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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Rina Patel
of the New Warriors

Rina Patel, who is better known as "Timeslip" is superheroine who was briefly a member of the "New Warriors," a Marvel Comics superhero team comprised primarily of teenagers.

Timeslip was portrayed as a Hindu of Indian ethnicity, although her Hinduism was never really a plot point.

Little has been published about Timeslip since the original New Warriors series was cancelled. In the summer of 2006 the character was mentioned and shown in one panel of She-Hulk in a "Civil War" tie-in issue dealing with an anti-New Warriors website. Timeslip was said to be a college student in California.

From: Corey Blake, "Timeslip" page on "New Warriors Continuity Conundrum" fan website (http://www.coreyblake.com/nwcc/characters/inactive/timeslip.html; viewed 23 June 2006):

Real name: Rina Patel
Status: Inactive
Approximate age: 18
First appearance: New Warriors #59
Number of appearances: 16

Chronology: [Timeslip appeared in New Warriors issues 59-65, 67-75.]


From: "Atheist superheroes?" thread, started 21 September 1999 on rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe/browse_thread/thread/e8d686f0b20944a6/2f9353e0760b00e7; viewed 23 June 2006):
From: JARJR2
Date: Wed, Sep 22 1999 12:00 am

re: "Anyone care to post a list of those characters whose spiritual beliefs are on record?"

...Timeslip - Hindu (considering she actually wears the red dot on her head)...

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