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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
of the Hulk's Warbound

Korg is one of the "Warbound," associates of the Hulk from the time he was exiled on the planat Sakaar. Like many of the Warbound, Korg is deeply religious. Although Korg was part of the alien army led by the Hulk which attacked Earth, Korg displayed deeply felt religious beliefs and strong ethical values during this conflict. Korg's religiosity was displayed regularly in the ongoing storyline in the World War Hulk: Frontline miniseries, in which Korg teamed up with a New York City police detective to investigate the murder of his ship's robotic pilot.

Korg's religious beliefs appear to be a mixture of his native Kronan beliefs along with Sakaarian religious beliefs.

From: "Korg (comics)" webpage on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korg_(comics); viewed 9 August 2007):

First appearance: Incredible Hulk v3, #93 (May 2006)
Created by: Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan

Korg is a character in the Marvel Comics, created during the "Planet Hulk" storyline.

Korg is part of the Kronan race, stone creatures who once fought Thor in Journey Into Mystery #83. Not actually seen during the battle, Korg did mention his defeat years later when he was locked up in a cell together with the Hulk. After his defeat, Korg became a prisoner on the alien planet of the Red King, where he became a slave and had to fight for his life. Thanks to a special disk, Korg's body was partly controlled by the Red King, and he had Korg kill his brother Margus against his will. This fact still haunts Korg on this day.

When the Hulk was exiled to the Red King's planet, Korg became the Hulk's ally after he and five others were victorious during one of the gladiator games, that rule on the planet as a form of entertainment. Korg was the first to let the group talk to each other, and after more victories in the game, Korg became a gladiator. Still fighting alongside the Hulk, Korg was part of the group that rebelled against the Red King after the Silver Surfer had used his Power Cosmic to destroy the disks that controlled his body...

Powers and abilities
Like all Kronans, Korg possesses a body made of a durable, silicon-based substance that grants him protection against nearly all forms of physical harm and gives him a rock-like appearance. In oxygen-rich atmospheres, Kronans possess superhuman strength, able to press approximately 100 tons.

When fighting as a gladiator, he relied on nothing but his nearly impenetrable hide as a living weapon. An experienced military strategist, Korg is the consummate pragmatist and his constantly assessing his environment so he can tell what actions are necessary for his continued survival.

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