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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Tony Valdez
The Condor

Tony Valdez is better known as "The Condor," a Latino superhero introduced in the 2007 direct-to-DVD animated feature film "The Condor." The story for this film was written by Stan Lee. The screenplay was by Marv Wolfman. The Condor was directed by Steven E. Gordon (a long time Richard Rich collaborator whose recent credits include directing the 2006 DVD animated feature Ultimate Avengers).

Like the majority of Mexican-Americans, Tony Valdez is a Catholic. His mother, a successful robotics scientist, constantly wears a gold Christian cross necklace. In the front room of the Valdez home a crucifix hangs on the wall and a table is adorned with Catholic prayer candles and other Catholic paraphernalia.

Tony Valdez is not only an excellent athlete, he is also a courageous, noble young man who is willing to risk his own safety and well-being in order to help others. Even before he obtains his "Condor" powers, Tony Valdez is seen standing up to bullies and behaving heroically.

Aside from his strong morals and penchant for justice, there is nothing in the Condor that specifically addresses Tony Valdez's personal religious practice and convictions. There is no reason to believe that his religiosity differs from normative standards for teen superheroes from his demographic group.

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