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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Maria De Guzman
The Jaguar
of The Crusaders

Maria De Guzman, better known as "The Jaguar," was a superheroine from Brazi. She was a Catholic.

From: "The Jaguar (Impact Comics)" page on Wikipedia website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jaguar_%28Impact_Comics%29; viewed 21 June 2006):

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: The Jaguar # 1, August 1991
Created by: William Messner-Loebs and David Antoine Williams

The Jaguar is a fictional character in the DC Comics' Impact Comics series The Jaguar. The character is loosely based on Archie Comics' character The Jaguar.

Maria de Guzman was a transfer student from Brazil who attended a college in Elm Harbor Michigan. She was plagued by nightmares of a feral woman attacking men in a rainforest, a fact which made it difficult to make friends. When she went jogging alone at night to clear her head, she was attacked by gang members. Her panic triggered a transformation into a well-muscled woman with cat-like eyes. In her transformed state she had supernatural strength and speed, and easliy defeated her attackers.

She found herself back in her dorm after the attack was over, completely normal. She dismissed it as a dream, until she received a gift from her recently deceased Aunt Luiza, a red suit adorned with a golden jaguar pattern sash. When she was showering, a voyeur startled her, and she changed into the wild woman again, this time wearing the costume her aunt sent her.

Maria learned that every generation, a woman in her family is endowed with the feral powers of the jaguar. Her aunt was the previous wielder of the power, and with her death, the powers were passed to Maria. At first she tried to resist her powers, but as time progressed, Maria began to use her powers to defend the citizens of Elm Harbor from evil as the Jaguar. She even teamed up with the Fly and helped form a team called the Crusaders. Jaguar also helped her countrymen in Brazil. But when she and the Crusaders were lost in another dimension, it seemed her career was over. But after years of searching they found their way home, and she even married the Fly.

Jaguar possesses superhuman strength and speed. She can leap distances of 30 feet, and has enhanced senses.


From: "Christian Superheroes" thread started 30 August 1992 on rec.arts.comics newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics/browse_thread/thread/d4f9b151adf6039c/bca0d7673c1ff593; viewed 21 June 2006):
From: James A. Perreault
Date: Thurs, Sep 3 1992 10:49 am

Here are a couple of Christian superheroes that haven't been mentioned yet:

She is a Christian exchange student from Brazil. There was a few moments when she compared American to Brazilian Catholicism. And the "confession" issue with the Black Hood is a must have...

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