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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Minyan Man
of The Jewish Hero Corps

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From: Alan Oirich, "Hall of Heroes" page on the "Jewish Hero Corps" official website (http://www.jewishsuperhero.com/jhc.htm; viewed 22 April 2006):

Minyan Man, the "Decimal Daredevil" can multiply into ten. Even the other members of the Jewish Hero Corps have no clue as to the source of his mysterious ability. He is an agile acrobat and will even leap into "circus formation" once he has multiplied into ten, becoming a pyramid or a human chain.
From: "List of Jewish superheroes" page on Wikipedia.com (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_superheroes; viewed 22 April 2006):
There also exists a team of Judaicly themed superheroes known as "The Jewish Hero Corps", printed by Leviathan press. They include Menorah Man, Yarmulke Youth, Matzah Woman, Driedel Maidel, Magen David, Minyan Man, and Shabbas Queen. They are not commonly recognized as actual characters primarily because only one issue of the comic is known to have been produced at this time.

From: Leah Finkelshteyn, "Thwak! To Our Enemies", published in Hadassah Magazine, June/July 2003 Vol. 84 No. 10 (http://www.hadassah.org/news/content/per_hadassah/archive/2003/03_JUN/art.htm; viewed 19 June 2007):

...Another new title for kids, The Jewish Hero Corps (Electric Comics, www.jewishsu perhero.com), created by Oirich, will be out in August. The Corps' super team includes Minyan Man, who can duplicate himself 10 times; Kipa Kid, known as the Capped Crusader; and Shabbas Queen, whose wand causes electric objects to "rest"...

"There is a real connection between Jews and comic books for any of a dozen reasons," says Oirich, who is curating an exhibit on the subject with the New York City Comic Book Museum (www.nyccomicbookmuseum.org). "One is historical; another has to do with a...sense of tikkun olam, of what you might call Jewish mythic ideas and feelings that expressed themselves [through superheroes]."

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