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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Sofia Mantega
Wind Dancer
of the New Mutants squad at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
and the New Warriors

Sofia Mantega is a mutant also known as "Wind Dancer." She is a Catholic from Caracas, Venezuela. Scenes in New Mutants showed her in her family's Catholic church.

Sofia Mantega was a young student at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, which is also the headquarters of the famed mutant team the X-Men. Wind Dancer was a member of the "New Mutants" squad, which trained under Danielle Moonstar. Wind Dancer was featured prominently New Mutants (volume 2) and the successor to this series, New X-Men.

Wind Dancer was de-powered as a result of the Scarlet Witch's manipulation of reality during the "House of M" storyline in 2005. As a result of losing her powers, Wind Dancer was sent home from the school.

Below: As a Venezuelan Catholic, Sofia Mantega ("Wind Dancer") is an admirer of Mother Teresa. And although Sofia is traditionally one of Marvel's more modestly dressed mutants women, she isn't a nun, either. She objects when the mysterious person communicating to her via computer tells her to break her first date with the man she knows only as "Barry" (actually her old friend "Beak," now de-powered).

[Source: New Warriors (vol. 4), published by Marvel Comics, New York City (August 2007), written by Kevin Grevioux, pencilled by Paco Medina, inked by Juan Vlasco; page 19.]

Sofia Mantega (Wind Dancer) talks to computer about Mother Teresa

Text from scene above, in which Sofia Mantega ("Wind Dancer") communicates via computer to a mysterious person attempting to recruit her to join a new incarnation of the New Warriors. She does not know it yet, but the person contacting her is apparently Night Thrasher, the founder of the original New Warriors team. From: New Warriors (vol. 4), published by Marvel Comics, New York City (August 2007), written by Kevin Grevioux, pencilled by Paco Medina, inked by Juan Vlasco; pages 17-19:

[Phone rings:] BRIING!

Sofia Mantega ("Wind Dancer"): All right, who are you and how do you know my name?

Computer Screen: Why the hostility?

Sofia Mantega: Look, I don't respond well to the whole Morpheus routine.

Computer Screen: LOL. We like your style. We like your spirit. And we know what's still inside you.

Sofia Mantega: "We"?

Computer Screen: Concerned citizens. Active observers. Conscientious objectors. Wariors opposed to this NEW WORLD ORDER.

Sofia Mantega: ...oh, this is so not happening . . . You're that vigilante group, aren't you?

Computer Screen: Give the girl a Happy Meal.

Sofia Mantega: What do you want with me?

Computer Screen: Join us. Join our cause.

Sofia Mantega: Maybe you haven't heard, but I can't do that anymore. I lost my--

Computer Screen: Not all heroes have powers.

Sofia Mantega: Well, I'm not willing to risk my life on that.

Computer Screen: Freedom is never free.

Sofia Mantega: [pauses, thinks] I have a date tonight.

Computer Screen: Break it.

Sofia Mantega: Look, I've adjusted. I have a life now! I may not be Paris Hilton, but I'm not Mother Teresa either. No more mutants, no more Cerebros, Sentinels, super-villains or Danger Room Dementia. No more nothin'! So why would I give that up, huh? Tell me!

Computer Screen: Because you want to.

[Sofia says nothing, but thinks. Later Sofia goes to meet "Barry," the young man she met when he started coming frequently to the restaurant she works at as a waitress. She has a date with him, and does not know that he is connected to the person recruiting her. As soon as she meets "Barry," he tells her he is with the people who want to invite them to join their cause. He tells her that he is an old friend of hes, and reveals that he is actually Barnell Bohusk, a.k.a. former mutant "Beak", who was previously a fellow student at the Xavier Institute. Sofia is happy to see Beak, and is curious about what he and the mysterious person on the other end of the computer are up to. Beak leads Sofia through a teleportation portal and they end up in the secret headquarters of a new incarnation of the New Warriors superhero team. A man says hello and steps forward to greet her. He looks like Night Thrasher, who everyone thought died in the Stamford incident. "But you're . . . dead," Sofia says. Is this Dwayne Michael Taylor, the original Night Thrasher, or some other person wearing the same armor?]

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