev. Larry VarvelSupergirl's minister: Supergirl vol. 4 #s 3-5, 10-11, 15, 33, 36-37, 39, 43-44, 49; Supergirl Plus #1DCMethodist clergyman
Sylvia DanversSupergirl's mother; Church assistant studying for the ministryDCMethodist
Reverend Craigfather of Wolfsbane and Bridgit Shane; Marvel Graphic Novel #4: New Mutants; some issues of New Mutants; X-Men #94; Cable vol. 1 minus 1; Excalibur vol. I #93MarvelScots Presbyterian minister
Reverend RuchingSandman Mystery Theatre #58 (1998)DC/VertigoPresbyterian minister
Pres. Ronald ReaganBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #2-4 (1986)DCPresbyterian
Rev. Norman McCaycentral character in DC Universe novel Kingdom Come, based on same-titled miniseriesDC; Warner/AspectDutch Reformed
Reverend DinswoodeSpectre, vol. 3 #45 (1996)DCEpiscopalian priest
Pastor Liamuncle? of Rachel Grey, slain by Shi'ar: *D*--Uncanny X-Men#466, (named) #467 ([467(fb)], 466, 467d)MarvelEpiscopalian priest
Reverend Jackson TolliverSpectacular Spider-Man #s 107-109; Web of Spider-Man #s 41-43MarvelEpiscopalian priest
Reverend Earl JamesHuman Target vol. 1 #1 (1999)DCEpiscopalian priest
Reverend Armitage "Bagsy" Hawsleycat-burgler from Sandman Midnight Theatre #1DCEpiscopalian priest
Whitney Fordmanboyfriend of Lana Lang, Clark's rival on SmallvilleWBEpiscopalian
Susan AlamoDoc Samson II#2/2: co-founder of Holy Alamo Christian Church, corpse displayed in hopes of imminent public resurrectionMarvelAlamo Christian Church
Vlad the CosmonautY: The Last Man #s 11-14DC/VertigoRussian Orthodox
Father Richard Craemeradvisor to Jim Corrigan/The Spectre and the Suicide SquadDCCatholic priest
Father Michael Bowenally of Cloak and Dagger; Dagger's uncle; friend of Karma: Marvel Team-Up vol. 1 #100; New Mutants vol. 1 #s 23-25; The Uncanny X-Men #196; Cloak & Dagger vol. 2 #3; Strange Tales vol. 2 #s 13-17; Cloak & Dagger vol. 3 #s 1-9, 11-13; and Marvel Comics Presents #115MarvelCatholic priest
Father Javier Sanchezbrother of Firebrand: Firebrand #s 1-2, 4-6, 8-9DCCatholic priest
Saint BrendanDr. Strange vol. 3, #11 (backup story); Marvel Chillers #1: Brendan of Ardfert and Clonfert; lived 486-577 AD; battled and bound Modred, removed Darkhold from its tower and scattered pagesMarvelCatholic priest
Rick Neilsen ("Rick the Vic")first app.: Hellblazer #63 (1993); also: #130 (more?): friend of John ConstantineDCCatholic priest
Father Ramon JoquezWerewolf by Night #s 2-3 (1972); entrusted with Darkhold by Jack RussellMarvelCatholic priest
Reverend Bob CumeoSt. Mary's Church: Daredevil vol. 2 #s 71-75 (2005)MarvelCatholic priest
Father Whitneyassociate of Nightcrawler; Nightcrawler miniseries Uncanny X-Men #423MarvelCatholic priest
O Padreassociate of Brazilian hero Tristao (Ronald Barcelos)Noticia AgoraCatholic priest
Father ArtemisHaunt of Horror#2MarvelCatholic priest
Father KellySwamp Thing vol. 2 #144 (1994): NYC priestDC/VertigoCatholic priest
Father BruegalSwamp Thing vol. 2 #148 (1994): German priestDC/VertigoCatholic priest
Father Donald GherardChallengers of the Unknown vol. 2 #1 (1991)DCCatholic priest
Father Timothy SanchezNight Force vol. 2 #4 (1997): agent of Night ForceDCCatholic priest
Father Rudolpho BoschelliDomino II#4: priest at Church of the Sacred Heart (in Chicago), where Domino and Lazarus were raisedMarvelCatholic priest
Father ThompsonCaptain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders #12 (1969)MarvelCatholic priest
Father LoweWitchcraft #2 (1994)DC/VertigoCatholic priest
Father Francisco GuzmanEl Diablo vol. 1 #2 (1889)DCCatholic priest
Father MendiguezAvengers Spotlight #24: in flashback to the time when Firebird got her powers, drives in a car with her, she leaves the car and finds the meteor which gives her the powersMarvelCatholic priest
Father KnoxSecret Origins vol. 2 #10 (1987)DCCatholic priest
Father Anuncio Dark HorseCatholic priest
Father PeroneMarvel Comics Presents (vol. 1)#s 46-48MarvelCatholic priest
Father AnuncioGrendel: Red, White & Black #1 (2005)Dark HorseCatholic priest
Father Kevin Grassvengers Spotlight#31/2 (32/2-34/2MarvelCatholic priest
Father Peter Cliftonfriend and ally of AvengelyneMaximum/ImageCatholic priest
Father DelvauxBeware the Creeper vol. 2 #2 (2003)DCCatholic priest
Father DonBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #2, 4 (1986)DCCatholic priest
Father AimesGiant-Size Dracula#4MarvelCatholic priest
unnamed priestally of Austrlian hero "The Cat"Southern AuroraCatholic priest
unnamed priestconvinced criminal to go straight: X-Men Unlimited #32MarvelCatholic priest
unnamed priestX-Factor Vol.1 #40 (May 1989)MarvelCatholic priest
Bishop Anselm; Bishop William Ahern; Father Benedict RuddSpectre vol. 3 #31 (1995)DCCatholic priests
Cardinal Shochigh-ranking leader of Church's Defense Units (including Warrior Nun Areala)Antarctic PressCatholic cardinal
Cardinal Starkhigh-ranking leader of Church's Defense Units (including Warrior Nun Areala)Antarctic PressCatholic cardinal
Archbishop MogatusiAnimal Man #13 (1989)DCCatholic Archbishop
Enzo FerraraTomb of Dracula vol. 4 #s 1-4: one of Noah van Helsing's vampire huntersMarvelCatholic (former Jesuit priest)
Dr. Michael Heron (Mickey Heron)Haunt of Horror #s 4-5 (1974): trauma surgeon, ally of SatanaMarvelCatholic (former priest)
Jimmy CruzHaunt of Horror#4; Marvel Preview#7 (Summer, 1976)MarvelCatholic priest; Camarilla of the N'Garai
Sister Maggiemother of Matt Murdock (Daredevil); became a nun after leaving Matt's father Jack: Daredevil vol. 1 #s 229-230, 233, 267, 295, 380, 325, 348-349; 375; vol. 2 #s 4-5, 8; Punisher vol. 3 #18MarvelCatholic nun
Sister Angelique MarvelCatholic nun
Sister SalvationWolverine vol. 2, #s 18-23MarvelCatholic nun
Sister FrenzyWarrior Nun Areala supporting characterAntarctic PressCatholic nun
Sister HelenWarrior Nun Areala supporting characterAntarctic PressCatholic nun
Sister Christinestudent of Warrior Nun ArealaAntarctic PressCatholic nun
Sister Cynthia HastingsAction Comics #s 601-608DCCatholic nun
Sister PerpetuaX-Man #s 71-74: Nicola, mutantMarvelCatholic nun
unnamed nunLois & Clark Season 4, Episode 7: "Dead Lois Walking"Warner Bros. (DC)Catholic nun
unnamed nunsAAMIR - former agent of Daid-Khan, resisted plan to kill children, quit with aid of Cable, assisted a group of children + nuns in returning home: Soldier X #7MarvelCatholic nuns
Sister Twysterassociate of BadgerFirstCatholic nun (former Nazi)
Warrior Nun ArealaIn 1066 a Scandinavian girl named Auria who was born to a pagan father and a Christian mother. She became Valkyrie warrior serving Odin, then renounced paganism, converted to Christianity, changed name to Areala and founded order of Warrior NunsAntarctic PressCatholic nun (former Norse/Teutonic pagan)
Sister Katrinaa novice on the brink of taking her final vows who was undergoing a crisis of faith; one-time love interest of Gambit: Gambit vol. 2 #s 1-4MarvelCatholic novice
Jackson Daviessergeant, Gotham City Police Department's Major Crimes Unit: Gotham Central #s 1-5, 8, 11-17, 20, 22, 27, 33-36; Detective Comics #784DCCatholic
Jeryn Hogarthchief lawyer and business assistant for Danny Rand (Iron Fist) at Rand Corp.MarvelCatholic
Amanda Bloomlove interest of Kyle XYABC FamilyCatholic
Margaret CorcoranBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #2 (1986): Gotham crime victimDCCatholic
Arnold CrimpBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #2 (1986): mentally disturbed killer "vigilante"DCCatholic
Peppi SpandeckBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #2 (1986): Gotham shop ownerDCCatholic
Kelvin GossageGotham City police detective in Batman comicsDCCatholic
Tommy ColavitoBlack Lightning's police contactDCCatholic
Saint Brendenally of MerlinMarvelCatholic
RamonKapitan Kidlat's sidekickKapitan Kidlat radio show; PSG PublicationsCatholic
Thomasformer altar boy; became criminal; his priest convinced him to go straight: X-Men Unlimited #32MarvelCatholic
Janet Ruizgirlfriend of Jeffrey Piper, NYPD star of Code of Honor Limited Series (1997)MarvelCatholic
Reverend Hiram ShawX-Men: Hellfire Club #1 (Jan 2000): sorcerer supreme in 1692MarvelCatholic; occult
Reverend William Conoverally of X-Men and the Punisher: Uncanny X-Men #s 232-234; X-Men vs Brood: Day of Wrath #s 1-2; Punisher vol. 3 #s 12-16MarvelRevivalist Protestant minister
Pastor Oliver Matheson (and Sarah Matheson)Ghost Rider I#71MarvelProtestant pastor
Pastor Kaleancestor of Ghost Rider of World War IMarvelProtestant pastor
unnamed black pastorhelped Static quell riot between blacks and Jews in Static #5DC/MilestoneProtestant pastor
Agnes MartinonFirestorm, The Nuclear Man #s 77-79, 89 (1988-1989); Suicide Squad #25 (1989)DCProtestant Christian missionary
Emma La PorteX-Factor #1 (1986), #16: Emma tried forcing her attentions on Rusty Collins; he panicked; his mutant flame power ignited for the first time, burning Emma severely. Later Emma found solace in Christianity, refused to let Rusty make a deal with Masque to restore her looks, at the cost of Rusty's own. Emma remained in the Morlock tunnels to attempt to bring religion to them.MarvelProtestant Christian missionary
TiffanySandman vol. 2 #45, 49 (1993)DCEvangelical Protestant
Sgt. Charlotte JonesNYPD police officer; ally of X-Men; ex-girlfriend of ArchangelMarvelProtestant
Liam Connaughton MarvelChristian (Protestant or Catholic)
Reverend Howard AndrewsBlack Lightning vol. 2 #4 (1995)DCChristian (d.u., priest)
Aaron KearseX-Factor vol. 2 #s 1-4: member of Mutant Civil Rights Task ForceMarvelChristian (d.u., devout)
Byron BrassballsBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #3-4 (1986): advertising agentDCChristian (d.u.)
Patty JenkinsGotham nurse in Dr. Thompkins' free clinic; Detective Comics #799 (2004)DCChristian (d.u.)
Ambervampire painterMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Jenna BarnumSmallville High School student killed in shower by heat-sucking meteor freak Sean Kelvin. Smallville Season 1, Episode 5: "Cool"Warner Bros. (DC)Christian (d.u.)
Jericho NoleskiGrimJack #5FirstChristian (d.u.)
Ivan Tereshkov (a.k.a. "Kremlin")mentor to The Great Machine (Mitchell Hundred)DC/WildstormChristian Marxist Communist
DominiTomb of Dracula I#45 (46,47 49,50 51 55 59)MarvelChristian (d.u., raised on convent); Satanism (former High Priestess of the Church of the Damned)
Messianic figureAvengers I#178: A hologram, illusion, robot, or other, it appeared before the Manipulator's victims, claiming to be dying to save them from themselves. It confronted the Beast before being seemingly consumed by a lighting bolt, and later before agents Marsden and Stern.MarvelJudeo-Christian
AbelBiblical legend, son of Adam and Eve, killed by Cain, survived on or reincarnated, Boarding House of Mystery, has severe mental limitations due to a rock imbedded in his head: Howard the Duck vol. 3 #s 4-5MarvelJudeo-Christian
Kayla Ballantine MarvelJudeo-Christian
The FriendGhost Rider vol. 1 #s 9 (1974), 15, 18-19; Howard the Duck vol. 3 #s 3-4MarvelJesus Christ (maybe)
Rabbi Akiba and his Golemin Scorpion #3AtlasJewish rabbi
Rabbi RavaIn The Monolith series, the individual who was in charge of the magic knowledge that was used to create The Monolith.DCJewish rabbi
Rabbi Kelmanhelped Static quell riot between blacks and Jews in Static #5DC/MilestoneJewish rabbi
Reb ChaimAlly of Doom Patrol; helped them stop Joseph Della Reina's attempt to force the Messiah to come prematurely. Doom Patrol #s 84-87 (January 1995)DCJewish rabbi
Rabbi Sinnowitzclose friend/ally of XombiDC/MilestoneJewish rabbi; occult
Amanda Robertsonex-wife of Randy Robertson, who is a friend of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and son of Daily Bugle chief Joe Robertson: Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 2 #s 112-115, 117-119, Annual 9; Web of Spider-Man #38, 50, 58, 77-78; Spider-Man 140, 142, 147, 150, 158, 161; Peter Parker: Spider-Man #17MarvelJewish
Oberonadvisor to Mister Miracle; was right-hand man of Maxwell Lord, associated with JLADCJewish
Samuel Bernsteinex-husband of Captain America's girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal; organizer of the Jewish Protection Organization; fought Captain America; Captain America #s 275-276, 284 (1982-1983), 427MarvelJewish
Michael Schorrformer boyfriend of Wonder WomanDCJewish
Aurora Rabinowitzadmirer and ally of Dracula in Tomb of DraculaMarvelJewish
Sheva Josephformer Mossad agent; now S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; War Machine supporting characterMarvelJewish
Gabrielle HallerIsraeli ambassador to Great Britain; Charles Xavier's former lover; mother of Xavier's son David Haller ("Legion")MarvelJewish
FriedaStatic #s 5-7 (1993): Jewish friend of black superhero Static's alter ego; they try to a black villain's racially-motivated attacks on Jewish synagoguesMilestoneJewish
Heather & Heidi HartleY: The Last Man #s 12-15DC/VertigoJewish
Estherobject of young Red Skull's unrequited loveMarvelJewish
Leo ZelinskyAmazing Spider-Man #502: NYC-based tailor for super-heroes and super-villains (clearly Jewish character uses Yiddish expressions throughout story, speaks of God and his experience in a concentration camp in Poland during World War II.)MarvelJewish
Micah RainsBoston private detective; friend of Wonder WomanDCJewish
Goody RickelsGalaxy Broadcasting Sytem Research Staff; ally of Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent; first appearance; Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #139 (July 1971)DCJewish
golems Boaz and Joachimallies of XombiDC/MilestoneJewish
Meyer BanciewiczMarvel Boy's grandfatherMarvelJewish
Irving BankMarvel Boy's fatherMarvelJewish
Dr. Ruth WestheimerBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #3 (1986)DCJewish
WeaselDeadpool's best friend; computer hacker and technologistMarvelJewish
Archie the GruesomeComedy Comics #10 (June 1942): yamulke-wearing would-be ally of Captain AmericaTimelyJewish
Sydney E. Levine ("the Gaffer")overall head of SHIELD's scientific branchMarvelJewish
German Jewish Einstein-like professorrescued from Hitler by the Shadow in The Shadow Strikes #20DCJewish
David Eshcolhis Star of David necklace repulsed Dracula in Tomb of Dracula #27MarvelJewish
Joshua Markewiczinterned in Auschwitz, where he witnessed The Unknown Soldier in action; Unknown Soldier #1DC/VertigoJewish
Solomon O'Sullivanally of X-ForceMarvelJewish
Hannah Levymutant who could only metabolize insects; became non-mutant on M-Day, was helped by Bishop and Stg. JonesMarvelJewish
Benjamin AbramovIsrael Mossad agent, former mercenary and ally of Marc Spector, alerted Spector to existence of Slayer Elite, shot in the back and killed by Master Sniper: Moon Knight I#17dMarvelJewish
Abraham Adamson, Jason Adamson, Rebecca AdamsonAbraham (archaeologist) and his family; Abraham's spirit reanimated the Golem: Strange Tales I#174, 176-177MarvelJewish
Pontius Pilotin "The Barnstorming Money Lender"National LampoonJewish
16th century Golemin Strange Tales #177MarvelJewish
Revkie Klein, Anthony usps, Aunt Leah, Benny Resnick, Farfel, Franz Nodrogovich, Fruma, Ludmila Novakova, Mrs. Elka Klein, Nina, Pavel Novak, Prof. Joe Klein, Reb Zushe, Shaina Resnick, Tamir Bookman, Cousin DannyJewish supporting cast in Mendy and the Golem seriesMendy EnterprisesJewish
Agent X (Lt. Cynthia Glass)spy, ally of Captain America: Adventures of Cap1(2-4d)MarvelJewish Bundist
Quirkgirlfriend of Hulk 2099; real name: Naomi Soon-Li-Torrijos-Washington; singer; 2099 Unlimited #1-6 (1993); Spider-Man 2099 #25; Ravage 2099 #25; Hulk 2099 #s 1-6; 2099 AD #1Marvelethnically part-Jewish
Angelatwin sister of Dimensional Man (Joshua)MarvelJewish (ethnic); Enclave (demonolatry, raised)
Kamilah GoldsteinStar Trek: Starfleet Academy #6Marvel/ParamountJewish Muslim
Ferdnand HedayetCaptain America vol. 4 #s 21-25: framed by al-Quaeda members, he was wrongfully interred at Guantanamo Bay, he was rescued by Cap, but was returned thereMarvelMuslim
Abu Ho Dadi, Prince of ThievesHoward the Duck Annual #1MarvelMuslim
FarisaDecimation: House of M: The Day After (2005): colleague of Pete Wisdom in MI-13 (British intelligence agency, superhuman division)MarvelMuslim
al-AdilSayf ad-Din Abu Bakr al-Malik al-Adil: Marvel Fanfare I#52-53MarvelMuslim
Hamid Imran AbbasGeneration M #4: murdered for being MuslimMarvelMuslim
Mahmud AbbouthalimaIncredible Hulk Vol.3 #36MarvelMuslim
Turhan Barim MarvelMuslim
Al-Adil MarvelMuslim
AbdulArabian intelligence agent, investigated activities of the Robot-Master, encountered Spider-Man: Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 2 #68MarvelMuslim
Faith Bradleywife of Isaiah Bradley, a.k.a. Weapon 0, precursor to Captain America and alternative Earth Captain America; grandmother of Patriot of the Young Avengers: Truth: Red, White, & Black #s 1-5,7; Crew #s 5-6; Young Avengers #s 7-8MarvelMuslim (convert)
David SaidAgent and leader in Checkmate; Detective Comics #s 768-771, 774 (2002); Batman: Gotham Knights #s 38-40 (2003)DCMuslim? (Lebanese)
Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior"The Three Wise Men" who visited the Christ child, later met the Watcher: Marvel Comics Presents #17MarvelZoroastrian magi?
Sarapha Singh and Jakuna Singhbrother and sister; Shanna the She-Devil #s 2, 4-5; Daredevil vol. 1 #111; Savage Tales vol. 1 #9MarvelSikhs
Hubert van KlykSuperman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #42 (1960); millionaire hermitDCHindu swami
Krista MarwanDeath Metal vs Genetix #2: intended mother of Death Metal's childMarvelHindu
AgniVedic/Hindu fire god: Marvel Universe: The End #2MarvelHindu
Wayfinder's followersThey bore an unexplained resemblance to a number of Hindu Gods, even having the same names as Agni, the god of fire and purification; Kali, the goddess of destruction; Mara/Maya, the goddess of dream; and Yama, the god of the dead. They were the survivors of myriad worlds, gathered together by Wayfinder, and brought to Earth around one million B.C. in what would become India's Indus Valley/Bahawalpur.MarvelHindu
The NestAgni, Brahma, Kali, Mara, Ratri, Shiva, Vishnu, Yama DharmaMarvelHindu
Atar / Agni MarvelHindu
unnamed monkVietnamese monk that transformed Tod Holton into "Super Green Beret"LightningBuddhism
Frederick "Fred" TuckmanChief Mayoral Advisor (under Mayor Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow) and then mayor of Star City; became mayor self-identifies as Buddhist: Green Arrow #75 (2007), page 12DCBuddhism
unnamed monkrevived Craig Stirling, Richard Barrett and Sharron Macready after they died in a plane crash in Himalayas; gave them super-powers; they became The ChampionsITCTibetan Buddhism
Aged Genghis MarvelTibetan Buddhism; occult
Suzuki Shosan MarvelZen Samurai; Taoism
Three Lost Treasures of Tao MarvelTaoism
Kwan-ShuMaster Of Kung-Fu #41 (June 1976)Marvelpriest (Taoist?)
WongDetective Comics #39 (May 1940): unofficial mayor of Gotham City's ChinatownDCChinese Traditional Religion
AmaterasuJapanese goddess of the sun, helped watch over the Young Gods: Wolverine II#32MarvelShinto goddess
Ame-no-Kumari / Ame-no-Mi-Kumarigoddess of water: Ares#5MarvelShinto goddess
Susanoocreated the sword Kusanagi-No-Tsurguri seen in Black Axe #2, Daredevil: Ninja #3MarvelShinto god
Ota Yomaadoptive father of Sister Nun ArealaAntarctic PressShinto priest
Kizamutant featured in X-Men Unlimited #31MarvelShinto
Ceyoteone of the EternalsMarvelNative American
Wildcat SmithDeadly Dozen allyMarvelNative American
Richard LongtreeDeadly Dozen characterMarvelNative American
Edwinafrom X-Men "Brood" story: sought healing from Rev. ConoverMarvelNative American
Flaming StarPhantom Rider allyMarvelNative American
unnamed chiefanimated the TotemMarvelNative American
Black Deer, Chavis, Roberta Elk Step, Miriam, Nicky, Rain Falling West, Rebecca Rainbow, Marjorie Running Bear, Russell Running Bear, Silent Fox, Stalking Fox, Roberta Wingfoot, William Wingfoot, Wyatt Wingfoot MarvelNative American (Keewazi)
Ghost Wind RiderRed Wolf's loverMarvelNative American (Sioux or Comanche)
Tall BearKid Colt allyMarvelNative American (Comanche)
John Proudbirdbusiness mogul friend of Batman in The Brave and the Bold #71 (1967)DCNative American religion (Kijowa)
Blind OwlLogan allyMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
Buffalo SnortLogan characterMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
He Counts HorsesLogan characterMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
Old Wolf HeartLogan characterMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
She Watches the Sparrow HawkLogan characterMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
Melissa Sparrow BearRed Wolf characterMarvelNative American (Blackfoot)
Sam SilvercloudWitch-Woman's husbandMarvelNative American (Apache)
John Stands-In-TimberRed Wolf characterMarvelMashantucket Pequots
Billy Two-RiversRed Wolf characterMarvelMashantucket Pequots
LoriGhost Dance characterMarvelNative American (Hopi)
Ethan OwlGhost Dance characterMarvelNative American (Hopi)
Jeff Christiansen MarvelNative American (Cherokee)
Jedediah RavenstormSon of Satan/Thing characterMarvelNative American (Cherokee)
RedbirdAlpha Flight: Millennial VisionsMarvelNative American (Sarcee-Inuit)
Xoc MarvelNative South American
Tiger Jackally of Tex WillerSergio Bonelli EditoreNavajo traditional religion
Ward Strongbowbrother of American Eagle Navajo traditional religion
Ronson CarpenterDeadly Dozen allyMarvelNavajo traditional religion
Lilythwife of Tex WillerSergio Bonelli EditoreNavajo traditional religion
NightfireSon of Satan characterMarvelNavajo traditional religion
SkinwalkerMichael Devlin/St. George allyMarvelNavajo traditional religion
unnamed shamanNightfire's mentorMarvelNavajo traditional religion
Chakaally of Leatherneck RaidersMarvelInuit
NanookAlpha Flight characterMarvelInuit
Aningan KenojuakAvengers characterMarvelInuit (Bantu)
AhpuchMictlantechulti-real name; Mayan god of death, son of Tezcatlipoca, skeletal: Hunhau, Cumhau, Ah Kinchel (app)--Thor Annual#10MarvelMayan
Tupac AmaruAvengers I#370-371MarvelIncan
Aiomumkondigod worshipped by the Kamekeri: Avengers III#28MarvelIncan
Sierra Madres volcano Aztecsencountered the GunhawkAtlas/MarvelAztec
Kaylabriefly Wolverine's lover; Marvel Comics Presents #s 132, 134-136 (1993)Marvelpriestess of Temple of the Sun (Polynesian traditional religion)
Ancient Hawaiian Chief MarvelPolynesian traditional religion
Altjira, Baiame, Daramulum, Julunggul, Marmoo, Narahdarn MarvelAustralian Aboriginal traditional religion
AltjiraLongshot characterMarvelAustralian Aboriginal traditional religion (god)
Tammuz / Dumuzi MarvelMesopotamian god
Ullikummis / Ullikumis / Aleyin / Melqart / Telepinu / Aruna MarvelMesopotamian god
Anu MarvelMesopotamian god
Inanna MarvelMesopotamian goddess
Bailiff of Inanna MarvelMesopotamian religion
Achilles MarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
AeneasThor Annual #8; Avengers I#300MarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
Thorone of many minor deities in Neil Gaiman's SandmanDCNorse/Teutonic paganism
Moco Buchanon2099MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism: Church of Thor
Pilgrim Mosley WilsonFantastic Four 2099 #2MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism: Church of Thor (priest)
Lloyd Cullen, Willie Lawson (Loki), Lars +Trent SkoglundThor II#54 (Th58,IM64, Th63-66)MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism: Church of Asgard
Amergin MarvelDruidism
Lady Evainemother of original Black KnightMarvelDruidism (priestess)
Gwynn and Gwythr MarvelDruid gods
Ajysyt, Sudice, DolyaSoviet Super Soldiers#1: three "fates"MarvelRussian goddesses
Baba Yaga MarvelRussian witch goddess
AshakeAncestor of Storm; sorceress; worships Ra, Ma'at, Egyptian gods; Visited by Illyana Rasputin and Danielle Moonstar: New Mutants (vol. 1) #32, Mystic Arcana: Magic #1 (2007)MarvelEgyptian classical religion
Ammon Ra MarvelEgyptian classical religion
Anubis MarvelEgyptian classical religion (god)
Panther God (Bast) MarvelEgyptian classical religion (patron god to the Wakandans)
Ainetally of Storm: X-Men vol. 2 #s 76-78MarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion (village priestess)
Avlekete, Buluku, Dam-Ayido (Damballah), Eschu, Ezili, Kibuka, Legba, Lusa, Mahu, Ndriananahary, Nyame/Nyambe, Ogun, Sagbata (Baron Samedi), Shango/XeviosoAfrican gods: Thor I#300 (300(fb), 301, Thor Annual#10, Dr. Strange III#17/2, Thor#398MarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion
Akulia MarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion
Anansi (Kwaku Anansi)African trickster/spider god, son of Nyambe and Asase-Ya, possibly responsible for spider-powers of Ezekial +/- Spider-Man; Ananse, Spider-God, Bumba, Yiyi (app)--Thor I#398, (named) Amazing Spider-Man II#48 (48(fb), Thor398MarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion
Billy BlamelessVoodoo Child #1 (2007, character created by Nicholas Cage): witch doctor who gave Voodoo Child his powersVirginVodoun houngan (priest)
Mama Nettieally of Shadowman (Mike Leroi)AcclaimVodoun priestess
Dr. Lucian BalladNightmask's main ally: Nightmask #s 1-6, 8 (maybe more); Justice #s 15, 23; Star Brand #s 9, 17Marvel (NU)Vodoun
Denise Waters and Ellie WatersSilver Surfer vol. 4 #s 1-14 (2003-2004)MarvelVodoun
Sister VoodooMarvel Age Annual #3: Vanna Black (parody character)MarvelVodoun
Jezabel and Simi Baka MarvelVodoun
Laurent and Alexandre MarvelVodoun
Marj and Mercuryfriends of John Constantine, from "The Fear Machine" story arc in HellblazerDC/VertigoPagan
Raven HexSister of Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose; appears regularly in TarotBroadSwordWiccan
Anton DelacroixMantra#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2MarvelChurch of the Wicca (leader)
Arbogast HockleyGrendel: Red, White & Black #2 (2005)Dark Horseoccult witchcraft/magic
Cognoscenti (Al, Joshua Pryce, baby girl Steadbaur) Marveloccult
Murdoch Adams Marveloccult
Tim Alpert Marvelmysticism
Trish Starr Marveleclectic spiritual seeker, mysticism, meditation
Al Shaitan MarvelSatanism
Ruth Cummins, Gloria HeffordSatana charactersMarvelChurch of the Dark Father (Satanism)
A'ishah, Anton Devinenetwork for occult groups, currently based out fire lake: Hellstorm#13 (14, 15, 19)MarvelChurch of Lucifer (occult, Satanism)
Albino (Istvan)Thing: Freakshow#1 (1(fb) 1-4MarvelRoma/Gypsy
MagdalenaGhost Rider allyMarvelRoma/Gypsy
Duane FreemanAvengers government liason: Avengers vol. 3 #s 4-5, 24,25,27,35,43-44,49; Iron Man #15; X-51 #s 4-5; Thunderbolts #44; Maximum Security #1MarvelTriune Understanding (Scientology)
Marty Louis Smithfather of Tabitha Smith, a.k.a. Meltdown of the New Mutants, X-Force (X-Force #s 47-48, 87, minus 1; X-Factor vol. 1 #60)MarvelTriune Understanding (Scientology)
MishaScientist partner of Sam Lane (father of Lois Lane), Lois and Clark Season 4, Episode 22Warner Bros. (DC)Dynomonics (Scientology), former
Carter Clavenswealthy, powerful Yuppie killed by Dr. Mensa, his former Dynomonics leader, in Lois and Clark Season 4, Episode 22Warner Bros. (DC)Dynomonics (Scientology), former
WallaceHoward the Duck #6MarvelYucchies (Unification Church)
Baby Icon MarvelSpiritism
Ethyl Paprika MarvelRadical Feminist
Haskellecologically-motivated terrorist who is step-brother of lead character Danni in Burnout (2007), by Rebecca DonnerDC/Minxfundamentalist Environmentalist
Captain Airstrip-One MarvelOrwellian fascist
Acanti Singer-Prophetaided by the X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men #166MarvelAcanti prophet
Sai Anand, Socrates Cavropolis, Ivan MarvelAspects of Eternity
Brian Abelard, Alejandro Fuerrga, Roberta Lancer, Sharon McCay, Dennis St.Croix, Dominic, Walter DeanHaunt of Horror#4; Marvel Preview#7 (Summer, 1976); Haunt of Horror#5MarvelCamarilla of the N'Garai
Traci Austin MarvelChannel Master's crystal cult
 Micronauts alliesMarvelChurch of the Dreaming Star
Immortus of Earth-X/Kang The Immortal (Nathaniel Richards) MarvelChurch of Immortus (pope)
KelmizadekPunisher 2099#16MarvelChurch of the Identified Flying Object (Church of IFO)
 X-Statix#24 (August, 2004)MarvelThe Church of Naked Truth
Vickie WhitePunisher Vol.2 #4-5MarvelChurch of the Saved
HomerPunisher Vol.2 #4MarvelChurch of the Saved
Brother LouisPunisher Vol.2 #5MarvelChurch of the Saved
Homer, Keena, Louis, Phil, "Joe Rainey", Reverend Samuel "Sammy" Smith, Sandie Smith, Melissa White, Vickie White, others unnamedPunisher Vol.2 #s 4-5MarvelChurch of the Saved
Byron GreshamPunisher Vol.2 #4-5MarvelChurch of the Saved (preacher)
Galactic DefenderMicronauts Annual#1 (1979)MarvelChurch of Science
 Thunderbolts II#106MarvelChurch of the Universal Wellspring
Cory Paynewife of Devil-Slayer, a member of the DefendersMarvelcult of David
Mandy Grevilleally of Chang-Chi; member of Freelance RestorationsMarvelDawning Light (temporary)
K'Rill, N'Gil Thor #261MarvelDeonists
 Fantastic Four 2099 #2MarvelElvingelicals (Elvis Presley worshippers), Cobainians or even the Spider Worshippers
Reverend Wolfman SidAvengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (October, 1979)MarvelSecond Church of the Latter-Day Elvis
C'Rizzally of the Doctor (Doctor Who); first appeared in "The Creed of the Kromon"AtlasEuturpian priest
Winonahassociate of Eric the NorsemanHet Laatste NieuwsEuturpian priest
 Badger #47FirstHandmaidens of the Sacred Blood
PreacherUncanny X-Men Annuals 1995 and 1996: mutant precognitive artist, former boyfriend of Cannonball's little sister JoelleMarvelHumanity's Last Stand
Manderfather of Karnak and Triton, of the Inhumans; Karnak studied for the priesthood at the seminary where Mander teachesMarvelInhuman priest/philosopher
Carthus MarvelInhuman religion (clergy)
Alaris MarvelInhuman religion
Tonaja MarvelInhuman religion
 followed Jeremiah; also referred to as the Death Cult, the Death Crusade, and the Innocents of Hell in the titles and next issue blurbsMarvelInnocents of God
Bozo Samedi, Church High Council, General Incompetence, Reverend Circus Pants XVII, "Bajazzo" Army, Harlequin Battle-Suits, "Hobo" Armor Division, Kops Squad, Kops Special Forces Squad, Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force, "White Face" Bombing SquadLunatik #s 1-3MarvelInterstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance
Amber / Ahmbrafriend of Ultragirl, Kree spyMarvelKree religion
  MarvelKyln veneration
Elvannahired GrimJack; Starslayer #10-11; GrimJack #s 12, 19; etc.Firstlast follower of god Manwyyes
Father Abbot, Anarchis, Barnabbas, Gustav, Lei-Kung, Sacha, Ripley Weaverfeatured in St. George series and other Shadowline titlesMarvel/ShadowlineOrder of St. George priests
Astra MarvelPolemachus religion
Frank Anders, Veronica Anders MarvelPower Cult
AbdashtarthSavage Sword of Conan #36MarvelPteor worship (high priest)
Abdashtarthof the Hyborian era - resident of Asgalun of Pelishtia in Shem, former high priest of Pteor's sect, slain when refused to deny his religion in favor of Akhirom: Savage Sword of Conan #36MarvelPteor's sect (high priest)
MattenbaalSavage Sword of Conan #36MarvelPteor's worship (vice-priest); Akhirom worship (high priest)
Jack Abramsrecruited by Rev. William Stryker: New X-Men #21MarvelPurifiers
Cadre K (Z'Cann, Nuro, R'Tee, Goroth, Spunje, Fiz)mutant Skrulls organized by Charles Xavier to stop Skrulls from killing mutant Skrulls in the name of racial purityMarvelSkrull religion
Zihn TarakJustice Society of America #s 22-25 (2001)DCTalon of Truth priest (Thanagar)
Aquarianreal name: Wundarr; Adventures Into Fear #17; Marvel Two-In-One #2, 4; Ms. Marvel #15; Marvel Two-In-One #42; Marvel Two-In-One #53; Marvel Two-In-One #55-58; Captain America Annual 7; Quasar #4; Quasar #25; Quasar #28; Marvel Comics Presents #46; Spider-Man Team-Up #6MarvelWater Children (leader, prophet)
Donny and Mariesiblings of Billy the Monster: The Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #222 (1978)Marvelnon-LDS
Anielleangel? came to shore of Miami nude, encountered Gambit, sought by Olivier Stoker, sacrificed self to save Sister Katrina. blond woman. The Fallen--Gambit II#1 (2-4Marvelangel?
Armaros, Azazel, Esphares, Ezekeel, Gadriel, Hafaza, Sariel, TarielPunisher charactersMarvelangels
Afterlife, Agent of Heaven, Armaziel, Asura, Council of Thrones, Daniel, Esther, Golden Angel, Grigori, Hamael, Izadquiel, Lilith, Lucifer (fallen), Malachi (fallen), Micah (fallen; now Kazann), Pazuzu (fallen), Religion as Replacement for Thought Coalition, Ruth, Xaphan (fallen)servants of Abrahamic God, based in Heaven: Tomb of Dracula I#51 (Man-Thing I#6; Hellstorm#7,10 Howard the Duck III#3-6, Ghost Rider V#1-6Marvelangels
Blithefoe/ally of Supergirl; Supergirl vol. 4 #s 36 (1999), 39, 47, 50, 60, etc.DCEarth-born Angel
Ataros Marvelgod of video arcades
The RejectsAgrom, Boomer, Graw, Larrs, Nikoh, Spak, Vlon, Whilge, Zharkah, Zeopah, ZheopsMarvelMother Moon, the nature goddess
Snow Queen (Astriel) Marvelgoddess
Rune Marvelworshipped as a deity
God-Eater / Atum / Demogorge MarvelTerran god
Anomaly MarvelCosmic/Abstract Entity, Metaphysical Being
Apalla Marvelsentient star
Wally Johnsonally of Supergirl, claims to be God; Supergirl vol. 4 #s 4-6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19, 25DCGod?
Quoi / Sequoiason of MantisMarvelCelestial Messiah
Gibogaally of Leopard GirlAtlasghostly high priest
Marduk  high priest ruler of a dysonsphere
Marea / High Priestessassociate of Man-Thing: Marvel Comics Presents #3-11Marvelhigh priestess
unnamed priestMaster Of Kung-Fu #51 (April 1977)Marvelpriest
Veeda Leebre Captain Marvel Vol.2 #5Marvelreligious leader
Cameron Palmer Hayes ("Babe") Marvelreligious, visionary
Avatar (Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan) Marvelreligious
Ethicals (Akra, Kora) Marvelreligious
Agent BrownCanadian government C.S.I.S. liason for Omega FlightMarvelreligious
Adam K'admon Marvelreligious
Dark Angel (Kathisul Evin)Emissary of GalactusMarvelreligious
Arnold MuskBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #4 (1986): orbital journalistDCreligious
unnamed crippled beggarBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #3 (1986)DCreligious
unnamed religious manMaster Of Kung-Fu #27 (April 1975)Marvelreligious
Adam and EveKillraven characters: Amazing Adventures #27 (28, 29, 31)Marvelunknown

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