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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Anthony "Tony" Morgan
published by Christian Knight Comics

From: "DesertWind" PDF file/webpage in "Database Files" section of official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/downloads/desertwindfile1.pdf; viewed 2 May 2006):
Hosea 13:15; I Kings 18:44-46; Hebrews 12:1-2

Real Name: Anthony (Tony) Morgan
Occupation: College Student
Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Phoenix, Arizona
Group Affiliation: Justice For All

History: Tony grew up in an abusive home. His father was an alcoholic and when Tony was in junior high his mother became a Christian. His father abandoned him and his mother. Shortly thereafter, he died in a drunk driving accident. He moved with his mother to her home state, Arizona and remarried years later. After many years growing up sorting through his bitterness and pain, Tony became a Christian. Tony took a serious interest in running in high school and entered college as one of the fastest teenage track stars in the world. While out preparing for a track and field competition at his college, Tony was suddenly surrounded by a gust of wind. He heard a voice call out his name and, suddenly, a light knocked him unconscious for a few hours. When Tony awoke it was nightfall and he was late for a dinner engagement. Tony ran home in less then a minute. Startled by the speed in which he ran since it's usually a 30 minute run, Tony came to realize his new found power of superspeed. He went to tell his girlfriend June Silemon. When he arrived at her house, he found June and her family tied up and being robbed by a couple of thieves. Tony sprung into action, moving so fast that the hoodlums couldn't see him. They were soon captured and arrested. Tony decided to use his gift of super-speed to fight crime and evil as Desert Wind.

Powers/Weapons: DesertWind has the power to run at tremendous speeds recorded at a maximum of 350mph. He can create wind gusts by vibrating his arms and can phase through walls by vibrating his molecules. DesertWind is always finding creative ways to use his speed powers.

From: "Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christiansuperheroCM1.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):
Beginning with a childhood dream that occurs in 1939 and into the Origin of Mr. Christian, Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1 also features Desertwind, a super-speedster who battles the villain, Vesuvius in the city of Los Angeles... Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1 is 24 pages w/full color cover and b/w interior art by Torrence King and stories by Dwayne McNutt and Torrence King.

24 Pages - Full Color Cover - B/W Interior Art

From: "Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #3" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christiansuperheroCM3.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):
Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #3 features 3 stories. First, the origin of Tony Morgan and the story behind his alter ego Desertwind was told at last. Written and illustrated by creator Torrence King, "The Origin of Desertwind" begins with a young Tony Morgan as he witnesses his alcoholic father leaving him and his mom only to die in a drunk driving accident. What follows is a series of events that leads up to Tony coming to grips with his own life and cost of its redemption. Years later, he is given the ability of superspeed to combat evil. From his first great challenge, he will learn important lessons that will forever alter his life... Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #3 is 20 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art.

20 pages - Full Color Cover - B/W Interior Art - $3.95

From: "The Christian Knight Comics Coloring Kit Volume 1" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christianknightcolor1.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):
The collection that started it all, The Christian Knight Comics Coloring Kit features 15 pages to color with a set of 8 crayons (red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, brown and black). An assortment of Christian Knight characters are showcased including Mr. Christian, Revelation, DesertWind, The Armorbearer and others. All feature biblical references and lessons about faith, wisdom and the power of God. Available with 15 single 8 1/2 x 11 b/w coloring pages with Full Color Cover. Includes 8 crayons and 15 pages within a protective magazine-size Polybag.

15 Pages - SALE PRICE: $3.95

From "About Us" page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/aboutus.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):
Christian Knight Comics, a subsidiary of Exit Press, Inc. and publishers of Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine has been committed to publishing a new brand of comic books for readers and fans. Since 1998, with the publication of Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1, Christian Knight Comics and its various publications have become known for their great storytelling, excellent art and wonderful characters.

Christian Knight Comics continues to develop Christian Superheroes of various backgrounds and abilities that encourage readers to live for Christ and follow the teachings of the Holy Bible. Our Christian Superheroes combat evil in various forms: from would-be world conquerors to demons bent on warring against God. These characters, known as Super-villains, have been created to expose evil and anything that oppose the righteousness of God. This is our way of demonstrating the continuing struggle of "good vs. evil" and how Christians who face many problems can only conquer them by their faith in Christ.

The mission of Christian Knight Comics is quite simple: To encourage, inspire and educate Christians through our heroes and expose evil, sin and corruption through the villains in stories that are exciting, action-packed and informative. This mission statement has been a part of our enduring success throughout the years.

We here at Christian Knight Comics are committed to bringing hope and encouragement to the world through our line of comic books and publications. We welcome your comments, submissions and prayers.

To receive an Order Form or Catalog contact us at:
Christian Knight Comics, a division of Exit Press, Inc., P. O. Box 438681 Chicago, IL 60643-8631

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