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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Jason Todd
The Red Hood
previously Batman's sidekick, known as the second "Robin"

Jason Todd was a young orphan street criminal who encountered Batman (Bruce Wayne) and impressed the famous Gotham vigilante. Bruce Wayne took Jason Todd in as his ward and trained him to be his sidekick, the new Robin. (Batman's original sidekick, Dick Grayson, had moved on to working independently or with the Teen Titans and had adopted a new identity: Nightwing.)

Jason Todd was murdered by Batman's arch enemy, the Joker. Later, cosmic events relating to the Infinite Crisis re-wrote history and returned Jason Todd to life. Jason Todd adopted a new costumed identity: The Red Hood.

Batman: Under the Hood - Cover of Batman #639 - Batman and the Christian cross grave marker of Jason Todd (Robin II)
Above: Batman stands before the grave marker of Jason Todd, the second Robin. After Jason died, Batman chose an Episcopalian-style Christian cross for the grave marker.

[Source: cover of Batman #639, published by DC Comics (2005), written by Judd Winick, cover art by Matt Wagner; reprinted in Batman: Under the Hood trade paperback (2005).]

Little is known about Jason Todd's religious affiliation, although he apparently had a Christian background. Jason Todd was always portrayed as a fairly secular person who, although he appears to have some belief in traditionally religious concepts, such as God. When Jason Todd returned from the dead, he adopted brutal, murderous techniques as a vigilante "protector" of Gotham City. Jason Todd killed numerous drug dealers and criminals when he first appeared on the scene. Jason Todd now clearly has some unique motivations and beliefs, but he appears to be little influenced by many aspects of traditional Christian ethics, such as the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" commandment observed by most other superheroes.

Below: Batman cradles the lifeless body of Jason Todd, the second Robin. The Joker murdered Jason. Batman wonders: At the end of his life, was Jason praying that Batman would come save him?

[Source: Batman #641, published by DC Comics (2005), page 1; written by Judd Winick, pencilled by Doug Mahnke and Paul Lee, inked by Tom Nguyen and Cam Smith; reprinted in Batman: Under the Hood trade paperback (2005).]
Batman: Under the Hood - Batman with dead body of Jason Todd (Robin II): Did Jason pray for him to come?

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