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The Religious Affiliation of
the Christian Powers Society
published by Christian Knight Comics

The "Christian Powers Society" is a team of Protestant Christian super-heroes who first appeared in Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #2, published by Christian Knight Comics. The Armorbearer, NovaStar, The Forerunner and The Prophet were the founding members of the team.

From: "Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #2" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christiansuperheroCM2.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):

The second issue of the CSHCM series features two amazing stories... In "Stand and Unite", a group of villains, The Alliance of Evil, attack a maximum secruity prison to help free a Nazi war criminal. As the disaster erupts, a mysterious hero named The Prophet is made aware of the events taking place and gathers three heroes - Armorbearer, NovaStar and The Forerunner to help him stop the Alliance. After preventing the villains from accomplishing their evil goal, a new formation of heroes emerge. They call themselves The Christian Powers Society. It marks the beginning of a bold, new era for some of Christendom's greatest Superheroes. Written/pencilled by Dwayne McNutt with inks/finishes by Torrence King. Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #2 is 24 pages with full color cover and b/w interior... $3.95

Christian Knight Comics (Evangelical Protestant Christian superheroes)

From: "Christian Powers Society #1" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christianpowersSoc1.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):

When the mysterious hero called The Prophet began gathering his comrades Armorbearer, wielder of the Armor of God; Nova Star, an intergalactic powerhouse; and Forerunner, a teenage superspeedster to help stop a major disaster, he didn't expect them to join forces as a super team. They call themselves The Christian Powers Society. Written/penciled by Dwayne McNutt and with inks/editing by Torrence King, The Christian Powers Society #1 finds the team facing a new threat: Another Christian Superhero Team! From the start, Demonslayer, a weapon wielding combatant, Balance, a power duplicator and Joy, possessor of the power of light, together known as Trinity, are caught in one strange situation when they are attacked by... The Christian Powers Society? Mere days later, as Armorbearer and the his team hold a press conference to calm the fears of an ever-critical public, Trinity strikes back! And in between these two disastrous events, are two men: Mr. Manheim, a distraught businessman out for revenge, and the other, Cranium, a highly reputed assassin out to find the most profitable assignment. And, just what is the special assignment he's offered? Make the Christian Powers Society look bad in the public's eye. "Mind Games", the first of a 3-part story arc that finds The Christian Powers Society faced with a turning point and decision that will change them forever. Christian Powers Society is an ongoing series from Christian Knight Comics.

20 pages - Full Color Cover - B/W Interior Art - $3.95

From "About Us" page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/aboutus.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):

Christian Knight Comics, a subsidiary of Exit Press, Inc. and publishers of Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine has been committed to publishing a new brand of comic books for readers and fans. Since 1998, with the publication of Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1, Christian Knight Comics and its various publications have become known for their great storytelling, excellent art and wonderful characters.

Christian Knight Comics continues to develop Christian Superheroes of various backgrounds and abilities that encourage readers to live for Christ and follow the teachings of the Holy Bible. Our Christian Superheroes combat evil in various forms: from would-be world conquerors to demons bent on warring against God. These characters, known as Super-villains, have been created to expose evil and anything that oppose the righteousness of God. This is our way of demonstrating the continuing struggle of "good vs. evil" and how Christians who face many problems can only conquer them by their faith in Christ.

The mission of Christian Knight Comics is quite simple: To encourage, inspire and educate Christians through our heroes and expose evil, sin and corruption through the villains in stories that are exciting, action-packed and informative. This mission statement has been a part of our enduring success throughout the years.

We here at Christian Knight Comics are committed to bringing hope and encouragement to the world through our line of comic books and publications. We welcome your comments, submissions and prayers.

To receive an Order Form or Catalog contact us at:
Christian Knight Comics, a division of Exit Press, Inc., P. O. Box 438681 Chicago, IL 60643-8631

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