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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Bonita Juarez
(also known as "La Espirita")


From: Sean McQuaid, "Supplemental: Firebird", article in "Earth's Mightiest Annotations" section of "Avengers Assemble" website (http://www.avengersassemble.us/emafbird.html; viewed 9 December 2005):

FIREBIRD (Bonita Juarez) is a southwestern social worker and occasional adventurer who gained miraculous power over heat and flame when a failed alien experiment created a fiery meteor that impacted near her in the desert. A recurring associate of the Avengers since West Coast Avengers [v2] #4, Firebird eventually accepted official membership as of Avengers [v1] #305; however, she has served strictly in a reserve capacity and works with the group quite infrequently, due in part to the fact that her base of operations is New Mexico, far from the Avengers' current New York headquarters. She first appeared in Incredible Hulk #265 as a founding members of the Rangers, a short-lived superhero team based in the American southwest.

Firebird first met the Avengers when she sought their aid in dealing with the demonic mystic Master Pandemonium in West Coast Avengers [v2] #4. After aiding the Avengers against various foes in West Coast Avengers [v2] #5-10, Bonita withdrew on a spiritual quest to better understand her power, which she regards as a gift from God since she is a devoutly religious Roman Catholic. When she renewed her association with the team in West Coast Avengers [v2] #17, she had adopted a new costumed identity as Espirita to reflect her religious beliefs and her faith in the supposedly divine source of her powers. As Espirita, she helped a suicidally depressed Hank Pym rebuild his Avengers career; briefly romanced Pym; rescued the western Avengers from Dominus's time travel trap [etc.]... She broke off her brief romance with Pym after deciding they were incompatible and left the Avengers again on another spiritul retreat. During this leave, she met the aliens who had accidentally given her super-powers. Initially angry and disillusioned that her benefactors were not God Himself, Firebird soon accepted the revelation as a lesson in humility and comforted herself with the belief that God might still be the author of her powers, albeit more indirectly than she'd first imagined. Resuming her original alias as Firebird, she returned to her career as a social worker and has continued to act as Firebird on occasion, both alone and as an inactive reserve member of the Avengers...

Firebird has the ability to generate heat and flame... Firebird has on occasion displayed additional, seemingly mystical abilities that remain unexplained to date. She has had prophetic visions, has a seemingly extrasensory awareness of evil and the forces of magic, sometimes displays seemingly mystical intuition...

From: Jeffrey Weiss, "Comic-book heroes seldom reveal their faith: Recent revelation of the Thing's religion was a rare moment for pop culture", published in Dallas Morning News, 24 August 2002 (http://www.bluecorncomics.com/thingjew.htm; viewed 21 December 2005):
Over the years, the writers told readers all kinds of things about the habits and foibles of the characters. We knew about their taste in clothing, their troubles with relationships, their sense of humor. But we rarely discovered whether they followed any particular religion.

That seems odd in one way. Back in the dawn of the modern comic book, more than 90 percent of Americans self-identified with a particular religion, mostly some kind of Christianity. Why wouldn't reality-linked superheroes have a particular religion?

Explicitly Religious Comics Characters
[list of 20 characters features 8 characters under the "Christian" subheading, including:]
Firebird, Juanita Juarez, is an Avenger and a conservative Christian.


From: "Christian Superheroes" thread started 30 August 1992 on rec.arts.comics newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics/browse_thread/thread/d4f9b151adf6039c/bca0d7673c1ff593; viewed 21 June 2006):
From: rich.bellacera
Date: Sun, Aug 30 1992 5:14 pm

Recently there was an inquirey on r.a.c. about Jewish Superheroes... I have been following many different Marvel titles for a long long time. In this time I have really only encountered two genuine examples of Christian Superheroes, though one may be more technically termed a vigilante.

I submit that there are characters who hold to certain Christian faiths, but none but two who stand out as having their faith as the source of their power.

For example, Kurt Wagner (a.k.a. Nightcrawler) is a good example of a superhero who just happens to be a Christian, but his powers of teleportation are derived from his mutant genes.

The two specific examples I am referring to are La Espirita (a.k.a. Firebird/Bonita Juarez) and The Crusader II (Arthur Blackwood)...

The Crusdaer II (Crusader I was the Original Marvel Boy's second when he went on a murderous rampage in the pages of FF) originally appeared in an issue of The Mighty Thor. What was so unique about him was the idea that he was a direct descendant of one of the original Crusaders who tried to take back the Holy Land from the Cossacks. From the time of the Crusade to the present each descendant was in the Christian ministry until Arthur was flunked out of seminary for his radical beliefs. He apparently had a vision and when he awoke he found his ancestor's sword and shield. He fashioned himself a costume and called himself the Crusader with a determination to rid the world of paganism and idolatry. His first attempt was to destroy the pagan god Thor. Which he actually succeded doing. He stood his ground and actually inflicted a mortal wound. Fortuantely for Thor, Odin interceded and revived Thor. This shook Arthur's faith and his doubt caused his sword to shatter upon rematch with Thor after which he fled.

Apparently his faith seems to be on the par with a Fundamentalist Zealot.

In my opinion Bonita is what I might consider the graceful and loving side of Christianity, whereas Arthur seems to represent the arrogant and self-righteous side of Christianity. I think a team up between these two characters would be great. They would definitely compliment one another and make up for the other's deficiencies (Arthur could learn alot from Bonita). With the hordes of demons that inhabit the Marvel Universe there would certainly be no end to their work...

So given the above examples of La Espirita and The Crusader, are there any other Christian superheroes who actual powers are based on their religious beliefs in any other superhero books (even those outside of Marvel)?

P.S. Does anyone know the current whereabouts of La Espirita/Firebird or The Crusader. The last thing I remember is that Bonita took a leave of absence from the Avengers just after being granted her provisionary membership, and Arthur ran off to lick his wounds and re-evaluate his shaken faith.

From: David VanDomelen
Date: Mon, Aug 31 1992 1:32 pm

Avengers Spotlight kinda wrapped up some of the questions on Espiritu [Firebird] and closed the book on Crusader II.

Firebird meets some aliens who turn out to be part of a big university thing (I can't remember if it was Rus or not). Apparently, one of the junior members of the group had been improperly disposing of hazardous waste, and some landed on Earth... the flaming meteorite. At first, Bonita has a little crisis of faith, as the powers she thought were granted by God turn out to be just a "lab accident". I don't recall exactly what happens next, but at the end of the issue she decides that God was still the source of her powers, and simply worked through "chance" as He is wont to. "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

...I think a big reason why comics avoid Christian superheroes (ones who get their power from God) is that it strikes too close to home, and too close to risking blasphemy. It's okay to invoke pagan gods, or Jewish cabbalism, but you're treading on thin ice when you say that God gave your hero power. Also, a truly Christian hero would try to avoid conflict, turn the other cheek, etc. While this can be astoundingly effective as a tactic in the real world (Martin Luther King, Jr., for example), it is too passive for an action-oriented medium like comics. Jewish mysticism has things like Golems that can form the basis of an action story, and most pagan religions have alot of warrior aspects. Eastern mysticism allows for heroes in the Shang Chi and Iron Fist mold, since no matter how reluctant they may be to fight, the martial training of many Eastern sects is there to be used. Christian practice doesn't include even pacifistic martial arts (sounds like an oxymoron, but really isn't). Eastern pacifists learn to dodge if conflict is necessary... Western pacifists learn to take damage if conflict is unavoidable.

From: "Atheist representation on the Avengers" forum discussion started 20 June 2001 on "Comic Boards" website (http://www.comicboards.com/avengers/view.php?trd=010620110715; viewed 24 May 2007):

Posted by Jae [a self-described atheist] on Wednesday, June 20 2001 at 11:07:15 GMT

Atheist representation on the Avengers

The teams pretty well rounded now, but are there any atheistic members?...


Posted by Omar Karindu on Wednesday, June 20 2001 at 11:27:02 GMT

...Hank Pym is an atheist too, which is why Firebird/Esperita didn't want to become romantically involved with him in WCA [West Coast Avengers] #26. Most of the members have never had any religious preference stated, BTW (excepting Thor, Black Panther, and Firebird, of course)...

From: "Catholic Clix - Comic info needed!" forum discussion started 3 May 2003 on HCRealms website (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-40338.html; viewed 24 May 2007):

05/03/2003, 21:04

Ok, so in recent films it's been apparent that Daredevil and Nightcrawler are Catholic...

So, who else out there could be fielded in a "Catholic" Heroclix team?

05/04/2003, 16:36

Here's some for future reference that aren't in Heroclix yet.

Firebird's is Catholic. Punisher was Catholic (I'm not sure now). Aurora from Alpha Flight is very Catholic...

From: "'X-men' comic books and movie tackle Christianity" forum discussion started 11 April 2003 on IIDB Secular Community Forums website (http://www.iidb.org/vbb/archive/index.php/t-50750.html; viewed 12 July 2007):

Bobzammel [a self-described atheist/agnostic]
April 12, 2003, 10:56 AM

...A few Marvel characters have religious backgrounds. The Thing is Jewish, although he is not practicing. Magneto is also either Jewish or a Gypsy. The Avenger Firebird is a Catholic missionary. Storm is a Pagan. Thor thinks he is a God. Daredevil is also a Catholic.

From: "Christian comic book characters" forum discussion, started 27 December 2003 on "Christian Guitar Resources" website (http://www.christianguitar.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-67487.html; viewed 12 July 2007):

12-27-2003, 06:02 PM

Where have you seen Christianity professed by comic characters?

Ted Logan
01-10-2004, 09:49 PM

...Also, apparently Firebird and Daredevil are practicing Roman Catholics.

Excerpts from: "Are Superheroes Religious?" forum page, started 13 May 2004, in "The John Byrne Forum" section of the Byrne Robotics website (http://jb.24-7intouch.com/forum/get_topic.asp?FID=3&TID=558&DIR=P; viewed 9 January 2006):

Dana Smith
13 May 2004
Catholic folks... Firebird (Bonita Juarez), Jeanne Marie Baubier (Aurora), Daredevil, Living Lightning, Karma (was, not sure if she's still practicing), Dagger (Cloak's partner), Banshee, Siryn?, Sunspot
From: "Religion/Spirituality" discussion page, started 29 November 2003, on ComixFan.com website (http://www.comixfan.com/xfan/forums/archive/index.php/t-24121.html; viewed 10 January 2006):
Feb 5, 2004, 01:54 pm
Let me ask a dumb question that may raise much ire but has there been any good, by good I mean quality, comics with anything at all Christian in them? Or maybe even a character in a book... I have seen a few but the art was rough and the plot little more than okay. If so just let me know.
Feb 5, 2004, 02:08 pm
If that is what you think will raise ire (I dont believe I wrote) in this thread then feel free to ask them. Christians in comics, the Magdalena, Uncanny X-men (Nightcrawler), the Avengers (a latin woman was Christian in it, forgot her name though [Firebird]), then there was the mediocre Archangels series. More can answer as I think those are the only ones off of the top of my head that I can remember completely.
From: "Religious Inclinations of heroes" message board, started 1 March 2005 on StarDestroyer.net website (http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?t=63632&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=25; viewed 8 June 2006):
Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:38 pm

Post subject: Religious Inclinations of heroes

What about other heroes? I notice religion rarely plays a part in mainstream superhero comics (absent things like the Vertigo line) but have you ever picked up on hints or outright admissions by some heroes as to their religious inclinations?

Seems that atheistic heroes are as rare in comics as in real life. If they are religious it's a sort Judaeo-Christian wishy washy sort of religion... Any other examples of guesses?

The Dark
Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2005 12:01 am

...Firebird is also a Christian...

From: "Religious Beliefs of Marvel Characters" discussion board started 20 October 2004 on Comic-Forum.com website (http://www.comic-forum.com/marvel/Religious_beliefs_of_Marvel_characters_397905.html; viewed 8 June 2006):
Date: 20 Oct 2004 21:55:56
From: OSinner1

Subject: Religious beliefs of Marvel characters?

Does anybody know the religious beliefs of various characters?

Date: 20 Oct 2004 21:33:58
From: Richard

Nightcrawler is the only major Marvel character who I have ever seen professing his faith during the course of an actual story.

Date: 20 Oct 2004 23:55:52
From: Mathew Krull

As Sammy pointed out, Daredevil's and Wolfsbane's religions were fairly important parts of the respective characters. And wasn't there an Avenger who was very openly Christian, going as far as to attribute her powers to God?

Date: 21 Oct 2004 05:35:09
From: The Black Guardian

re: "...wasn't there an Avenger who was very openly Christian..."

The former Firebird (I forget the name she currently uses -- Espirita? -- something like that).

Date: 21 Oct 2004 01:45:45
From: JWMeritt

...Firebird's religion was quite in-your-face.

From: "Claremont's 'Revenge' / CC Trademarks" thread on rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks/browse_thread/thread/b6c76ad39ebedbac/82cfea80ebc7bade; viewed 12 June 2006):
From: Kenny Abernathy
Date: Tues, May 12 1998 12:00 am

re: "Does anyone have any other instances of positive (or negative) portrayals of religion in comics?"

We've also got Firebird (the superhero formerly known as Espirita), who is very devoutly Catholic. She's a good example of living your faith.

From: Thomas Wilde
Date: Fri, May 15 1998 12:00 am

Well, there's Bonita "Firebird" Juarez, who's a fervent Christian and shows up occasionally in Avengers... The more I think about it, the more religious characters don't really tend to lend themselves to comics. Turning the other cheek doesn't exactly make for a hell of a good adventure story.

From: Michael, "No Sunday School In Smallville", posted 12 June 2006 on "Tales to Mildly Astonish" blog website (http://talestomildlyastonish.blogspot.com/2006/06/no-sunday-school-in-smallville.html; viewed 15 June 2006):
...Right now, no one [among comic book superheroes] is [about] faith. There have been heroes of faith in the past, though. Right now my mind turns to the work of Kurt Busiek. His Avengers run featured, in part, Firebird and Triathlon, two characters who showed in very different ways how faith can have a positive impact on the lives of the faithful. (I'd still like to see those two debate theology over a cup of coffee, in fact.)...
From: "Any Christian Superheroes?" thread began 22 April 2004 on rec.arts.comics.dc.universe newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.dc.universe/browse_thread/thread/4e5839f075fecf76/8821b5db671e7ce1; viewed 20 June 2006):

From: Gustavo Wombat
Date: Thurs, Apr 22 2004 12:03 pm

I can't think of any major superheroes that strongly believe in any real faith, and that surprises me. Certainly not in the DC Universe. I think there are more minority superheroes than religious ones...

From: CleV
Date: Thurs, Apr 22 2004 1:18 pm

Marvel has plenty of (real-world) religious characters: Wolfsbane, Firebird...

From: AJSolis
Date: Fri, Apr 23 2004 2:12 am

Let's see, there's the Jewish Shadowcat, Firebird is Christian...

From: "Atheist superheroes?" thread, started 21 September 1999 on rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe newsgroup (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe/browse_thread/thread/e8d686f0b20944a6/e46638dbdaa8a219; viewed 22 June 2006):

From: Andrew Furdell
Date: Tues, Sep 21 1999 12:00 am

Atheist superheroes?

Hey, how come there aren't any?

...Also something there's not enough of: gay heroes. The only one I can think of (outside of Watchmen and, er, hehehe, Batman [the writer here jokingly implies that Batman is a gay pedophile]) is Pied Piper...

But there are so many atheist comic fans... Why not make the characters reflect that? At least one or two?

From: Tim Frankovich
Date: Tues, Sep 21 1999 12:00 am

Well, heck, where's the blatantly Christian superheroes, then?

Sure, there's the occasional cameo by Firebird, a Roman Catholic.

But where's the devoted Protestant Christian heroes? There's a vast number of Protestants around, far more than there are gays or... atheists (that's not intended as a slam of either), so why not? Huh? Huh?

Give me a break.

From: Dwiff
Date: Tues, Sep 21 1999 12:00 am

Which is sort of what I was trying to get at. In the few cases where we are told of a character's religious leanings it usually stems from an "ethnic" background (Catholic, Hebrew) but the mainstream whitebread characters are complete ciphers in this regard. We can just as easily assume they're ...all Scientologists (or would that be Triune Understanding?). Anyone care to post a list of those characters whose spiritual beliefs are on record? Of the top of my head:
Firebird: Roman Catholic
[6 other characters listed]

From: "Where are the Christian Superheroes?" forum discussion page started 22 August 2006 on Newsarama website (http://forum.newsarama.com/archive/index.php/t-81451.html; viewed 5 May 2007):

Mr Wesley
08-22-2006, 10:03 AM

...I pose the question to you, my fellow Talk@Ramanians: If Christianity is the most popular faith in the United States, why aren't there more openly Christian superheroes?

08-22-2006, 10:37 AM

Didn't [Kurt] Busiek do an Avengers story involving Firebird, a devout Catholic, and her feelings about working with Thor?

From: "Who's Catholic in the Marvel Universe" forum discussion started 5 February 2005 on "HCRealms" website (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123637; viewed 10 May 2007):

02/05/2005, 15:35

I know a lot of characters are Jewish, so I was wondering who is officially Catholic?

I know Daredevil is. It's a major part of his personality and often occurs in storylines.

I also believe Firebird from the West Coast Avengers (I think her name is Es Spirita now or something like that). After that, I'm pretty much stumped.

Anyone have any others?

Marvel Catholics:

From: "Most Religious Avengers/Marvel Heroes" forum discussion started 5 January 2007 on "Comic Book Resources" website (http://forums.comicbookresources.com/archive/index.php/t-158828.html; viewed 25 May 2007):

01-05-2007, 07:42 AM

I found this interesting article in the internet about religious Marvel Universe heroes. Wonder Man and Captain America are some of the ones mentioned:


["The Religious Affiliation of Wonder Man" page, which shows Wonder Man and the list of other heroes chosen by the Goddess in the Infinity Crusade crossover event.]

01-05-2007, 08:25 AM

That's a really interesting article. I, for one, am not adverse to characters being religious, as belief in a higher being makes up about 99% of the world's population.

01-05-2007, 11:58 AM

Firebird is a deeply religious woman to the point she would rather serve the church than be a super-hero; she seems to only make her appearances in The Avengers as a guest role in a few stories. I would like her deep religious convictions to be used more often as a permanent member of The Avengers, but I think the Marvel editors are scared of making Christians mad if someone wrote Firebird wrong...

John Nowak
01-05-2007, 12:10 PM

...The Wonder Man article was just a list of people involved in the Infinity Crusade.

01-05-2007, 04:13 PM

It would seem like it since they don't mention Firebird, Nightcrawler or Daredevil.

Kirk G
01-05-2007, 04:50 PM

I would have picked [as "Marvel's Most Religious Heroes"] Bonita (Firebird), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) in that order for the top three.

From: "Religious Characters In Marvel" forum discussion started 15 September 2006 on "Comic Book Resources" website (http://forums.comicbookresources.com/archive/index.php/t-143850.html; viewed 25 May 2007):

09-15-2006, 09:01 PM

The other day I was thinking about religion and comic books... What I'm interested in is the way religious characters are portrayed in comic books...

I think the first step is listing what characters are what religion...

09-15-2006, 09:03 PM

Shadowcat is Jewish, as is Sabra.

Firebird is Christian, though I don't know which denomination.

From: "Religion of Comic Book Characters" forum discussion, started 29 March 2006 on AllSpark.com website (http://www.allspark.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4168; viewed 1 June 2007):

post Mar 29 2006, 08:38 AM

I found this great resource entirely by accident:

post Mar 13 2007, 06:17 PM

...Knew Moon Knight was Jewish and I seem to recall there was an evangelical Christian on the Avengers or the Defenders in the '80s.

Hadn't really thought about it that much otherwise. Got to love Deadpool's religions - all lapsed. Surprise.

The Question and Rorschach, Objectivist. Heh.

The Power Pack being Mormon doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Rolon Bolon
post Mar 13 2007, 08:50 PM

re: ...I seem to recall there was an evangelical Christian on the Avengers or the Defenders in the '80s.

Probably Firebird, of the Avengers. Hasn't been in much lately, although she turned up in Beyond! a few months back.

From: "Jewish Heroes or Villians in Marvel Universe?" forum discussion, started 12 December 2005 on "Comic Book Resources" website (http://www.xmenindex.com/forums/comicbooks/t-97146.html; viewed 31 May 2007):

Sandy Hausler
02-01-2006, 05:05 AM

...Actually, overt religious belief and practice among Marvel characters is pretty sparse. Firebird is a religious Catholic, but we don't see much of her (and really never did). Rahne Sinclair was a devout Protestant, though you wouldn't know it since her latest remake. Daredevil is Catholic, but I'm not sure how devout. And Cloak and Dagger hang out in a Catholic church, but I'm not sure of their personal religious beliefs...

From: "New Joe Fridays Week 28", published December 2006 on Newsarama.com (http://www.newsarama.com/NewJoeFridays/NewJoeFridays28.html; viewed 8 June 2007):

RQ: ted_dahlman [question]: I can only think of three Marvel characters who are practicing Jews (Thing, Shadowcat, and presumably Sabra), two who are practicing Christians (Nightcrawler and Firebird, both Catholic), along with a few Muslim heroes who have figured into minor roles in several stories, and the thousands of "mutant-hating bigots" who have shown up dressed in clerical garb.

JQ [Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics]: Hey there, ted_dahlman. Marc Spector, Doc Samson, and Magneto are also... Jews and don't forget Matt Murdock is a practicing Catholic. I know there's more, but I just thought I'd mention these four as they seem like important ones to include.

From: "Religious Super Heroes PC or otherwise" forum discussion, started 17 September 2003 on "HERO Games" website (http://www.herogames.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-8036.html; viewed 12 July 2007):

Sep 17th, '03, 09:38 PM

Another thread got me to thinking a bit about religious super heroes. They do occur in comic books. Some it barely gets mentioned, some few are quite devout in their faith. Examples that come to mind are Nightcrawler, Firebird, and Daredevil. Both Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm are Jewish...

From: "Gods and Champions" forum discussion, started 11 September 2004 on "HERO Games" website (http://www.herogames.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-21728.html; viewed 12 July 2007):

Sep 11th, '04, 04:46 AM

Doesn't it seem that religious based Superheroes get a sort of lopsided treatment? Characters like Thor, Hercules and others never seem to catch much flak for claiming to be pagan gods and such, but Christian based supers are either unheard of or portrayed as over zealous wack jobs. I'm not a particularly religious person so please don't take this a some sort of rant, just something I've noticed.

I think characters like Thor should be facing some major PR [public relations] issues, more so than mutants, really. Claiming not only to be divine, but Pagan would raise some serious issues in some places. Maybe there would be an organization like the Church of the Archangel Michael or other mutant hate groups, but religiously inspired and dedicated to putting down/debunking the false gods. Has anyone done anything like this in their campaigns?

Sep 11th, '04, 05:26 AM

...I'd say the best try at a Christian superhero at Marvel was Espirita, formerly known as Firebird. West Coast Avengers, I forget the issue numbers. (A later writer deliberately de-religionified her, though that story has been pretty much ignored ever since.)

Mutant for Hire
Sep 11th, '04, 08:53 AM

In general the idea of a superhero who believes their powers come from God would be far too scary for Marvel/DC to handle...

Sep 11th, '04, 09:28 AM

Well, Marvel tried it for a while with a revamping of Firebird, but they went back to her original attitude not that long after.

From: "Superhero Religious Views?" forum discussion, started 9 June 2007 on Newsarama website (http://forum.newsarama.com/archive/index.php/t-116001.html; viewed 13 July 2007):

06-10-2007, 07:11 AM

In response to the Original Post: I think most of the analytical heroes consider any supernatural phenomenon a science that we don't understand yet. But for the most part, most characters don't have a definite, prescribed religion...

Personally, I love reading about religion and spirituality, so I would like to see it explored a bit more in comics. At the same time, unless the character's religion is central to that character's personality (like Firebird or Nightcrawler over at Marvel), then I don't have any problem with their beliefs shifting from story to story.

From: Rick Phillips, "Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters", posted 14 July 2007 on "Black Lightning Limited" blog website (http://blacklightninglimited.blogspot.com/2007/07/religious-affiiation-of-comic-book.html; viewed 16 July 2007):

I have linked to this site before but I didn't see the photos [collage illustrations] that they now have on the site. It is called The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters [http://www.adherents.com/lit/comics/comic_collage.html]...

[Reader comments]

July 14, 2007 5:01 AM
Luke said...

Very interesting. Apparently, being Catholic, like I am, is a good lead-in to being either demonic (Hellboy, Daimon Hellstrom), demonic-looking (Nightcrawler, Blue Devil), or full of guilt (Daredevil). That, or Irish, it would seem.

My favorite Catholic characters were always Nightcrawler -- who actually was in the seminary at one point, and Firebird, whose devout faith I thought was well-handled without turning her into a zealot or a nutcase.

Great find!

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