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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Dreidel Maidel
of The Jewish Hero Corps

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From: Alan Oirich, "Hall of Heroes" page on the "Jewish Hero Corps" official website (http://www.jewishsuperhero.com/jhc.htm; viewed 22 April 2006):

Dreidel Maidel: The Hurricane Heroine can spin at tremendous speed. She also thinks with the speed of a super-computer.
From: "List of Jewish superheroes" page on Wikipedia.com (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_superheroes; viewed 22 April 2006):
There also exists a team of Judaicly themed superheroes known as "The Jewish Hero Corps", printed by Leviathan press. They include Menorah Man, Yarmulke Youth, Matzah Woman, Driedel Maidel, Magen David, Minyan Man, and Shabbas Queen. They are not commonly recognized as actual characters primarily because only one issue of the comic is known to have been produced at this time.
From: Jonathan Mark, "Jewish Super Heroes?: New 'comic book' looks to golden age of heroes", published in Jewish World Review, 11 December 1998 / 22 Kislev, 5758 (http://www.jewishworldreview.com/jonathan/mark121198.asp; viewed 22 April 2006):
Maybe the problem, as Lenny Bruce would say, is that comics used to be Jewish and now aren't. The early comic book creators were almost all Jewish, in a world of immigrants: the story of their lives was one of escaping from a destroyed world; fighting in their new world for truth, justice and the American way; having one identity at work and another identity in private. They never forgot where they came from. They never forgot their real names.

That these ideas elude modern comic book writers led Alan Oirich, a comics maven and Orthodox Jew, to create a new comic universe featuring "The Jewish Hero Corps - sort of a Justice League of America except they wait six hours after eating meat before intaking dairy foods.

It's available in most Judaica stores.

But while the comic is old-fashioned in its themes and simplicity, it has high-tech delivery. The comic comes to you on a cd-rom -- both in PC and Mac format -- offering a half-hour story complete with interactive options, a press conference with the superheroes, and four after-story games and puzzles...

And the Jewish superheroes are drawn with classic muscle-rippling panache by Michael Netzer, who used to draw Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman before he became Orthodox and moved to Israel...

Remember "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"? Sexy "toon" Jessica Rabbit, with her come-hither eyes and naughty voice, seductively purrs like Bacall-to-Bogie: "I'm not really bad; I'm just drawn that way." But throughout the entire "Jewish Hero Corps," there is nothing like a dame: Dreidel Maidel, Shabbos Queen and Hyper Girl may be as curvy, leggy and perfectly complexioned as Betty and Veronica but they're drawn with the same modest long sleeves and long dresses that you'd see at fervently-Orthodox girl's school.

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