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The Religious Affiliation of
Comic Book Characters

"If people can't stand cartoons about religion, they've got a problem."
-- Frank Miller, author of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; Daredevil; Sin City; etc.
(28 February 2006)

Methodist | Presbyterian | Disciples of Christ (Stone-Campbell) | United Church of Christ (Congregationalist) | Episcopalian/Anglican | Lutheran | Baptist | Assemblies of God | Pentecostal | Eastern Orthodox | Quakers (Society of Friends) | Seventh-Day Adventists | Latter-day Saints | Catholic | Community Church | Evangelical Christian/Protestant/other Christian | angels, etc. | Hindu | Jain | Sikh | Roma/Gypsy | Taoist | Bushido | Shinto | Buddhist | Druid | Druze | Yazidi | Muslim / Islam | Baha'i | Jewish | Jewish Catholics | Native American religion | Inuit / Eskimo | Aztec | Incan | Mayan | Australian Aboriginal traditional religion | Polynesian traditional religion | African primal-indigenous religion | Vodoun | Santeria | Greco-Roman classical religion | Egyptian classical religion | Norse/Teutonic paganism | Goddess worship | Wiccan | Occult | Spiritism | Utilitarian | Objectivist | Humanist | Communist | Agnostic | Atheist | Scientology | Fictional / Alien Religions | New Age | Veganism / Animal Rights | Fundamentalist Environmentalist / Gaian | Hippie | Female Supremacist / Radical Feminist | Miscellaneous

L-Ron the robot tells Maxwell Lord he is broke up with his girlfriend because of religious differences: he's Jewish and she was Catholic The emphasis of this page is on fictional characters who originated as comic book characters. Of course real-life people such as Pope John Paul II, St. Francis of Assisi, and Mother Teresa have been depicted in comic books (Marvel published one-shot comics about these prominent Catholics), but such people are not listed here. This page focuses on fictional comic book characters who are adherents of real-world (not purely fictional) religions. (Some fictional religious groups are listed as well, as appropriate.)

We want this page to be as accurate as possible, backed up by objective, published information and not based on conjecture. We do not want this listing to be slanted toward any particular denominational or religious viewpoint. It is intended to accurately report the composition of comic book character religiosity. If you have corrections, suggestions, additional information, etc., or would like to post an alternative viewpoint, please write to us at webmaster@adherents.com. (Nothing you send to us or say via email will be added to our website without your express permission.)

How do I find my favorite super-hero? Characters are grouped by religious affiliation and are not listed alphabetically. If you are looking for a specific character, try using the "Find" feature of your web browser (you may be able to type "Ctrl-F" or use the the Command-F keyboard shortcut). If you don't find the character you're looking for on this page, try looking here or here. Feel free to write to us if you still can't find what you are looking for.

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Remember: For each character, you can click on the link in the "religious affiliation" column to see supporting material, excerpts from the comics, images, discussion, etc. about that character and their religious affiliation. (Clicking on the word "Catholic" next to Nightcrawler's name does not take you to a page about Catholicism. It links to a page about Nightcrawler and his religious beliefs, affiliation, practice, etc.)

Sub-sections for this page:
- Visual Guide (Pictures): Heroes Grouped by Religious Faith
- Superheroes
- Major Supporting Characters
- Major Super-Villains
- Notable Lead Characters in Non-Superhero Comics
- Additional Super-Villains and Other Antagonists
- Notable Minor Characters
- Superheroes whose religious affiliation is unknown to us
- Related Pages and Links

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Some Top Super-Heroes
BatmanEpiscopalian/Catholic (lapsed)
Wonder WomanGreco-Roman Classical Religion
AquamanGreco-Roman Classical Religion
The HulkCatholic (lapsed)
Captain AmericaProtestant
Invisible WomanEpiscopalian
HawkmanEgyptian classical religion
The ThingJewish
The AtomJewish (lapsed)
ZatannaDianic Wiccan
ElektraGreek Orthodox
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Other Lists of
Religious Superheroes

God Squad

Which major mainstream superheroes are most consistently portrayed as overtly religious? These are characters who go beyond simply exhibiting positive religious values, charity and heroism, but who openly exhibit religiosity tied to an organized religious affiliation, through prayer, verbally sharing their faith, worship service attendance, and other means. This brief list only includes some of the best known devoutly religious comic book characters. Many other characters listed on this page are devout in their religion.

  - Nightcrawler
  - Wonder Woman
  - Firebird
  - Moon Knight
  - Huntress
  - Dust
  - Raven
  - Doctor Mid-Nite
  - Martian Manhunter
  - Wolfsbane
  - Captain Canuck
  - Green Arrow
  - Atom Smasher
  - Black Lightning

(Note that these characters represent many different religious faiths and denominations, including: Catholic, Greco-Roman classical religion, American Baptist Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Buddhist, Jewish and Islam.)

Superheroes who are Clergy or Religious Leaders

In addition to superheroes who are devout lay members of their religious faith (see above), there is another class of superhero: those that are actually active clergy or religious leaders. A surprising number of full-time religious have been members of various super-hero teams, including the Avengers, Defenders, the Legion of Super Heroes, Infinity Inc., etc.

  - Black Panther
  - Cable
  - Karnak
  - Ramban
  - Shaman
  - Talisman
  - Shang Chi
  - Northwind
  - Sister Eve
  - Sensor Girl
  - Thunderlord
  - Brother Voodoo
  - Justice/Josiah X
  - Cerebus the Aardvark
  - Varua
  - Oho-Besh
  - Ganymede
  - Confessor
  - Ghostmare
  - Animal Man
  - Green Lama
  - Mr. Christian
  - Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr)
  - Lilandra Neramani (UXM)
  - Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Superheroes who are Former Clergy or Seminarians

A number of major superheroes are former clergy, former religious leaders or (in the case of former Catholic seminarian Frank Castle, the Punisher) former clergy-in-training. For the most part, these heroes have left their religious calling, but not their faith.

  - The Punisher
  - Moondragon
  - Hellstorm
  - Caleb Hammer
  - Michael Devlin
  - Nemesis

The Significant Seven

Out of the hundreds of superhero characters, seven stand out as most historically important:

  - Superman
  - Batman
  - Wonder Woman
  - Spider-Man
  - Captain America
  - Captain Marvel
  - Plastic Man

More details here.

Source: Mike Benton, The Comic Book in America: An Illustrated History, Taylor Publishing Company: Dallas, Texas (1989), page 178.

Are Nearly All Major Superheroes Episcopalian?

From: "At DC Comics, Diversity Is No Laughing Matter", published on AOLTimeWarner.com website, 1 November 2001 (http://www.bluecorncomics.com/atdccom.htm; viewed 20 December 2005):

"The original creators of comics, 60 or 70 years ago, were almost all Jewish and Italian kids from various parts of New York," notes DC Comics Executive Vice President and Publisher Paul Levitz. "And the characters they created were pseudo-whitebread Episcopalian. It was almost de rigueur back then to paint people in this idealized American image."

John Rogers: Most Superheroes are White Protestants

From: Jennifer M. Contino, "John Rogers' Comic Bug, Blue Beetle" (interview with Blue Beetle writer John Rogers), published in The Pulse, April 2006 (link; viewed 3 May 2006):

To tell you the truth -- gahh, I don't want to make a big political statement here, but God, why does every superhero have to be a Protestant White Guy? Is it still 1959?

Stan Lee and the Religion Taboo

From: Radford, Bill, "Holy Superhero! Comic books increasingly making reference to faith", published in Colorado Springs Gazette, 6 May 2006:

In the foreword to The Gospel According to Superheroes, a book examining superheroes and religion, legendary comic-book writer and editor Stan Lee says he always scrupulously avoided any mention of specific religions in his stories. "I thought of myself as an 'equal opportunity writer,'" he says.

...When comic books first appeared in the late '30s, "America was supposed to be a melting pot," [Douglas] Rushkoff says. "That was our cultural metaphor. Religion and ethnicity were supposed to be subordinate to our role as Americans. I think now we're much more in a multicultural phase where people are trying to discover their roots."

The Comics Code and the Religion Taboo

Most people familiar with comics are aware that the Comics Code restricted content such as nudity, drug use, graphic sex, etc. The Comics Code also featured specific restrictions about religious content. For many years, part of the reason that there was effectively a "religion taboo" that severely limited overt recognition of real-world religious affiliation among comic book characters was that the Comics Code that the major publishers adhered to specifically prohibited many types of religiously-oriented content. Such prohibitions may have been inspired by the Hayes film code, which contained very similar restrictions against negative portrayals of clergy and real-world religious denominations. Religious restrictions were still in the Comics Code in 1989. A copy of the 1989 Code can be read here, with religious restrictions highlighted.

Notable Writers of Religiously Themed Comic Book Stories

It is no coincidence that some of the world's most popular and critically acclaimed comic book writers are the writers who have written the most comic book stories about overt religious themes and openly religious characters. These are writers who take their stories beyond stereotypical superheroic fisticuffs and explore fascinating, more complex themes and deeper aspects of their characters. These deeper themes, which often resonate with serious readers and garner accolades for the writers and their stories, include religion and spirituality.

Comic book writers notable for their regular and insightful use of religious themes in their stories include writers who are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, etc. These writers differ in their religious beliefs and backgrounds, but they are united in their desire to write more realistic, more human, more meaningful stories. These writers include:

  - J. M. DeMatteis
  - Neil Gaiman
  - Alan Moore
  - Elliot S. Maggin
  - Tony Isabella
  - Peter David
  - Frank Miller
  - Kurt Busiek
  - Chris Claremont
  - Brian Azzarello
  - Grant Morrison
  - Jim Starlin
  - Doug TenNapel
  - Fabian Nicieza

Infinity Crusade identifies Marvel's Most Religious

One of the few places in mainstream comics where a large number of major superheroes have been explicitly identified as religious was in Marvel's Infinity Crusade #1 (June 1993). In this issue, a powerful and mysterious being known as the "Goddess" kidnaps superheroes specifically identified as Marvel's most religious characters. The list of heroes taken, comprising what one could consider Marvel's officially "most religious" leading superheroes at the time, is as follows:

  - Captain America
  - Madrox the Multiple Man
  - Jean Grey
  - Namorita
  - Silhouette
  - Spider-Man
  - Puck
  - Archangel
  - Crystal
  - Firelord
  - Hercules
  - Shaman
  - Talisman
  - Moondragon
  - Quicksilver
  - Scarlet Witch
  - Silver Surfer
  - Sersi
  - Living Lightning
  - Thor
  - Invisible Woman
  - USAgent
  - Moon Knight
  - Wolfsbane
  - Doctor Strange
  - Wonder Man
  - Daredevil
  - Black Knight
  - Windshear
  - Sasquatch
  - Storm
  - Gamora
  - Sleepwalker

You can read more about the Infinity Crusade and see numerous images from the scenes identifying religious Marvel Comics super-heroes here.

Terry Moore:
The most rebellious thing David Qin could say:
"I'm a Christian"

Comic book writer Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise is regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed long-running series in modern comic book history. One of the central characters of the series is David Qin, a devout Christian.

Below is an excerpt from an interview Dirk Deppey conducted with Terry Moore for The Comics Journal #276 (http://www.tcj.com/276/i_tmoore.html; viewed 4 June 2007):

DEPPEY: At what point did you decide a conversion to Christianity was the central defining moment in [David Qin's] life?

MOORE: I think right before I got to that scene. I was thinking that they needed to trade secrets. I knew that the problem for Katchoo in that conversation was that David knew more about her than she knew about him. And she was going to hold him to task for that. "You know all this about me but you're not sharing anything, and what kind of friend is that?"

So I was trying to think, "What can he reveal?" For some reason it struck me that there were no real Christians in comics, in mainstream-accepted comics anyway. I thought, "Well, that would be one of the most revolutionary things I could do right now." Because this was in the heyday of like Preacher and Son of Satan, whatever. Everybody was into being as wicked as they could be, or at least looking like they ran with wicked anyway, and I thought one of the most rebellious things David could do was just say, "I'm a Christian." I mean, he was the only one I could think of. There weren't any Christians in comics at all that I could think of, so I thought, "Well, I'll do that." And I'll do it with the same sort of in-your-face-attitude that I did with the whole Emma lesbian thing and dying of AIDS and all that. Here. Boom. Deal with it.

DEPPEY: Now that you mention it, there aren't a lot of positive portrayals of Christianity in comics. Or even in general media. And when it is, it's generally seen by the Coastal types as a sop to the so-called "red states."

MOORE: Exactly. I mean, being a Christian right now is the most uncool thing you could possibly be, whether it's in comics or literature or TV or film or whatever. Pop-culture-wise, for somebody now to stand up and say, "I'm a Christian," they'd have to be very anti-establishment. Unless, they're standing in the middle of the Bible Belt surrounded by churches or something. But, you know, in mainstream culture, it's just not acceptable any more. Which made it all the more fun for me. I like thumbing my nose at both the establishment and the revolution.


Known as Real Name Major
Publisher Religious Affiliation
(click for source, supporting data, info
about character's religious beliefs)
SupermanClark Kent/Kal-ElJLA *DCMethodist / Kryptonian religion
SupergirlLinda DanversTeen TitansDCMethodist; Earth-born Angel
AtomanCraig WallaceSeven Sentinels (Top 10)America's BestMethodist
SuperboyKon-El/Conner KentRavers; Teen TitansDCMethodist
The Wall / White Queen / Black KingAmanda WallerSuicide Squad; Shadow Fighters; Task Force X; Agency; CheckmateDCMethodist
WolfsbaneRahne SinclairNew Mutants, X-FactorMarvelPresbyterian
Speedball / PenanceRobert BaldwinNew Warriors; ThunderboltsMarvelPresbyterian
Mutator / Wild ThingGeorge Mullaney / "John Mason"Para-TroopMarvel (NU *)Presbyterian (non-practicing)
 Ronald ReaganReagan's Raiders; X PresidentsSolson Publications; NBC; Random HousePresbyterian (raised in Disciples of Christ)
The StrobeTed TilderbrookThe SpecialsRegent EntertainmentUnited Church of Christ
Ms. IndestructibleEmily Chandler TilderbrookThe SpecialsRegent EntertainmentUnited Church of Christ
Minute ManTim TilderbrookThe SpecialsRegent EntertainmentUnited Church of Christ
Scarecrow of Romney MarshRev. Dr. Christopher Syn(first pub. in 1915)Nelson, Gold KeyAnglican clergyman
Pilot of the FutureDan Dare EagleAnglican
PsylockeBetsy BraddockX-Men, ExcaliburMarvelAnglican
Captain BritainBrian BraddockExcaliburMarvelAnglican
ChamberJonothon "Jono" StarsmoreGeneration X; X-MenMarvelAnglican
 Henrietta HunterX-StatixMarvelAnglican
Mr. Justice / The Royal WraithPrince James of EnglandTerrific ThreeArchieAnglican
The Squire / The KnightPercy SheldrakeYoung AlliesDCAnglican
The BeastHank McCoyX-Men; Defenders; AvengersMarvelEpiscopalian
Marvel Girl / PhoenixJean GreyX-MenMarvelEpiscopalian
ArchangelWarren Worthington IIIX-Men, Defenders, Champions; X-Factor; RenegadesMarvelEpiscopalian
Tattletale / Psi-LordFranklin RichardsPower Pack; Fantastic Force; Fantastic FiveMarvelEpiscopalian
Marvel GirlValeria Richards MarvelEpiscopalian
General RykerJohn RykerGamma CorpsMarvelEpiscopalian
 Gerald FordX PresidentsNBC; Random HouseEpiscopalian
 George BushReagan's Raiders; X PresidentsSolson Publications; NBC; Random HouseEpiscopalian
 Casper W. WeinbergerReagan's RaidersSolson PublicationsEpiscopalian
 George P. ShultzReagan's RaidersSolson PublicationsEpiscopalian
Invisible WomanSusan Storm RichardsFantastic FourMarvelEpiscopalian
Human TorchJohnny StormFantastic FourMarvelEpiscopalian
Phoenix / Marvel GirlRachel GreyX-Men; ExcaliburMarvelEpiscopalian
BatmanBruce WayneJLADCEpiscopalian / Catholic (lapsed)
The HoundLaurence LomaxSeven Sentinels (Top 10)America's BestEpiscopalian / Catholic (lapsed)
Multiple ManJames "Jamie" MadroxFallen Angels, X-Factor, X-Corporation, X-Corps, X-Factor InvestigationsMarvelEpiscopalian; Buddhist
ReflexWalter ThorssonSovereign SevenDCLutheran
Elastic-Lad / Mister ActionJimmy OlsenLegion of Super-HeroesDCLutheran
Little MermaidUlla PaskeGlobal GuardiansDCLutheran-Atlantean (nominal)
MastodonDave LandersDP7Marvel (NU)Lutheran (raised); now atheist
RogueAnna MarieX-MenMarvelSouthern Baptist
 Jimmy CarterX PresidentsNBC; Random HouseBaptist (former Southern Baptist)
Black LightningJefferson PierceJLA, OutsidersDCNorthern Baptist (ABC/USA)
ThunderAnissa PierceOutsidersDCNorthern Baptist (ABC/USA)
Black Vulcan Super FriendsHanna-BarberaNorthern Baptist (ABC/USA)
CannonballSam GuthrieNew Mutants, X-Men, X-CorporationMarvelBaptist
HuskPaige GuthrieGeneration X, X-Men, X-CorpsMarvelBaptist
IcarusJay GuthrieXavier InstituteMarvelBaptist
AeroMelody GuthrieXavier InstituteMarvelBaptist
PlaybackMiriam Morseally of JusticeMarvel (NU)Baptist
VoyagerTyrone JessupPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Baptist
Shock-Headed PeterPeter CheneyTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestBaptist
Major VictoryVictor Majors Praise St.Baptist
Kid Verse Major Victory's sidekickPraise St.Baptist
Harlem HammerMordecai Albert Jones[Wild Cards]Bantam, Baen, ibooks, etc.Baptist
Code  GuardianBaptist
 Joe[Joe and Max]GuardianBaptist
 Jesse Williams, Nila Williams, BrooklynSeekersGuardianBaptist
BiblemanMiles Peterson Pamplin EntertainmentBaptist
Bible GirlLia Martinez Pamplin EntertainmentBaptist
CypherCaryBibleman's sidekickPamplin EntertainmentBaptist
FalconSam WilsonAvengersMarvelBaptist (lapsed)
Ghost RiderJohn "Johnny" BlazeChampionsMarvelBaptist (nominal); eclectic
Captain CommissionGeorge Roncone Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC) of Assemblies of GodAssemblies of God
Buddy Barrel  Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC) of Assemblies of GodAssemblies of God
KahloKahlo Isumbawe Alpha-OmegaPentecostal (Potter's House); Maasai
two guys driving around   Pentecostal
ElektraElektra NatchiosThe HandMarvelGreek Orthodox
Geo-ForcePrince Brion MarkovOutsiders; JLADCMarkovian Orthodox
TerraTara MarkovTeen TitansDCMarkovian Orthodox
MindsingerGregor BuhkarovYoung GodsMarvelRussian Orthodox
FireballSonya ChuikovYoung AlliesDCRussian Orthodox
Black WidowNatasha RomanovaChampions; AvengersMarvelRussian Orthodox Communist (lapsed)
 Richard NixonX Presidents (ally)NBC; Random HouseQuaker (Society of Friends)
PeacemakerChristopher SmithPax Institute; Checkmate; Shadow FightersCharlton; DCradical pacifist; Quaker?
Crescent Moon; Harvest Moon; New Moon MoondancersDCradical pacifists; Quakers?
Hero Without a GunDesmond DossU.S. ArmyParents' Magazine Press; Dark HorseSeventh-Day Adventist
 Cecilia ReyesX-MenMarvelSeventh-Day Adventist?
Captain CanuckTom Evans P. Martin Assoc.Latter-day Saint
Straight ArrowNephi Callendar[Wild Cards]BantamLatter-day Saint
Dr. DeseretDr. Denholm EpicLatter-day Saint
Joseph Smith Super Best FriendsComedy CentralLatter-day Saint
Red ProphetAlvin Maker Marvel/Dabel BrothersLatter-day Saint
OrgazmoJoe YoungCalifornia-Los Angeles MissionKuzui Enterprises, etc.Latter-day Saint
CypherDoug RamseyNew MutantsMarvelLatter-day Saint
Captain SteelRoger[Ultra]ImageLatter-day Saint
Johnny ThunderJohn Tane DCLatter-day Saint
ScannerDan BakerStrikeforce: MorituriMarvelLatter-day Saint
BurnYoko WatanabeStrikeforce: MorituriMarvelLatter-day Saint
StarAubrey Matthews Make-A-Wish FoundationLatter-day Saint
  Utah's 50 State Initative teamMarvelLatter-day Saints
Zero-G, Lightspeed, Mass Master, EnergizerAlex, Julie, Jack & Katie PowerPower PackMarvelLatter-day Saints?
Wonder TwinsZan and JaynaSuper Friends; Young Justice; Justice LeagueHanna-Barbera; DCLatter-day Saints / Exorian
Mary MarvelMary BatsonMarvel Family; SuperbuddiesFawcett; DCLatter-day Saint / Greco-Roman classical religion
NightcrawlerKurt WagnerX-MenMarvelCatholic
DaredevilMatt Murdock MarvelCatholic
FirebirdBonita JuarezRangers; AvengersMarvelCatholic
Blue DevilDan CassidyJLA; Sentinels of Magic; ShadowpactDCCatholic
Kid DevilEdward "Eddie" BloombergTeen TitansDCCatholic
Kid Crusader Titans EastDCCatholic
Doctor Mid-NiteCharles McNiderJSADCCatholic
Doctor Mid-Nite IIPieter CrossJSADCCatholic
HuntressHelena Rosa BertinelliBatman FamilyDCCatholic
CatwomanSelina KyleInjustice League; Secret Society of Super Villains; Batman FamilyDCCatholic
HellboyAnung Un RamaBureau of Paranormal Research and DefenseDark HorseCatholic
DaggerTandy BowenCloak & DaggerMarvelCatholic
AuroraJeanne-Marie BeaubierAlpha Flight; X-MenMarvelCatholic
NightshadeEve EdenSuicide Squad; L.A.W.; InterC.E.P.T.; C.B.I.; ShadowpactCharlton, DCCatholic
Anti-BodyRandy O'BrienDP7Marvel (NU)Catholic
WitchbladeSara PezziniNYPDImage/Top CowCatholic
Blue BeetleJaime Reyes DCCatholic
The Angel of Death / The ArchangelMichael O'Sullivan[Road to Perdition]Paradox Press; DreamWorksCatholic
Jakeem ThunderJakeem Johnny WilliamsYoung Justice; JSADCCatholic
ZorroDon Diego de la Vega All-Story Weekly, etc.Catholic
Crazy JaneKay ChallisDoom PatrolDCCatholic
BansheeSean CassidyX-Men, X-CorpsMarvelCatholic
SirynTheresa CassidyFallen Angels, X-Force; X-Corporation; X-Factor Inv.MarvelCatholic
SunspotRoberto DacostaNew Mutants, Fallen Angels, X-Force; X-Corporation; Hellfire ClubMarvelCatholic
SkinAngelo EspinosaGeneration XMarvelCatholic
Wind DancerSofia MantegaNew Mutants; New WarriorsMarvelCatholic
RockslideSanto VaccarroHellions; New X-MenMarvelCatholic
TagBrian CruzHellions (Xavier Inst.)MarvelCatholic
Radio GirlPenny GoodeSentinels of FreedomDark HorseCatholic
SoepermanKlark Klont [Netherlands]Catholic
VindicatorHeather McNeil HudsonAlpha FlightMarvelCatholic
PlastiqueBette Sans SouciSuicide Squad; Extreme JusticeDCCatholic
FirestarAngelica JonesNew Warriors, AvengersMarvelCatholic
SilhouetteSilhouette ChordNew WarriorsMarvelCatholic
Tomorrow Man RedeemersAntarctic Press; EternityCatholic
GangbusterJose Delgado DCCatholic
Cutey HoneyHoney Kisaragi Akita Shoten; Shogakukan; Toei Animation; GainaxCatholic
FireBeatriz DaCostaGlobal Guardian; JLADCCatholic
Captain AtomNathaniel Christopher AdamJustice League; L.A.W.Charlton; DCCatholic
Saint AnnaAnnaX-ForceMarvelCatholic
The JaguarMaria De GuzmanThe CrusadersDC (Impact)Catholic
Eagle Eye (Arendsoog)Robert "Bob" Stanhope Dutch book series; comic strip in PepCatholic
Invisible Kid IIJacques FoccartLegion of Super HeroesDCCatholic
DominoNeena ThurmanSix Pack; X-Force; X-CorporationMarvelCatholic
ShamrockMolly Fitzgerald MarvelCatholic
ArmadilloAntonio RodriguezUnlimited Class Wrestling Federation; Ultimate Fighting League; The RangersMarvelCatholic
 Devlin O'RyanLegion of Super HeroesDCCatholic
EmpathManuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la RochaHellions; X-CorporationMarvelCatholic
FirebrandAlejandro "Alex" Sanchez DCCatholic
Vampire HunterAnita Blake Ace; Berkley Books; Marvel/Dabel BrothersCatholic
 Victoria MontesiDarkhold RedeemersMarvelCatholic
 Montesis (Giacomo Montesi, Giuseppe Montesi, Marcello Montesi, Paolo Montesi, Vittorio Montesi)Catholic ChurchMarvelCatholic
MonsoonSgt. Hector LopezTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestCatholic
Catholic Girl  MilestoneCatholic
Catholic ManPaul[play: Beyond Belief]Jack Neary/Baker's PlaysCatholic
Saint GeorgeGeorge Davis ImageCatholic
SatanaMelissa RamosThe SupernaturalsMarvelCatholic
The DarknessJackie EstacadoFranchetti Family (mafia)Top CowCatholic
Sea WitchBridget O'HareYoung GodsMarvelCatholic
The CondorTony Valdez Anchor Bay Ent.; Starz MediaCatholic
WildcatYolanda MontezInfinity Inc.; Shadow FightersDCCatholic
AntaeusMark AntaeusJLADCCatholic
Capitan Chile  BizarroCatholic
Stigmata VaticanMarvelCatholic
CazadorRobert Howard ArkhamCatholic
Cabellero Rojo ("Red Knight")Reinoso ComiqueandoCatholic
El Jefe MinoriteamCartoon NetworkCatholic
Altar Boy / Confessor IIBrian KinneyConfessor's sidekickImage/HomageCatholic
Ghost RiderDaniel Ketch MarvelCatholic
El Dorado Super FriendsHanna-BarberaCatholic
Jack O'LanternDaniel CormackGlobal GuardiansDCCatholic
Jack O'Lantern IIMarvin NoronsaGlobal GuardiansDCCatholic
Chesty SanchezMaria Sanchez Antarctic PressCatholic
PhantasmoJean-Marc de VillarsYoung AlliesDCCatholic
El Aguila ("The Eagle")Alejandro Montoya MarvelCatholic
El Aguila ("The Eagle")Paco Montoya MarvelCatholic
Dr. Arcane  ClarkeCatholic
Dum Dum DuganTimothy Aloysius Cadwallander DuganHowling Commandos; S.H.I.E.L.D.MarvelCatholic
Captain Catechism  Rosary Army Catholic PodcastCatholic
Merry Medal  Rosary Army Catholic PodcastCatholic
 JasonOrder of Magic PriestsAntarctic PressCatholic
GambitRemy LeBeauX-MenMarvelCajun Catholic
Super Hrvoje ("Super Croat")Hrvoje Horvat Nedjeljna DalmacijaCroat Catholic
El Gato NegroFrancisco Guerrero Azteca ProductionsCatholic (Neo-Catechumenate)
White FeatherWhite FeatherArendsoog's partnerDutch book series; comic strip in PepCatholic (Native American convert)
BattlePope  ImageCatholic pope
SuperPope (Flash animation)David RutledgeCatholic pope
The Incredible Popeman / HomopaterPope John Paul II Rodolfo Leon SanchezCatholic pope
ConfessorJeremiah Parrish(Astro City)Image/HomageCatholic priest
Blind FaithFather Alexi GarnoffExiles; Soviet Super-SoldiersMarvelCatholic priest
 Beaker ParishThe Seven SecondsDCCatholic priest
Gabriel, Devil-HunterGabriel Rosetti MarvelCatholic priest
Shandor, Demon StalkerFather Sandor / Father Shandor Hammer Film Productions; Twentieth Century-Fox; Warriors MagazineCatholic priest
 Father Terrance GomezCatholic CorpsAntarctic PressCatholic priest
Magic PriestFather David CroweOrder of Magic PriestsAntarctic PressCatholic priest
Father Goth Order of Magic PriestsAntarctic PressCatholic priest
Father Fang Order of Magic PriestsAntarctic PressCatholic priest
Father Stone Order of Magic PriestsAntarctic PressCatholic priest
The Flying FriarSt. Joseph of CupertinoFranciscansArc Technology GroupCatholic priest
PriestIvan Isaacs(manhwa series by Min-Woo Hyung)TokyoPopCatholic priest
Priest (3-issue Rob Liefeld series)Maximum PressCatholic priest
Cannon Fodder  IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Catholic priest
 Devlin Waugh IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Catholic priest
Father LawrenceLawrence VerseCaballistics, Inc.IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Catholic priest
Powdered Toast ManPastor Toastman NickelodeonCatholic deacon
Evangeline Catholic Church (Cardinal Szn)Comico; FirstCatholic nun
Nun of the Above  MilestoneCatholic nun
Sister Eve WildcatsWildstormCatholic nun
Crimson NunSister AliciaWarrior NunsAntarctic PressCatholic nun
 Sister SarahBlack Angels CorpsAntarctic PressCatholic nun
Mother SuperionSister KatherineWarrior NunsAntarctic PressCatholic nun
 Tyranny Rex 2000 AD; I.P.C.Catholic nun
The MagdalenaSister Rosalia; Sister Mariella; PatienceCatholic ChurchTop CowCatholic nuns
Warrior Nun ArealaSister Shannon MastersWarrior NunsAntarctic PressCatholic nun (raised in Shinto)
 Sister Sasuki YomaWarrior NunsAntarctic PressCatholic nun (raised in Shinto)
Son of Satan / HellstormDaimon HellstromDefendersMarvelCatholic (former priest)
The Fisher The WatchPhosphorescentCatholic (former priest)
 Michael DevlinKnights of the Order of St. GeorgeMarvel/ShadowlineCatholic (former priest); Order of St. George
The PunisherFrank Castle MarvelCatholic (former seminarian)
St. GeorgeGeorge of CappadociaKnights of the Order of St. GeorgeMarvel/ShadowlineCatholic; Order of St. George
AzraelJean-Paul Valleyally of BatmanDCCatholic (Order of St. Dumas)
ObsidianTodd RiceInfinity Inc., JLADCCatholic; LGBT
Living LightningMiguel SantosAvengers; RangersMarvelCatholic; LGBT
NorthstarJean-Paul BeaubierAlpha Flight, X-MenMarvelCatholic; LGBT
KarmaXi'an Coy ManhNew MutantsMarvelCatholic; LGBT
The QuestionRenee MontoyaGotham Major Crimes UnitDCCatholic; LGBT
Shotgun MaryMary DelacroixWarrior Nuns (former); RedeemersAntarctic PressCatholic; LGBT (former nun)
Green Lantern IVGuy GardnerJustice League; Green Lantern CorpsDCCatholic (lapsed)
Green Lantern V / IonKyle RaynerJLA; Teen TitansDCCatholic (lapsed)
Strong GuyGuido CarosellaX-FactorMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
HavokAlex SummersX-Men, X-FactorMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
The HulkBruce BannerAvengers, Defenders, PantheonMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
UltraPearl PenalosaHeroine, Inc.ImageCatholic (lapsed)
PyroSt. John AllerdyceBrotherhood of Evil Mutants; Freedom ForceMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
Vision Avenger; Young AvengersMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
OvertimeLindsey FalmonPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Catholic (lapsed)
NetworkWayne TuckerPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Catholic (lapsed)
BlackhawkJanos ProhaskaThe BlackhawksDCCatholic (lapsed); atheist
Sister GrimmNico MinoruRunawaysMarvelCatholic (lapsed); former atheist; occult / Goth
DeadpoolJack; Wade WilsonWeapon XMarvelCatholic (lapsed); One World Church (lapsed)
CassidyProinsias Cassidy DC/VertigoCatholic/Anglican (lapsed)
Saturn GirlImra Ardeen RanzzLegion of Super HeroesDCCatholic or Anglican
SilverclawMaria de Guadalupe SantiagoAvengersMarvelCatholic / Incan/Kamekeri polytheism
ShiAna Ishikawa CrusadeCatholic / Sohei Buddhist
ConstantineJohn Constantine[in Hellblazer]DC/VertigoCatholic / humanist
FelinaMaria Maddalena Kholderup Circus; Pilote; Glenat; DargaudCatholic / anarchist
Mr. ChristianJonathan Paul ChristianJustice For AllChristian KnightCommunity Church pastor (former atheist)
SpiritJonathan WraithGlobal Christian ServantsAlpha-Omega"Non-Denominational" Protestant minister (God's Christian House of Prayer)
RedemptionJarod Dale DCFirst Church of Redemption (Protestant)
Father Squid [Wild Cards]Bantam, BaenChurch of Jesus Christ, Joker (priest)
Quasiman [Wild Cards]Bantam, BaenChurch of Jesus Christ, Joker
USAgentJohn WalkerAvengers (WCA); Force Works; Jury; New Invaders; Omega FlightMarvelEvangelical Protestant
AdeptJelene AndersonStrikeforce: MorituriMarvelEvangelical Protestant
PeregrineLt. Cathy ColbyTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestEvangelical Protestant
IlluminatorAndy Prentiss Marvel/Thomas NelsonEvangelical Protestant
Noah Crossbreed (Astro City)Image/HomageEvangelical Protestant
Daniel CrossbreedImage/HomageEvangelical Protestant
Peter CrossbreedImage/HomageEvangelical Protestant
Mary CrossbreedImage/HomageEvangelical Protestant
David CrossbreedImage/HomageEvangelical Protestant
Joshua CrossbreedImage/HomageEvangelical Protestant
ArmorbearerDavid GreenChristian Powers SocietyChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
DesertWindAnthony "Tony" MorganJustice For AllChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
RevelationMartha EdenJustice For AllChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
RevelatorMiriam Eden Christian KnightEvangelical Protestant
NovaStar Christian Powers SocietyChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
The Forerunner Christian Powers SocietyChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
The Prophet Christian Powers SocietyChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
Demonslayer TrinityChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
Balance TrinityChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
Joy TrinityChristian KnightEvangelical Protestant
NightRay  Christian KnightEvangelical Protestant
Titanium  Christian KnightEvangelical Protestant
StarlightAnnie JanuaryYoung Americans; The SevenWildstorm; DynamiteEvangelical Protestant
Drummer Boy Young AmericansWildstorm; DynamiteEvangelical Protestant
  Capes for ChristWildstorm; DynamiteEvangelical Protestant
VitronDan Maxson Carano GraphicsEvangelical Protestant
Genesis 6:4 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Exodus 10:21 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Judges 15:14 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Leviticus 26:22 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Isaiah 6:2 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Matthew 27:51 The RaptureComicoEvangelical Protestant
Princess Clara Drawn TogetherComedy CentralEvangelical Protestant
Strange GirlBethany Black ImageEvangelical Protestant (lapsed); former atheist; occult
SanctuaryJoshua KaneSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/ImageProtestant televangelist
Brother BedlamBrother Matthew ImageProtestant minister
TemplarJames KnightGlobal Christian ServantsAlpha-OmegaProtestant missionary
Missionary ManPreacher Cain 2000 ADProtestant missionary
 Caleb HammerOld WestMarvelProtestant preacher (former)
PreacherJesse Custer DC/VertigoProtestant preacher (former)
Spider-ManPeter ParkerAvengersMarvelProtestant
Captain AmericaSteve RogersAvengersTimely/MarvelProtestant
Green Lantern IIIJohn StewartJLA; Green Lantern Corps; DarkstarsDCProtestant
JadeJennie-Lynn HaydenInfinity Inc.; Blood PackDCProtestant
CyclopsScott SummersX-MenMarvelProtestant
SteelJohn Henry IronsJLA; Suicide SquadDCProtestant
StarlightNatasha IronsTeam Superman; Infinity Inc. (Everyman Project)DCProtestant
CyborgVictor StoneTeen TitansDCProtestant
Insect QueenLana Lang DCProtestant
Scarlet SpiderBen ReillyNew WarriorsMarvelProtestant
RoadblockMarvin F. HintonG.I. JoeMarvelProtestant
DazzlerAlison BlaireX-Men; New ExcaliburMarvelProtestant
Ghost RiderNoble Kale MarvelProtestant
 Gabriel WebbMaze AgencyComicoProtestant
Dust DevilDuane BodineTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestProtestant
Kid Flash / FlashWally WestTeen Titans; JLA; Justice League EliteDCProtestant; Speed Force
JusticeJohn Roger Tensen Marvel (NU)Protestant (non-practicing)
Psi-Stalker / Syphon / Stalker Thomas BoydPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Protestant (non-practicing)
El Alemain? O'DareKnights of the CrusadesAtlasChristian (medieval); raised Muslim
el Guerrero del Antifaz (The Soldier with the Mask)  Editorial ValencianaChristian (medieval); raised Muslim
The Maid Top 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestChristian (medieval)
Black KnightDane WhitmanAvengersMarvelChristian (medieval)
Black KnightSir Percy of ScandiaKnights of the Round TableMarvelChristian (medieval) and Druidism
Green Lantern IAlan ScottJSA; Sentinels of MagicDCChristian (d.u.)
Spirit of '76 / Captain America IIWilliam NaslandCrusaders; Invaders; All-Winners SquadMarvelChristian (d.u.)
FlashJay GarrickJSADCChristian (d.u.)
FlashBarry AllenJLADCChristian (d.u.)
JuggernautCain MarkoX-Men; New ExcaliburMarvelChristian (d.u.)
AraluneRebecca "Becky" RyanThe OrderMarvelChristian (d.u.)
NexusHoratio Hellpop Capital; First; Dark HorseChristian (d.u.)
DarkstarLaynia PetrovnaSoviet Super-Soldiers; Exiles; Champions; Siberforce; Winter Guard; X-CorporationMarvelChristian (d.u.)
VigilanteAdrian Chase DCChristian (d.u.)
Captain MiracleBilly Batista HolyChristian (d.u.)
Hawkeye / RoninClint BartonAvengers; Defenders; ThunderboltsMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Robin IIJason ToddBatman's sidekick; Teen TitansDCChristian (d.u.)
Bible JohnJohn Carikally of BladeMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Jubilee / WondraJubilation LeeX-Men; Generation X; X-Corp, New WarriorsMarvelChristian (d.u.)
TarantulaMaria VasquezHeroes for HireMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Plastic ManPatrick "Eel" O'BrianAll-Star Squadron; Freedom Fighters; Justice LeagueQuality; DCChristian (d.u.)
Captain Manhattan  Marvel (NU)Christian (d.u.)
NightbirdShelley MaddenThe SpecialsRegent EntertainmentChristian (d.u.)
The GunhawkPreston Hardwick / "Red Larabee" Atlas/Marvel; Bell FeaturesChristian (d.u.)
Sky WitchLeni MullerTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestChristian (d.u.)
Dutch The Lagoon CompanyShogakukan; MadhouseChristian (d.u.)
Sailor MoonUsagi TsukinoSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei AnimationChristian (d.u.)
Hotspur  [British]Christian (d.u.)
Power ManCarl Lucas / Luke CageHeroes for Hire; Fantastic Four; Defenders; New AvengersMarvelChristian (d.u.)
War MachineJim RhodesAvengers (WCA); Force Works; The Crew; InitiativeMarvelChristian (d.u.)
SupremeEthan CraneThe Brigade; Heavy Mettle; Allied Supermen of America; The Allies; The SupremacyImage; Maximum Press; Awesome Entertainment; ArcadeChristian (d.u.)
Dr. Messiah / Cosmic ChristJoshua Josephson Kitchen Sink/FiascoChristian (d.u.)
Foxxy Love Drawn TogetherComedy CentralChristian (d.u.)
 Wooldoor SockbatDrawn TogetherComedy CentralChristian (d.u.)
  Cosmic CrusadersVisual AssociationsChristian (d.u.)
  The TwelveMangoChristian (d.u.)
Pastor Secord Bitter SoulsSpeakeasyChristian (d.u.) pastor
Robin/NightwingDick GraysonTeen TitansDCChristian (d.u.); raised Roma/Gypsy
She-HulkJennifer WaltersAvengers; Fantastic FourMarvelChristian (d.u.; nominal)
White QueenEmma FrostHellfire Club Inner Circle; X-MenMarvelChristian (d.u.; nominal)
GargoyleIsaac ChristiansDefendersMarvelChristian (d.u.); occult
SpectreCrispus AllenJSADCChristian (d.u.); angel
ZaurielZaurielJLADCChristian angel
Avengelyne  Maximum/ImageChristian angel
Max [Joe and Max]GuardianChristian angel
 Jason, David, Jericho, Esther, AngelaGenesis 5GuardianChristian angels
Son-O'-GodJesus Christ National LampoonJudaism; Christianity
Jesus Super Best FriendsComedy CentralJudaism; Christianity
SpectreJim CorriganJSADCangel
Angela HeavenImageangel
CometAndrea Martinez / Andrew "Andy" JonesThe Stable; Supergirl allyDCEarth-born Angel
Nira-X CyberAngelNira EntityCyberAngel
Saint ElmoElmo or Erasmus (maybe)Alpha FlightMarvelminor god
Dawn  Cry for Dawn Productions; ImageEarth goddess
The SandmanDream DC/VertigoEndless; lord of dreams and stories
Strange VisitorSharon Vance / KismetTeam SupermanDCLord of Order (cosmic entity)
O and K (Kay)OrderYoung AlliesMarvelOrder and Chaos
Thunderbird IIINeal ShaaraX-Men; X-CorporationMarvelHindu
ShaktiChandra RajHindu
NagrajRaj RajHindu
Omega SentinelKarima ShapandarGenosha Excalibur; X-MenMarvelHindu
MayaChandi GuptaJustice LeagueDCHindu
IndraParas GavaskarXavier Institute: Alpha SquadronMarvelHindu
 Parvati GavaskarXavier InstituteMarvelHindu
Mahayogi Cadre of the ImmortalDCHindu
TimeslipRina PatelNew WarriorsMarvelHindu
DeviTara Mehta VirginHindu
ShaktimanPandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnathnath Shastri Doordarshan; Pogo TVHindu
CalculusJahaharel Patel / Jawaharal PatelYoung GodsMarvelHindu
Non-Stop MinoriteamCartoon NetworkHindu
Krishna Super Best FriendsComedy CentralHindu
DeadmanBoston BrandSentinels of MagicDCHindu
Emerald Bowman Green Arrows of the WorldDCHindu
Agniputra / Abhay   Hindu
 Remo WilliamsC.U.R.E.Pinnacle; Marvel; Tor; Orion PicturesHindu
ShroudMaxillian Quincy ColeridgeNightshiftMarvelHindu (Cult of Kali)
Ravan Jihad; Suicide SquadDCHindu (Kali worshipper/Thugee)
QuicksilverPietro MaximoffAvengers, X-FactorMarvelRoma/Gypsy; ethnic half-Jewish
Scarlet WitchWanda MaximoffAvengersMarvelRoma/Gypsy; ethnic half-Jewish; sorceress
DayTripper, Magik IIJimaine Szardos (a.k.a. Amanda Sefton)Excalibur, X-MenMarvelRoma/Gypsy; sorceress
MegganMeggan BraddockExcaliburMarvelRoma/Gypsy
Master of Kung-fuShang-ChiHeroes for HireMarvelTaoist monk
Lao Tsu Super Best FriendsComedy CentralTaoist
Night DragonBenny Lo DCTaoist
NunchakuLi Huay ChenTeam NipponAircelTaoist
Chinese Human CalculatorDr. WangMinoriteamCartoon NetworkChinese traditional religion
Kuei Young AlliesDCChinese traditional religion
Sailor MarsRei HinoSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei AnimationShinto priestess
SunfireShiro YoshidaX-Men, Big Hero 6MarvelShinto
SunfireMariko YashidaExilesMarvelShinto
SunpyreLeyu YoshidaX-Men, X-Corps, Big Hero 6MarvelShinto
 Michiyo WatanabeVan Helsing's vampire huntersMarvelShinto / Bushido
BushidoRyuko OrsonoTitans L.A.; Teen TitansDCBushido
KatanaTatsu YamashiroOutsidersDCBushido
SamuraiToshio EtoSuper FriendsHanna-BarberaBushido
SamuraiGennin KimuraTeam NipponAircelBushido
SamuraiToshiro Kimura Nightwynd ProductionsBushido
Solar Samurai  EpicBushido
Super SamuraiToshiFreedom ForceFilmation/CBSBushido
Ebon Samurai Big Hero 6MarvelBushido
Paul the SamuraiPaulally of the TickNew EnglandBushido
Samurai Jack"Brent Worthington" Cartoon NetworkBushido
Zatoichi Walrus  Solson PublishingBushido
Wind Dragon UltimenDCBushido
Musashi Cadre of the ImmortalDCBushido
KumoriKumori[Blade of Kumori]Devil's Due PublishingBushido
Usagi YojimboMiyamoto Usagi Fantagraphics; Mirage; Dark HorseBushido
Kunou / Aoi Ikazuchi ("Blue Thunder") / Shooting StarKunou Tatewaki [Ranma Nibunnoichi (anime)]Bushido
Manji  [Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Jyuunin)]Bushido
Hitaki A.B.C. Warriors2000 A.D.Bushido
Samurai Santa  Solson PublishingBushido Christian
 Hiro Nakamura[Heroes TV series]NBCBushido / Buddhist
American Samurai  MarvelBushido / Zen Buddhist
Thundermind Great TenDCBuddhist (Bodhisattva)
ThunderlordLiang Xih-k'aiGlobal GuardiansDCBuddhist
XornKuan-Yin XornX-MenMarvelBuddhist
Sailor VenusMinako AinoSailor SenshiKodansha; Toei AnimationBuddhist
DaltonAlec DaltonSuper SoldiersMarvelBuddhist
HarvestChi LoYoung GodsMarvelBuddhist
Tara  MarvelBuddhist
Chinese slayerXin RongWatchers' Council20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPN; Dark HorseBuddhist
BuddhaSiddhartha GautamaSuper Best FriendsComedy CentralBuddhist
ManaMana IsozakiAttack Mystification PoliceComic CompBuddhist
JudomasterHadley "Rip" JaggerAll-Star Squadron; L.A.W.DCBuddhist
  The Great TenDCBuddhist
Green Arrow IIConnor HawkeJLADCZen Buddhist
OnyxOnyx AdamsLeague of Assassins; Gotham/Batman familyDCZen Buddhist
BlindshotBob BookerNeopolis cabbie (Top 10)America's BestZen Buddhist
Captain Trips / MoonchildMarcus Aurelius Meadows[Wild Cards]Bantam, BaenZen Buddhist
YeomanDaniel Brennan[Wild Cards]Bantam, BaenZen Buddhist
 Sydney TaineNightside Detective AgencyMarvel; Guardians of OrderZen Buddhist
Shaolin Robot Great TenDCZen Buddhist; I Ching
Green LamaJethro Dumont Frank A. Munsey Co.; Spark Publications; CBSTibetan Buddhism (ordained)
Bulletproof Monk"monk with no name" Flypaper/ImageTibetan Buddhism (monk)
ThunderboltPeter Cannon DCTibetan Buddhism
The ShadowLamont Cranston Conde Nast Publications; Universal StudiosTibetan Buddhism
SwiftShen Li-menStormwatch, the AuthorityWildstorm/DCTibetan Buddhism
Wonder ManFred Carson Fox PublicationsTibetan Buddhism
 Lobjakally of FelinaCircus; Pilote; Glenat; DargaudTibetan Buddhism
Phantasmo"Phil Anson" DellTibetan Buddhism
Amazing-Man / The Green MistJohn Aman Centaur; MalibuTibetan Buddhism
Kaliman  [Mexican radio, comics]Tibetan Buddhism
Spy ShadowRichard VanceInterspyDePatie-Freleng Studios; NBCTibetan Buddhism
Mandrake the MagicianMandrake King Features Syndicate; Columbia Pictures; Mutual radio networkTibetan Buddhism
Kit KappaKit Marson HexagonTibetan Buddhism / Kappa
Iron FistDaniel RandHeroes for Hire; New AvengersMarvelTibetan (K'un L'un) Buddhism
Iron FistOrson Randall MarvelTibetan (K'un L'un) Buddhism
Radioactive ManDr. Chen LuMasters of Evil; ThunderboltsMarvelCommunist Buddhist
ShockwaveKaty LingPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Buddhist (non-practicing)
Rising SunIzumi YasunariGlobal GuardiansDCBuddhist / Shinto
KarmatronZaceklos Transformables¡Ka-Boom! EstudioKundalini Buddhism/Hinduism
 Jeong LeeOrder of St. GeorgeMarvel/EpicBuddhist; Order of St. George
Dr. DruidAnthony DruidMonster Hunters, Avengers, Secret DefendersMarvelDruidism (plus Tibetan Buddhism)
Druid Cadre of the ImmortalDCDruidism
Ham, the Weather WizardHammaglystwythkbrngxxaxolotl / Hamilton J. Thorndykefriend of BadgerCapital; First; Dark Horse; ImageDruidism
 Slaine mac Roth IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Druidism / Celtic paganism
Grim KnightStephenPlanetary BrigadeBoom! StudiosArthurian
Black KingTaleb Beni KhalidCheckmateDCDruze
King PeacockDet. John CorbeauTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's BestYazidi
Justice/Josiah XJosiah al hajj SaddiqThe CrewMarvelMuslim (clergyman)
Arabian KnightAbdul QamarThe Pantheon; Desert SwordMarvelSunni Muslim (Bedouin)
DustSooraya QadirHellions; New X-MenMarvelSunni Muslim
 Muhammad NurHarlem FourBrain TabletSunni Muslim
Aisha The LosersDC/VertigoSunni Muslim
JanissarySelma TolonJLADCMuslim
 Naif al-SheikhJustice League EliteDCMuslim
Hamza Stormwatch: Team AchillesWildstormMuslim
Damascus StormwatchWildstormMuslim
RampartJaffar Ibn Haroun Al RaschidSovereign SevenDCMuslim
SinbadDavood Nassur DCMuslim
Sinbad Freedom ForceFilmation/CBSMuslim
Archer of Arabia Green Arrows of the WorldDCMuslim
Shamal U.N.ForceGauntletMuslim
Noora the Light The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Jabbar the Powerful The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Rughal The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Dr. RazemRamzi RazemThe 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Mumita the Destroyer The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Snow T.A.C.T.I.C. [Snow/Tiger]IPC Media / 2000 A.D.Muslim
Bari the Healer The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Darr the Afflicter The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Jami the Assembler The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Raqib the Watcher The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Soora the Organizer The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Hidayeh the Guide The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
Sami the Hearer The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
  The 99Teshkeel MediaMuslim
 Sedara BakutPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Muslim
Kismet  Elliot PublishingMuslim
Batal SyriaMarvelMuslim
Black TigerAbraham Brown; Brillalae; etc.MurkateshMarvelMuslim
AlababaAlababaBoyville BrigadiersQualityMuslim
Green Genie Freedom ForceIrrational Games; Electronic ArtsMuslim
Muhammad Super Best FriendsComedy CentralMuslim
Arabian Knight II  MarvelMuslim
Arabian Knight IIINavid Hashim MarvelMuslim
Bromisnar  Mampato/Fernando Mujica FernandezMuslim
Jimmy Blub [Dubai] Muslim
Iman [The Adventures of Iman]Rima KhoreibiMuslim
CascadeSujatmi SunowapartiGlobal Guardians; IndonesiaDCMuslim
Sandstorm Global Guardians; SyriaDCMuslim
Mosque Blood S.C.R.E.A.M.BroadwayMuslim
Mohammed Ibn Bornu Cadre of the ImmortalDCMuslim
Aminedi Desert SwordMarvelMuslim
Veil Desert SwordMarvelMuslim
Black Raazer Desert SwordMarvelMuslim
Sirocco Desert SwordMarvelMuslim
Scirocco Iran; ally of SupermanDCMuslim
Super-Shayk IranDCMuslim
Spanky Ham Drawn TogetherComedy CentralMuslim
Wise SonHannibal WhiteBlood SyndicateMilestoneBlack Muslim
Muhammad X HarlemDCBlack Muslim
The DoctorHabib Ben HassanThe AuthorityWildstormPalestinian Muslim
Wild RoseRose Kugelally of the PunisherMarvelPalestinian Muslim
The Blue RajaJeffrey ("Jeff")Mystery MenDark Horse; Universal Studiosnot Muslim
Super Baha'i Girl League of SuperheroesFiction Wikia; U-TubeBaha'i
Flag-Smasher ULTIMATUM (Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind)MarvelBaha'i
The Acidic JewMoshe Chomskyin Common GroundsImageHasidic Judaism
WiccanBilly KaplanYoung AvengersMarvelReform Judaism
Ramban HayothDCJewish rabbi
ShadowcatKitty PrydeX-MenMarvelJewish
The ThingBen GrimmFantastic FourMarvelJewish
RagmanRory ReganSentinels of Magic; ShadowpactDCJewish
Doc SamsonDr. Leonard Samson ally of the HulkMarvelJewish
Go Girl!Lindsay Goldman  ImageJewish
Go-Go GirlJanet Goldman  ImageJewish
SasquatchWalter LangkowskiAlpha Flight; Omega FlightMarvelJewish
SongbirdMelissa Joan GoldThunderboltsMarvelJewish
Colossal Boy / Leviathan / Micro LadGim AllonLegion of Super HeroesDCJewish
Northguard / Le ProtecteurPhillip Wise Matrix Graphic SeriesJewish
Atom Smasher (a.k.a. Nuklon)Albert Julian RothsteinInfinity Inc.; Conglomerate; JLADCJewish
SabraRuth Bat-SeraphIsrael, X-CorporationMarvelJewish
SabramanDan Bar-On Sabraman Comics; Jerusalem PostJewish
Mr. MitzvahIvan Wilzig[Who Wants To Be A Superhero?]Sci-Fi ChannelJewish
Mindboggler / IfritLeah Wasserman Suicide SquadDCJewish
SeraphChaim LavonGlobal GuardiansDCJewish
 Ron Stoppablesidekick to Kim Possible (2002-2005 animated TV series)Disney ChannelJewish
MothmanArthursidekick to The TickNew EnglandJewish
FathomRebecca "Becky" GoldenElementalsComicoJewish
PrimeKevin GreenUltraforceMalibu, MarvelJewish
Captain UnderpantsBenny Krupp Blue Sky Press/ScholasticJewish
MasadaDeborah KonigsbergYoungbloodImageJewish
The MonolithAlice Cohen DCJewish
FirebreatherDuncan RosenblattThe PactImageJewish
Victory BoysMaxie, Victor, Gus, Hans, Warren, KurtVictory BoysTimelyJewish
Mendy and the GolemMendy Klein and Sholem Mendy EnterprisesJewish
The Golemn.a.S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling CommandosMarvelJewish
The GolemYossi Stein  Jewish
GolemJacob Goldsteinally of the InvadersMarvelJewish
Golem IIPaulPrimal Force (The Leymen)DCJewish
Golem HayothDCJewish
Dybbuk HayothDCJewish
Judith HayothDCJewish
ShalomanShaloman Mark OneJewish
Shalomboy  Mark OneJewish
Jewcano MinoriteamCartoon NetworkJewish
Rabbi Zone and Dreidel  DCJewish
FirestormMartin SteinJLADCJewish
BedlamBermuda SchwartzX-Force (1990)MarvelJewish
 Anastasia InyushinPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)Jewish
Pvt. Izzy CohenIsadore CohenSgt. Fury's Howling CommandosMarvelJewish
The Two-Gun KidMatthew LiebowiczOld WestMarvelJewish
American Flagg!Reuben Flagg FirstJewish
Dust DevilMoshe LevyBlastersDCJewish
TemperAviva Joby WeinbergRelative HeroesDCJewish
The Annointed One The LeagueDCJewish
Dominic FortuneDavid Fortunov MarvelJewish
Greenberg the VampireOscar Greenberg MarvelJewish
Tag TeamRoth twins  Avalanche EntertainmentJewish
The MinxAnna Schwarz DC/VertigoJewish
Marvel BoyRobert Grayson1950s AvengersMarvelJewish
The Hebrew HammerMordechai Jefferson Carver(2003 movie)Comedy CentralJewish
MicrochipLinus Liebermanassistant to the PunisherMarvelJewish
Captain RectitudeBob Jones IVAmerican Purity Foundation; InitiativeMarvelJewish
ManimalNoel Black Renegade PressJewish
BrightswordCarter DyamYoung GodsMarvelJewish
Silver Star  PacificJewish
Menorah ManEarl ChandlerJewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Magen David Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Minyan Man Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Shabbas Queen Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Dreidel Maidel Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Yarmulkah Youth / Kipa Kid ("the Capped Crusader") Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
Matza Woman / Hypergirl Jewish Hero CorpsLeviathan PressJewish
MatzohgirlMonika RubysteinLa RegieMontreal GazetteJewish
 Jake and Tom BerensonAnimorphsScholasticJewish
GrasshopperNeil SheltonRoxxon Corp.MarvelJewish
Moses Super Best FriendsComedy CentralJewish
Benny The Lagoon CompanyShogakukan; MadhouseJewish
Doctor FateEric StraussJSADCJewish
ClutchLance J. SteinbergG.I.JoeHasbro/MarvelJewish
 Samsonally of SupermanDCJewish
Captain Israel [in Captain Israel and Boy Chick, by Eric Reuben & Stan Kay]LancerJewish
Boy Chick [Captain Israel and Boy Chick]LancerJewish
Mister Tea / Mister Ti  MashehuJewish
Ratfink Strikeforce AmericaComicoJewish
Boogieman / BoogieMartin BergerBlood SyndicateDC/MilestoneJewish
Lone Arranger  Parallax PublicationsJewish
Dick Shamus  Parallax PublicationsJewish
Tishman of the Apes  Parallax PublicationsJewish
SupermaxClark Kantor Parallax PublicationsJewish
Sentinel U.N.ForceGauntletJewish
ZimmermanBobby Zimmerman National LampoonJewish
 Iggy SchwartzMerciless Mayhem PatrolRip Off PressJewish
 Ruben Youngblood Warren PublicationJewish
 Zudkiel KamishCometeersWarren PublicationJewish
 Johnny Samson BusterJewish
 Zadok GrimmNight ForceDCJewish
Nite-Owl IIDan DreibergCrimebusters [Watchmen]DC/VertigoJewish
SilhouetteUrsula ZandtMinutemen [Watchmen]DCJewish
 Toot BraunsteinDrawn TogetherComedy CentralJewish
  The Mitzvah 4Number FoundationJewish
Uri OanUri ben David  Jewish
Hatzalaf (The Sniper)  Bamachane MagazineJewish
 Asa Aaretz ShelanuJewish
Lilith  YnetJewish
Cochav Shavit (The Comet)  Maariv LeyeladimJewish
Miki Aanak (Miki the Giant)  CulanuJewish
The Invisible BoyDani Din  Jewish
 Dina Din  Jewish
Gidi-Gezer ("Gidi Carrot")  Haaretz ShelanuJewish
SuperShlumper S.M.A.S.H.KulanuJewish
HaKoakh HaMaggen ("Protecting Force")  KulanuJewish
Yoav Ben Chalav  milk promotion campaign; Iton Arutz AyeladimJewish
Rav Sha'anan (Mighty Sha'anan)Sha'anan  Jewish
Super Dan  Rosh ChairJewish
Marvel BoyDavid Bank MarvelJewish
EzniteSamuel SamsonIsraeli MilitaryAlpha-OmegaJewish
HaayalMoshe MuklabiAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
AtsumOfer MuklabiAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
HadarKeren AbutbulAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
Doctor ZroaReuben BacharAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
Professor LahatAriel FidelmanAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
KoltanEyal ShaharAdiri Atchelet (Tremendous Blue Sky) Jewish
  Chavurat Amuflaim (The Wonderful Four) Jewish
  Yechadit Hashimshonism (The Company of Samsons)Iton AcomicsJewish
Eli, Chana, Shosh, Phinchas The Young Detectives Jewish
Pim PandoerFer Donkers MalmbergJewish
Ultra BoyJo NahLegion of Super Heroes; WorkforceDCJewish?
The EscapistTom MayflowerLeague of the Golden KeyDark HorseJewish?
The Hammer of GodJudah Maccabee FirstJewish (convert)
BatwomanKatherine "Kate" Kane DCJewish; LGBT
Captain Hero Drawn TogetherComedy CentralJewish; LGBT
HoustonJoel Aaron WeinbergRelative HeroesDCJewish; LGBT
SublimeRachel GoldmanDV8; Gen13WildstormJewish (lapsed)
The AtomRaymond "Ray" PalmerJLADCJewish (lapsed)
ArsenicGertrude YorkesThe RunawaysMarvelJewish (agnostic)
Marvel Boy/JusticeVance AstroNew Warriors; Initiative/Camp HammondMarvelJewish (half)
White TigerKevin "Kasper" ColeThe CrewMarvelJewish (half)
IcemanBobby DrakeChampions; Defenders; X-Factor; X-MenMarvelJewish Catholic
The SandmanWesley DoddsJSADCJewish Catholic
Microchip, Jr.Louis Frohikeassistant to the PunisherMarvelJewish Catholic
PolarisLorna DaneX-Men, X-FactorMarvelJewish Catholic
DolmenPere AllyonIberia Inc.Planeta/LaberintoJewish Catholic
RobinTim Drakeally of Batman; Teen TitansDCJewish Catholic?
The Phantom Stranger JLA; Sentinels of Magic, Shadowpact DCJewish Christian?
LegionDavid Charles HallerMuir Island X-MenMarvelJewish; part Muslim
Green Lantern IIHal JordanJLADCJewish Catholic / Green Lantern
Dimensional ManJoshua __Nick Fury's Howling CommandosMarvelJewish (ethnic); Enclave (demonolatry, lapsed)
PumaThomas Fireheart MarvelNative American shamanism
Argent the Wolf  Comico; Dark HorseNative American shamanism
ShamanMichael TwoyoungmenAlpha FlightMarvelNative American shamanism (Sarcee)
TalismanElizabeth TwoyoungmenAlpha Flight; Omega FlightMarvelNative American shamanism (Sarcee)
Coyote  EpicNative American spirituality
RipclawRobert BearclawCyberforceImage; Top CowNative American spirituality
Manitou RavenRavenJLA; Justice League EliteDCNative American spirituality
Manitou Dawn JLA; Justice League EliteDCNative American spirituality
DawnstarDawnstarLegion of Super HeroesDCNative American spirituality
Angry Eagle X-PeopleMarvel (MC2)Native American spirituality
Silver FoxSilver FoxWeapon X, Team XMarvelNative American spirituality
Captain ThunderWilliam "Willie" Fawcett DCNative American spirituality
Flying FoxYoung All-StarsDCNative American spirituality
Long Shadow UltimenDCNative American spirituality
HighnoteRaoul HernandezYoung GodsMarvelNative American spirituality
Hawk, Son of Tomahawk  DCNative American spirituality
 Jay Little BearDeadly Dozen, Leatherneck RaidersMarvelNative American spirituality
Strong Bow  DCNative American spirituality
Raze Southern TribeCorbeauNative American spirituality
Captain Freedom  Apache CommunicationsNative American spirituality
Speedy/Arsenal/Red ArrowRoy Harper Jr.Teen Titans; Seven Soldiers of Victory; C.B.I.; JLADCNavajo traditional religion
American EagleJason Strongbow MarvelNavajo traditional religion
Black CrowJesse Black Crow MarvelNavajo traditional religion
Black Condor IIIJohn TrujilloFreedom FightersDCNavajo traditional religion
Tex / Eagle of NightTex Willer Sergio Bonelli EditoreNavajo chief
ThunderbirdJohn ProudstarX-MenMarvelNative American spirituality (Apache)
WarpathJames ProudstarHellions, X-Force, X-Corporation, X-MenMarvelNative American spirituality (Apache)
Thunderbird / War / T-BirdJohn Proudstaralt. X-Men; Horsemen of Apocalypse; ExilesMarvelNative American spirituality (Apache)
Apache Chief Super FriendsHanna-BarberaNative American spirituality (Apache)
WillpowerWilliam TwotreesPrimal Force (The Leymen)DCNative American spirituality (Apache)
RainmakerSarah RainmakerGen13WildstormNative American spirituality (Apache)
TontoTontopartner of Lone RangerWXYZ radio, etc.Native American spirituality (Apache/Potawatomi)
MirageDanielle MoonstarNew MutantsMarvelNative American religion (Cheyenne) / Teutonic paganism
Forge X-Factor, X-MenMarvelNative American shamanism (Cheyenne)
Red WolfWill TalltreesRangersMarvelAmerican spirituality (Cherokee)
Red Wolf"Johnny Wakely" MarvelNative American spirituality (Cherokee)
Red WolfThomas Thunderhead MarvelNative American spirituality (Cherokee)
OwlwomanWenonah LittlebirdGlobal GuardiansDCNative American spirituality (Cherokee)
Black BisonBison-Black-as-Midnight-Sky DCNative American spirituality; Shaman of the Bison Cult
Black Bison IIBlack-Cloud-in-Morning / John Ravenhair DCNative American spirituality; Shaman of the Bison Cult
DaydreamerCatherine MoranisYoung GodsMarvelNative American spirituality (Algonquin)
Firehair  DCNative American spirituality (Blackfoot)
Night Raven  MarvelNative American spirituality (Mohawk)
Pow-Wow SmithOhiyesa DCNative American spirituality (Sioux)
Red WarriorRed WarriorRed DogsAtlasNative American spirituality (Comanche)
 Wyatt WingfootFantastic Four (ally)MarvelNative American spirituality (Comanche/Keewazi)
ScalphunterBrian Savage / Ke-Woh-No-Tay DCNative American spirituality (Kiowa)
Ghost DancerNathaniel Great Owl MarvelNative American spirituality (Hopi)
Ghost DancerJames Owl MarvelNative American spirituality (Hopi)
Super-ChiefFlying Stag / Saganowahna DCNative American spirituality (Iroquois)
Seneca Cadre of the ImmortalDCNative American spirituality (Iroquois)
Silent FoxSilent FoxKeewazi TribeMarvelNative American spirituality (Keewazi)
Yukon JackYukotujakzurjimozoataAlpha FlightMarvelNative American primal-indigenous religion
RisqueGloria Dolores Munoz [Muñoz]X-Force (ally); X-CorporationMarvelSeminole (half)
SnowbirdNarya / "Anne McKenzie"Alpha FlightMarvelInuit demi-goddess
Nelvana of the Northern LightsNelvana Hillborough StudioInuit
MoonstalkerKianaYoung GodsMarvelInuit
PiefaceThomas KalmakuNew GuardiansDCInuit
AztekUnoQ Society; JLADCAztec
Xiuhtecutli Cadre of the ImmortalDCAztec
Golden LadTommy Preston Spark PublicationsAztec
SerpentineJoeyPoint MenDCAztec
El MuertoDiego de la Muerte Javier HernandezAztec
 QuexalcholmecTime Control2000 A.D.Aztec
Aztec of the City  El SaltoAztec
PumamanTony Farms ADR FilmsAztec
Aztec AceCaza EclipseAztec
 Tim Kelly[Kelly's Eye]I.P.C.; Valiant; 2000 A.D.Incan
The JaguarRalph HardyMighty Crusaders; Terrific ThreeArchieIncan
SupermayaGuy Editorial NovaroMayan
Gateway X-MenMarvelAustralian Aboriginal traditional religion
DreamguardWillie WalkawayDreamguardsMarvelAustralian Aboriginal traditional religion
Talisman  MarvelAustralian Aboriginal traditional religion
VaruaMiraYoung GodsMarvelPolynesian traditional religion (priestess)
FinalePahe Leilani Fave'elaSovereign SevenDCPolynesian traditional religion
Pineapple ManSam Pahoa SoloGraphicsPolynesian traditional religion
LoaAlani RyanXavier Institute: Alpha SquadronMarvelPolynesian traditional religion
Black PantherT'ChallaAvengersMarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion; leader of the Black Panther Cult
Vibraxas Fantastic ForceMarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion; Wakandan Black Panther Cult
Coal TigerT'ChakaA-NextMarvel (MC2)African primal-indigenous religion; Wakandan Black Panther Cult
ZawadiZawadiMonster HuntersMarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion; Wakandan Black Panther Cult
Doctor MistNommo of Kor / MaltisClub of Heroes/The Dome; Global Guardians; Primal Force (The Leymen)DCAfrican primal-indigenous religion; occult
Queen Divine JusticeCe'Athauna Asira Davin / "Chante Giovanni Brown"Dora MilajeMarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion (Jabari)
The Living MummyN'KantuShock Troop; Howling CommandosMarvelAfrican primal-indigenous religion (Swarili)
Starchild Harlem FourBrain TabletYoruba
Goddess girlfriend of GrimJackFirstYoruba
SpliceChandra KuYoung GodsMarvelZulu
ImpalaM'BulazeGlobal GuardiansDCZulu
Kid Impala Ultramarine CorpsDCZulu
KidogoLazaro KotikashXavier Institute: Alpha SquadronMarvelMaasai
Brother VoodooJericho Drumm MarvelVodoun houngan (voodoo priest)
 Barbara OludumareJust-Us League of AfricaBrain TabletVodoun (voodoo) priestess
VoodooPriscilla KitaenWildcatsWildstormVodoun (voodoo)
The WitchDoctorDr. Jovan Carrington Griot EnterprisesVodoun (voodoo)
The ZombieSimon Garth MarvelVodoun (voodoo)
EmpressAnita FiteYoung Justice; ShadowpactDCVodoun (voodoo)
ShadowmanJack Boniface AcclaimVodoun (voodoo)
Shadowman IIMike Leroi AcclaimVodoun (voodoo)
Voodoo Childe The ChosenChaosVodoun (voodoo)
Phantom Jungle GirlDonna Black Kitchen SinkVodoun (voodoo)
Mammaw Voodoo  Kitchen SinkVodoun (voodoo)
Voodoo ChildGabriel Moore VirginVodoun (voodoo)
ElegguaNestor "NeRo" RodriguezSanteriansMarvelSanteria
Chango SanteriansMarvelSanteria
Oya SanteriansMarvelSanteria
Ogun SanteriansMarvelSanteria
Oshun SanteriansMarvelSanteria
Wonder WomanDiana of ThemysciraJLADCGreco-Roman classical religion
Wonder Girl / Troia / Darkstar / Wonder Woman IVDonna TroyTeen Titans; DarkstarsDCGreco-Roman classical religion
Wonder Woman (WWII-era)Queen HippolytaJSADCGreco-Roman classical religion
Wonder GirlCassandra "Cassie" SandsmarkYoung Justice; Teen TitansDCGreco-Roman classical religion
MagmaAmara AquillaNew Mutants; X-CorporationMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
HerculesHercules/HereclesChampions; Avengers; RenegadesMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
Hercules / ChampionHercules / Heracles / Herakles / "Harold Campion" DCGreco-Roman classical religion
VenusAphrodite; "Victoria 'Vicki' Starr"Olympian Gods; Agents of AtlasMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
AresAresOlympian Gods; AvengersMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
Power PrincessPrincess ZardaGolden Agency; Squadron Supreme; ExilesMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
AphroditeOlivia ArancinaHeroine, Inc.ImageGreco-Roman classical religion
AegisTrey RollinsNew WarriorsMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
Sun WomanDelia SpyrosSeven Sentinels (Top 10)America's BestGreco-Roman classical religion
Tenth MuseEmma Sonnet Image; Darren G. Davis/Bluewater Productions; Alias EnterprisesGreco-Roman classical religion
Eve Freedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic ArtsGreco-Roman classical religion
UltrawomanAnysiaGuardian GuildAlpha-OmegaGreco-Roman classical religion
Phalanx Cadre of the ImmortalDCGreco-Roman classical religion
OlympianAristedes DemetriosGlobal Guardians; Ultramarine CorpsDCGreco-Roman classical religion
CaduceusMark CadmonYoung GodsMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
FuryHippolyta "Lyta" Trevor-HallInfinity Inc.DCGreco-Roman classical religion
FuryHelena KosmatosYoung All-StarsDCGreco-Roman classical religion
GloryGloriana Demeter / "Gloria West"Allies; BrigadeImageGreco-Roman classical religion
Mega-MannKratos MannGuardian GuildAlpha-OmegaGreco-Roman classical religion
The 10th MuseEmma Sonnet Image; Alias Enterprises; Blue WaterGreco-Roman classical religion
Diana the HuntressDiana E. Levy Publishing/Frank CommunaleGreco-Roman classical religion
Kapitan Kidlat ("Captain Lightning")Inocencio Santos Kapitan Kidlat radio show; PSG PublicationsGreco-Roman classical religion
 Helios; Hermes; Poseidon; Hades; ApoloLiga de los Vengadores ("League of Avengers")PortalGreco-Roman classical religion
Dr. Zeus FuturiansLodestoneGreco-Roman classical religion
Comet the Super-HorseBiron / "Bronco" Bill StarrLegion of Super-PetsDCGreco-Roman classical religion
Lilith / OmenLilith Clay-JupiterTeen TitansDCethnically half Greco-Roman god
Winged Victory (Astro City)Image/HomageGreco-Roman classical religion / Feminist
Captain MarvelBilly BatsonJLAFawcett; DCGreco-Roman classical religion / Protestant
Sub-MarinerNamorAvengersMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
AquamanArthur Curry/OrinJLADCAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
NamoritaNamorita "Nita" PrentissDefenders, New WarriorsMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
NamoraAquaria Nautica NeptuniaAgents of Atlas; Monster Hunters; RenegadesMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
NamoraNamoraExilesMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
AndromedaAndromeda AttumasenDefendersMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
Orka Heroes for HireMarvelAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
AquagirlTulaTeen TitansDCAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
MeraMeraAtlantisDCAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
Shark  Centaur PublicationsAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
Subbie partner of Sub-MarinerTimelyAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion
Aqualad/TempestGarthTeen Titans; Sentinels of MagicDCAtlantean/Greco-Roman classical religion; magic
HawkmanCarter HallJSA, JLADCEgyptian classical religion
HawkgirlShiera Sanders HallJSA *DCEgyptian classical religion
Black AdamTeth-Adam/Theo AdamJSA, Injustice Society, The Society, Suicide Squad, Monster Society of EvilFawcett; DCEgyptian classical religion
IsisAndrea ThomasFreedom ForceFilmation/CBS; DCEgyptian classical religion
IsisAdrianna Tomaz DCEgyptian classical religion
OsirisAmon Tomazally of Black Adam, Isis; Teen TitansDCEgyptian classical religion
Osiris Cadre of the ImmortalDCEgyptian classical religion
ArtemisArtemis of Bana-MighdallAmazons; HellendersDCEgyptian classical religion
BirdmanRay Randall Hanna-Barbera; Gold KeyEgyptian classical religion
Brother PowerSeth Amun Ra Worldwinz StudiosEgyptian classical religion
Cleopatra Honor Guard [Astro City]Image/HomageEgyptian classical religion
Wargod  SpeakeasyEgyptian classical religion
Kemit Kutie Harlem FourBrain TabletEgyptian classical religion
Krakos the EgyptianKrakos Gerlad G. SwanEgyptian classical religion
Kid PharaohZethi ValiantEgyptian classical religion
Captain Osiris The SpecialsRegent EntertainmentEgyptian classical religion
The Indestructible Man"Mark Dangerfield" I.P.C.Egyptian classical religion
Moon KnightMarc SpectorWest Coast AvengersMarvelEgyptian classical religion (raised Jewish)
Earth LordKyle BrockEarth ForceMarvelEgyptian classical religion (lapsed)
SkyhawkWinston ManchesterEarth ForceMarvelEgyptian classical religion (lapsed)
Wind WarriorPamela ShawEarth ForceMarvelEgyptian classical religion (lapsed)
The Sphinx Mystery MenDark Horse; Universal Studiospseudo-Egpytian religionist/Confucianist/Taoist
Divinity DrakeAamshedNoah van Helsing's vampire huntersMarvelSumerian sorceress
ThorThor Odinson / "Donald Blake" / "Sigurd Jarlson"AvengersMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
ValkyrieSamantha Parrington / Brunnhilde / Barbara-Denton NorrissDefendersMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism; former radical Feminist
ValkyrieThrud Alpha-OmegaNorse/Teutonic paganism
Valkyrie [Power of the Valkyrie]Arcana StudiosNorse/Teutonic paganism
KrystalinRuth Kirsten Porter-OgadaX-Men 2099MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
Thor GirlTarene MarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
Icemaiden; IceTora Olafsdotter / Tora OlafstotterGlobal Guardians; Justice LeagueDCNorse/Teutonic paganism
 Ewald OlaffsonCadre of the ImmortalDCNorse/Teutonic paganism
ThenaThenaA-NextMarvel (MC2)Norse/Teutonic paganism
Viking MaximumsDCNorse/Teutonic paganism
Red NorvellRoger NorvellNorse Gods, Warriors of ValhallaMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
ThorDargo KtorThor CorpsMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
UltramagnisZakris (Zak) VinsonTribe of UltrasAlpha-OmegaNorse/Teutonic paganism
Beta Ray Bill"Simon Walters"Thor Corps; Starmasters; Omega FlightMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism / Korbinite religion
PerunValeri SovloyevPeople's Protectorate; Soviet Super-Soldiers; The LiberatorsMarvelSlavic paganism
StormOroro MunroeX-MenMarvelGoddess worship
AlchemissCatherine Larchmont-PriceFreedom ForceIrrational Games/Electronic ArtsGoddess worship
Fishnet AngelMark Willams / Marcia Williams Arcana Studios; Sean TaylorGoddess worship
She-Devil with a SwordRed Sonya / Red Sonja Marvelgoddess worship (Scathach)
AllureDamara SinclaireRelative HeroesDCWiccan
Tarot, Witch of the Black RoseRowan BroadSwordWiccan
WillowWillow RosenbergScooby Gang20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy; WB/UPN; Dark HorseJewish Wiccan
ZatannaZatanna ZataraJLA; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Sentinels of MagicDCeclectic Pentecostal Dianic Wiccan
PrometheaSophie Bangs; Stacia VanderveerAmerica's BestWildstorm/America's BestCrowleyite (influences incl. occult, Tarot, Kabbalah)
Doctor StrangeDr. Stephen StrangeDefendersMarveloccult
CleaCleadisciple of Doctor StrangeMarveloccult
The Ancient One  Marveloccult
Enchantress / SoulsingerJune MooneSuicide Squad; Sentinels of Magic; ShadopactDCoccult
Bloodwynd JLA; Sentinels of MagicDCoccult
ZataraGiovanni ZataraAll-Star SquadronDCoccult
ZataraZachary ZataraTeen TitansDCoccult
 Ian McNee Marveloccult
 Tim Hunter DCoccult
Moonglow / ArcannaArcanna JonesSquadron SupremeMarveloccult
Modred the MysticModred Marveloccult
Sargon the SorcererJohn SargentAll-Star SquadronDCoccult
SibillaElena Drago Editions Lugoccult; astrology
Crimson S.H.I.E.L.D. HulkbustersMarveloccult (follower of Cyttorak)
 Jennifer KaleLegion of NightMarveloccult; Cult of Zhered-Na (priestess)
Topaz WitchesMarveloccult; Native American spirituality
Mr. MonsterStrongfort StearnBell Features; Dark Horse, Eclipse, and TundraDigital Webbingoccult authority
MagikIllyana RasputinNew MutantsMarveloccult/magick; demonolatry; raised Communist
Third Eye Planetary BrigadeBoom! Studiosdemonolatry (raised); mystic
Raven"Rachel Roth"Teen Titans; Sentinels of MagicDCAzarathian religion; sometimes demonolatry / Satanism / Church of Blood
Black WidowClaire Voyant TimelySpiritism; Satanism
 Lionel ZerbSpecials [Rising Stars]Top Cow/ImageSpiritism
The BowlerCarolMystery MenDark Horse; Universal StudiosSpiritism
Saint SinnerPhilip Fetter Marvel/RazorlineSpiritism
EctokidDexter Mungo Marvel/RazorlineSpiritism
The BadgerNorbert Sykes Capital; First; Dark Horse; ImageSpiritism; worships Myrtle, God of Badgers
SatanaSatana HellstromNick Fury's Howling Commandos; WitchesMarvelSatanism
FaustJohn Jaspers Rebel Studios; Avatar PressSatanist; anti-Satanist
Deadly GirlAngela McCaryThe SpecialsRegent Entertainmentdemonolatry
EudaemonBob Dark Horsedemon; anti-demon
Lillith the Demon Princess RedeemersAntarctic Pressdemon; anti-demon
Billy: Demon SlayerWilliam "Billy" Damon Siberian Productionsdemon; anti-demon
GrendelEddie/"Hunter Rose"; Orion AssanteCiccone Family (Mafia)Comico; Dark HorseNietzschean Satanist
OzymandiasAdrian VeidtCrimebusters [Watchmen]DCUtilitarian; moral relativism
Dr ManhattanJonathan OstermanCrimebusters [Watchmen]DCUtilitarian; determinism
The ComedianEdward BlakeMinutemen; Crimebusters [Watchmen]DCUtilitarian; nihilism
 Baron Von BlitzschlagInitiativeMarvelNazi
The QuestionCharles Victor Szasz; Vic SageJustice League (DCAU), L.A.W.DCObjectivist; Zen
RorschachWalter KovacsCrimebusters [Watchmen]DCObjectivist
ButterflyLayla MillerX-Factor InvestigationsMarvelObjectivist
Mr. FantasticReed RichardsFantastic FourMarvelhumanist; believes in God
Red StarLeonid KovarTeen TitansDCCommunist
VanguardNicolai KrylenkoSoviet Super-Soldiers; Winter Guard; ExilesMarvelCommunist
Crimson Dynamo / AirstrikeDimitri BukharinSoviet Super-Soldiers; People's ProtectorateMarvelCommunist
Zvezda Dennista ("Morning Star")Marya MeshkovBogatyriMarvelCommunist
Doctor VolkhVladimir OrekhovBogatyriMarvelCommunist (former)
MikulaMikula GolubevBogatyriMarvelCommunist (former)
SvyatogorSasha PokryshkinBogatyriMarvelCommunist (former)
Ursa MajorMikhail Uriokovitch UrsusWinter Guard; People's Protectorate; Soviet Super-Soldiers; SiberforceMarvelCommunist (former)
Collective ManHan, Chang, Lin, Sun and Ho Tao-Yu3-PeaceMarvelMaoist Communist
ColossusPiotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch RasputinX-MenMarvelCommunist atheist (former)
Green ArrowOliver QueenJLA; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Justice League EliteDCagnostic; Liberal Marxist
 Pete WisdomBlack Air; Excalibur; X-ForceMarvelagnostic
The AtheistAntoine Sharpe Imageagnostic
Y: the Last ManYorick Brown DC/Vertigoagnostic?
Mr. TerrificTerry SloaneJSADCagnostic; Fair Play
Ant-Man / Slaying MantisEric O'Grady / "Derek Sullivan"S.H.I.E.L.D.; Damage ControlMarvelsecular/"non-religious"
AmokCaspar DrakeThe SpecialsRegent Entertainmentsecular/"non-religious"
Kyle XY"Kyle" / 781227 ABC Family"non-religious" tabula rasa
Iron ManTony StarkAvengersMarvelfuturist; technologist; mostly secular
Mr. TerrificMichael HoltJSADCAtheist
The Savage DragonKurrSpecial Operations StrikeforceImageAtheist
Booster GoldMichael Jon CarterJustice League; Conglomerate; Super BuddiesDCatheist
QuasarWendell Elvis VaughnAvengersMarvelatheist
DreadstarVanth Dreadstar Marvel/Epicatheist
StarmanTed KnightJSADCatheist
Ant-Man; Giant Man; Goliath; YellowjacketHenry Pym ("Hank Pym")Avengers; DefendersMarvelatheist
VivisectorMyles AlfredX-ForceMarvelatheist
MystiqueRaven DarkholmeBrotherhood of Evil Mutants; Freedom Force; X-Factor; X-Corps; X-MenMarvelatheist
Supershock [Powers]Image; Marvel/Iconatheist
The NazariteJacob (Jake) Neilson Alpha-Omegaatheist
Ms. MarvelCarol DanversAvengers; StarjammersMarvelatheist?
SabretoothVictor CreedWeapon X; Team X; Marauders; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; X-Factor; X-Men; ExilesMarvelatheist; (future: "born-again" Protestant Christian)
WolverineJames Howlett / LoganX-Men; AvengersMarvelraised Protestant; sometimes atheist; has practiced Buddhism; skeptical seeker
SpawnAl Simmons Imageformer atheist; pawn/agitator of Heaven & Hell
 Mercy Sparx MySpace; Devil's Duedemon-born; religious; pawn of Heaven & Hell
Ling-Ling Drawn TogetherComedy CentralScientology
L-Ron / Despero IIL-Ron H*bb*rdJLA; Justice League Task Force; Super BuddiesDCScientology
TriathlonDelroy Garrett Jr.AvengersMarvelTriune Understanding (Scientology)
Chance Fallen AngelsMarvelGlorification Church (Unification Church)
Johnny ThunderJohn ThunderJSADCBadhnesian mysticism
CableNathan Christopher Charles SummersNew Mutants, X-Force, X-MenMarvelAskani (leader)
Blaquesmith / Mind-Rider The UndergroundMarvelAskani
 Kara JaniseryKnights of the Order of St. GeorgeMarvel/ShadowlineOrder of St. George
Knight of 1908 Knights of the Order of St. GeorgeMarvel/ShadowlineOrder of St. George
Spider-WomanJessica DrewHYDRA; S.H.I.E.L.D; Heroes for Hire; AvengersMarvelWundagorian Transhumanism (raised); HYDRA (former)
NemesisJane DoeGamma Flight; Beta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvelChildren of the Night (former leader)
NemesisCatherine St. IvesGamma Flight; Beta Flight; Alpha FlightMarvelChildren of the Night
Dynamite / SalvoMike CrawleyPsi-ForceMarvel (NU)White Eventist (temporary)
ScuzzDennis CuzinskiDP7Marvel (NU)White Eventist (convert)
 Hsui TaiThe Tomorrow PeopleThames Television; ITVShansu
Devil-SlayerEric Simon PayneDefendersMarvelCult of the Harvester of Eyes / Agents of Fortune sect (former)
Demon HunterGideon Cross AtlasHarvester of Night Cult (former)
LadytronMaxine ManchesterWildcatsWildstormChurch of Gort (former nun)
BaseHiro SokutoGenetixMarvel UKHikari-No-Michi ("Path of Light")
Ajaxis Lava Men; Thunderbolts; InitiativeMarvelSubterranean Lava Men religion
BishopLucas BishopX.S.E.; X-Men; NYPDMarvelX-Men veneration (lapsed)
ArcherJude Black (alias)X.S.E.; X.U.E.; X-FactorMarvelX-Men veneration (lapsed)
HumbugBuck MittyHeroes for HireMarvelinsect-based beliefs
Impulse / Kid Flash / FlashBart AllenTeen TitansDCZen Speed Force
Quicksilver / Max MercuryMax CrandallAll-Star Squadron; Freedom FightersDCZen Speed Force
SkidsSally BlevinsMorlocks; X-Terminators; Mutant Liberation Front; Acolytes; New Mutants; X-CorporationMarvelmutant supremacist; Acolyte (Magneto worship)
FirefistRusty CollinsX-Terminators; New Mutants; Mutant Liberation Front; AcolytesMarvelmutant supremacist; Acolyte (Magneto worship)
Dinah Soar Great Lakes AvengersMarvelobscure Savage Land and/or alien religion
KarnakKarnakInhumansMarvelInhuman religion (priest)
CrystalCrystalia Amaquelin MaximoffInhumans; Fantastic Four; AvengersMarvelInhuman religion
MedusaMedusalith BoltagonInhumans; Frightful Four; Fantastic FourMarvelInhuman religion
Black BoltBlackagar BoltagonInhumans; IlluminatiMarvelInhuman religion
Devlor Fantastic ForceMarvelInhuman religion
YetiKalibanFirst LineMarvelInhuman religion
Gorgon InhumansMarvelInhuman religion
Triton InhumansMarvelInhuman religion
SersiSersiEternals, AvengersMarvelEternals religion
Major Mercury / HurricaneMakkari / "Mark Curry"Eternals; First Line; Monster HuntersMarvelEternals religion
Gilgamesh / The Forgotten One Eternals; AvengersMarvelEternals religion
Ikaris / Iceberg / SovereignIkaris / "Ike Harris"Eternals; New Breed; Star MastersMarvelEternals religion
Interloper Eternals; New DefendersMarvelEternals religion
AginarAginarEternals; Soviet militaryMarvelEternals religion
Pixie / Miss Pixie Eternals; First LineMarvelEternals religion
Mister MiracleScott FreeNew Gods; Justice LeagueDCApokolipsian Darkseid worship (lapsed)
Big BardaBarda FreeNew Gods; Female Furies; JLADCApokolipsian Darkseid worship (lapsed)
HighfatherIzayaNew GodsDCNew Gods of New Genesis (leader)
LightraySollis / SolisNew Gods; Justice LeagueDCNew Gods of New Genesis
OrionOrionNew Gods; Justice LeagueDCNew Gods of New Genesis
TakionJoshua SandersNew GodsDCNew Gods of New Genesis
Metron New GodsDCNew Gods of New Genesis
Fastbak New GodsDCNew Gods of New Genesis
Forager New GodsDCNew Gods of New Genesis
Space GhostThaddeus BachGalactic HeroesHanna-Barbera Productions; Gold Key; Marvel; Comico; Archie; Cartoon Network; DCThe Commandment
Shadow LassTasmia MallorLegion of Super HeroesDCTalokian ancestor worship
Shadow KidGrev MallorLegion of Super HeroesDCTalokian ancestor worship
Blok Legion of Super HeroesDCDryad religion (incl. ancestor veneration)
Strata InterC.E.P.T.; L.E.G.I.O.N.DCDryad religion
LongshotLongshotX-Men; ExilesMarvelMojoworld television worship
ShatterstarGaveedra SevenX-ForceMarvelMojoworld televised combat culture
Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzzJLA; Justice ExperienceDCMartian religion
Miss MartianM'gann M'orzz/Megan MorseTeen TitansDCMartian religion
Silver SurferNorrin Raddherald of Galactus; DefendersMarvelZenn-La religion
Korg WarboundMarvelKronan/Sakaarian religion
Hepzibah[unintelligible]Starjammers; X-MenMarvelMephitisoid religion
Captain MarvelMar-Vell MarvelKree religion
Ensign Marvel / Marvel BoyNoh-Varr18th Kree Diplomatic GestaltMarvelKree religion (missionary)
MantisMandy CelestineAvengersMarvelKree religion: pacifistic Priests of Pama sect
Ultra GirlSuzanna "Suzy" Lauren Sherman / Tsu-ZanaNew Warriors; InitiativeMarvelKree savior
Lazerfist / Ms. FantasticLyja / "Bridget O'Neil" / "Laura Green"Fantastic Four; Fantastic FiveMarvelSkrull religion
SupergirlKara Zor-El DCKryptonian religion
Power GirlKara Zor-LInfinity Inc.; Sovereign Seven; JSA; JLADCKryptonian religion
 Lilandra NeramaniShi'ar Emperium; StarjammersMarvelShi'ar religion
CeriseCeriseExcalibur; GracesMarvelShi'ar religion
StarfireKoriand'rTeen Titans; OutsidersDCTamaranian religion (X'Hal)
Warlock / Douglock New Mutants; Fallen Angels; ExcaliburMarvelTechnarchy religion (worships "the Maker")
AmphibionQnaxHulk-Hunters/Horror-HuntersMarvelXantarian religion/Xandarean
ZenZen ZenMasters of Om sect
Green Lantern (of Sector 47)LysandraGreen Lantern CorpsDCZinthian religion
Lobo / L'il Lobo L.E.G.I.O.N.; Young JusticeDCFirst Celestial Church of the Triple Fish God (Archbishop)
MoondragonHeather DouglasDefenders, Avengers; Infinity WatchMarvelTitanian priestess
StarfoxErosEternals of Titan; AvengersMarvelTitanian religion
 Oho-BeshOmega MenDCChangralyn priest
 Asagi Kusanagi Gamera daikaiju kuchu kessenavatar/priestess for Gamera
NorthwindNorda CantrellInfinity IncDCFeitheran high priest
Element Lad / AlchemistJan ArrahLegion of Super HeroesDCTrom religion (devout, spiritual seeker)
Lightning Lad / Live WireGarth RanzzLegion of Super Heroes; WorkforceDCWinath nature religion
Spark / Lightning Lass / Light Lass / GossamerAyla RanzzLegion of Super HeroesDCWinath nature religion
Ghostmare / The MatriarchKym / OosayForce FourMarvelKymellian religion (leader)
Sensor GirlQueen Projectra of OrandoLegion of Super HeroesDCOrando state religion (titular head)
Cerebus the AardvarkCerebus Aardvark VanaheimEastern Church Of Tarim (pope)
Ganymede ally of Jack of HeartsMarvelSpinsterhood (warrior-priestess)
GamoraGamoraInfinity WatchMarvelZen Whoberi; raised by nihilist
FirelordPyreus Krilherald of Galactus; Nova CorpsMarvelXandarian religion
SleepwalkerRick SheridanSecret DefendersMarvelSleepwalker religion
SmaxJaffs Macksun/Jeff SmaxTop 10 (Neopolis P.D.)America's Bestfantasy world polytheist
Alien OrphanDougThe SpecialsRegent Entertainmentalien blasphemy
CentrixMark ArmstrongGlobal GuardiansDCNew Age
ScaredycatPilar LisieuxStrikeforce: MorituriMarvelNew Age
Lucy in the SkyKarolina DeanRunawaysMarvelNew Age; Vegan
 Layla WilliamsSky HighWalt Disney PicturesVegan
Super Vegan  Vegan Pirates / Don QuinoaVegan
Vegan Man  Vegan RepresentVegan
Animal ManBuddy BakerForgotten Heroes; Justice LeagueDCAnimal Rights; Church of Maxine (leader)
Artemis Shadow Cabinet; Star ChamberMilestoneAnimal Rights
Captain Planet PlaneteersTBS; Hanna-BarberaEnvironmentalism
Fishkar  Dewlap Divers ProductionsEnvironmentalism
EuropaDonna EdenTwelve StarsEuropean UnionEnvironmentalism
BloodhawkLemuel Krug / Lemuel HalconX-Men 2099MarvelEnvironmentalism
RepulsorClaudio Juarez MarvelEnvironmentalism
AlbionPeter HunterKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
GuinevereKate McClellanKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
PercivalBen GallagherKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
King ArthurAdam CrownKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
MorgauseFrancesca GraceKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
GuenevereBreeze JamesKnights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
Sir GawainN.A.Knights of PendragonMarvel UKEnvironmentalism
Urth Urth 4 / Earth 4Pacific; ContinuityEnvironmentalism
Fyre Urth 4 / Earth 4Pacific; ContinuityEnvironmentalism
Ayre Urth 4 / Earth 4Pacific; ContinuityEnvironmentalism
Watr Urth 4 / Earth 4Pacific; ContinuityEnvironmentalism
Water Wizard / AqueductPeter van ZanteMasters of Evil; Force of Nature; Thunderbolts; InitiativeMarvelEnvironmentalism
Ms. Mystic  Pacific; ContinuityEnvironmentalist witch
ConcreteRonald Lithgow Dark HorseEnvironmentalism / Earth First
Firewall / Silk FeverMin Li NgForce of Nature; Folding Circle; Thunderbolts; InitiativeMarvelEnvironmentalism; Dragon's Breadth
Angus Order of St. GeorgeMarvel/ShadowlineGaian; Order of St. George (priest)
Earth GoddessLisaPlanetary BrigadeBoom! StudiosGaian
GaiaGaea MarvelGaian
Brother Power the Geek  DCHippie
MandalaPeter St JohnTaskforce U.K. / Cloud Nine2000 A.D.Hippie
The SpleenBlakeMysterymen; Mystery MenDark Horse; Universal StudiosHippie
Captain FlowerFreddie Harvey PublicationsHippie
Sooper HippieStanley HumbertThe Intercosmic Peace CorpsHarvey PublicationsHippie
The Sunshine Kid The WebImpactHippie
Den Maskerade Proggaren ("The Masked Hippie")Jarl Sandberg Oms InraknadHippie / Marxist
ThundraThundraFrightful Four; The Grapplers; alt. AvengersMarvelFemizonian female supremacist
Topaz UltraforceMalibuGwendorian female supremacist
Sunlight Grrrl Femme FiveRegent EntertainmentFeminist
Herta  Oms InraknadFeminist
DianisisDian HarrisonPlanned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthoodpro-abortion activist
Choice ChickDinah V. GinaPlanned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthoodpro-abortion activist
Gay GuyGaylord Le Guye The Emery WealLGBT
AnthemHenry HellrungThe OrderMarvelAlcoholics Anonymous
Shark-ManAlan GaskillNew Venice CityAtomeka PressUtopian
V [V for Vendetta]Quality; DC/Vertigoanarchist
Cloud"Carol Faber"; "Danny Milligan"New DefendersMarvelnebula
CanadianaJennifer Neuwirth Sandy Carrutherseclectic religious upbringing (13 denominations)
Zapper / Calculator Kid / VictoriousVictor ManchaRunawaysMarvelsuper-religious, super-logical
BatgirlCassandra CainBatman family; Justice League Elite; Titans EastDCreligiously untrained
Sindala   religious (fakir)
Professor XCharles XavierX-MenMarvelreligious
Wonder ManSimon WilliamsAvengersMarvelreligious
DemonJason Blood and EtriganJLADCreligious
Ogon Bat (Golden Bat)   religious
PuckEugene JuddAlpha FlightMarvelreligious
WindshearColin Ashworth HumeAlpha FlightMarvelreligious
The Shoveler / ShovellerStan Belarsky / EddieMysterymen; Mystery MenRenegade Press; Dark Horse; Universal Studiosreligious
Swamp ThingAlec Holland DCreligious
Nature BoyDavid Crandall Charltonreligious
 Max Evans[Roswell]20th Century Fox Television; Jason Katims Productions; UPN; WBreligious
SritiMeganandaZuharaKomik Sritireligious
 Bridget LockridgeSoulsearchersClaypoolreligious
 Vril DoxL.E.G.I.O.N.DCreligious
KadeKade Arcana Studiosreligious
La Bandera  Marvelreligious
Bheriya / The Wolf ManCobi Rajreligious
Tiger WraithAubrey Sinclair Digital Webbingreligious
MazscaraVictoria StarfieldCrowd Control[online]; Arcana Studiosreligious
Captain Newfoundland / Captain Atlantis  Sunday Heraldreligious
Hiroim the Shamed WarboundMarvelreligious
StykmanN.A. a.k.a. Comicsnot applicable (he is a stick)

Major Supporting Characters

For space reasons, the table below only lists some of the best known supporting characters in comics. Hundreds more supporting characters are listed separately on this website on a separate page.

Name Role Publisher Religious Affiliation
Lois LaneSuperman's wife DC Catholic
Betty Rossgirlfriend/wife of Dr. Bruce Banner (the Hulk)MarvelCatholic (former novitiate)
Alfred Pennyworthbutler for Bruce Wayne/BatmanDCAnglican
Foggy Nelsonlaw partner of Matt Murdock (Daredevil)MarvelEpiscopalian
Jimmy OlsenSuperman's palDCLutheran
Perry WhiteSuperman's boss; Daily Planet publisherDCBaptist
Commissioner Jim GordonGotham City police commissioner; Batman's allyDCProtestant
Lana LangSuperman's childhood sweetheartDCProtestant
Mallory Bookfellow attorney at the law firm where She-Hulk worksMarvelLatter-day Saint
Jacob Ravenpolice detective in many Spider-Man comics (clone saga)MarvelLatter-day Saint
Jasper SitwellS.H.I.E.L.D. special director; previously right-hand man to Nick Fury; now S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top interrogatorMarvelLatter-day Saint
Mary Jane Watsonwife of Peter Parker (Spider-Man)MarvelChristian (d.u.)
J. Jonah JamesonPeter Parker's boss; Spider-Man's denouncerMarvelhates Spider-Man
G. W. Bridgemember of Cable's Wild Pack, Six Pack; high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D field agent; investigated X-Force, Punisher, etc.MarvelMuslim
Betty Brant Leedsformer girlfriend of Peter Parker (Spider-Man)MarvelStudents of Love (temporary)
Thomas Kalmaku ("Pieface")Hal Jordan's mechanic/Green Lantern's non-costumed sidekickDCInuit
Mariko YashidaWolverine's late fianceMarvelShinto
Bernie Rosenthalformer girlfriend of Captain AmericaMarvelJewish
Dan "Terrible" TurpinMetropolis police detectiveDCJewish
Morgan EdgeGalaxy TV president, featured in Superman comics. Changed his name from "Morgan Edelstein."DCJewish
Dr. Leslie Thompkinsone of Batman's closest friendsDCgoddess worship
Meera Jaingirlfriend of Pavitr Prabhakar (Spider-Man of India)Gotham Entertainment GroupJainism
Hadji Singhbest friend of Johnny QuestHanna-Barbera, Gold Key, ComicoSikh; Yoga (Yogin)
Punjabfriend of Little Orphan Annie; assistant to Daddy WarbucksTribune Media ServicesSikh
Omarassistant of the EscapistDark HorseSikh
Ram Singhassistant of the SpiderPopular Publications; Columbia Pictures; EclipseSikh
Randu Singhally of Jason Blood/DemonDCSikh
Lauren Singhgirlfriend of Marvel superhero GravityMarvelSikh
Ajeet Patelmember of Stormwatch: Team Achilles (non-powered military specialists)Wildstorm/DCSikh
Tabu Jaswinder Singhbest friend of Thunderbolt/Peter CannonDCSikh/Tibetan Buddhism
Wonghouse servant of Doctor StrangeMarvelTibetan Buddhism; occult
Odin, Frigga, Balder, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Sif, Heimdall, etc.Thor's Asgardian family, associatesMarvelTeutonic paganism
The WatcherUatu, of The WatchersMarvelmonotheist
Deatha.k.a., Didi, Teleute; "Sandman" supporting characterDC/Vertigopan-denominational; "Mormon"
Jesus Christin various series, incl. Thor; Marvel Holiday Special; Marvel Comics Presents; Wolfpack; Fantastic Four; Union Jack; Wolverine: Evilution; Daredevil: NinjaMarvel, etc.Judaism; Christianity (God)
The PresenceRegularly mentioned in DC Universe. Servants include: Zauriel (JLA), the Earth-Born Angels (incl. Supergirl, Comet, Blithe), the Spectre, the Word. Heroes drawing from the Presence's power include Seraph, Ramban.DCGod
GodFantastic Four # 511 (2004); see also: Supreme: The Return #5; referred to as "One Above All" by the Living TribunalMarvelGod
Heavenly MotherIn Exiles #96, written by Chris Claremont, Psylocke apparently meets Heavenly Father (God) and Heavenly Mother in a vision of Heaven. Chris Claremont's memorial to Dave and Nancy Cockrum.MarvelGod

Major Super-Villains and Other Antagonists

Most super-villains in mainstream comic books are atheists, agnostics, or simply non-religious. Aside from a few major villains, the list below primarily focuses on villains who have a known religious affiliation other than these. Because of space and file size considerations, only a select number of the best known and most important super-villains are listed below. Hundreds more are listed in the Additional Super-Villains page.

Known as Real Name Major Enemy Publisher Religious Affiliation
Lex LuthorLex LuthorSuperman (arch-enemy)DCEpiscopalian (lapsed); Nietzschean atheist
MagnetoErik Magnus Lehnsherr X-Men (arch-enemy)MarvelJewish; Roma/Gypsy
Doctor DoomVictor Von DoomFantastic Four (arch-enemy)MarvelRoma/Gypsy; magic/mysticism
The JokerJack NapierBatman (arch-enemy)DCbeing Batman's arch-enemy
LizardDr. Curt ConnorsSpider-ManMarvelCatholic
VenomEddie BrockSpider-Man (foe, sometime ally)MarvelCatholic
Bushwacker Daredevil; WolverineMarvelCatholic (former priest)
Black Tom CassidyThomas CassidyX-MenMarvelCatholic (lapsed)
Mr. Zero / Mr. FreezeDr. Schimmell / Victor FriesBatmanDCCatholic (lapsed)
The KingpinWilson FiskDaredevil (arch-enemy)MarvelCatholic (lapsed); atheist
BullseyeLesterDaredevilMarvelCatholic (nominal); atheist
HushThomas "Tommy" ElliotBatmanDCEpiscopalian (lapsed); atheist
Reverend StrykerRev. William StrykerX-MenMarvelProtestant clergyman (apparently Baptist)
The Master / Iron MongerObadiah StaneIron ManMarvelLatter-day Saint (nominal)
Jack O'Lantern / Hobgoblin / DemogoblinJason Philip Macendale Jr.Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, VenomMarvelChristian (d.u.)
Harley QuinnDr. Harleen QuinzelBatmanDCJewish
VolcanaMarsha Rosenbergin Secret WarsMarvelJewish
Silver SamuraiKenuichio HaradaDaredevil, X-Men, etc.MarvelBushido
Two-FaceHarvey DentBatmanDCTaoism; obsession with duality
TyrannusRomulus AugustilusHulk, Mole Man, AvengersMarvelGreco-Roman Classical Religion
The Black QueenSeleneNew Mutants, X-MenMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion (nominal); high priestess: Cult of Fire
LokiLoki LaufeysonThorMarvelNorse/Teutonic paganism
Absorbing ManCarl "Crusher" CreelThorMarvelbecame follower of Thor
The Living MonolithAhmet AbdolX-MenMarvelEgyptian classical religion; Cult of the Living Monolith (leader)
Poison IvyPamela Lillian IsleyBatmanDCfundamentalist Environmentalist
Ra's al Ghul BatmanDCfundamentalist Environmentalist
TaliaTalia al GhulBatmanDCfundamentalist Environmentalist (lapsed?)
ScarecrowJonathan CraneBatmanDCFreudian
Red SkullJohann SchmidtCaptain America (arch-enemy)MarvelNazi
Baron ZemoHeinrich ZemoCaptain America, Avengers, etc.MarvelNazi
ApocalypseEn Sabah NurX-Factor; X-MenMarvelClan Akkaba; Transhumanist / Social Darwinist
Red GhostIvan KragoffFantastic FourMarvelMarxist Communist
AbominationEmil BlonskyHulk (arch-enemy)MarvelCommunist atheist
Green GoblinNorman OsbornSpider-Man (arch-enemy)Marvelatheist
Deathstroke the TerminatorSlade WilsonTeen TitansDCatheist
The LeaderSamuel SternsHulk (arch-enemy)Marvelatheist
CarnageCletus KasadySpider-ManMarvelatheist
Doctor SivanaThaddeus Bodog SivanaCaptain Marvel (arch-enemy)Fawcett; DCatheist
M.O.D.O.K.George TarletonCaptain America, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, etc.MarvelScientism
 Morgan Le FayBlack Knight, AvengersMarvelCeltic goddess-worship/Druidism (former priestess); half-faerie
ThanosThanosWarlock, everyoneMarveloccult; nihilism; worships Death
Madame Hydra / Viper Avengers, Captain America, X-MenMarvelnihilism
The Beyonder everybodyMarvelInhuman religion
DarkseidDarkseidNew Gods; DC UniverseDCpromulgates Apokolipsian Darkseid worship
KobraJeffrey Franklin BurrBatman, Outsiders, Checkmate, Flash, Suicide Squad, etc.DCCult of the Kobra
Brother BloodBrother SebastianTeen TitansDCChurch of Blood (leader); Satanism
TrigonTrigonTeen TitansDCChurch of Blood / demonolatry / Satanism
LuciferLuciferMorpheus (The Sandman)DC/Vertigolord of the underworld
Mephisto, Neron, Malebolgia, Etrigan all heroesMarvel, DC, Image, etc.devils (or "the Devil")

There are many more characters listed on this website.

We simply didn't include all character/religious affiliation listings on this page because of space/file size considerations. For listings of many more super-villains as well as many minor supporting characters, click here.

This second, supplemental page lists hundreds of comic book characters from a large number of religious denominations and backgrounds, including: Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, Dutch Reformed, atheist, Santeria, Gnostic, Shinto, Vodoun, Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, Greco-Roman classical religion, Selsian, Zoroastrian, Pagan, Thugee, Thanagarian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Acanti, Polynesian traditional religion, and more.

* JLA: stands for "Justice League of America," the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe. The team has sometimes been known simply as the "Justice League." The team is sometimes referred to as "the League," not to be confused with the ancient DC Universe team known as "The League," introduced in Justice League of America #70 (October 2002). Seriously, though, is anybody who actually reads this page not going to know what "JLA" stands for?

* JSA: stands for "Justice Society of America," the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe in the Golden Age (circa World War II).

* NU: Stands for "New Universe," the name of a new imprint of comics published by Marvel beginning in 1986 (the 25th anniversary of Marvel Comics). The line of comics was intended to take place in a word very similar to our own, with only limited differences, and no magic, pantheons of mythological gods, supertechnology, aliens, hidden races, etc. Because the characters in the New Universe titles were intended to be as reality-based as possibly, many were explicitly identified with specific real-world religious backgrounds and religious affiliations (such as Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc.), rather than using the "generic all-American" character template that had been the basis for Marvels (and DC's) key foundational characters. Despite many intriguing approaches and some (but not all) high quality stories and art, sales were generally poor for the New Universe line and the imprint was discontinued in late 1989 after less than three years and a combined total of 172 issues for the various series. Since then, New Universe characters have crossed over into the mainstream Marvel universe on a few limited occasions.

This webpage includes information about Catholic superheroes, Jewish superheroes, Buddhist superheroes, Christian superheroes, Protestant superheroes, Methodist superheroes; Jewish super-heroes; Wiccan superheroes; Muslim superheroes, Mormon superheroes, Latter-day Saint superheroes, Vodoun superheroes, Greco-Roman classical religionist superheroes, religious superheroes, Presbyterian superheroes, Eastern Orthodox superheroes, Greek Orthodox superheroes, pagan superheroes, GLBT superheroes, LGBT superheroes, Egyptian religionist superheroes, atheist superheroes, Communist superheroes, agnostic superheroes, Hindu superheroes, Shinto superheroes, Roma superheroes, Gypsy superheroes, Baptist superheroes, Native American superheroes, Indian superheroes, Tibetan Buddhist superheroes, Druid superheroes, Sunni superheroes, Islamic superheroes, Anglican superheroes, Episcopalian superheroes, Episcopal superheroes, Southern Baptist superheroes, Northern Baptist superheroes, National Baptist superheroes, Lutheran superheroes, Evangelical superheroes, Christian comic book characters, Jewish comic book characters, Muslim comic book characters, LDS comic book characters, Mormon comic book characters, Buddhist comic book characters, Hindu comic book characters, Catholic comic book characters, atheist comic book characters and more.

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