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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
George Davis
Saint George

From: Tony X, "Saint George" page on "The Museum of Black Superheroes" website (http://blacksuperhero.com/exhibithtml/exh-image-stgeorge.html; 7 January 2005 version as viewed vie Google cache on 11 January 2006):
Real Name: George Davis
Created by: Humberto Ramos
First Appearance: Crimson #4, August 1998, Image Comics

George Davis was a police officer (mounted division) while patrolling a park he stumbled upon Alex Elder (The hero of the book who is also a Vampire) fighting with Scarlet (A vampire hunter). Alex saw the cop on horseback and had a vision of him in armor and said "Saint...George...?" and then wondered how he knew that.

He started to shoot the fleeing Scarlet but Alex jumped in the way, the bullet hurt him. It was later revealed George Davis was the reincarnation of Saint George, Saint of the Catholic church and, in Catholic Dogma, a slayer of Dragons. He was a pretty well developed character, he was normal guy thrust into this world where he finds out he's the reincarnation of a saint and vampires are real and all of this stuff.

He is the 'normal guy'. There is this WONDERFUL scene where he meets this group of monster killers called the Knights Templar and they said they where looking for the reincarnation of Saint George and say that he wasn't what they where expecting. He then sees a wall of previous reincarnations...all white. He eventually becomes a major player in the book, and towards the end he is vital to saving the world (Slaying a hoard of Dragons).

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