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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Green Arrows of the World

Adventure Comics #250, featuring Superboy on cover
Above: Adventure Comics #250, cover pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye. This is the only comic book (excluding reprints) in which the "Green Arrows of the World" appear.

The "Green Arrows of the World" were an obscure DC Comics superhero team comprised of skilled archers from various countries around the world who fashioned heroic identities inspired by the American hero the Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). Aside from multiple reprints, the Green Arrows of the world appeared in only one comic book: Adventure Comics #250 (1958). The characters were created by legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby along with (it is believed) writers Ed Herron and Dave Wood.

The "Archer of Arabia" is an apparently Muslim archer hero from Saudi Arabia. The "Emerald Bowman" is an apparently Hindu archer hero from India. Neither of these characters was actually named in the story in which they appeared. "Archer of Arabia" and "Emerald Bowman" are names that were subsequently applied to these characters by the fan community.

From: "Adventure Comics #250" database page on "The Grand Comics Database Project" website (http://www.comics.org/details.lasso?id=14498; viewed 26 June 2007):

Adventure Comics #250
1938 Series - DC, July 1958, coverprice 0.10 USD , 36 pages.
Format: Color; Standard US size; saddle-stitched to issue 490; issues 491-503 are digest-sized...
Cover Credits:
Curt Swan (Pencils) Stan Kaye (Inks) ? (Colors) ? (Letters)

Cover Feature: Superboy...
Genre: superhero
Editor: Whitney Ellsworth, Jack Schiff (managing editor), Mort Weisinger, George Kashdan (story editors)

[Details are listed for 11 separate stories that appeared in this issue, including:

The Green Arrows of the World
(Sequence 6 - Story , 6 pages )
Feature Story: Green Arrow

Ed Herron (?); Dave Wood (?) (Script), Jack Kirby (Pencils), Jack Kirby; Roz Kirby (Inks), ? (Colors), ? (Letters).

"Counterfeit" Carson attempts to crash a party by the Green Arrows of the world to get his revenge.

Character appearances:
Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Phantom of France; Green Arrow (Mexico); Green Arrow (Japan); Green Arrow (Switzerland); Bowman from Britain; Bowman of the Bush; Green Arrow (Polynesia); "Counterfeit" Carson

Reprinted: in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest (DC, 1980 series) #23 (July 1982); Green Arrow By Jack Kirby, The (DC 2001 series) #nn; Showcase Presents Green Arrow (DC 2006) #1

Genre: superhero

Indexer notes:
1st Silver Age Green Arrow. Bill Finger writer credit removed based on discussion with Bob Hughes. [Mike Nielsen 5/2007]

From: "Obscure Characters Index: G" page on "Cosmic Teams" website (http://www.mykey3000.com/cosmicteams/obscure/g.htm; viewed 26 June 2007):

The Green Arrows of the World

The Green Arrows of the World were created by Jack Kirby.
They first appeared in World's Finest #250 (1958). [sic: Should be Adventure Comics #250.]

Unofficial Who's Who Entry by:
Scott McCullar, special thanks to Mikel Midnight
(from http://www.fgi.net/~grnarrow/whoswho/GAOTW_Bio.html)

Archers: Green Arrow (USA), Speedy(USA), Ace Archer (Japan), Bowman from Britain (UK), Phantom of France (France), Bowman of the Bush (Jungles of Malaya, Africa, India), Emerald Bowman (India), Troubador (Spain), Archer of the Alps (Switzerland), Verde Flecha (Green Arrow of Mexico), and the Archer of Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Group Affiliation: Green Arrows of the World (International Delegation of Masked Archers)
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Current Status: Inactive
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #250 (July, 1958)

Unknown to many in the early years of Green Arrow's adventures, he inspired a group of archers internationally with his daring adventures and search for justice so that they decided to follow by example and become heroes in their own countries all across the world. The influence was strong on this group of archers. Some donned outfits and methods simliar to Green Arrow and Speedy. Green Arrow and Speedy invited these archers to a historical convention in America. The sponsored event was the International Delegaton of Masked Archers, but the general public unofficially called the group of archers, "the Green Arrows of the World" because of the influence that Ollie had over them. These Archers of the World gathered together at their one and only convention to discuss crime fighting techniques and demonstrate their different trick arrows that they had developed in order to help them fight crime. During the convention, a crook named Limehouse Larkin mugged Scotland Yard's Bowman of Britain and stole his outfit. Disguised as the Battling Bowman of Britian, Larkin went into the convention to even a score with Green Arrow. This was the only way he figured he could get close. Once there, he tried to convince Green Arrow to try out the "Big Ben" Arrow. It was actually a ticking time bomb. Seeing a forged wanted poster and deducing that the Bowman of Britain was a fraud, Green Arrow along with the other Archers of the World helped nab Larkin while demonstrating their techniques. Eventually, the real Bowman of Britain surfaced and the convention went on...

THE ARCHERS (other than Green Arrow and Speedy)...

Bowman of the Bush
Base of Operations: Jungles of Africa, Malaya, India
Trick Arrow Specialities: Lava Arrow, Vine Arrow

Phantom of France
Base of Operations: France
Trick Arrow Specialities: Luminescent Arrow

Ace Archer of Japan
Base of Operations: Japan
Trick Arrow Specialities: Jiu-jitsu Arrow

Verde Flecha* (Green Arrow of Mexico)
Base of Operations: Mexico

Archer of Arabia*
Base of Operations: Saudi Arabia

Grner Pfeil*
Base of Operations: Austria

Base of Operations: Spain

Emerald Bowman*
Base of Operations: India

Bowman of Britain
Base of Operations: Britain
Trick Arrow Specialities: Big Ben Arrow

*Unofficial name given by the fans. The original names of some of these heroes were never given in the issue.

In the original issue of ADVENTURE COMICS #250, the Green Arrows of the World all wore a dull green outfits. It was the DC DIGEST #23 in which the colorist popped on some vibrant and differing colors to each bowman that really set them apart. THOSE color schemes in the reprint issue is what is being portrayed here.

Green Arrows of the World appeared in:
Adventure Comics #250 (1958)
- Reprinted in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23

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