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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Neal Shaara
of the X-Men

Neal Shaara, better known as "Thunderbird," is a member of the mutant superhero team known as the X-Men. Because other members of the X-Men have had the name "Thunderbird," Neal Shaara is sometimes referred to in reference materials as "Thunderbird III."

Neal Shaara identified himself as a Hindu in a giant-sized Christmas-themed issue of the X-Men comic book series.

From: "X-Men" page on Wikipedia website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Men; viewed 7 January 2006):

In addition, characters within the X-Men mythos also reflect religious... minorities... Thunderbird III and Karima Shapandar are followers of the Hindu faith.


From: "X-Men religious affiliations" thread started 1 June 2002 on rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks/browse_thread/thread/78e6830d00083d2f/102a03cd2dab9fda; viewed 13 June 2006):
From: Chris Dodson
Date: Sat, Jun 1 2002 9:38 pm

I'm looking for information on the religious beliefs of all the current X-Men for a story I'm submitting to Marvel. The only one I know for sure is Nightcrawler (Catholic). I get the impression that Wolverine is an atheist or agnostic, but I have no in-comic evidence to support this. Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Also, in your responses, could you provide titles and issue numbers of the comics in which the information is stated? Thanks.

From: Kenneth
Date: Mon, Jun 3 2002 6:42 am

...And Thunderbird (Neil Shaara) was Hindu, wasn't he?

From: Prestorjon
Date: Tues, Jun 4 2002 6:57 pm

...Thunderbird would appear to be a Hindu (I don't think they've been specific but he's not a Sikh or a Jain and I'm pretty sure he's not a MUslim. He might be a Catholic.)...

From: Menshevik
Date: Thurs, Jun 6 2002 1:12 am

He [Thunderbird] made a few Hindu-type exclamations in XXM [X-Treme X-Men], e.g. after Psylocke's death.

From: Prestorjon
Date: Fri, Jun 7 2002 9:32 pm

Yeah. As I said nothing specific that i can remember but most of his references have been to Hindu related things and Hindus are around 80% of the Indian population.

From: Nichol
Date: Sat, Jun 8 2002 11:41 am

Neal Sharra is very definitely Hindu; he says so himself in the X-Men Christmas issue in the 100-page monster.

From: "What are the religious beliefs of the main mutants in the X-Books?" forum discussion started 16 January 2007 on "Comic Book Resources" website (http://forums.comicbookresources.com/archive/index.php/t-160293.html; viewed 16 May 2007):

01-16-2007, 03:51 PM
What do you think the religious beliefs of the following mutants are?

01-17-2007, 07:47 AM

Yeah, Wolverine's atheist. Nightcrawler and Shadowcat are obvious. Storm (and probably Magik) are complicated. Rogue is Christian, but I don't think we know whether that's Protestant or Catholic or something else. I don't think Longshot understands the concept of religion, so I guess that might make him an atheist. Wolfsbane is Presbyterian, Cannonball is Christian as of New Mutants (1st Series) #15. I suppose Magma believes in the Roman (Greek) gods? Forge? I think Gambit is atheist. Thunderbird III is Hindu. There are Shi'ar gods... Shaara, Kythri), Lilandra worships them.

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