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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
General John Ryker
leader of Gamma Corps

Geneal John Ryker is a supporting character in comics featuring the Incredible Hulk. General Ryker is a brilliant military officer who became obsessed with capturing the Hulk, hoping study of the monster would lead to a cure for the cancer that Ryker's wife was dying from.

John Ryker has not been portrayed as an unusually religious character. We know General Ryker is an Episcopalian based on the fact that he had an Episcopalian clergyman conduct an Episcopalian funeral ceremony for his wife, as shown in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (2007). This issue was written by Frank Tieri and pencilled by Carlos Ferreira.

From: "John Ryker" page on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Ryker; viewed 9 August 2007):

First appearance: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2. #12
Created by: Paul Jenkins

General John Ryker is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe and one of the enemies of The Hulk. He is obsessed with the Hulk, and tried to make attempts to capture the creature.

Ryker joined the military at the young age and wanted to help determine future history from his shadows. When his wife Lucy developed cancer, Ryker used the military to hunt down Bruce Banner, who turned into the Hulk after exposure from gamma radiation during a nuclear test that Ryker supervised. In the comics, Ryker tried to capture the Hulk to save his wife.

He is responsible for the creation of the Gamma Corps, a special military unit created specifically to deal with the Hulk.

Ryker is a military strategist. He manipulates people and situations to get what he wants. At these situations, Ryker is making sure that he stays in the shadows and very few people know about his existence.

In other media
In Fantastic Four Episode "Hard Knocks," Ryker is the leader of the group of soldiers hunting the Hulk.

In the Hulk video game, General Ryker made an appearance. In the game, he sends out the military to capture the Hulk so that he might be able to study him. Also, he only appears in the cutscenes of the game. When discovering the gamma orb, Ryker plans to get it for his own purposes, but Ravage gets the orb. Ryker decided to kill both the Hulk and Ravage. He also had the Hulkbusters to fight the Hulk.

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