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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters
Rabbi Zone and Dreidel
Jewish allies of the Heckler

From: Richard Meyer, "The Heckler" page on "Comic Book Profiles" website, copyright 2003 (http://members.tripod.com/originalvigilante/heckler.htm; viewed 4 July 2007):

Rabbi Zone, Jewish ally of the Heckler
Above: Rabbi Zone (a Jewish character, and not a Monsignor)

Good Guys [Hecker supporting cast]

These are the nice folks in Delta City . . . the ones who don't go out of their way to commit crimes or make Stu's life difficult . . . at least not on purpose...

Rabbi Zone is the last of the Zone Magi still on Earth, entrusted with protecting the Dimensional Zone and enforcing order on the Cosmos. He bestowed the power of the Zone Patch upon the Heckler so that the hero could travel into Flying Buttress and destroy the Rose of the Eternal Flame, which in turn would destroy Flying Buttress.

Dreidel, Jewish ally of the Heckler

Dreidel is the youthful assistant of Rabbi Zone. He can whirl himself around like his namesake toy. He goes "Golly" and "Gee Whiz" a lot. Just makes ya sick.

Lord Ronson, greatest knight of the Zone Magi, was the one originally responsible for banishing the Nether Gods and their priests from Delta City (then known as Machupolytechulan). It cost him his life, and he left behind the Rose of Eternal Flame. The Four Mopeds of the Apocalypse found the Rose and it was incorporated into Flying Buttress.

Bad Guys... Flying Buttress, Golem-like villain from Heckler #6

Flying Buttress is a Nether God which was brought back into our world by The Four Mopeds (using the Rose of Eternal Flame and the ceremonial robes from the Sacred Chest of Mansfield). The entry was noticed by Rabbi Zone, who contacted the Heckler and bestowed upon him the Zone Patch and the powers of the Zone Magi, guardians of the Dimensional Zones. After being briefed on his mission by the Rabbi, The Heckler disguised himself as a large antacid and allowed Flying Buttress to swallow him. He searched through the creature's digestive tract until he found the Rose of Eternal Flame. He used the Zone Patch on the Rose, destroying it and Flying Buttress in the process...

The Heckler #6
February, 1983
- Plot and Pencils: Keith Giffen
- Script: Tom & Mary Bierbaum
- Inks: Steve Mitchell
- Lettering: Bob Pinaha (as Pin Bobaha)
- Coloring: Tom McGraw
- Editor: Kevin Dooley

Story: "Don't Get Mad, Get Eaten!"

Synopsis: The Heckler goes inside Flying Buttress to save Delta City. And, of course, is finally beaten by low sales.

Heckler #6: cover, featuring Jewish characters Rabbi Zone and Dreidel

From: "Jewish Comics Exhibit Notes" webpage, last updated 5 December 2004 (http://www.geocities.com/hadassahfink/comicexhnotes.htm; viewed 4 July 2007):

Heckler #6
The Heckler meets Rabbi Zone and his assistant Dreidel (who can spin around very fast). Rabbi Zone explains to Heckler that the only way for him to defeat the Flying Buttress is by allowing himself to get swallowed by it and then to attack it from inside.

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