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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Earl Chandler
Menorah Man
of The Jewish Hero Corps

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From: Alan Oirich, "Hall of Heroes" page on the "Jewish Hero Corps" official website (http://www.jewishsuperhero.com/jhc.htm; viewed 22 April 2006):

Menorah Man can grow as many as eight arms, shooting flames from each of them. He also can shoot flames from his feet. This enables him to fly. He has metallic endurance and resistance to harm and is impervious to the rigors of space travel including extreme heat and cold, presure and vacuum and radiation. Menorah Man is the founder and leader of The Jewish Hero Corps.
From: "List of Jewish superheroes" page on Wikipedia.com (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_superheroes; viewed 22 April 2006):
There also exists a team of Judaicly themed superheroes known as "The Jewish Hero Corps", printed by Leviathan press. They include Menorah Man, Yarmulke Youth, Matzah Woman, Driedel Maidel, Magen David, Minyan Man, and Shabbas Queen. They are not commonly recognized as actual characters primarily because only one issue of the comic is known to have been produced at this time.

From: The OK (Organized Kashrut Laboratories), review of The Jewish Hero Corps comic book (original URL: The OK (Organized Kashrut Laboratories); viewed on "Archives/Reviews" page on official "Jewish Hero Corps" website (http://www.jewishsuperhero.com/reviews.htm; viewed 22 April 2006):

The Jewish Hero Corps star in this interactive comic book written and produced by Alan Oirich. Oirich's mission was to create something Jewish and entertaining for children without any violence. Despite what television and videos may show, Oirich espouses the theory that it is not violence that children are looking for, but conflict and resolution. The story opens and we are introduced to Earl Chandler who is on an airplane high above the ground. He is given a videotape by an air hostess and as he watches it, he discovers a devious plot to destroy Jewish knowledge. He hears about a terrible new weapon, a team of "Forget-me-Bots" who are capable of eradicating all traces of Judaism from the world by erasing memories of Jewish children in schools and shuls.

Earl Chandler jumps off the plane without a parachute, but no parachute is needed by his alter ego, Menorah Man. Menorah Man quickly burns up the tape and sets off for the base of the Jewish Hero Corps. There we are introduced to the other super heroes... The Jewish Hero Corps, who get all their superpowers from mitzvos, work together to save the day.

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