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Religious References and Religious Affiliation of Characters on
Kyle XY
TV series about a super-powered hero

Kyle, the titular protaganist of the science fiction TV series Kyle XY is NOT based directly on a comic book character. The character does not dress up in a colorful costume and patrol the city to fight crime. But the character fits most definitions of the word "super-hero," including the fact that he has amazing super powers, helps people, and has a mysterious, strange secret origin.

The TV series Kyle XY pointedly addresses the question of whether or not he is a "super-hero." In one episode, an artist friend saved by Kyle actually draws a picture of Kyle depicting him as a traditional super-hero. In a subsequent episode another friend of Kyle looks at that drawing and says, "Well, you're not a super-hero." But he is, and his inclusion on this website is appropriate and interesting.

Kyle is something of a tabula rasa. He awakens as a teenager with no memories and little knowledge of the world. As such, he has no religious affiliation or beliefs. Kyle does, however, have a lot of questions. Some of these are age-old existential questions that are of an explicitly religous nature. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Much of the Kyle XY TV series focuses on Kyle's attempts to answer these questions for himself. In the final episode of the first season of the series, Kyle visits a Catholic church and talks about these questions with a priest.

By the end of the first season, Kyle can not be said to have adopted any particular religious beliefs or affiliation. In most ways, he remains a blank slate, a person of questions rather than answers. But a number of the people in Kyle's life have an identifiable religious background or affiliation. Most prominent among these is Amanda Bloom, the girl next door who captures Kyle's heart.

Amanda is essentially Kyle's "Lois Lane," and she is portrayed as the most honest, decent, and morally upstanding character in the Kyle XY TV series. Unfortunately for Kyle, Amanda already has a boyfriend and sees Kyle as just a "friend" (so far). Amanda is a devout church-going Catholic. Her committment to her church's teaching about sexual morality, including her beliefs against having sex outside of marriage, play a major role in the plot of the final episodes of the first season. Kyle learns that Amanda's boyfriend is "cheating" on her. Amanda won't have sex with him, so he has sex with one of her "friends" - Hillary, a girl with considerably looser morals.

Aside from Amanda, there are other Catholic characters who are not portrayed as positively. Amanda's mother, for example, is somewhat shrill and unreasonably suspicious of Kyle. Amanda's "friend" Hillary is apparently Catholic as well (at least nominally), but she is sexually promiscuous. There are certainly no "villains" among the show's religious characters, however. The mysterious villains responsible for the many murders on the TV series, committed in their attempt to capture Kyle (their stray experimental clone) are all associated with a secret scientific lab.

The Catholic priest who counsels Kyle is positively portrayed and seems to offer helpful wisdom, although he is, of course, unaware of the double meaning his words have as they apply to Kyle's questions. The priest speaks of a loving Creator who cares about Kyle very much. The priest does not know that Kyle was literally "created" in a lab and that the scientist who "created" him is indeed trying to reunite with him.

In the final episode of season 1, Kyle attends Amanda's confirmation (a Catholic ceremony that marks her committment to her faith). This event prompts a number of the other characters to reflect on their own faith, beliefs, and religious background. It becomes clear that Stephen Trager, the father of the family that has informally adopted Kyle, was raised with strong religious beliefs but has not been an active churchgoer for many years. His wife seems to be similarly non-religious. Subsequently, their two children, Lori and Josh Trager, have been raised without active religious practice. Attending church is foreign to them, and they exhibit many attitudes and behaviors typical of teenagers without a well-established religious base. Josh, for example, is singularly irreverent when he attends Amanda's confirmation with Kyle. He seems incapable of understanding or appreciating the solemnity of the ceremony.

The protagonist characters in Kyle XY are largely religiously non-observant, and the show is certainly not polemical or an attempt to preach or proselyte. It seems likely that most or at least some of the show's writers and creators are themselves non-churchgoers who strongly identify with the Trager family. Yet the show's most overwhelmingly "positive" and admirable supporting character is Amanda Bloom, the devout Catholic. Meanwhile, the non-churchgoing Trager family is portrayed as a very "typical" family, having many "typical" problems, including an academically remedial son and a teenage daugher who willingly but disasterously loses her virginity in a terribly shallow way.

Stephen and Nicole Trager, the parents of the family that adopts Kyle, are portrayed in a relatively positive way. Their portrayal seems particularly positive relative to how parents are often portrayed on TV dramas centering on teenagers. But they are no Jonathan and Martha Kent. They are far more lenient and "liberal," and their lack of spiritual guidance for their children is evident in the behavior and attitudes of children. Lori and Josh aren't really bad kids. But they're no Amanda Bloom, either.

Kyle XY Season 1, Episode 9: "Overheard"
Written by: Eric Tuchman, Steven Lilien, and Bryan Wynbrandt
Original Airdate: 21 August 2006

[Timecode: 2 minutes, 16 seconds. Scene: a city park. Lori Trager is talking to her friend Amanda Bloom. Amanda is the girl that Kyle has a crush on. She lives next door to the Trager home, where he lives. Lori is the oldest child in the Trager family. Lori and Amanda are friends.]

Lori Trager: Don't let Charlie pressure you. Wait until you're sure.

Amanda Bloom: How do I know I'm sure?

[Lori's friend Hillary walks up. Amanda does not know it yet, but her boyfriend Charlie has been secretly having sex with Hillary. Amanda has refused to have sex with Charlie because she is devoutly religious in her Catholic faith.]

Hillary: You don't. [Referring to Amanda's question about how does she know if she's ready.] So either dive in, or let the guy go.

Lori Trager: Hillary, don't make a blanket statement like that. Each situation is different.

Hillary: Yeah, but every guy is the same.

Amanda Bloom: Well, Charlie's different. He's special.

[Hillary smiles but doesn't say anything. She knows something about Charlie that Amanda does not know.]

Amanda Bloom: What, haven't you ever found anyone special?

Lori Trager: Not for more than five minutes.

Hillary: Actually, I have found someone.

[Later, in the same city park, Kyle approaches Amanda, who is sitting on a park bench reading a Catholic religious book. Timecode: 12 minutes, 11 seconds.]

Amanda: Hey, Kyle.

Kyle: Hey. How's the game? [Referring to the basketball game a group of young people are playing in the court next to Amanda's park bench.

Amanda Bloom tells Kyle about her upcoming Catholic confirmation (Kyle XY)

Amanda: Oh, I don't know. I've been trying to study for my confirmation.

Kyle: What are you confirming?

Amanda: My faith. My mom really wants me to do it, andI was all set to go last year, but after my dad died . . . Well, I wasn't really into the whole religion thing. But I'm doing it now. I'd really love you to come to the ceremony.
Amanda Bloom tells Kyle about her upcoming Catholic confirmation (Kyle XY)

Kyle: Are you sure your mom will be okay with that?

Amanda: She doesn't get to decide everything for me. Besides, you're my friend. I want you to be there.

[Amanda's boyfriend Charle takes a break from playing basketball and comes over to give her a quick hug.]
Charlie stops playing basketball to greet Amanda, who is reading a book to prepare for Catholic confirmation (Kyle XY)

Charlie: Hey, babe!

Amanda: Oh, gross! You're all sweaty.

Charlie: Oh, you know you love it.

Amanda: Whatever . . . Well, I got to run. Our church bishop's coming by.
Amanda Bloom tells Kyle her bishop is coming by (Kyle XY)

[Declan McDonough was also playing basketball with Charlie. Declan is a friend of Kyle and Charlie. Declan is also the boyfriend of Lori Trager. He is standing nearby, having also taken a break from the basketball game.]

Declan: Sounds like a blast. [Sarcastic]

[Amanda stands up to leave.]

Amanda: Bye, guys.

Charlie: All right, I'm out of here too.

[Amanda and Charlie both walk away, leaving Kyle alone with Declan. Declan knows that Kyle has a crush on Amanda.]

Declan: Forget about her, man. There's plenty more where that came from.

Kyle: It's not Amanda. I need your help.

[Although Kyle does indeed have a crush on Amanda, that isn't what he was thinking about at the moment. Kyle wants to enlist Declan's help in following up on some clues pertaining to Kyle's origins. Kyle is desperately trying to find out who he is and where he came from and why he is different from everybody else. End of scene. Timecode: 13 minutes, 25 seconds.]

[Timecode: 31 minutes, 20 seconds. Kyle, Declan, Charlie and Amanda are all at the carnival. Amanda loves riding the merry-go-round, but Charlie didn't want to ride it with her, so Kyle is riding with her. Charlie remains outside the ride, talking with Declan. The two of them are well out of earshot of any normal human riding the merry-go-round. But Kyle isn't normal. He uses his super hearing to listen in on what Charlie and Declan are saying. Declan and Charlie are talking about Charlie's relationship with Amanda and the fact that Charlie is "cheating" on Amanda with Hillary.]

Declan: You have to tell her.

Charlie: What are you, nuts?

Declan: Lori thought I was with her.

[Declan's girlfriend Lori thinks that Declan is secretly trying to date Amanda. Of course this misunderstanding makes Declan unhappy.]

Charlie: It's not my fault Lori doesn't trust you.

Declan: Oh, like Amanda trusts you?

Charlie: I've got a great thing going with her and I'm not going to ruin it.

Declan: [Sarcastically] Great for you. Go out with Amanda, tap Hillary on the side.

Kyle XY Season 1, Episode 10: "Endgame"
Written by: Julie Plec and Bryan M. Holdman
Original Airdate: 28 August 2006

[Timecode: 5 minutes, 47 seconds. Establishing shot: Daytime Outside of the suburban Trager home, where Kyle lives with his "adoptive family." Cut to inside, the kitchen. Josh Trager, the teenage son in the Trager family walks down the stairs, wearing a nice suit, dressed for church.]
Josh wears suit to go to church with Kyle (Kyle XY)

Josh Trager: Let's go, people. God is waiting.

Kyle: You want to go to Amanda's confirmation with me?

Josh Trager: Sure. Church is neat. And I never get a chance to wear this suit.

Stephen Trager: When do you ever wear that suit? [Stephen Trager is Josh's father.] And when did you start reeking of my aftershave? . . . Ah. What's her name?
Josh tells Kyle why he wants to go to church. (Kyle XY)

Josh Trager: Okay. Maybe there's this girl named Ashleigh that I met at a party. Maybe she goes to Holy Family and sings in the choir. And maybe she finds the scent of a man irresistible. [Looks over at Kyle.] Hey. Tuck in your shirt. The Lord hates a slob. [Joking.]
Josh tells Kyle: Tuck in your shirt. The Lord hates a slob. (Kyle XY)

Stephen Trager: Watch yourself, Josh. Church isn't supposed to be fun.

Josh Trager: Oh, is that why you never go?
[End of scene.]
Holy Family Catholic Church. (Kyle XY)

[Cut to exterior of the Holy Family Catholic church, a large suburban church building. Church bells can be heard. Congregants file into the building. Timecode: 6 minutes, 29 seconds. Cut to inside. We see a row of six teenage girls standing, wearing white robes. Each has a parent standing behind them, hands on their shoulders. Amanda Bloom is the fourth girl from the left. Her mother stands behind her. The bishop - a clergyman wearing ornate vestments and a high hat - walks past the girls. Cut to another shot, showing the choir, wearing red robes with gold trim and a cross on the collar. Presumably one of these girls is Ashleigh, the girl that Josh Trager came to see. Cut to shot of Josh Trager and Kyle, sitting in the congregation.]
Amanda Bloom awaits confirmation as bishop walks by. (Kyle XY)
Choir of girls in Catholic church. (Kyle XY)

Josh Trager: God, she's hot. Oh my God, can I even say "God"?
Josh Trager in church worries about profanity. (Kyle XY)

[Josh here catches himself, wondering if he was speaking profanely just now. Josh is so unaccustomed to being in church is is not entirely at ease there and finds himself second-guessing his regular manner of speech, which includes a normative teenage amount of profanity. Kyle just looks at Josh with a puzzled look on his face. Kyle has never gone to church before, and he isn't familiar with the setting either, but that can be said for pretty much everything he does, as he is still so new to the world, having no memories prior to this year.]

Josh Trager: [Looking skyward, as if to Heaven.] Sorry.

Kyle's thoughts in voiceover: Everywhere I looked, church provided unsettling contrasts. People whose beliefs encouraged honesty also practiced betrayal.
Kyle observes Charlie and Hillary in church. (Kyle XY)

[Kyle here looks over to another part of the congregation, where he sees Charlie sitting with Amanda's mother. Charlie is the boyfriend of Kyle's neighbor Amanda, the girl being confirmed today, and the girl that Kyle has a crush on. Kyle recently learned that because Amanda refuses to have sex with Charlie due to her religious beliefs, Charlie has been cheating on Amanda and sleeping with Amanda's friend Hillary. There is no indication that Charlie himself is Catholic. If he is Catholic (or a member of any other ethically conservative religious group), he does not appear to take his beliefs and the strictures of his religion very seriously. Amanda's "friend" Hillary is apparently Catholic, for she is sitting elsewhere in the congregation. Kyle realizes that Hillary's church teaches her to be honest, but she has not been honest because she is "cheating" with Charlie. Because Kyle has no pesonal experience with religious upbringing, and because Kyle is naturally very forthright and very uncomfortable with dishonesty, the dishonesty exhibited by Charlie and Amanda bother's Kyle more than the fact that Charlie and Amanda have been violating this church's code of sexual morality by having sex outside of marriage.

Kyle sees Charlie give a knowing smile to Hillary, who sits elsewhere in the congregation. With regards to Charlie and Hillary, the show never explicitly identifies who is Catholic. But from Kyle's thoughts, it is clear that he thinks at least one of them is violating the teachings of a church they belong to. It seems like Hillary a Catholic and a congregant at this church. Is it possible= that she came to the church merely to support Amanda and possibly to be near where Charlie is? Given the fact that Hillary and Amanda are not particularly close as friends (they are more like acquaintances) and Hillary's "cheating" relationship with Charlie behind Amanda's back shows clear disregard for Amanda, it seems that Hillary come to this church regularly with her parents. If Charlie were a regular congregant, he might sit with his family rather than with Amanda's mother.

In a sort of "writerly", TV-simplified fashion, it seems that everybody on this show who is actively religious attends the same denomination and even the same congregation. It is sort of like how things are on The Simpsons or Little House on the Prairie. But later we see Hillary expressing surprise at seeing Charlie looking "all clean-cut and churchy," as if she is not accustomed to seeing him look like that. We therefore must conclude that either her or Charlie are NOT regular attendees at the church. The most likely reading of this episode is that Charlie is not a regular churchgoer there, and probably not a regular churchgoer anywhere.]

Kyle's thoughts in voiceover: There was a lot about church I didn't understand, but I did know that faith meant believing in something, often without tangible proof. I wondered if I'd be able to do the same with the Petersons, and come to accept them wholeheartedly. [The Petersons are the middle-aged married couple who showed up at the hospital at the end of the previous episode claiming to be Kyle's biological parents.]
Kyle goes to church and ponders faith. (Kyle XY)

[The bishop announts the forehead of Amanda Bloom. She looks radiant, peaceful and happy in her white robe as she is confirmed in her Catholic faith.]

Josh Trager: What's he putting on her head?
The Bishop anoints forehead of Amanda Bloom for her confirmation. (Kyle XY)

Kyle: [Whispering] Everyone else is being quiet, Josh. I think we should be quiet, too.

[Josh sighs, but resigns himself to being quiet during the ceremony. End of scene. Timecode: 7 minutes, 30 seconds.]

[Cut to living room inside the Trager home. The mother of the family, Nicole Trager sits on the sofa, looking at photographs in a photo album. Her husband (Josh's father) walks into the room. Apparently he drove Josh and Kyle to drop them off at the church, but did not stay for the ceremony.]

Nicole Trager: Did the church walls crumble at the sight of you?

[Nicole is here making a reference to the fact that although her husband was raised in a Christian family, he has not been a churchgoer now for a very long time.]

Stephen Trager: Very funny.

[Camera shows a photo they are looking at: It shows a young mother holding a two-year-old infant, identified as Kyle. They both laugh at the picture.]

Stephen Trager: Yeah, I'd gotten used to Kyle having no memories. It feels kind of strange to have his whole life laid out before us.

Nicole Trager: Well, he looks happy in these photos.

Stephen Trager: How you doing?

Nicole Trager: I'm fine.

Stephen Trager: You can't be fine. I'm not fine.

Nicole Trager: Look, since day one, he's been searching for clues to who is and where he comes from. And now he knows. For me to be upset would just be selfish.
Nicole Trager and Stephen Trager discuss Kyle and his questions. (Kyle XY)

Stephen Trager: Or human.

Nicole Trager: I'm fine.

[End of scene.]

[Timecode: 8 minutes, 32 seconds. Cut to outside of the church where Amanda's confirmation took place. Congregants mill about talking to each other. Kyle approaches Amanda, who is standing with her mother and with her boyfriend Charlie. Kyle holds a small wrapped gift in his hands.]

Amanda's mother: I'm just so proud of her. [Looks to her other side and notices Kyle.] Oh. [Coldly.] Look, it's our neighbor.

Kyle: Hi.

Amanda Bloom: Hi.

Charlie: Hey, Kyle. Good to see you feeling better. [Kyle had a seizure at the end of the previous episode, as a result of him using his "super-hearing" power for too long a time, while he listened to Charlie and Declan talk about Charlie's cheating on Amanda with Hillary. Charlie does not yet know that Kyle knows about his "secret affair" with Hillary. Kyle says nothing. He hands Amanda the gift he brought for her.]

Amanda Bloom: Thanks.

Amanda's mother: Amanda, I think we should go and thank the bishop now. Okay?
Amanda Bloom and her mother: thanking the bishop. (Kyle XY)

Amanda Bloom: We already thanked him.

Amanda's mother: Amanda.

Amanda: Okay. God.

Amanda's mother: Shh.

[Amanda's mother leads Amanda away from where Kyle and Charlie are standing. "Thanking the bishop" was mere pretense for getting away from Kyle, who Amanda's mother does not approve of.]

Charlie: [Chuckling.] Her mother's a piece of work.

Kyle: I think Amanda has bigger problems right now. I know about Hillary. [Hilary]

Charlie: [Shocked speechless for a moment.] You can't tell her.

Kyle: I'm not the one who should.

[Cut to many yards away, where Lori Trager and her boyfriend Declan are watching Kyle converse with Charlie. Declan knows that Charlie is cheating on Amber. Lori is a friend of Amber's and she also knows something is going on.]

Lori Trager: Men are such dogs.

Declan: Gee, thanks.

Lori Trager: You've proven yourself to be moderately un-doglike. But . . . Amanda's the nicest girl in the universe. How could he cheat on her?

Declan: She's a nice girl who doesn't believe in sex before marriage, and he's a guy.
Lori Trager asks Declan how Charlie could cheat on Amanda. (Kyle XY)

Lori Trager: That's hideous logic.

Declan: But accurate.

[Cut to where Josh and Kyle are together, now walking up to where Josh's sister Lori and Declan are standing outside the church.]

Josh Trager: Church sucks.

Lori Trager: News flash.
Josh Trager says church sucks. (Kyle XY)

[Declan asks if they have the DNA results back yet from the test that is intended to ascertain whether or not the Petersons are actually Kyle's real parents. Josh and Declan talk about their doubts about the Petersons, and Josh further opines about his belief that Kyle is an alien. Much of the rest of the episode revolves around Kyle and Declan working together to further discover the truth about Kyle's origins, and whether or not the Peterson's are actually related to him. ]

[Cut to inside the bedroom of Lori Trager. Her close friend Hillary is once again visiting with her there.]

Hillary: You should have seen Charlie, all clean-cut and churchy, holding her hand like a freaking choir boy. Too bad she can't make him sing like I can.
Hillary, who is apparently Catholic but something of a whore, says that Charlie looked churchy. (Kyle XY)

Lori Trager: Hil, I hate to be all doom and gloomy, but you know this can't end well, right?

Hillary: I know he doesn't want to hurt her right now because she lost her dad and everything, but I can wait.

Lori Trager: But what happens if he dumps her for you. You're with a guy who's cheating on his girlfriend. What's to say he won't do the same thing to you?

Hillary: How are you suddenly a relationship expert? It's not like Declan's Mr. Ideal Boyfriend.

Lori Trager: No, but weirdly enough . . . I trust him.

Hillary: [Surprised.] Turnaround of the century.

Lori Trager: Crazy, huh?

Hillary: But sweet. I'm happy for you.

[End of scene. Timecode: 12 minutes, 59 seconds. New scene: Kyle's room, which is Mr. Stephen Trager's workshop turned into a bedroom. Kyle is looking at papers on his desk. Amanda Bloom enters the room, wearing the necklace that Kyle gave her.]

Amanda Bloom: I didn't get a chance to thank you for my present. It was really thoughtful. Saint Collette is--

Kyle: Patron saint of people who've lost a parent.
Kyle gave Amanda Bloom a Saint Collette necklace. (Kyle XY)

Amanda Bloom: Yeah. [Amanda's admiration for Kyle clearly shows in her eyes.]

Kyle: We still haven't had the chance to talk about everything's that happened to you since yesterday . . . You want to?

[They sit down to talk.]

Amanda Bloom: You should be happy. [She means he should be happy about his "real" parents finally finding him after he was lost and amnesiac.] You don't look happy.

Kyle: I'm not.
Amanda Bloom: There's a saint for pretty much everything in my religion. (Kyle XY)

Amanda Bloom: You know, it's a funny thing about my religion. There's a saint for pretty much everything. Cab drivers. Stomach aches. Geese. There's even a patron saint for bald people. Sometimes I wonder . . . If everything's covered, then why do so many bad things happen to people? Then I realize, that everyone needs something to get us through the bad stuff.

Kyle: So I need a saint.
Kyle says he needs a saint. (Kyle XY)

Amanda Bloom: The patron saint of lost pasts and confusing futures.

Kyle: Any idea where I can find one?

[End of scene. If Amanda was sufficiently familiar with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she would know where to "find a Saint," but this is obviously not what Kyle means in this scene. In the next scene the Trager family is in the kitchen when their father, Stephen, comes into the room. He just got off the phone with the hospital, he tells them, and Kyle's DNA is a match to the Petersons. Kyle makes it clear he does NOT want to go with the Petersons. The Tragers are the only family he has ever known. Next we cut to a scene inside the Catholic church that Amanda attends. Kyle sits alone in the pews looking up at a statue of Jesus. He has indeed come here to find a Saint, or find God, or find some answers the questions that plague him.]

[Scene: Inside Holy Family Catholic Church. Kyle sits alone, looking up at a statue of Jesus. Timecode: 15 minutes, 55 seconds.]

Kyle sits in church before statue of Jesus. (Kyle XY)

Kyle's thoughts in voiceover: I'd read the story of the father who sacrificed his son for the good of all mankind. I wondered if having faith meant making our own sacrifices for the good of others.
Kyle sits in church before statue of Jesus. (Kyle XY)

[A man dressed in black, apparently a priest, enters the edifice, walks to where Kyle is sitting, and sits down on the pew next to him.]

Priest: You can kneel if you want to. Helps sometimes. Gets you in the mood to pray.

Kyle: I've never prayed before.
Kyle and priest discuss prayer in church. (Kyle XY)

Priest: It's simple. It's like telling your troubles to a friendly ear.

Kyle: I'm in search of a saint.

Priest: Well, you picked a good place. What do you need a saint for?

Kyle: I don't know where I belong. I don't know where I come from. But I'm supposed to go there, wherever it is, with people I don't know.

Priest: That's a lot to handle.

Kyle: I don't know what to do. And I'm not sure how any of this here is supposed to help.

Priest: Well, whether or not you consider yourself a believer, there's someone out there who made you, who cares about you very much. In the midst of a confusing situation, you may not be able to see or appreciate him, but he's there and he wants you to have the answers to all of your questions.
Kyle talks with a priest in church. (Kyle XY)

Kyle: When?

Priest: When the time is right.

[End of scene. Timecode: 18 minutes, 10 seconds.]

[Scene. Interior of Trager home. Night time. Timecode: 18 minutes, 59 seconds. Stephen Trager is talking to "Mr. Peterson," the husband in the couple that claims to be the parents of Kyle.]

Stephen Trager talks with David Peterson about prayer and religion. (Kyle XY)

Mr. Peterson: Julia and I prayed for his safety. We were thankful he was taken in by people like you and Nicole.

Stephen Trager: Are you a religious family?

Mr. Peterson: I take it you're not.

Stephen Trager: Well, I was raisedto be, but it got away from me over the years.

Mr. Peterson: Yeah, we never used to be either, but when you lose a child, somehow you need a kind of higher power for comfort.

[End of scene.]

[Later, Kyle has decided to go with the Petersons, who say they will take him back to Connecticut with them. The evening before Kyle is set to leave, his "adoptive family", the Tragers, and his friends gather in an impromptu going away party for him. Hillary, Lori Trager and Amanda Bloom look at Kyle from across the pool, out of earshot from where he stands.]

Hillary: I can't believe he's leaving before I got to make out with him.

[Amanda and Lori look at the their less-than-virtuous friend disapprovingly.]

Hillary: Kidding.

Amanda Bloom: We should be happy for him.

Hillary: Keep telling yourself that, Sister Sunshine.

[Charlie walks up to the girls.]

Charlie: I thought this was supposed to be a goodbye party.

Lori Trager: [Sarcastically.] Woo-hoo.

[Charlie walks away. Cut to another part of the pool area. Kyle walks up to Declan. Declan expresses disbelief or surprise about how Kyle suddenly claims to remember knowing the Petersons. Declan helped Kyle get much information about his true origin. He leaves Kyle, saying it sucks that his friend has to leave now, and leave in a way that doesn't make sense given what they've learned together about Kyle's origin. Charlie walks up, seeing Declan leave.]

Charlie: Whoa, did you two break up or something?

[Kyle regards Charlie coldly, but says nothing. Kyle very much disapproves of the way that Charlie is cheating on his girlfriend Amanda. Kyle never really liked Charlie much anyway, as he saw Charlie as a rival for Amanda's affections.]

Charlie: All right. Look, man. I know you think I'm a bad guy. It's just, I know where Amanda stands on the sex thing. Look, I respect her for it, I do.
Charlie tells Kyle why he cheats on Amanda. (Kyle XY)

[We see Hillary begin approaching Kyle and Charlie, from an angle such that she can hear Charlie talking, but Charlie doesn't see her.]

Charlie: You know, I would give anything for the self-control to wait for her. I mean, this whole thing with Hilary, it's just physical. It has nothing to do with how much I love Amanda.

[Hillary walks up and stands next to Charlie. He realizes she heard what he said. She gives him a look.]

Charlie: Great.

Hillary: It's okay, I understand. You have needs. I have needs too. And right now, I need to do this.

[Hillary tosses her drink on Charlie. He gasps. Hillary walks off, leaving Charlie with his head and chest covered with water or whatever Hillary was drinking.]

Charlie: Don't judge me. I've seen the way you look at Amanda. You're probably dying to tell her.

Kyle: I'm leaving in a few hours. The only thing I want is to know that after I'm gone, she'll be surrounded by people that are trustworthy, honest and kind. Because that's exactly the kind of person she is.
Kyle praises Amanda. (Kyle XY)

[Kyle walks away. End of scene.]

[Next scene: Inside the Trager home. Stephen Peterson is helping box up some of Kyle's things in preparation for Kyle leaving the next morning. He is quite upset, and surprised that his wife is so calm. They talk about how they feel about Kyle leaving. They have both grown to be quite attached to the youth.]

Stephen Trager: Through this whole thing, you haven't faltered. Not once.

Nicole Trager: Well, in my line of work, this is what you hope for. Most foster care stories don't have happy endings. For Kyle to be placed with his real parents, and his memories coming back . . . I couldn't be happier.

Stephen Trager: Well. That's why you're my higher power.
Stephen Trager tells his wife Nicole Trager she is his Higher Power. (Kyle XY)

[Nicole kisses her husband comfortingly. Clearly some of the events and conversations of the past few days have prompted Stephen to consider his religious upbringing and religious beliefs, and the fact that he has lapsed from active religious observance. End of scene. Timecode: 30 minutes, 10 seconds.]

[In the next scene, Hillary is in a corner of the pool area crying about what happened between her and Charlie, and about what she learned about how he really thinks about her. Lori Trager comes to her and comforts her. Lori reveals here and elsewhere that she is very shallow and materialistic, but she also has sensitive feelings and she is crushed to know that her secret "boyfriend" views her as nothing but a whore.]

[Kyle says his final good-bye to Amanda, apparently with Amanda still unaware that Charlie had been "cheating" on her with Hillary. Kyle says tender goodbyes to the Trager family: Stephen and Nicole and their teenage children Lori and Josh. Declan is there too. Kyle tells Declan to look for the box of things that Kyle left for him in his room. Kyle gets in the car belonging to the Petersons and they drive away.]

[In Kyle's room, Declan opens the box of things. It has a National Geographic magazine with bookmarked pages and other items that let Declan know that Kyle made up his story about remembering the Petersons. Soon after Kyle drives away with the "Petersons," he tells the couple that they are "very good liars." They tell him it's their job. The DNA test was faked. Their story was fake. Kyle went along with their story in order to get to the person who the Petersons take him to: the scientist who is the genetic blueprint for him. David and Julia Peterson are NOT Kyle's parents. Kyle was crafted as part of a genetic engineering and cloning project. He was "born" as a teenager. Before the night he woke up in the woods in the pilot episode, he essentially didn't exist. The "Petersons" are working for a rogue agent from the agency that "created" Kyle, and they take him to the rogue scientist who was instrumental in developing the project. This episode, the last episode of the seasons, ends when Kyle finally meets Adam Baylin, the man who is his genetic "father" and the man who can give him answers to his questions.]

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Webpage created 19 August 2007. Last modified 19 August 2007.
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