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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Max Evans
alien main character on the TV series Roswell

Roswell, Season 1, Episode 4: "Leaving Normal"
Written by Jason Katims
Airdate: 27 October 1999

Roswell Season 1 Episode 4: Max Evans says he isn't God.
Liz Parker on Roswell.

[Timecode: 32 minutes, 9 seconds. Scene: Front door to the home of Max Evans. Liz Parker knocks on his door. He answers.]

Liz Parker: Can I talk to you for a second?

[Max knods his head yes and walks outside with her. The sit next to each other on the top of a short retaining wall.]

Liz Parker: So I've been thinking about why I called you . . . you know, that day from the hospital. Because I-- I-- I knew that it was against the rules and . . . it led to that whole . . . awkward moment, but . . . I called anyway. Sort of couldn't help it. Because when something like this happens, what's-- what's happening to my grandmother-- you don't really listen to logic, to what you're supposed to do. You listen to your heart. And my heart told me to call you. Because you the one person in the world that I really wanted to talk to. Max, I've been thinking something, and I'm really not going to be able to get it out of my head unless I just stay it. I'm really sorry for asking you this . . . but is there-- Is there anything that you could do . . . for my grand mother? You know, do?

Max Evans: Liz, when I saved you, it was because you were shot . . . and there was a bullet in you. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to happen. It was before your time. But I can't just heal people. I'm not . . . God.

Liz Parker: I know.

[End of scene. Timecode: 34 minutes, 27 seconds.]

[Later, Liz visits her grandmother in the hospital. She relieves her mom and dad, who were sleeping in her grandmother's hospital room. She invites them to go outside and get some air, and she sits down at her grandmother's side. Her grandmother is in a coma. Timecode: 38 minutes, 24 seconds.]

Liz Parker: Grandma. Grandma.

[The door opens behind Liz. Max Evans steps into the room.]

Max Evans: Hey.

[Max can see the deeply sad look on Liz's face. She says nothing.]

Max Evans: I can't stop, you know, what's gonna happen. But maybe I can help you say good-bye.

Max Evans helps Liz Parker talk to spirit of her dying grandmother.

[Max approaches the bed and sits down next to Liz's grandmother. He holds the woman's hand. He breathes heavily. He struggles to use his powers. Nothing appears to happen.]

Max Evans: I'm sorry.

Liz Parker: Thank you.

[Liz hears a voice from behind her. It is the voice of her grandmother, Claudia.]

Grandma Claudia: Honey Bear.

[Liz Parker is still sitting, looking at her grandmother's physical body lying in a coma in the hospital bed. But she turns around and sees her grandmother's spirit, appearing healthy and happy, behind her. Max looks up. He also sees the spirit of Grandma Claudia. Liz looks back down at her grandmother's physical body and then back at the vision or spirit standing before her. Liz stands up and walks over to the spirit of her grandmother. Grandma Claudia looks over and sees Max.]

Grandma Claudia: Let me guess. Max.

[Liz had previously told her grandmother about Max, but her grandmother had never met Max.]

Liz Parker: Grandma, I guess the thing that I really wanted to say to you, more than anything else, was just how much you mean to me. And somehow, you just always managed to make me feel really special. And I-- I just don't know what I'm gonna do without you.

Grandma Claudia: You're gonna do just fine. And I want to tell you something. When I look at you, so excited about life . . . I can see myself. And that's a gift-- a gift I'll take with me that I'll always treasure. Promise me one thing, that you'll follow your heart, wherever it takes you. Trust it. Will you do that?

Liz Parker: I will.

[Grandma Claudia's spirit reaches out and gently brushes her hand across Liz's cheek in a loving caress. Liz takes Grandma Claudia's hand and holds it to her lips. Behind her the beeping of the life support machine changes into a sustained beep. The body of Grandma Claudia dies. End of scene.]

Liz Parker speaks to the spirit of her dying grandmother.

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