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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Duane Bodine
Dust Devil

Duane Bodine, who is commonly known by his super-heroic name "Dust Devil," can be classified as a "super-hero" by virtue of the fact that he has super powers, wears a colorful costume, and is a resident of Neopolis, a city in which virtually all of the residents are comic book-style super-characters. More importantly, however, Dust Devil is a police officer who works out of Neopolis Tenth Precinct, known by the nickname "Top 10."

Dust Devil was one of the stars of an ensemble cast of Neopolis police officers whose stories were chronicled in the colorful and critically-acclaimed Top 10 comics written by Alan Moore and published by America's Best Comics. The original stories were illustrated by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon. The original Top 10 series ran for 12 issues, and has since been followed up by two additional 5-issue limited series, a graphic novel and a few other stories set in the same universe.

Dust Devil is portrayed as a cowboy-themed character from Texas. He was raised in a Christian home, apparently Protestant. He retains at least some Christian characteristics and values from his upbringing, although it is not clear if he is an active churchgoer.

Unlike fellow Top 10 police officers Peregrine and King Peacock, who were portrayed as more openly and devoutly religious, Dust Devil's religious beliefs were a less important aspect of his character. Dust Devil's Christian religious affiliation was identifiable from some clear visual clues and hints from his dialogue, but he was not overtly religious.

NOTE: The Top 10 character named Duane Bodine, whose super-hero codename is "Dust Devil", should not be confused with the DC Comics character named Moshe Levy, whose codename is also "Dust Devil." Levy, a member of the "Blasters" who appeared in the short-lived series Invasion! (1988), is Jewish. Duane Bodine might not be particularly devout as a Christian, but he is definitely not Jewish.

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