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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Raven Darkholme
of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Freedom Force, X-Factor and X-Men

Mystique was originally introduced as a super-villain and it is in that role that she has usually been portrayed in comics, film and television. She has also acted as a sort of super-hero or anti-hero by virtue of the fact that she has been a member of various super-hero teams, including Freedom Force, X-Factor and the X-Men. Usually Mystique's participation with super-hero teams has been against her will as part of federal programs allowing her to work off some of her penalty rather than remaining incarcerated in prison.

Mystique recently asked to join the X-Men, claiming that she wanted to do so in order to be closer to her long-estranged adopted daughter Rogue. By a narrow vote the X-Men elected to allow Mystique to join the X-Men on a provisional basis. It is not yet clear if Mystique's purported "repenantance" and decision to cease activity as a super-villain is sincere, or if it merely part of yet another elaborate ruse on her part to further villainous goals.

To the best of our knowledge, little if anything has actually ever been published that positively identifies Mystique's religious beliefs, religious background or religious affiliation. Based on the paucity of information on this front, and the character's general attitude and behavior, some comic book readers have classified Mystique as an atheist. We are unaware if she has ever applied that label to herself, but we have likewise never heard her identify herself by any other religious label. Regardless of Mystique's early background and upbringing and regardless of her precise position on various theological questions, it is a virtual certainty that Mystique is not an active follower of any organized religion.


Despite the name of the page in the following source, it is not clear how "authoritative" this source is. This appears to be simply the viewpoint of one dedicated comic book fan. From: Jim Trabold, "Ultimate Marvel Handbook #19: (174)", posted 21 July 2006 in "Comics Nexus" section of "Inside Pulse" website (http://www.insidepulse.com/article_v3.php?contentid=49881; viewed 17 July 2007):

Hello everyone I'm Jim Trabold welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Handbook.

Hey Daron how are you today bud?

I'm pretty good. I'm curious though if anyone reading this column doesn't know who you are? I just find it interesting that you introduce yourself every week. I wonder if you're trying to reach the same mythic "new" readers that the comic industry is always preaching about.

I'm good. I'm missing out on SDCC but I'll make up for it next year. I still plan on reading the news and all coming from the con though. Can't wait for WW Chicago now.

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[Question] 18 - I know that in DC, Batman (rumored), Atom, Starman, Booster Gold and Mr. Terrific are atheists, besides Wolverine and Hulk who else in Marvel is also confirmed or considered as the same?

[Answer:] Wolverine and Hulk actually do have faith in religion in their own manors. Hulk would be Bruce's religion Catholic and Wolverine was for a while but now is Buddhist.

As for confirmed atheists:
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel
Pete Wisdom

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