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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters
Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Moon
of Sailor Senshi
from the Japanese manga comics and anime


From: "What religion do superhero's belong to? [sic]" forum discussion started 18 July 2002 on "Toon Zone" website (http://forums.toonzone.net/showthread.php?t=41332; viewed 22 May 2007):

07-18-2002, 01:02 PM

What religion do superhero's [sic] belong to?

I'd like to discuss what religious beliefs are favorite costumed hero's belong to. Everyone knows Daredevil is Catholic. But beyond that, what do we know of superhero's beliefs? I'm thinking of mostly the Marvel Universe, but you DC fans feel free to contribute as well...

07-19-2002, 03:40 PM

Wonder Woman is what is referred to as a Classic Pagan, because of her and her bloodline's continuing faith in the old deities of Europe. Catwoman is a lapsed Catholic. Sailor Moon is Christian, and is often portrayed with Crucifixes. Sailor Mars is a Shinto priestess.


07-19-2002, 07:53 PM
Frank White

Are you sure Sailor Moon is Christian? I mean I know the show has a lot of Christian references but theres but no definite reference to Sailor Moon being Christian, besides Sailor Moon S, the only other appearance of religion would be that one episode where Molly was talking to the priest and he got turned into monster and that one episode in SuperS where Diana first came.

7-20-2002, 12:40 AM

I'm talking about the comics (or manga as they are properly called), silly. Why would I refer to a TV show in the Comics Forum? In the books, she's often shown wearing or holding a Crucifix. She has also celebrated Christmas, complete with books of carols, and Advent Wreaths. I'm sure there are other signs, but I can't remember them off the top of my head right now.

By the way, Sailor Venus is a Buddhist. In one issue of "Codename: Sailor V", she recites some of his teachings.

From: "Which superhero would be the best Muslim?" forum discussion, started 17 January 2006 on the "Muslim Student Association: University of South Florida" website (http://www.msausf.org/MSAUSF/forums/467/ShowPost.aspx; viewed 4 June 2007):

01-17-2006, 9:00 AM

Which superhero would be the best Muslim?

Salam. Me and Momodu were speaking to each other over some delicious baklava and coffee about which superhero would most likely be Muslim. I would say Batman is most likely to be a great Muslim because he practices great self-restraint when it comes to alcohol consumption, and fornication mashallah. Also, Batman does not eat pork because it slows him down in his nightly crusades against Joker and other foes. Also, he does not have time to backbite or gossip or engage in other forms of fitna because he is too busy cleaning the Batcave and changing the oil in the Batmobile. Thank You.

Momodu, on the other hand, says the Hulk would make an amazing Muslim because he always keeps his gaze lowered. Also, Momodu says the Hulk's purple pants somehow always manage to cover his a'ura, as in his body from his belly button down to his knees. Please dont be shy about showing your feelings. No one is here to judge you and all your postings are welcome.

DC and Marvel superheroes are both welcome

01-25-2006, 1:58 PM

How about Aqua Girl...she always has wudu.

Or Invisible Woman... her awra is never showing.

Or Sailor Moon who saved a cat who was being tortured, and in which the cat gave her special powers to be a soldier for love and justice, principles of Islam.

The best superheroine is SHE-RA, she can horseback ride which is sunnah, and in addition the horse turns into a flying unicorn which is similar to the creature that took RasulAllah (saw) to Jerusalem. Oh yeah and she knew how to use a sword... Her and her friends fight to protect and free Etheria from the grasp of the evil Hordak, so they have a mission to spread peace and order in their ummah.

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