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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Jason Philip Macendale Jr.
the villain known as Jack O'Lantern, the 4th Hobgoblin, and Demogoblin

From: "Demogoblin" page on "Marvel Database" website (http://www.marveldatabase.com/Demogoblin; viewed 30 May 2007):

Occupation: Demonic redeemer
Legal Status: Citizen of N'Astirh's Hell with an unknown criminal record, deceased

After losing fights with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Jason Philip Macendale Jr., aka the Hobgoblin, took advantage of the Inferno crisis by following several demons back to their lair and confronting their demonic lord, N'Astirh. Macendale wanted enough power to defeat his enemies, and offered his soul to N'Astirh in exchange for such power. When N'Astirh stopped laughing, the demon lord decided that Macendale's effrontery was worth something even if his soul wasn't, and had him possessed. This gave Macendale the physical strength he craved, coupled with superhuman speed and endurance; unfortunately, the demon who possessed him proved to be incompatible, and the two fought many a battle for control of Macendale's physical form until the demon literally ripped away from its human host and began a separate existence as the Demogoblin.

Place of Birth: N'Astirh's Hell
Place of Death: A church
First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #86

Demogoblin was a religious fanatic who had no interest in personal wealth or position. He was determined to destroy all sinners and thus gain redemption for himself. Since his definition of sinner was rather strict and exempted only children, he found himself in continual conflict with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Venom and even his former host, Macendale. His interest in purifying New York City caused him to join with Carnage and Co., although he deplored Carnage's lack of discipline, Demogoblin eventually forgave Macendale, which annoyed the Hobgoblin so much he decided to rid the world of his other half once and for all. The final battle took place in a church. When a pillar in the church started to give way and threaten a nearby child, Demogoblin held the pillar up long enough for the child to escape, but was crushed to death when his strength gave out.

From: "Hobgoblin (comics)" page on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobgoblin_(comics); viewed 30 May 2007):

The Hobgoblin is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in the Marvel Comics universe as an enemy of Spider-Man who uses a variant of the persona of the Green Goblin...

The next Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale, was a former CIA agent and an enemy of Spider-Man formerly known as Jack'O'Lantern.

Despite being a skilled armed and unarmed combattant due to his CIA training, Macendales early career against Spider-Man was met with a string of humiliating failures, which did little to help his Underworld reputation. Macendale was obsessed with finding the secret formula of super human strength of the original Green Goblin. However, he did not have the scientific expertise of the Green Goblin or the original Hobgoblin to recreate or complete the formula, while his attempts to steal it from Harry Osborn failed as the latter did not have it at the time. After Osborn had donned the identity of the Green Goblin and beaten Macendale in a fight, the latter sought alternative means to gain similar abilities. During a demonic incursion on New York City, Macendale foolishly offered to sell his soul to N'astirh in exchange for the power of a demon. N'astirh refused the offer, considering Macendale's wretched soul to be worthless to him. However, in return for amusing the demon's twisted sense of humor, N'astirh fused a demon to Macendale anyway, just for making him laugh.

Macendale went insane as a result of this transformation, and became convinced that he was appointed by God to kill sinners. It was in this state that the Hobgoblin joined the temporarily reassembled Sinister Six. However, the two identities of Macendale and the demon fought fiercely over control of the body. Shortly thereafter, the demonic presence physically separated itself from Macendale and continued its purge of the city, calling itself the Demogoblin. The Demogoblin also wanted to destroy Macendale, and Spider-Man found himself in the middle of the two clashing Goblins. In a final battle in a cathedral, the Demogoblin was destroyed when it moved to protect a child, which it deemed an innocent, and was crushed by a falling pillar.

Powerless once more, Macendale obtained the strength formula of Kraven the Hunter. Subsequently, he had himself outfitted with cybernetic implants, but he still was unable to best Spider-Man and was incarcerated. While in prison he was murdered by the original Hobgoblin. The character appeared in Secret War storyline as a prisoner of S.H.I.E.L.D., but this was part of a flash back sequence to provide history for the story. It was later stated explicitly that the character had indeed been killed by the original Hobgoblin.

Powers and abilities
Hobgoblin IV originally possessed no superhuman powers, but used similar paraphernalia to the first. After his attempts to force Harry to give him the Goblin formula, (which Harry didn't have) he made a deal with a demon during Inferno that turned him into a demon with super strength, speed, and agility, as well as hellfire powers. However, the human and demon later split into two beings, resulting in the loss of those powers for Macendale. Later he managed to acquire the performance enhancing formula of Kraven the Hunter instead, which enhanced his athletic abilities and senses, but the serum may have soon worn off like it did with Kraven. Kraven himself, an olympic level athlete, was only about half as strong as Spider-Man when using the formula so it is unlikely that Macendale was any stronger. Macendale later had his body augmented cybernetically.

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