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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Adrian Chase


From: "Banned for using this nic" thread began 4 Apri 1999 in rec.arts.comics.dc.universe newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.dc.universe/browse_thread/thread/f38288dc4e56542/8a873a0a53da3d0d; viewed 12 June 2006)
From: Robert Justus
Date: Mon, Apr 5 1999 12:00 am

To keep this on topic (sorta), why are most heroes not as religious as they could be? ...the only really religious person that's sane that I recall in DCU is Huntress, and I guess Wonder Woman... Anyone else...?

From: Chuck Burke
Date: Sat, Apr 24 1999 12:00 am

Barry (Flash) Allen was shown to be a churchgoing man.

Connor (Green Arrow) Hawke is a Buddhist, or something similar.

Aztek is a part of a cult, I believe.

Albert Rothstein (Atom Smasher, I think it is now?) is Jewish

I think I recall that Adrian (Vigilante) Chase was a fairly religious man.

Can't think of any others off hand.

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