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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters
The Stars of David
Jewish baseball team featured in
The Golem's Mighty Swing, by James Sturm

From: The Golem's Mighty Swing product page on official site of the graphic novel's publisher Drawn & Quarterly (http://www.drawnandquarterly.com/shopCatalogLong.php?item=a3e591f011c392; viewed 4 July 2007):

The Golem's Mighty Swing
James Sturm

James Sturm pens this richly evocative graphic novel set in the 1920s. The Stars of David, a barnstorming Jewish baseball team, travel from town to town earning a living by playing local squads. They all sport beards, a gimmick to attract patrons but when financial difficulties threaten to end their season they cast their lot with a Chicago promoter who has just seen the hugely successful German silent film Der Golem. With the golem, a baseball game is transformed into a mythical pageant. Fear and curiosity fills the stadium, but it also stokes the flames of anti-Semitism. Winning the game for the Stars of David becomes less important then surviving it. With a sepia-tinted cinematic style, this compelling book reminds us that making it home is at the heart of baseball.

2001 "Best Graphic Novel" - Time

"This book is a home run in any language." - Observer on Sunday

"Employing thick lines, minimal detail and simple prose storytelling, sturm gracefully summons the seedy, often dangerous baseball world of the 1920s... this would make a fine gift for any fan of the game." - Washington Post Book World

ISBN: 1-896597-45-9
$16.95 US / $24.95 CDN

From: (http://www.comics.org/series.lasso?seriesid=17730; viewed 4 July 2007):

Golem's Mighty Swing, The (2001)

standard modern US; black and white; one-shot; squarebound; softcover. Published by Drawn & Quarterly
Published in Canada, English language.
GCD ID 17730

Indexed by Ralf Haring

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