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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Jose Delgado
costumed crusader from Metropolis

Jose Delgado is better known as "Gangbuster," a costumed vigilante in Metropolis who was a supporting character in Superman comics. The character of Jose Delgado was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Jerry Ordway and first appeared in Adventures of Superman #428 (May 1987). He was a high school guidance counsellor who allowed a rebellious Jerry White (a.k.a. Perry White Jr., the son of Clark Kent's Daily Planet boss Perry White) to live with him for a time. Delgado grew so frustrated with a growing gang problem in Metropolis that he adopted the costumed identity "Gangbuster" so he could confront the gangs directly.

Jose Delgado is a Catholic. In the Adventures of Superman story that introduces his "Gangbuster" identity, he recalls that when he was growing up, he himself was involved in gangs. It was only through the mentoring of Delgado's Catholic priest that he was able to turn his life around. He is grateful to his parish priest for helping him, and he wanted to do likewise for other troubled youths.

As an adult, Jose Delgado was portrayed as a man with a strong moral compass. He was admired by the youth he helped and admired by adults who came to know him, such as Lois Lane, Clark Kent (Superman), Perry White and Cat Grant. Delgado's strong morals and desire for Social Justice (an important Catholic teaching) are manifestations of the continued influence of his Catholic background. As far as we know, there remains insufficient textual content to determine whether or not Delgado was a regular churchgoer as an adult.

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