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Catholic Comic Books:
Catechetical Guild
(1942-1972, George A. Pflaum: publisher)

Treasure Chest, a Catholic comic book published by the Catechetical Guild From: Mike Benton, The Comic Book in America: An Illustrated History, Taylor Publishing Company: Dallas, Texas (1989), page 97:
Although never distributed extensively on the newsstands, the comic books published by the Catechetical Guild reached millions of boys and girls in Catholic schools.

Beginning in 1942 Topix Comics (November 1942) featured stories on Pope Pius XII, Catholic saints, and biblical stories. Its success in the Catholic schools prompted George A. Pflaum to begin publishing Treasure Chest Comics (March 1946).

Treasure Chest was issued only during the school year, yet its format of wholesome adventure stories with continuing characters, combined wih moral dramas and religious vignettes, kept it popular with adults and children for over sixteen years. In 1963 the magazine ran a serial entitled "This Godless Communism," which certainly did its job of indoctrinating millions of schoolchildren.

The Guild published other anti-communist comics, including The Red Iceberg (1960), as well as other special single-ussue titles like The Life of Christ (1949) and Life of the Blessed Virgin (1950).

By 1972, Treasure Chest Comics could no longer hold onto its Catholic-school market. But despite its sometimes bland approach, the comic book had consistently featured wholesome and worthwhile stories.

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