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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Captain Commission
serving the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade
of the Assemblies of God denomination

Captain Commission is a costumed super-hero who serves the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC), an arm of the Pentecostal denomination known as the Assemblies of God.

From: "Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade" page on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boys_and_Girls_Missionary_Crusade; viewed 2 August 2007):

Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC) is the missions education emphasis for children in the United States who attend churches affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The program provides resources to help teach kids about missions and supports General Council missionaries in their fields of ministry in the United States and around the world. It is the official missions giving program of the General Council's Royal Rangers, Missionettes, and Sunday School programs, as well as Christian primary schools affiliated with the General Council.

Gene Roncone conceived of Captain Commission as a means of teaching children about missionary work.

To be perfectly honest, we aren't 100% certain about Captain Commission's secret identity. But Captain Commission always seems to be in an area at the same time that George Negrete is around. And yet, George Negrete and Captain Commission are never seen together or at exactly the same time. Hmm...

George Negrete is the director of Church Enrichment within the Northern California and Nevada Assemblies of God District. (See, for example: https://teamcde.org/PHPWEB/index.php?module=documents&JAS_DocumentManager_op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_id=8&MMN_position=24:24).

At this time, we do not know what super-powers, if any, Captain Commission has.

Captain Commission has appeared live at numerous Assemblies of God events, and has also been featured in comic books published by the Assemblies of God.

Captain Commission often appears along with Buddy Barrel, the heroic official mascot of the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade. The true extent of the rivalry between Captain Commission and Buddy Barrel is largely undocumented.

Below: Page from an Assemblies of God children's book showing Captain Commission. Source: Ray and Priscilla Martin, 50 Ways to Fill a Barrel: Practical Projects that Kids Can Do To Raise Money For Missions, published by The Department of Church Development and Education, Northern California and Nevada District of the Assemblies of God. (URL: http://www.agncn.org/documents/50waysbook.pdf)
Captain Commmission in missionary book for kids

From: "Boys & Girls Missionary Crusade" page on official website of the Assemblies of God: Northern California and Nevada District (http://www.agncn.org/index.php/churchdevelopment/bgmc/bgmc/; viewed 2 August 2007):

The Boys & Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC) program is a national Assemblies of God program designed to prepare children for participation in world evangelism. BGMC's purpose is to serve the local church by preparing children for their fullest participation in world evangelism by motivating children to Know, Care, and Reach the lost.

BGMC utilizes two "cartoon characters" (with real-life counterparts!) to encourage missions involvement: Buddy Barrel for younger children from ages 3 to 5, and the newest member of the BGMC Team - Captain Commission - for the Kindergarten through 6th Grade crowd.

From: forum posting on Team CDE website(http://teamcde.org/pipermail/ncn-kidforce/2007-March/000043.html; viewed 2 August 2007):

[Ncn-kidforce] FW: BGMC Day
ncn-kidforce at teamcde.org ncn-kidforce at teamcde.org
Mon Mar 5 16:58:11 PST 2007

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Hi Inez,

I hope one of these e-mails is right! I sent it to another address and
it came back to me. I just wanted to give you the schedule for Sunday,
March 11. George will make the presentation/announcement in the
sanctuary between 9:20-9:30 first service and 11:20-11:30 second
service. He can then change into Captain Commission and meet you in the
MPR for KidZone. I have scheduled you and Captain Commission at 9:35
and you have until 10:00. Second service that would be from
11:35-12:00. If George needs more time to get ready, you can start
without George and he can join you, or we can modify the schedule.

Thank you!


From: "Bio and Info" page on "Gene Roncone's Press Kit" section of Aurora First Assembly of God website (http://www.aurorafirst.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=10300; viewed 2 August 2007):

Gene Roncone has served as lead pastor of Aurora First Assembly since October 2002. Prior to Aurora First, Gene served for six years as the director of Church Development for the nearly 450 churches of the Northern California and Nevada District of the Assemblies of God. Gene graduated from Bethany College and then studied communications at Western Seminary and organizational leadership at the University of San Francisco. Missions has been a constant passion throughout Gene's ministry. As a pastor he has lead each of his churches to increasing missions giving, involvement and passion. As a denominational official, Gene gave birth to "Captain Commission", a Christian superhero that mobilized thousands of children in Northern California and Nevada in missions awareness. Captain Commission products were eventually released in comic book form, live shows and weekly appearances in local churches and children's church. Gene has also authored two books entitled Prevailing Over Impossibility and A Season for Legacy. In addition to writing, Gene regularly speaks at missions conventions, leadership events and Christian organizational meetings. Gene lives in Aurora, Colorado, with his wife, Rhonda, and their four teenage children. Gene enjoys spending time with his family and group motorcycle rides through Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains.

From: "Two Boys, A Garage Sale, and A Burden for Missions" article in the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade on the official Assemblies of God website (http://bgmc.ag.org/files/testimonies/garage-sale.cfm; viewed 2 August 2007):

"Mom, can we have a garage sale so we can earn more money for missions?" asked 10 year old Michael Teifel and 8 year old John Teifel. These two brothers from Oak Park Christian Center in Pleasant Hill, CA got the idea from the recent Northern California/Nevada district publication, 50 Ways to Fill a Barrel.

"They are always looking through the book to get ideas to raise money for BGMC" said their mother Joeleen Teifel. Though they live in an above average community, they have not lost touch with the needs of missionaries ministering to unsaved boys and girls.

"They each made $30 and gave half of it to BGMC. In addition to the garage sale they also set up a lemonade stand," said their Children's Pastor Carolyn Burkhalter.

"They give from their allowances, monies from birthdays, and extra jobs they ask to do around the house. They just want to help missionaries! I can thank Pastor Carolyn for that. She does a great job of teaching my children about missions every week!," said the boy's mother, Joellen Teifel.

Captain Commission recently visited their church to personally thank them for their commitment.

"The commitment these boys are displaying, proves kids are a MISSIONS FORCE", said George Negrete, NCN District BGMC Coordinator. We found out the boys have each earned at least $75 for BGMC this year.

"Michael and John have a real heart for missions. They are only 8 and 10 years old, but they set a great example to all the other kids on how to be a cheerful giver. Our church used a verse for a campaign we did for our new worship center. This verse has even touched the hearts of our kids, and you can see it in their offerings. (2 Samuel 24:24 'I will not give to God that which costs me nothing.')", said Pastor Burkhalter.

From: "Capt. Commission Script" (homepage.mac.com/carlethridge/.Public/CC'BGMC%20Script.doc; viewed 2 August 2007):

Capt Commission Script

Greetings, children of the King. My name is Captain Commission. And I have come to share with you great news of what God has done around the world.

My most recent mission took me to Germany, a land of 12 and a half million children.

I went to share a message of hope and life to the children of Germany.

But upon stepping foot in the country, I sensed the presence of the evil one.

Germany is a land that is in spiritual darkness, whose people have forgotten about God and the Savior who loves them very much.

The enemy of their soul is powerful in that land. But I know one who is who more powerful. His name is Jesus.

For when He is for me, who can be against me. It is also written, greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world.

So with my faith firmly grounded in Jesus, I went out to accomplish the work I was sent to do.

Berlin, the communist capital of former East Germany, was my first assignment. I went into the enemy's territory and helped to establish an outpost, a church that would be a light to the families and children.

It was here where I broke through many of the first obstacles the enemy tried to put in my path. But He who is a light unto my path, devoured those dark obstacles and children came to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Today on the Frankfurter Alley in eastern Berlin is a great children's ministry that continues to share the love of Jesus to the boys and girls. And this ministry is helping the children to learn and find God's plan for their lives.

Upon the completion of that ministry, I departed for Bremerhaven, a city on the northwest coast of Germany. There I went to encourage the body of believers to stand fast as Families of God. For you see, the enemy desires to break apart the home. His plans are for families to turn their backs on Christ and one another.

But I exposed his plan with the Light of Christ. And where there is light darkness must flee.

God loves families and He desires that families enter eternity together.

In Gorbitz, a suburb of Dresden, God did some wonderful things. I again helped to plant a new outpost, a new church for the Kingdom of God.

In this city, was a stronghold like I had never seen. Depression, quilt, hatred and deceit were the enemies' weapons. But the weapons that my King gave me were stronger and more powerful than enemies. For a servant of the King who is equipped with love, peace, joy, grace, and forgiveness shall never see defeat.

Today in Gorbitz is a thriving children's ministry. It is a ministry where boys and girls worship Jesus every Sunday. It is a children's church where children are learning that Jesus has placed a high value on their lives, that He has a plan for them and that they can change their world.

My assignment took me to many wonderful and disturbing places, but I was able to see 200 children give their lives to Jesus in 3 Children's Crusades. I witnessed 15 children baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in an unkown language.

So hear me, do not give up on reaching the lost. Do not give up on the children of Germany. For your prayers and your giving through BGMC is helping me and other great missionaries around the world to win boys and girls to Jesus.

Now I must go, but remember, that God and His Son, Jesus loves you very much and they have a plan for your lives.

God bless all of you, good-bye, tschuss.

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